Written Success Stories

I have been meditating for almost 18 years now and there have been huge changes in that time. But in the last two months since I began the program, things are changing so fast it’s hard to believe. Things I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of for ages, and really put in a lot of “work” on, are just dissolving beautifully. I seem to be seeing things so much more clearly, faster, and without the EFFORT. As far as I’m concerned the first level paid for itself in the first week and it just keeps getting better. I knew what my “problem” was intellectually but I couldn’t change it or get at it. So thank you for creating this great programme and I’m spreading the word.

Judith E. 
Bullaburra NSW Australia

After being on the Centerpointe program for almost two years and attending two retreats, I am convinced that Centerpointe has developed the most effective transformational program on the market today. I make this claim based not only my own experiences, but also the experiences of my spouse, my father, and one of my friends. They are also on the program. For me to say that I have witnessed remarkable changes in myself and my loved ones would be the understatement of the millennium! Words cannot even begin to describe the depth of change that I have witnessed in myself and others.

Jose Rodriguez, PhD 
Downey, CA

I’ve felt all along I have been the cause but was caught in some kind of endless loop of repeating dramas I couldn’t escape by myself. I feel now I am in the process of getting rid of the rest of the dramas holding me back from the rest of the experiences I yearn for. Escaping these consciously unwanted dramas is worth any monetary price. Realizing I have been doing one of these dramas (depression and tears) for about 50 years, taking only a couple of months to get rid of it is quite miraculous.

Carol O.
Vista, California

I’ve been a meditator for over 25 years and for the last few years I’ve had a dreadful sinking feeling that no matter how dedicated I may be, I will probably NOT reach my goal in this lifetime: good meditations and occasional breakthroughs were interspersed by months (often) of tedious un-happening meditations. What a joy it is now to press “PLAY” and experience blissful meditations — I cannot thank you enough for this technology! The thought crossed my mind that it’s like spending 25 years tied to the kitchen sink and suddenly I have a dishwasher — WOW!

Wendy Vasicek
Perth, WA, Australia

I don’t wish to go on at great length about the results of my first few levels of Holosynching. It is, of course, very subjective, and parts of it sound kind of New Age hokey. But here’s the short list. My intense bouts of depression lessened in frequency, duration and depth. My anger began to dissipate, and with that came a corresponding increase in patience. I stopped taking so many things personally; I could let go. My relationships with people opened up and became more honest. There was a greater sense of peace, of the inter-connectedness of all things. Paranoia and fear, constant companions for most of my life, began to fade away. Things I never would have considered doing before (writing stuff like this for instance), I now tried without a second thought. It was a gradual unfolding, a very subtle process. Like a child who grows day by day, but you don’t notice because you live with him/her all the time. Then one day-omigod!-the shoes don’t fit any more and you suddenly wake up to see how much growth has happened.

Bob Trout 
Posted on the Centerpointe Website Discussion Board

When I first started the Centerpointe program about one year ago, I figured I had pretty much come to terms with all my internal struggles and ‘ancient’ history. Perhaps on some level I had, though some aspects of my internal life were still uncomfortable. The program definitely took me deeper, which is where I had to go to begin to flush-out all the accumulated and ‘stuck’ emotions, games, etc., that were still making my life miserable. At school, I was going through a particularly tough time, much of it beyond my ability to control. In the past, that would have absolutely enraged me. Now, I found that I was able to accept things as they happened and allow events to unfold without feeling that I had to affect the outcome of every situation. For the first time in my life I could step back, relax, and let go…and be okay with whatever the outcome was. The other students made comments about my newfound calm and peace of mind. I was promised in the literature, and I have to say that I definitely feel I am functioning at a higher level now than I was before using the program.

Susan Senko
BC, Canada

After a year using Holosync I’ve experienced a great number of improvements to my life. I worked through a number of very sensitive emotional issues which had been plaguing me for years. I worked through them in a very rapid, but intensive way. At times I thought I’d collapse from the overwhelm, but there was always an underlying peace which got me through. I felt like I was literally transforming from the inside out. I felt different, and I thought differently. One of the first things people started to comment on was that I was laughing more. Even at Jim Carrey movies I never cracked a smile. Now I seem to see a little humor in everything and I feel much more serene about the chaos in my world. It’s still there, but it doesn’t drive me to be angry, resentful or edgy. My brain feels sharp as a tack. I handle complex accounting procedures every day. We have a computer that checks error rates on all manual computations. Over the last six months my error rate has dropped from 8% to under 3% which is the best in the whole company.”

Wendy Vasicek
Posted on the Centerpointe Web Site Discussion Board

I’ve been doing the Centerpointe program for almost 7 years. This program has been the single most life-changing experience I’ve been involved with. Asking me to explain the benefits of the program is like asking me to tell you what my children mean to me. There’s no way to give you a full idea.”

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I see that I’ve traversed miles and miles in a brief amount of time. I sense an inner momentum created by my use of Holosync. Slowly but surely it has brought me out of my fog and I’ve regained a sense of self and self-truth I had almost given up on believing in. What’s been most amazing is that this sense of peace and centeredness isn’t going away. I’ve been waiting for several weeks now to come down, as it were. But as it stands, I feel more installed at this high and happy level than I probably have a right to. I feel very much valued by Centerpointe, and greatly value them as well. I don’t feel like I just “bought something” as much as I really have joined something real and powerful. I’ve been down the self help path hundreds of times and have returned with my ego stroked and my wallet lighter. I must say that this time, with this system, it has been tremendously different. Most importantly, I’m tremendously different. My life is rebuilding itself before my eyes and I feel a great deal of the credit goes to a handful of little plastic tapes!

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From the Centerpointe Discussion Forum

Eric G Dec 24, 2001 4:03 AM
It has been very long time since I wrote to the discussion board. Roughly about 1 1/2 years after the retreat at Breitenbush. I’m now day’s meditating with the CD 4 of level 4 + at least 6 month personal growth at the retreat.My life has change so much after accidental visit at the Centerpointe site about 3 years ago. I’m 100% sure that the program has brought me most “biggest” growth, most permanent change. And it still feels that this is just the beginning and there is great feeling to continue the program.The retreat had major impact to me, Bill’s words on the theory behind the program (even though read many times before from the booklet), participants and lives of each individual, Julius and Scott (we are all one) with whom I shared the accommodation, everyone else, the nature and coming back to home!

Thinking of You,

Eric G.
Dec 24, 2001 4:03 AM

From the Centerpointe Discussion Forum,

Dec 28, 2001 7:35 AM
Let me first off say that I believe that the holosync technology is legit and the claims made are for real. I’ve spent years trying to alleviate the anxiety, panic and depression from my abusive childhood. I first tried holosync back in ‘95 and clearly I was not ready. Much more work had to be done in order for me to get to that point. Recently I’ve felt close, but just couldn’t seem to completely “let go” of my past beliefs and subsequent behaviors.I decided several weeks ago to try holosync again as I thought maybe I was ready. Needless to say I feel great! My confidence is soaring and I don’t feel as if that dark cloud in my subconscious has the power it used to. I have experienced tremendous growth just in this short of time. And I should know since I would consider myself a model case for the effectiveness of the technology.When I was 13, I got my first panic attack and by 25 I had just about every phobia imagined. Within those years I became a master at avoidance behavior and that left me with very little to no evolution of consciousness. I had an extremely low stress tolerance and the slightest stress would cause panic. Over the years I have slowly built up my tolerance and have changed some of my belief systems. I’m finally ready for holosync and the leaps I’ve made these past several weeks are extraordinary. Everything seems to be coming together and the awareness that is spoken about is definitely there. I now feel as though I have control of my beliefs rather than them controlling me. Look forward to continuing with the program and finally moving ahead with a life without fear!

Dec 28, 2001 7:35 AM

I recently read Bill’s biography at the centerpointe website. It looks like you have a very unique background with impressive accomplishments. I seem to really enjoy your program and utilize it on a daily basis. You look like a different person in another picture that I saw you in. This picture was in the “Euphoria” handbook that accompanied the Euphoria! cassette program that I had purchased from Learning Strategies Corporation. This is how I discovered Centerpointe Research Institute-by purchasing the above mentioned product. And I am really glad that I am now actively involved in your program. I also believe that deep down you are a warm, genuine human being. A person with much compassion and empathy who genuinely is interested in a persons’ success. This short note is simply my way of praising your company, philosophy and wonderful staff. It is always a pleasure to deal with your company and supportive staff. Your customer service, is by the way, top notch. Thank you for introducing this technology to me and others as well. I wish you much success, happiness and prosperity in the coming years. Once again thank you and your wonderful staff.Sincerely,

Nicholas W.

Nicholas W.
Posted on the Centerpointe Web Site Discussion Board

Hi Bill,

I am enjoying the CD’s. I have my children listening also everyday. I have noticed they seem to be much more calm and sleep through the night. My oldest daughter is 16 and has many fears. I am making sure she listen right before bed and I have noticed she doesn’t wake up once or twice as usual to turn on her lights because of nightmares. My 14 year old who has Autism, really enjoys listening after her long bus ride home. I am sorry I haven’t found time to fill out the daily journal, it’s very hard for me just to get though the day. I am still trying to pattern myself for listening time. But I will find my time soon. I also received your 5 CD package today of your talks at Centerpointe Retreats and am looking forward to listening to them. I also enjoy all the research letters included in the package but can only read a little at a time.

Thanks again for the support, I am very hopeful that this will help bring about a positive changes.

Cat B.

