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May the Force of Your Beliefs Be With You

May the Force of Your Beliefs Be With You​5 Steps to Better Results As human beings, we often feel the pull of the Dark Side of our thoughts and feelings.As individuals, we can be prone to self-criticism, stress, feelings of resignation and sometimes failure. How did that happen? How did you find yourself feeling the […]

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Dare To Be Honest

Dare To Be Honest​Uncover 4 Super Powers You Already Have to Create an Extraordinary Life Let’s be brutally honest with each other. And with ourselves.Why?If you can be honest (and kind) with yourself, you will discover incredibly powerful and transformative tools that will help you create whatever you want in your life.It’s true. And not only will […]

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The Gratitude Filter

The Gratitude FilterMaster the 3 Rules that Govern Your Mind Do you find yourself (sometimes or often) at the mercy of anger, resentment, stress or jealousy? Let’s be honest with ourselves and each other: Of course you do! Nearly everybody on earth has these feelings from time to time.  But I’m here to tell you that […]

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Discover the #1 Secret to Overcome Obstacles

Discover the #1 Secret to Overcome Obstacles​​(And the #1 Myth You Need to Avoid Like the Plague) I’m going to give this away right from the start, with a simple question and an even simpler answer:Q: How do you become unstoppable?A: By not stopping (ever).Ah! But how do you keep from being discouraged when you fail–even […]

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Clone of Worry Worry Worry…

Discover the 3 Keys to Releasing Fear, Doubt & WorryIf you are in a near-constant state of fear, doubt or worry, you are not alone.Research shows that 73% of Americans regularly experience psychological stress on a daily basis. Further, 77% regularly experience physical symptoms caused by stress. Do you recognize any of these Top 5 Stress […]

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