When I got Holosync, I realized right away the first benefit was the one hour session! Now every morning, no matter what, I put my headphones on and I meditate. Actually there are two mornings that I am really pressed for time, so I just do The Dive [the first half-hour]. The other 5 mornings I do both soundtracks.So, do I feel blissful everyday? No. I went through a period where I was very, very antsy, and I wanted to stop the Immersion soundtrack [the second half-hour], but I just let it all be and I hung in there. Then I had some wonderful weeks. I just felt great and didn’t want the soundtracks to stop! Now I am back in that antsy feeling with a gazillion thoughts swirling in my head. My committee members are extremely active!!Do I see changes? YES! I am calmer than I ever was. I am more willing to let things go. Things happen that I don’t get crazy about, and only a short time ago I would have been pissed. I don’t need to be right—even if I know I am right. You know what I mean, so and so says this, you say…no this is the way it is….they insist, and I say to myself “Ellie, how important is this?”….and I drop the issue, and I smile!


I am now on level four and I just love Holosync. It has done everything it has promised it would and I am so looking forward to the next 9 levels. You know it’s funny, I have 2 little girls, and there was a time when all that is going on in the world would have really upset me. Although I have the utmost sympathy for everyone who is suffering, I am still in joy, my days are happy, and I feel, just as you say, that whatever happens is O.K. I am not frightened in the least. In fact, I have come to appreciate the joy of living and our every day little ways even more, and it makes each day brighter. No words can describe what it has done for me and my family.


I am . . . feeling VERY stable, which is a state I have wanted to achieve for a very long time! I really hated the feeling of being on a seesaw and I no longer feel like that. I have been through some pretty tough stuff lately, and I was able to handle it all and still run our business . . . without falling in a heap. The pressure is not over yet from all that is happening around me, and I am, in the middle of it all, holding my space and functioning in the manner I desire. I am thinking clearly and getting the things done in order of priority that need to be done.


Sorry if I make any mistakes in the English language. It’s not my mother tongue. What the Centerpointe program has done for me:So far it has helped me build up some discipline, it has helped me to relax a little, and it helps me to cope better with stress and life in general. It has cost me some difficulty to develop the discipline to follow the program every day.There’s still one important change I haven’t mentioned: I feel my heart has opened. It seems to open more and more. I become more human. More sharing of my thoughts and feelings. At least I am willing to. This is important for me because I am a shy person and I want to become more human.


I noticed right away since I started meditating that I am calmer, more relaxed, more focused and many other positive benefits. This alone has inspired me to stick with the program. My new girlfriend is getting positive results too. She notices that she is getting more in touch with her intuitive side, which is awesome! Both of us are letting whatever happens be O.K.


I feel an inner peace now that I haven’t felt in many years. I’ve become so much more aware of my surroundings and my own space in those surroundings I don’t know exactly how to explain it—I just seem to feel more a part of everything and yet I’m not IN IT. I’ll work on this one—maybe next time I’ll be able to express it better in words.Something silly to share on the side: my cat has even grown fond of my nightly meditation ritual. She now runs to my bed at 10 PM every night and waits for me to come in. I turn off the lights, light a candle and incense, and then listen to my CDs. The cat just stretches out and lies there like she’s meditating, too.


The most crucial benefit is that for many years, if tired, I would be likely to doze off—fortunately, never while driving, but in meetings or classes, at work, etc. I would try different techniques to try to stay awake, such as sucking hard candy or ice, or fidgeting, but nothing worked for more than a short while. Since I started using the program, I noticed almost immediately that this has almost completely ceased to be a problem, even when I’m pretty tired. It’s almost like some trigger in my brain has been reset, and it’s a great relief. Second, I’ve also noticed that although I have been under a great deal of stress at work and home the past few months, I am holding up under it much better. Finally, I’ve tended to be very nervous about highway driving, but recently it has not bothered me nearly so much.


I have spent much of my life searching for peace, understanding, and God, I guess. These soundtracks are amazing. I have been religiously listening for a month. I perceive an increase in clarity as well as less anxiety in performing most activities.


Every time I meditate, the time seems to fly, to the point that I am sitting there, thinking, “oh no, this can’t be finished!” I thoroughly enjoy the progress that I am making. I have managed to complete tasks and little goals I set myself each day, and if at times something doesn’t work out, I always remind myself that it is meant to happen that way. Just to observe it, acknowledge it, and then move on. Everything is meant to be how it is supposed to be. Let everything be okay.Bill, I can’t possibly thank you enough. Trust me when I say that from the bottom of my heart, you have changed my life and my way of thinking around all for the better.


The Centerpointe program is just what I needed in my life. Every time I meditate I finish the meditation saying “thank you” to you and your staff for this gift. I have been going through so many changes: healing, improvement in my relationships, developing strongly the observer, realizing so many things about my habitual behaviors, dealing with a lot of emotions that were hidden within, healing a lot of wounds from my childhood, trusting the process of life, feeling that my life is unfolding with much more serenity, understanding, open heart, trust. My creativity is in total flowering. I send you a lot of love, gratitude, and blessings. Your contribution to the world is very sacred.


I no longer lose my “cool” when speaking with people that make me angry and I have found much inner peace. The first times I did The Dive I always came out of it in tears. I was never sure why. I haven’t had any traumatic revelations, but I can certainly tell the difference. I no longer cry but I do get the chills as I am listening.


There’s a song by Stephanie Mills in which she says, “I feel good all over.” That’s the only way that I can describe the way that I feel. I truly feel good all over. My life seems to be in the flow. I feel just like I had been asleep for a long period of my life. And now that I’m awake I need to play catch-up because there are certain things that I should have been doing but didn’t do them because I was asleep. I could write a book on just the changes that have taken place in my life. You made a believer out of me.


With the nursing of my ill husband for seven years and his subsequent death eight years ago, I have been on a roller coaster ride for some 15 years.

[After his death] I noticed, and at times still notice, a feeling of panic and physical pain arising in my sternum. That was the strongest physical symptom I had during some six years of my grief. So now I am dealing with that again and going through the gradual process of healing my grief and acknowledging that I did everything I could for him. Just writing this has brought that tightness and soreness back into my sternum. But now I don’t panic about it, as I understand it. I look forward to being able to overcome it completely.

I have a desire to heal myself and find an inner peace that no one can take away from me. I love knowing that I can achieve that now, and I am very grateful to your program for that.


For 7 years I just kept going round in circles. I would think I understood what had happened and that I had my life back on track only to find that I would get pulled back under, into the whirlpool of emotions that always seemed just beneath the surface. And all the time, I cried. Initially, I felt quite centred when I started using the CDs. Then, I think I cried for about 8 months. That’s not to say that I didn’t have periods of great clarity, but at times I felt like I would be crying for the rest of my life. Recently, I seem to have let go of the need to try to solve anything. It’s all past. And I can’t live in the past. Today I seem to be very centred. I don’t cry so much, and when I do, it’s a release rather than a regret. Centerpointe has played a big part in that, and I am grateful that I found you and have been able to take part in your program.


To say that Centerpointe has been life changing is an understatement. I intend to complete the program because it is now not just part of my life but the very bedrock of my whole expanded spiritual life. I feel I am on the path to enlightenment with this program. With every day that passes, I realize how little I know, but how much more in tune with the universe I am.When I think back over my experience of the program so far, I can see that I have been through the pain of letting go of old ways and habits and the establishing a whole new way of being. If I had foreseen getting where I am now, say 5 years ago, it would have been an ideal that I would never have thought possible. But now, I never look back over my time on the program and think, “If only I had started this 20 years ago.” That in itself is one of the most remarkable things about the program. I simply look forward along the path, and enjoy the here and now. It seems like all of life and the universe is opening up to me. I was always there but I didn’t take the time to see it. My mantra these days is “It is the Resistance to what is that causes all my suffering.”


I find I am able now to detach and observe myself doing and be the witness. I am also able to remain peaceful and centred long after I would have crumbled. I can be objective about my suffering and consciously choose not to continue but to choose joy and peace instead. This is a real change for me.I especially value the regular notes you send and knowing the Hotline is there. Sort of like a crash helmet. I hope I never need it, but knowing I have it gives me a sense of security in this anything-but-secure world. I have found I am more philosophical about recent world events knowing there are no victims and there is much I can do, just by becoming the Peace I want to see the world enjoy. Thank you and Blessings.


I realize that I’m only at the start of the program but I’ve noticed a lot of changes even in that time. For example:

increased intuition
lucid dreaming
bursts of creativity
increased awareness
more choice in my responses
better management of my attention
a clearer sense of purpose

One of my favourite outcomes are those unpredictable moments when I find myself looking at the world through new eyes, where old scenes have new life, colours become brighter, and everything seems clearer. This is typically accompanied with an overwhelming sense of awe and appreciation.


I believe I am doing well with the program. It is healing to me. I have handled some stressful situations without using some of my mind numbing techniques that I have used in the past. I have seen a big change in my eating habits, and this is a good thing. I have been diagnosed with adult-onset diabetes, and I have tried hard for a while to treat it with diet and exercise. I feel now that I really want to do these things for myself and before I did them because I felt I had to. There was some kind of mental block there that seems to have been lifted or at least diminished.


I have been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and since starting the program have had some wonderful, symptom free days—feeling happy, hopeful, rested, and hungry. Issues are surfacing rapidly, and I have been taking breaks from listening when they come too fast. Since the September 11th bombing, a lot of feelings of dread, anxiety over the unpredictability of retaliation, muscle tenseness, problems sleeping, etc. have resurfaced (all very old and familiar feelings), but this time I feel more detached from it and seem to be taking it less personally, being kinder to myself in allowing more sleep and relaxing activities.


I started using the program when my husband had heart bypass surgery. It helped keep me be calm (or at least as much as I could be) during that time. Since then, I use the program regularly and find it helpful. I had meditated before but knew that I would have difficulty even focusing on my breath during stressful times. So I thought the program would help create the meditative experience even if I couldn’t focus on the breath. Anyway, it helps me be more calm and right now, that’s OK. I have some health problems myself—chronic pain. When I use the program I have less pain for a while.


I’ve found over the past 6 months, my relationship with people is much, much better. I’m not as nervous as I used to be and I don’t have as many negative feelings. I find that I can stand up for myself much more and am more enthusiastic in general with life.


Since the start of the program there have been some startling developments in my life, particularly in the relationship area. My partner of 19 years, Sue, also began listening to the CDs each day. We have resolved problems that have dogged our relationship for the last 12 years, and this has been done without anger or rancour of any kind. We had simply accepted that there were certain aspects of the relationship that would never change and that would continue to cause both of us pain and anguish. We found that we were not locked into stereotypical situations normally offered as a solution. Our current relationship is very different to anything we may have considered earlier.Just the act of observation has changed my habitual response on many such occasions. There is one consequence of the program that I regard as of paramount importance to me: I have discovered what really makes me happy. The real significance of the discovery was the fact that what really gave me pleasure and what I really regard as important—and is in fact my life’s purpose—is not of earth-changing consequence and did not require a choir of angels to announce the fact. It is actually very simple and very personal. I am freed of the need to feel that I have to have an important function to fulfill before I can achieve any meaningful pleasure in life. Wow!


When I first saw the ad for your program I was at a stage in my life when I wasn’t sure how I would get through each day. My husband has Parkinson’s disease, and my mother, 84, who lives with us, has dementia and associated depression, and I was so stressed out that I was at the stage of getting into the car and just taking off. Your program has been a lifesaver for me. I am coping with the stress so much better. I’m not as angry or quick to snap as before. Now I tend to let the little things that used to seem major slide past and not react to them. I am learning, slowly, to look after myself and not to try to be everything for everybody. I am becoming my own person, slowly.


Two days ago my mother died in her sleep, not unexpectedly, after years of illness. My dad is in a hospice house, a place where they care for terminal cancer patients and is expected to die at any moment. I know that the Centerpointe CDs have been instrumental in keeping me calm, at peace, and centered during these times, and upon reflection occasioned by the receipt of your letter, I would also like to add that recently I have noticed significant improvement in what I call my running commentary memory recall ability. Do you know what I mean? I don’t need to grope for the right words or search so hard for immediately necessary information.


For about two years I have endured chronic pain from osteoarthritis in one knee, the emotional trauma that followed from not being able to continue being an athlete, and the weight gain that followed. In listening to Level I, I have found my pain tolerance has risen. I just sustained an injury to my other knee and have found my ability to emotionally deal with it to be much higher than I anticipated. I am not as angry or upset as I thought I would be.


I look forward to my meditations, find them quite relaxing, and have begun getting up at 5 am, get a cup of coffee, watch some news, and then meditate for an hour at the beginning of the day. This seems to be the schedule that suits me best. I’ve also begun to learn the art of witnessing, and many times have found myself starting to react the old way and stopped myself, quickly analyzed where I was going, and changed direction with a new, more resilient, better reaction to a difficult situation. I’m taking an active part in making myself become a better person, and it is a very empowering feeling.I’ve also become a more compassionate person and have become able to accept that which others have to offer without being judgmental or looking down on those with less self-awareness. I have transformed myself from a “glass is half empty” person to a “glass is half full” person. I still have limited patience with my mother, but I hope with more time that, too will improve (Please tell me you can guarantee it!)


Before I found Holosync, I was just beginning to be involved in a project (long-term, big). Two months into the project I was distressed that it was not taking off. I dreaded project meetings. I was jittery, inarticulate, unimpressive. Sometimes, I tried too hard and the strain showed.Suddenly, two months into Holosync, things began to happen. My pieces were cleared…got published and got “notable” public response. I got unsolicited calls from the client: “Your promotional activities were so successful we could hardly cope with the queries.” Today, meeting with the client is almost a pleasure.In my personal life, a problematic son is suddenly exhibiting progress. For years, he was unable to hold down a job for more than two months at a time. Immediately after I began Holosync almost four months ago, he found one, and he’s still at it. He’s happier and more self-confident now than he has ever been.


I look forward to my hour in the morning—the time passes so quickly, and since I am on this program I require much less sleep, and go to bed at night still feeling energized. That is what has amazed me. This program has given me longer days to accomplish the things I love doing. It’s like getting a 30-hour day.Incidentally, for your record, I am fast approaching my 77th birthday, and life has never looked so good!


If I look back at just the period I passed recently, [I notice] how many things in my complicated life I am really starting to resolve—problems that have TORMENTED me for about 20 years!! I’ve gotten my very best friend involved. We are talking up a storm resolving our problems and GROWING and getting our lives together. It hasn’t been an easy ride, though. This old stuff is hard to “digest,” but to tell you the truth, I’m coming out much more easily and painlessly than I would have imagined, so this is another plus. I’m sure that my future, even though hard times will still come about, will be bright and happy in ways I cannot imagine now!


Recently I have awakened to another level and life seems exciting again. I seem more aware of what is happening around me. I feel happier and more focused. I’m able to handle stress much better lately. I am experiencing a calm and inner strength, which I find so helpful in the workplace as well as in my personal life. Previously, I felt like a cloud was hanging over me. This went on for so long, I was beginning to wonder whether I would ever snap out of it. However, I continued to listen to Holosync and just like you said, the old model will eventually begin to break down and a new one will emerge. My awareness is becoming more heightened as I progress through the program and I look forward to the future when I will be even more awake and aware.


In the months I have been faithfully listening to the CDs, that which is truly me has not changed, but many things that were part of my “ego”—social mechanisms, automatic responses, detrimental behavior, confusions, listlessness, ad infinitum (hopefully not)—have begun to disappear at an alarming rate. I went from drinking alcohol for years as my favorite hobby, to not drinking at all. I am attending AA meetings and have finally realized I am not my own higher power, only a part of it. I had tried to quit drinking numerous times. After a month and a half of Centerpointe, I finally simply quit, and have no desire to drink at all even though I’ve recently gone through some very stressful times, which I easily handled. Things are serendipitous and life has become beautiful for me, my wife, and my daughter. Thank you from the bottom of my spirit.


I wanted to mention that in having used this meditation, I have found that it is much easier to LOVE everyone around me. I haven’t really heard this coming through the newsletters but I believe the gist is there. It is much easier just being me. I am laughing and finding things more humorous. My serious self is loosening up. I like the calming affect that this meditation has over me. While using Holosync you are naturally bumping up your vibration to becoming a better person and, in effect, will make the world a better place to live in.


I think your program is awesome for me. After 12 years of panic attacks, I would go to work (I am a Hairstylist for 27 years) and come home. Going into a grocery store would be too much. I am now going to the store without dragging one of my family members with me, just in case I freak out in the store. I can now go into a shopping mall as long as it has good ventilation. I still have trouble with stuffy overcrowded rooms. And every day is easier. I just spent Friday night and Saturday with a group of strangers in a church I have not attended, to do a workshop I really wanted to do. And did it! I went there to learn paper cutting, and did. The teacher of the class is gifted and I received her gift. There were some people there I would have just left instead of dealing with. But I went there to learn the craft of paper cutting, not to worry if I would fit in. Thanks to Holosync and you, Bill. I am building a new life, not such a reactive one.


I’m in the military and am stationed overseas now. When you say that the future is stressful, you’re right! I have found with the program that I’m more focused and calmer during stressful times (which is just about every day, multiple times a day). Because I am a professional warrior, the program is invaluable in helping me maintain a sense of balance.I guess what I’m really getting at is that the program is compatible with military life and has increased my performance in and out of the field.


I was one of those people who did not feel much of anything for the first few months of meditating [with Holosync]. I have been faithful in my daily practice (more so than with anything that I have ever done), having missed only occasional days due to a change in routine. After about four months, I noticed that I felt clearer, more focused, more competent in my job and, generally, more centered. All of the things that you said might happen, I finally began to feel. I still feel a fair amount of anxiety during meditation, which I am curious about because it is not about anything in particular. My thoughts during meditation are random and mundane. I gave up thinking that I should be having deep, spiritual insights. I just don’t, and I’m letting that be ok.I have been as faithful as possible with listening to my discs and have felt much better since I started. There have undoubtedly been changes, but feeling very natural and gradual. When talking to a friend of long acquaintance, (after not being in contact for a couple of months), after we had talked for a while, she asked what had changed. To her, I sounded different and she’s “relating to me on a whole different level.” That’s what I call progress.It’s as if life for me has turned into one heck-of-a ride and I’m holding on fast so I don’t miss a thing! For sure, not all days are terrific, but the ones that aren’t are much easier to cope with. More often than not, the good is gleaned from even the most dire-appearing circumstance.


I have been going through massive change in my life, such as a second marriage breakup, which is nevertheless very empowering. I am coping very well with the pain and anger that I need in order to let go of this addictive relationship, and your Holosync CDs help a great deal. I have read all your literature, and although I am really quite skeptical by nature, I have come to trust you very deeply.


Traumas and incidents in my daily life would come through during my meditation as tears or anger. Family incidents would send me into an emotional sobbing, crying state when I meditated. After the meditation I would feel drained but elated at the same time. I felt energy releasing on and around my head, first on one side and then on the other during the meditation on several occasions. I have been floating and lost body awareness. This can happen for a short time at most of my sessions. I am now at the stage where I can sit through a session without moving, calmly, no fidgeting, scratching, or emotional outbursts. I am aware of emotional thoughts and incidents but just let them go. I can observe and move on. I feel good about myself for the first time for a long time. I don’t seem to have a lot of energy, but I do feel a little lift in my spirits. I even think more kindly of people.I am a 58-year-old grandmother and I seem to see most things in a different perspective (except my sons-in-law, of course; they’re still not good enough for my daughters—just joking). I like the different feeling, when it happens, more and more.


A few days ago, I had a beautiful experience. I was at a restaurant eating with my brothers and sisters (we are 6) and suddenly a tree from across the street fell toward the restaurant and ended very close to our table, making terrible noises as it went down, and catching the electric wires causing an explosion and a lot of “lights” jumping out of it. I remember being aware of everything, each second of the experience—aware of my feelings, of my brothers, and my surroundings. And, I remained calm and centered all the time. This experience told me I am really changing for the best.


For the last 3 years, I have been going through the process of divorce, and emotionally I felt that it put me in a loop I simply couldn’t get out of. I wasn’t myself. In fact I could say I wasn’t in touch with my Self. I wanted my Self back, and I got it:Ability to feel things again (in an intuitive, almost psychic sense)Ability to see the big picture again (holistic view, versus event by event)Being happy just because I realize I am blessed (as we all are)Knowing that what I am seeing outside is a result of my beliefs inside• Etc, and more!Since using the Centerpointe program, everything has taken on new, positive meaning. Not that it was ever so bad before, just that, well, it’s almost like I can see the Light now. It’s positive, and it’s beautiful.


I am more powerful in the area of making and sticking to good decisions for myself: eating less junk food, exercising more regularly, and choosing activities which give me a sense of connection to the joy in life. I have a very good relationship with myself. My social life is improving. I am more able to take on an observer role and notice that others are often as uncertain as I am, or as likely to feel they said or did the wrong thing. Before, I would cut others more slack than I would myself. I am increasingly able to be more compassionate with myself and others, and conversely, also be more discerning about my own boundaries.


I’ve been in the program for 7 to 8 years now, the past two years with Purification level 3 [the eighth level of the program]. This is the longest I’ve stayed on a level but I’ve learned over the years to recognize when I’m done with a level and I haven’t yet felt that feeling. It still works each day, one day at a time. I find that as I get closer to the final levels, I don’t want the program to end, whereas in the first levels, I couldn’t wait to move on (thinking it was how I measured my progress), I now feel free to take as long as possible on each level.I have also been hit by the economic downturn (I had an internet business which tanked in the past year) yet I find myself unusually calm about my financial future. I sense that things will turn out how they are supposed to go if I just keep putting forth my best effort and trusting the universe to make up the difference.I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone because I feel completely free of stifling belief systems and limiting mind programs. Thanks for discovering and creating such an incredible tool that has helped me reach this state of acceptance, peace, fun, joy, pain, sorrow, and serenity. What more could one ask for in life?


God Bless you for your program. You are literally saving my life. I seldom have self-destructive thoughts anymore. My heartburn problem is gone! I can eat onions again! I seldom if ever binge on cookies anymore. I recognize that no one makes me feel psychological pain and no one makes me suffer. Those are my choices. I live for the day that I can feel like I did when I was 8 years old, had just finished playing whiffle ball with a friend, and was lying on my back on the school’s lawn looking up at a deep blue sky with a few puffy white clouds in it. The drone of a small plane sounded in the distance and was almost hypnotic. I’ve never felt as peaceful as I did that moment on that day. I am confident that when I reach the end of the Centerpointe journey, I’ll feel that way again.


I’ve been on a pretty even keel over a stressful year of being laid off and scrambling for freelance work anywhere I can find it. I attribute the program to keeping that calm. I do think the program is the best self-help program I’ve participated in, and I’ve done a lot of them. I think your theory of raising the ‘trigger’ level for dysfunctional thoughts and behavior is right on target. Thanks for making a great program!


I normally scoff at most of the ads I see for personal growth tools but in the ad I saw for the Awakening Prologue the rationales were logical and plausible. I knew this just may be something. The reports were excellent. I started the program and my life has changed.


I have just ordered the second level, and I am truly more than pleased with the results. Situations and people who used to have the ability to ruin my day, I can now just blow off. At night, when trying to go to sleep, my mind would go on “engine run on.” Now I am simply able to fall asleep.I am definitely an “energy pusher” variety. But that is not at all bad. I have tried to direct the energy into things I really should have done some time ago. This summer, I managed to get three rooms painted, and get the woodwork put up. I also lost l0 pounds that needed to be lost, without making any efforts. The foods that I now crave are of a healthier variety. I am about to pass the five year mark of cancer recovery, and believe a great deal is due to the fact that Holosync has enabled me to change my entire attitude and method of dealing with life and its problems.I do not expect the problems to disappear, simply that I will be able to handle them better. I am hearing very little these days from the inner critic. In fact, I do believe that she is so “wowed” by the results from the Holosync program, that she is taking up a new role as “the observer.” Thank you so much for your dedication to this, your life’s work. I believe that you saved one right here.


Thank you so much for your letter. I’ve appreciated the support letters and the personal care integrated into your program. Your letters have emphasized that we should accept whatever is happening during the program and not to resist and I think that has been the most helpful advice for me. I feel that my threshold for stress has increased markedly and I am sleeping better than I have in over ten years. I am a 55 year old, six year graduate student at the University of California, Riverside, and have been under considerable stress for some time as I move through my Ph.D. program. I have tried many other programs and your program has had a continuous effect on many aspects of my life, however, the main purpose of purchasing your program was to break through a stalemate between myself and moving forward in my academic program. I am becoming more accepting of the stress of my program and am able to work towards my goal in spite of various deadlines. I continue to balk at times but am able to accept the detour and continue to work towards progress. I am in the final phase of my specialty exam and then will prepare for my orals. Your program has permitted my continued emotional growth in dealing with issues of success.


A few things I have noticed:Death doesn’t worry me.I’m a lot more aware. Of everything inside and out I mean. A guy cuts me off when I’m driving. When I was younger I would have had steam coming out of my ears. But now it’s odd—I see it coming! I am aware of the surge in blood pressure, guts tightening, demonic thoughts, etc , as if I were a detached observer. And here’s something even more odd. I CAN CHOOSE to react or not react, i.e., if I wish, I can be angry or calm. It’s a strange feeling. I am more aware in and out.


Please rest assured, Mr. Harris, that I’m getting no less than amazing results from the meditation CD’s. I always look forward to meditating with them every evening. I’m more calm and self-confident than I’ve ever been, and am much more aware of myself than I used to be.The most incredible turning point in my life took place this year when I was diagnosed with cancer. Since I’ve always had perfect health, I really had to look carefully at how I was really feeling inside, and step out of what was not working for me. Your organization came to my attention at the exact time that I was ready for it. I am very thankful for the work that you have done—you obviously care a lot about people and the world at large.I thank God for you and this great movement. Hope to meet you at a retreat sometime!


It’s nice to hear from you. We haven’t talked since the retreat I was on a number of years ago. Occasionally I talk with the people who work with you, ordering a product or a new level.The answer to your question is that I’m doing well. I started with the Centerpointe program because my life was in serious trouble. I had every expectation that things would change if I let them, and that eventually I would notice how they were changing. The support letters you sent out the first few months of the program were helpful, and I never fell into the trap of having specific expectations of milestones or markers or particular outcomes. I just continued to listen, working through the levels as they came. Some took longer than others (or rather, I took longer with some levels than with others). I took seriously the advice that if I started feeling seriously overwhelmed, I might benefit from backing off a little. I read some Ilya Prigogine, and that kept me distracted for a while. Mostly I just kept on.And life is pretty good for me. I was able to cope with several years that were difficult on both a personal and professional level. Having made it through the wilderness years, I now find myself in a good space, working with lots of really good people.I have begun to be able to remember that every difficult situation I find myself in and every difficult person I encounter are there to teach me to deal effectively with another aspect of the universe and myself. And when I witness those encounters with curiosity, I remain in a good space and begin to learn.Is all that due to the Centerpointe program? I think it mostly is.So thanks. You’ve given me the tools and opportunity to do wonderful things with my life.I like to recommend the program to other people when they’re curious. My latest tool is to forward a copy of your 9 Principles and give them the web address. The 9 Principles are very well done. I like to review it now and again.Thanks to you and to the Centerpointe staff for your continuing contributions to the possibility of serenity for so many people.


Actually, I am delighted with my progress. I have to say that the technology certainly delivers what you say it will. I have noticed incredible, objectively verifiable growth over the time I have been using it. Thanks also for the article on the nine principles. It is very enlightened, and profoundly helpful.I am so grateful for your products and your wisdom. Keep up the fantastic work!


Thank you for your E-mail. I love the programme and am getting so much out of it that I have recommended it to friends. In any case, I’d like to add my voice to those that say how wonderful this programme has been for them. People at work are commenting on how much younger I’m looking and want to know what diet I’m following, because I seem to have such a zest for life now! I find I am much calmer and am able to step back a little and observe what’s happening rather than simply react to a situation. As I teach 16-17 year olds who have special educational needs my job is very stressful —or at least it used to be. I now find I’m much more able to deal with situations effectively without becoming stressed.


For me, the program works in subtle, unexpected ways. There is no question in my mind that using the program on a regular basis has affected the way that I react to such things as the Trade Towers incident. I am certainly not going to claim that I have been immune from having an emotional reaction to the recent events. I will say though that, unlike my former self, I am much more easily able to detach from the reaction and become the watcher. I find that I can step aside from my stuff, dissect what is going on and dig for the root of the reaction in a way that previously I could not imagine. I anticipate that with more soundtrack time I will increasingly remain balanced when confronted with events and situations that formerly would have automatically upset my apple cart. From the balanced state you can always chose how you WANT to react, if at all!


What a treat to get an email from you. I have just started Awakening Level 2. I have missed only about 4 days in the 9 months I have been involved in your program. I certainly plan to complete the program, and only worry that after I finish Flowering 4, I will be wanting more. I cannot imagine my life without these daily meditations.I have been meditating for 12 years (Vipassana meditation) and practice mindfulness constantly throughout my day and night. Centerpointe has enhanced my “ordinary” meditations. I see daily changes in myself—insights, weight loss, improved sense of belonging in the world, more tolerance of overwhelm. I am still very much a beginner and much of my process includes pain and vulnerability —yet it all seems in a good cause—my own increased wholeness and increased capacity to take in the wholeness of the world.Thank you so much for discovering this tool and for sharing it with us. You have truly offered a great service.


I am working alone so I have read your materials carefully more than once and found them to be quite helpful. They are consistent with spiritual truths I have explored in other ways though written in your own style which is clear and direct. From the very beginning I have been able to trust you. Many of the things you write about are true for me.I’ve had a steady stream of insights about my unconscious thought patterns since beginning the program. I am less attached to outcomes and more inclined to accept things (including myself) as they are. The increase in my self acceptance is a huge gift.Finally, I want most to tell you how deeply grateful I am for what you are doing. Just as you say, I’ve tried lots of different approaches with mixed or temporary success. I can’t thank you enough for something that really works, that I can do on my own in my complicated life. Self-empowerment brings its own rewards. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Dear Mr Harris

This way is easier than phoning USA from Australia! I want to tell you that after following the pattern for this level for two weeks, that I am quite surprised and grateful. I have been known to practice various forms of Eastern meditation in the past and while the meditations I found useful, the power scenes and exploitation were contradictions leading to me leaving. Now I am practising a Chinese form, but let me tell you that your program WORKS! For various reasons to do with career experiences I suppose, I had been experiencing “time stress”, that my mind was being closed in by the limitations of time, and in spite of everything I felt I was losing the “battle”: I wasn’t getting enough or any exercise, I was feeling very stressed, blood pressure up, shortness of breath (yes I have been checked out medically). For the last two weeks as a result of the Dive and Longevity, I have been extremely relaxed, but highly alert, and the panic attacks have gone. I have a new feeling of being able to HANDLE IT now! It’s great. I have even been using Quietude and Oasis at work with headphones while working. I have also a pain problem with arthritis in the hip, and while that has not disappeared, I have a feeling it is caused through anger, and that it will heal sometime soon.

Bless you

Don M.

I’m just about to move to Flowering 4, the last level of the program. Many times I was readyto quit. There were times of frustration, anxiety, times when nothing seemed to be happening, and times when I wanted it all to slow down.Somehow, I made it through the first three levels. I knew two other people in the program at that time, both were experiencing astounding changes. What was MY problem?! I didn’t know why it was taking me so long to get things moving. I still don’t know why other than I had so much internal stubbornness I didn’t want to face.But let me assure you that it doesn’t matter to me one bit now. I can see how those testimonials look like pie-in-the-sky promises. But BELIEVE ME — THEY AREN’T! This program has been an absolute lifesaver to me. When I started in 1991 I was a mess, literally. I was at least fifty pounds overweight, smoked, hated people in general, hated myself specifically, and basically had no life.I got into this program on a dare from a friend who said he bet that if I really stuck to it for a month my life would change. He was wrong, it didn’t change at all except now I had the tapes to hate along with everything else. I hated the tapes. I hated the support letters. I hated the sound of the rain.I was ready to send the tapes back and I had them all in the box ready to go. They sat on my desk in my den for a few weeks. After my life went from bad to worse to sheer hell (my wife left me and I got downsized from a very good job all in the same month) I decided to try the tapes for another month, now that I had all that extra time on my hands. Still, not much happened.I finally got another job about four months later. By then the tapes had become a habit and I really had forgotten why I was using them. I just figured it was groovy to say I “meditated”. As I already said, I had lots of UPS and lots of DOWNS.But I can tell you at least from my own experience that this program, more than anythingelse in my entire 55 year old life, has made the most positive difference. I shudder to think what my life today would have been like without this program. Financially, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, I am at my prime. I have done things I never thought I could do. I have had relationships I never thought I deserved to have. I have earned a financial security I never thought I would have managed. I feel more blessed than I ever have before. I have more energy than I did when I was 20. My life, while not godly perfect in every which way, is a happy, healthy, and exciting one.Take it from someone who isn’t sitting around wondering what the program might be like or whetherthe next level is worth it or what might or might not happen in level 2 or 4 or 6. I’ve done it. You owe it to yourself to stick with this program. It costs a lot of money. It takes a lot of time. But I DARE YOU to use this program for a year and tell me then that it wasn’t worth twice the money and twice the time.Take a deep breath, dive in, just do it.”

Richard W.

I am ordering the last Level – Flowering Level 4 and this brings a mix of emotions – because approaching each level has been a part of my life for nearly a decade now and I just might burn out the last CD of this last Flowering Level (#4) set.I am noticing that I have followed an inner prompting each year around this time to order the next level of CDs. This to me means that this program has continued to offer me value in my life.I have settled into using the Meditation CDs each night for over 7 years now. (I know the program proscribes a different path of usage.) But I have found the Meditation CDs have assisted me in reconnecting to the earth each night, through the abundance of raining well being down on me and more importantly my Inner Being, Infinite Self in a very relaxing, loving way. Some nights I stay awake to this entire process and other nights I drift on into a deeper sleep. But either way, these CDs have supported me to clearer, easier, kinder loving withdrawal from the days worries, challenges and thoughts and setting a tone of refreshing, renewal and stronger connection to a deeper reservoir for myself. And this way they do fit into my hectic, erratic schedule – that involves traveling most weeks to diverse destinations – throughout the year.I feel that this program, along with topnotch nutrition, has assisted me in facilitating an easier flow – so that I have the energy to maintain this schedule and most often enjoy the process of all of this. Because of the familiarity of the connection, I can, with some mindfulness, return to a state of that connection quickly.Thank you for creating this series. For me, as a scientist, I really enjoyed the research articles you were sharing nearly a decade ago. This product has made a difference in my life and I look forward to its inclusion in my life on a daily basis.Blessings and appreciatively, Joyce

Joyce Dickerman, PhD
National Publishing Consultant

I’m just about to move to Flowering 4, the last level of the program. Many times I was readyto quit. There were times of frustration, anxiety, times when nothing seemed to be happening, and times when I wanted it all to slow down.Somehow, I made it through the first three levels. I knew two other people in the program at that time, both were experiencing astounding changes. What was MY problem?! I didn’t know why it was taking me so long to get things moving. I still don’t know why other than I had so much internal stubbornness I didn’t want to face.But let me assure you that it doesn’t matter to me one bit now. I can see how those testimonials look like pie-in-the-sky promises. But Dear Bill,I thought I would update you on my progress with your amazing Centerpointe program. I started level 4 on January 14th 2002 and the changes keep coming thick and fast.Though I still feel “overwhelmed” from time to time, I realise that any self-dialogue that occurs is just a “story” and that, in reality, I am growing and about to make new leap in terms of clarity. So I just welcome the feelings, rather than get caught up in it.I have re-read your support materials constantly and shared them with friends over the last couple of years and they really help.I have gone from feeling lethargic, often “depressed” and shy just 2 years ago to feeling empowered, very alert, attuned and able to somehow get feedback on what I do easily. This is very beneficial in communication because I am able to adapt and change and am developing some of the “plasticity” you talk about though I am aware that there is a long journey to complete.Life is not “perfect,” as I have learned! I still feel pain from the ending of my previous relationship, but I am able to welcome it and still help people out with what I do. My aim of running my own business is also gradually materialising. Though I feel tension, it tends to be of a positive and creative nature. I have had periods of creativity since using Centerpointe that I could not have conceived of before.I believe Centerpointe has really helped me in my growth and I recommend it to all my clients now. People do want and need a tool they can easily use by themselves to consolidate changes. As someone who uses light and sound machines, Alpha Stim and various NLP-based tapes, all of which are useful, I consistently see changes come about from your program that would probably not happen from any other approach. I believe that it has really helped me help others better. I realise that growth does not happen overnight now and constantly face challenges to overcome. But I know that they can be resolved with patience and honesty. And all this from donning a pair of headphones each day!Thank you and I hope to see you at another retreat one day.

Richard H.

I’m just about to move to Flowering 4, the last level of the program. Many times I was readyto quit. There were times of frustration, anxiety, times when nothing seemed to be happening, and times when I wanted it all to slow down.Somehow, I made it through the first three levels. I knew two other people in the program at that time, both were experiencing astounding changes. What was MY problem?! I didn’t know why it was taking me so Dear Bill,I have been looking for a mind development tool for a while. Although I have been practicing traditional meditation methods I could not persist as it was boring and it was very hard to focus. In addition I was under tremendous pressure recently that I was looking for way to to make my mind peaceful. This is when I came across Holosync.I ordered the demo straightaway. I felt the effect the first time I used the demo version. After a few days I joined the program. I received Awakening Prologue. It’s been 7 weeks since I started using it. Although I haven’t experienced any dramatic changes yet, I do feel that I am changing and the program is having positive effects on me. There is no doubt about that. I have much faith in Holosync and I know it’s working for me. Therefore, I recently became an Inner Circle Member.Further I would like to comment on your marketing approach. You treat clients like gold. All the freebies, the support hot line and regular updates on the program have made my investment much more worthwhile. More than anything, the overall value I am deriving from your program is worth much more than I paid for it.I want to thank you for working hard to bring this program into fruition. You have done an amazing job to the mankind. I wish you all the very best, continued prosperity, good health, wealth and happiness (although I know you have achieved all this).Thank you.

PS: I am looking forward to participating in one of your retreats. The CD’s were wonderful.


Hi Bill, I have been using Holosync for a couple of years (I can’t remember the exact length which is a good thing in Holosync terms!) and am on Awakening level 3, CD 2. I have 4 great children and a wonderful husband and because the effects of meditating have been so obvious they know to give me that hour in the day with no disturbances – even my 8 year old little girl! I have suffered from depression almost my whole life (I have just turned 50) and I can honestly say that holosync is better than any antidepressant on the market. I have always been a writer in my head and since holosyncing I have become one on paper. I’m not published (yet) but I will be. My oldest son (24 – same husband!) gave a speech at my 50th and joked about Holosync saying that I should give it all up and just smoke a joint! Perhaps one day he’ll begin holosyncing and realize how absurd that comparison is! Thanks for everything. I hope to see you one day on a retreat.

Marsha Jacobson

Dear Bill,I have been using the holosync program for sometime now. I am calmer. I can withstand greater stress in my teaching profession. Surely, I think, holosync program has contributed to my ability to cope with stress.With a blog like this, in addition to the newsletter, it makes things more interesting for holosync users. Unlike many sublimal CDs, the special thing about holosync is that the users are guided with a lot of information and motivation. These itself helps the user to maintain the discipline to carry on using the program. and that in turn, helps the user to develop some kind of discipline – an attitude of being calm and reflective.As such, apart from the sound frequency that may be doing its job to balance the brain’s two sides, the person develops a discipline of getting into a meditative state on a daily basis, and that itself, I think, helps the person to remain poised and calm in difficult or demanding situations. In my view, people who are scientifically inclined, will definitely appreciate the benefits of holosync technology. They will benefit most from the holosync program.Thank you Bill, and best of regards.


Hi Bill! I have been a daily user of Holosync since March of this year..no matter how busy I am…my daily practice is at the top of my priority list! Some days..it fills me with bliss and peace..sometimes it brings up the inner demons that have haunted me throughout my life…they are not “unconscious” anymore..and I get to observe them..this is not always what I call a “pleasant” process…in fact…sometimes it feels awlful…but…THIS is exactly the stuff I have wanted and needed to access through traditional meditation all these years….and now it is just emerging…You were not kidding..this program works! Almost too well!I am beyond “impressed”….I would have just loved this stuff if it had just “made me a little more peaceful” inside…I expected a “better” self-help tool…not something that would come in and completely upset and disorganize my entire (what you call..my Map of Reality!)..WOW..this stuff is sure not for “sissies”!I would not recommend your program to someone who just wants “fixed up a little better”…only people absolutely commited to real transformation should touch this stuff!There are days I walk up to my Walkman and headphones..and go “uh oh! Now what!”…as if it is the opening to a sacred cave…the true unknown..and I do not know if I will encounter angels or demons! For me..this requires “courage”!I am so grateful you have created this unbelievable tool for all of us! I thank you with all my heart!


Thank you Bill for all that you do! You are an angel from heaven! I have been Holosyncing since late August and I love it. I just ordered the next level with my affirmations, I can’t wait to receive it. I am now an Inner Circle member and commited to seeing this through to eternity! Have a wonderful day and thank you again!


I am an original Holosync Inner Circle member from way back when. I remember when Bill had the time to personally answer my questions by email. His clarity on “What Is” cut through all of my window dressings, and created many breakthroughs that helped me blossom along my life’s journey. The transition and awareness of my healing has been truly amazing. I have a life that is tranquil no matter what challenges I encounter.


Hi –I used my cd’s so much that I literally wore them out. It’s been a long time since I could listen to them – but I will tell all of you out there that they really helped my when I really needed help due to health issues. I need to reorder another set. I was really excited to see Bill speak in “the SecretI” ‘ll keep reading the blog. Thank you!


I been using your program for 1 1/2 years and love it. I have a high stress job and it helps me cope. I’m ready for the next level, I enjoyed the rain and chimes, will this continue?I have been using Holosync for a while now. I will be moving on to Awakening 4 soonish. It has done great things for me. I am much more peaceful and calm about life in general and able to cope with stresses in a positive manner. I was able to negotiate to work from home which has greatly improved my life. I don’t think I would have been able to stand back and make my point without getting overemotional and counterproductive before. Thanks.


I have been working the program faithfully (everyday as instructed) for one month. I have become incredibly calm and peaceful on the inside. Some would use the word centered and I personally can see why. I feel so anchored in the center of my being. For sure, there are people and things connected with my job which a month ago would have sent me home in tears and frustration which today (literally TODAY) hold no power or importance to me. And THIS AFTER ONLY A MONTH of faithfully adhering to the instructions provided with my Holosync CD’s. This stuff is amazing! I can only look forward to that which is to come as I continue on this path.Thank you for all that you do to promote this wonderful method of meditation (which I know is so much bigger than just meditation). I am completely content with where I am yet so excited about where I am going!

Wayne Dent

Hi –I used my cd’s so much that I literally wore them out. It’s been a long time since I could listen to them – but I will tell all of you out there that they really helped my when I really needed help due to health issues. I need to reorder another set. I was really excited to see Bill speak in “the SecretI” ‘ll keep reading the blog. Thank you— Marjory


I hope one day I will manage to afford the LPI courses too. Till then all I can say is that my life has indeed been transformed and I look forward to more of it!

Mary (Wales, UK)

Prior to ordering the Holosync demo cd, I had been doing traditional meditation and found that it just wasn’t getting results. I was also using other things like EFT and found that excusing myself to go to a bathroom stall was getting too inconvenient. I’m a rather impatient person, so I wanted results NOW. I tried Holosync and was mesmerized.Thank you for sharing this wonderful product with the world, Bill. I look forward to enjoying the benefits that Holosync (and the support materials) will provide me for years to come.


Hi Bill, I’m on Purification level 2 now [the 7th level of the program], and I just love the program! I have had a significant increase in peace and in the ability to be ok or even good with the way things are, just as they are without changing them. Awesome! Because life certainly happens, and the way I respond to it definitely is the deciding factor as to whether or not I suffer over issues, or let them roll off my back. I recently got pregnant with my best friend, and he had a reaction I wasn’t expecting at all. He was terrified, and he bailed as fast as he could. Then I had a miscarriage. So I lost my best friend and my baby in the span of a month. I was so devastated, but this feeling only lasted for a month and a half. Had this happened to me before Holosync, I would have been incapacitated by the experience and permanently jaded. This is not to say that I feel nothing….I feel disappointed, instead of destroyed and hateful. So I am incredibly thankful for Holosync. Can’t wait to hear about the levels of consciousness development! Its always great to read the stories of other users. Thanks for all you do,Much Love,


Dear Bill,Thank you for having such a brilliant idea and then starting certerpointe. I’ve been using holosync for about fifteen months. In the first few months a friend told me how remarkably calm I’d become. During this time I overcame some uncomfortable feelings about a lady I am friends with but wanted to start a serious relationship with. When she accepted a proposal from another man I felt bad but was still meeting with her each week for lessons. One afternoon while watching tv, uncomfortable feelings about her started but I noticed some thoughts that went with the feeling, they seemed unimportant and the feelings went away. Now I still see her and we are close friends without any uncomfortable feelings.Recently a girl half my age invited me to drink coffee with her, I meet her a few times each week now. She made a remark about me looking happy all the time, I think this may have been what attracted her.

James Leslie

Changes in Attitude Since Commencing Holosync meditation in May 2006.Currently (March 2007) about to start Awakening-level-2.

1. Less jealous of others’ wealth and possessions.
2. Less jealous of others’ career success in life.
3. Free from obsession and guilt at enjoying the sight of women’s bodies.
4. Less aggressive & reactive to others – especially Carol.
5. More tolerant of others’ weaknesses.
6. Calmer and more at peace.
7. Less obsessive about sensuality and sexuality.
8. Freer from compulsive buying.
9. Much less obsessive about:* diary recording of day’s activities, mowing times, repetitive events etc.* drinks @ 5pm* music as a distraction* sweets after dinner
10. Cope with stressful situations with equanimity.
11. Smiling at strangers – and they returning them – that’s really nice

12. No need to overtake other motorists any more – no longer drive aggressively.
13. If I forget to do something that my wife has asked me to do – when I remember or she reminds me, I no longer get a twinge of guilt.
14. Much more tolerant of my memory lapses.
15. More compassionate.
16. Stopped blaming & shaming.

John Nielson

I came across the Holosync advertising and pursued the free material and studied it for a while as I researched many other self help programs on the web at the same time. I bit the bullet and spent the money on Holosync. I started the daily material and soon was seeing little changes in my sleep habits and a general softening in my demeanour. My close friends started commenting on my shift in behaviour and attitudes and my marriage started to regain some lustre and balance.I have achieved freedom from migraines and my hypertension is reigned in. I rarely have rage and am in fact very controlled in tense situations – I am the fittest I have been in 20 years. All my friends and family are amazed at the changes in my general actions and relationships. I have worked part-time now for 2 years after deciding that I needed to cut back to save my health.WOW did this have an impact on my life planning and a vision for the future – it has changed my life! I see a very different future for myself and family now – and this is not just talk! I am a very different man. I have more peace, prosperity and joy in my life than I could have ever imagined!I have started 2 new businesses that are putting me in a position where I should be able to quit the “job” soon and be self supported. I could not have done this without the changes in my emotional landscape. I would have been too frightened and stressed to do this even 3 years ago – Holosync and Bill’s teaching programs have brought me to this very happy and exciting place!For the first time in many years I feel like I am in control of the life I live and I am optimistic and positive in all my ventures. My wife and I spend a lot more quality and quantity time together – we have just celebrated 25 years of marriage and are the happiest we have been for years. I cope with big issues now as if they were only minor inconveniences.Thanks to Holosync and the advice and training that I have received.

John Wood

Hi Bill,well to start with the holosync meditation technique is a real gem. I am at the awakening level 3 stage & what i have noticed is that my level of stress in my life is less or more accurately my ablility to handle stress now has improved. In fact last month i was out with my friends celebrating my birthday & on this night i bumped into a former friend who i had not seen for 12 months or so & her comments were that i am calmer. Anyway, what i have also noticed is that my survival self (resistance) is breaking down. I can literally feel less resistance less tension as time goes by.I do feel excited with what will unfold as i continue to explore. I do want to thank you Bill for your commitment in making a difference in peoples’ life.Many thanks & a deep appreciation


Dear Bill,Where do I begin? I first saw the ad for Holosync Meditation in Science of Mind magazine and thought ‘What do I have to lose?”. Well I lost a lot. I lost my worrying, anxiety, frustration and resistance to life as it is.I began to meditate regularly, read Thresholds of The Mind and take the online courses. I also emailed and called the incredible support staff regularly. The staff walked me through the process of change and growth, through my own tenacious resistance. I carried and read the wallet card Bill sent which reaffirmed my commitment to let go of my resistance to change.My relationships have healed. My mind is peaceful and open to all the good in my life. I feel inspired and connected to all of life, and worry far less about things. I have more trust in the process of life. After 2 decades of searching every potion, notion and lotion to help heal my life of depression and anxiety, I began to feel some relief. I studied the online lessons. As a member, they are accessible to me anytime.The support, extra value and information offered are unlike anything available in personal growth today. I believe that Centerpointe has distilled the secrets of the universe into everyday language. I understood fully from the beginning that it would take some time and energy on my part to have a ‘living’ understanding and not just the intellectual acceptance of this profound material. The tools were all laid out before me with an invitation to use them for a beautiful life.I feel privileged and honoured to continue to study with this spiritual master, Bill Harris. He is an unlikely guru clothed in a likeable guy. Bill has been a gift to me and although we have never met, he is my mentor. My life is calm and peaceful. I have a deep acceptance of life and others I had previously not imagined possible. I know I can do anything now. I have this power from his teachings and their practise.My sincere wish for everyone : that they experience this level of peace, happiness, success and learn to thrive in this world. One by one, we begin to awaken and hold our hands out to others. This is what Bill does for me and so many others. Centerpointe is a blessing to every life it touches.Sincerely,

Helen De Nobrega

Dear Bill,The timing of your e-mail was interesting. Just this morning as I was driving into work, I was thinking how my life has changed over the past couple of years, and most dramatically over the past few months. And I was thinking I wanted to drop you an e-mail to thank you for your part in that. Then I thought I wouldn’t know where to begin. I don’t know exactly when the changes happened. I just know that as I look at the person standing here now, there’s a much different person with a much different life than was standing here a couple of years ago.Things that are different:I’m sober (about a year and half now) for the first time in my adult life.The emotionally and/or physically unavailable men that I kept handy for when I needed to feel beautiful are no longer popping in and out of my bed apparently they’re not necessary anymore, because one by one, they’ve all seemed to disappear from my life. Do I have the perfect relationship with the man of my dreams? No but at the same time, I can’t honestly say that’s what I want. What I can say is that I have a much better relationship with myself, and when I do meet a man (or anyone for that matter), I now show up as myself totally, authentically, and unapologetically myself. And oh yes, now I count on me to make me feel beautiful.I’m not constantly worried about money anymore, no, not because I have more money than I know what to do with, I just don’t seem to feel the need to focus on it a lot anymore, and there just always seems to be more than enough.I’m happy, genuinely happy. And now, through loving all of myself, the whole feel of my life has changed. I seem to be flowing with the current more and desperately paddling upstream less and that flow is being reflected back to me in my outer life more and more every day.So there you have it Bill. I thank you for prompting me to take stock of how far I’ve come, and really get excited about where I’m going.


Hi Bill,I have used Holosync over the last year and the results have been unbelievable, this fear of confrontation has to a major degree just disappeared without me noticing, over the last couple of months. As I’ve said above, I cannot actually remember any particular incident which has given rise to my fear of confrontation but I am no longer concerned how it arose and am relating a lot of the lessons in the LPIP course to my own life particularly the limiting beliefs v new beliefs lesson to understand how I’m creating negative self talk and using the watching process to watch how this is slowly but defintely disappearing.


The thing is Bill, I don’t know exactly which part of the course or the meditation tapes, etc. did the deed. I just found myself being totally in a different life almost. I became more influencial, more honored, more successful, more satisfied with my own accomplishments. God, for the first time I had my OWN accomplishments.Shall I bore you with the “before” details? Always supporting someone’s else’s goals, working for someone else’s accomplishments, unsure of myself and my decisions, resenting my parents and especially a lost 6 year relationship. I was older (67 when it all started), but not wiser and felt at the bottom of my game. Still looking for love in all the wrong places with the wrong people, etc., etc.The first thing I noticed was I became what I thought was depressed, then I realized I was just calm, not anxious about my next relationship or angry about my recent breakup. That was VERY different. I started to appreciate myself and everything else a hundred times more. Ideas started to appear that I was obsessed about doing. Everything fell into place, although not always in my time frame, to get the work accomplished. I started to write the future in my journal at night, and most of it would come true. I had my world by the tail.People I met for the first time seemed impressed with me, where I had felt like just another piece of furniture before. When I entered a room, everyone took notice and those who knew me would stop what they were doing and come over and give me a hug.Since then I’ve produced 2 beautiful documentaries, which were inspired and done out of my love of dance and the uniqueness of the dancers. The first one was accepted at 5 film festivals and I sold hundreds of DVDs. I have just completed the second one and submitted it to a local film festival.By the way, I had never done a documentary in my life, but all the right people showed up at the right time. I just knew it had to be done, went out and bought a good video camera and started shooting. The dance performances, donations, editors, interviewers, graphic artist and musicians somehow fell into place. Well, the “somehow” was probably my own inspiration, excitement and determination to get it done.During the production of the first documentary, I met someone who just wanted to be with me. We were both interested in dancing Argentine Tango and are still doing it and living together 2+ years later. We have very different personalities and histories, but most of our values are similar and we have developed great trust, love and admiration for one another. We have also purchased income property together and intend to buy more in the future to increase our cash flow.My great health and mental attitude is making whatever I do in my life so enjoyable that I have come to understand what wisdom is really about.I haven’t yet finished the course, and in fact stopped doing the lessons because my life has been so satisfying and busy. Whatever did the trick, I am eternally grateful to you for giving it.


I really wasn’t having any sort of problems when I started with Centerpointe, I just thought there was something I was missing in life and was experimenting with different things to try to figure out what. I’ve been listening to your CDs for about four months and am taking your Life Principle course, I have found out so much about myself and how I have been sabotaging what I really want in my life. I now feel more relaxed and comfortable at my job and with my personal life. It seems that I am finding that thing in my life that I thought was missing. Thanks Bill, for finding and sharing holosync with others and me. It really works.

Ken Schneider

I was 34 years old when my life fell apart, not that it had been so wonderful before then, but at 34 I was reduced from a fit and active physiotherapist to being virtually bed ridden for days on end and which was eventually diagnosed as M.E. or C.F.S. I started on the path of meditation and numerous alternative therapies and after a while I discovered “Holosync.”I had already discovered that, for me at least, each symptom was an unresolved childhood issue and using “Holosync” both brought up these issues for me to see and also raised my threshold of tolerance so that I no longer was affected by them. Bill’s course and “Holosync” have enabled me to turn my life around from one filled with anger, fear, resentment to one of joy and fun. I’m just a housewife but I get so much pleasure in living. I can’t thank Bill enough for Centerpointe so perhaps the one way I can express my gratitude is to spread the word. If I can find health, happiness and joy, anyone can.

Jill Dunsford

Your meditation and the course have helped and are helping on a daily basis more that words can say. I am finally enjoying life. –Emma Bridge


Before starting Holosync, I felt like I was always in a rush. Everything was race here, race there. Although I didnt recognize it until I started listening to the tapes. I’m on Level 3 and I now know I was running on automatic. Now Im quieting my mind and new information comes in when I need it. I can sit and relax, laugh more, Im much more in the moment and I don’t take things so personally. I’m doing what I want and learning more each day. Holosync with the online courses have helped me as above while in effect has also helped my health. I’m off all blood pressure medicine and coumadin. I have a new doctor who is in touch with mind body and I have created the life I want now for myself.I am a much better witness of what’s going on around me and in my mind, I laugh easier and I get involved in things I wouldn’t have normally done before. I’m very at peace, much happier and look forward to creating a real exciting future life.Thank you for this great technology. It’s fantastic!Be well,


I have also been using the Holosync soundtracks for the best part of a year now and noticed results after first using them in the sense that my mind became quieter and calmer. Before i had heard about the Holosync solution after a chance encounter with the Centerpointe website, i had looked a little at meditation, but never really got round to any kind of effective practice.To end this note i would like you to know that i am so glad i came across this opportunity, and could not imagine where i would be going without it. I am confident that my consistent long term Holosync listening and application of the life principles courses will bring more to my life than i previously could imagine, i strongly urge you to give this a try,

Jill Dunsford

Your meditation and the course have helped and are helping on a daily basis more that words can say. I am finally enjoying life. –Emma Bridge

Mike, Manchester, U.K.

Dear Bill:I am so grateful for the opportunity to help you with your book because your CDs and online courses have helped me so much! I had always read and listened to self-help programs and felt that I was pretty laid back. But listening to your Holosync CDs has made a really huge different in my ability to cope.I started with Awakening Prologue at the beginning of September in 2005. After the first two weeks, I listened to both Dive and Immersion twice a day on most days, sometimes adding a second 1/2 hour of Immersion. (I intended to listen to them first thing in the morning to get my day off to a good start, but would also listen when I got into bed at night in case I was running late in the morning and didnt have time to listen then.)My husband usually cooked in our house, but that Thanksgiving, he wasnt feeling up to it and we were expecting company. So I suddenly had to cook a whole major meal (except for the turkey) for company! I was amazed just before dinner to realize that I was not the least bit frazzled, even when things didnt finish cooking at the same time. That convinced me that your CDs really work.I have continued to listen to the Holosync CDs since then and am now in Awakening Level III. I love them and continue to see improvements in my ability to cope. A client who I had started working with about 9 months after I started on Holosync commented to me about 4 months into our association that I had a very calming presence. I certainly think Holosync has a lot to do with that, and it is nice to see that other people notice it, too!So, in conclusion: thank you so much for giving me these wonderful tools. My life is so much better because of you and the products you provide. Thanks to you I am now working on a new goal revised and expanded from the one I started with and I know it will come to pass! And, finally, thank you for this invitation (and opportunity) to tell you how much of a difference you have made in my life.

Rosemarie McDowall

Hi Bill,I found Centerpointe on the internet after the death of my husband Mark in 2002. I was searching for a meditation technique that would help me sleep and stop all the noise in my head. I was trying to deal with the sudden death of my husband and my three children who were suffering terrible grief.I became an inner circle member and enrolled for all the courses. Within about 6 months of using the cd’s every day as directed I began to notice that things were different. Not in my physical world but how I reacted to them. I was a lot calmer and peaceful no matter what happened.

Debbie James

This brief story is to Bill, all the wonderful employees at Centerpointe, and to all of the folks out there that might be “on the fence” about joining the program.For many years (decades actually) prior to enrolling in the Holosync Solution, life seemed to be a grind. One unhappy day led to the next, and to the next, and so on. Life seemed to be nothing more than working a miserable job interspersed with brief moments of fleeting happiness. I was unhappy with my career, my personal relationships, and with life in general. Alcohol played a major role in my “dealing” with these perceived problems and unbeknownst to me, was just making matters worse.It all came to a head with an alcohol related car accident in which two automobiles were totaled but thankfully, no one was hurt. Waking up and facing the world the next morning was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Realizing that this was what my life had become and that if something didn’t change, I would soon be dead or in prison. Subsequently, I found it rather synchronistic when I logged onto the Internet a few days later and just “happened” across the Centerpointe web page. “What the heck” I thought, “I certainly have nothing to lose”.That turned out to be one of the most intelligent decisions that I have ever been “led” to make. I began using the Awakening Prologue CDs as soon as they arrived and within a few days I began to feel a sense of well being. I had mentioned this to my girlfriend and she said that this was what “normal” felt like, and that I had been feeling abnormal for so long that feeling normal actually felt good.Well folks, it’s been almost two years now and I’m on Awakening Level 3 and the changes in my life have been nothing short of profound. In listening to the lecture CDs that I received with my orders, something began to resonate within me and prompted me to investigate these concepts further. Although life still throws little curve balls my way, I’m now able to deal with them on a much more responsible level. I’ve stopped drinking and have become a much happier man. My girlfriend ASKED ME to marry her and we are now planning a rather large wedding. And to top it off, work is no longer a grind. In fact, I’ve begun an electrical contracting business with several friends and we’re on our way to becoming quite successful in what has been a very short amount of time.As a side note, about six months into the Holosync program, I found myself standing on a ladder at work when I became “hung up” on a 277 volt circuit with the electricity entering my left hand, crossing my chest, and existing my right hand. In the electrician’s world, when you can hear the transformer humming between your ears, you’re in serious trouble. Six months prior to that, I might have panicked and slid into permanent darkness. However, I was able to remain relatively calm and use on leg to kick the other out from under myself. Granted, I took a nasty tumble off of the ladder and had charred flesh on the palms of both hands . . . but I am alive. I credit my ability to remain calm in this situation to meditating with Holosync. Had it not been for Centerpointe, my kids would have been burying their father.Centerpointe and the Holosync Solution has saved my life several times and in more ways than one, and I wish to express my deepest thanks to all of those involved in bringing forth this wonderful product. I look forward to continuing my meditations over the coming years and once again, thank you.Sincerely,

Art Bennis

Dear Bill,I started the Holosync program in November 2004. I was feeling constantly stressed, unable to slow my brain down, my thinking was agitated and disorganised and underneath I was feeling profoundly unhappy, having a sense that I needed to allow myself more ‘me’ time, and to find some way to release all of the energy that had build up inside me. I was quick to tears and grumpy and not as sociable as I wanted to be.I saw an ad for Holosync and thought that either it had to be a fraud product, or it was exactly what I needed. Luckily I decided to try it. I was so desperate that I played the demo cd a few times a day until my Awakening Prologue arrived. Even this had an immediate impact in that it calmed my head down, allowed a little space between thoughts.Since using Holosync ( I’m currently on Awakening Level 4) my mind has slowed down so much that I now tend to direct my mind to what to think about. The background noise in my head has lessened so I don’t hear it and my thinking has clarity and I am able to focus on what I need to for sometimes quite long periods of time. I’m a professional classical musician, playing in an opera and ballet orchestra. We perform operas which require absolute focus for up to 3 or 4 hours (with intermission/interval). It is now so easy to do this. Before, more often than not, I would get bored, daydream or get very tired. Now it is no difficulty at all and I enjoy it. It is very rare for me to struggle to pay attention for the duration of a performance.Sleep was another thing that changed. I started the awakening prologue just as I became pregnant with our second child. Even so, I found I was sleeping so solidly and needing less sleep than I used to. I am much more energised throughout the day.The other major thing that changed with Holosync use was that after experiencing a bit of emotional upheaval in Awakening Level 1 and 2, I lost the fear I had had of my emotions, as I started to understand that I could simply let them go when I was ready to. I suppose I felt as if things flowed better within me.I feel as if my life is constantly improving.Thanks again,

Victoria Chatterley

Bill,Just wanted to finally take the time to say thanks for making this program available to folks! I found this site while looking for research for a class at school. I kept coming back to your site, reading and thinking wow this would be great! I have run into things that seemed too good to be true, and they usually were. I almost did not sign up for the program, because I am trying to dig my way out of a divorce and financially this is not a great time, but now I am very grateful that I did. I am into the awakening program and am very happy with the program. This is a important committment on my part, working full time and going to school. I make the time every day because I see changes occuring on many levels within myself. Things don’t bother me as much as they used to and I am excited to experience the person underneath all the muck from my life. Don’t let the email name confuse you, eventually it will be changing.

Heather Brighton

I have been using the beginning soundtrack by Holosync since April. I have a history of anxiety and depression. Panic attacks were a regular thing since I was a teenager and dealing with abuses by my substance abusing parents. Also, I had been 100 lbs overweight for 4 years.I started meditating with Holosync regularly after my mother-in-law and a close friend both died within days of each other right before Easter. Since then I have not had a single panic attack. I have lost 50 lbs and am working toward achieving all of my goals. I feel better about myself, sleep better and am a better mother and a better friend. I am in control of my thoughts and no longer suffer from bouts of anxiety or depression. I have recommended Holosync to everyone that I know, especially those who suffer from anxiety or depressive disorders.The ease of using Holosync’s technology is truly priceless. I’ve made attempts over the years at meditating. I would feel relaxed for a short time but easily agitated later on. Holosync is truly changing my life. I had been self conscious for years. I no longer worry about what others think of me. Holosync will make a tremendous difference in the lives of anyone who uses it.

Angela N. Sepulveda

Meditation with Holosync promotes extremely effective change in the participant’s understanding of himself and reality. These understandings facilitate effective personal growth and positive changes in the participant’s life, eliminating limitations and resistance that creates suffering and does so permanently. After participating in the program for a year and a half I can attest to the fact that the changes in my life and my understanding of reality have been absolutely profound in positive ways I never even imagined possible!

Richard Townsend

I have been involved with self development for a long time (I am 61 now and started with Yoga when I was 19!) and in this process have done several types of meditation. Only some 1.5 years ago did I start to use the Holosync method. This meditation has had a profound effect on several levels of my being. My awareness has improved and I believe it also has improved my health. I am far better able to cope with stress, or maybe better stress does not hurt me like it used to.Currently I am involved with several other participants from a Holosync retreat here in Australia to share our experiences and to create a “Dream Team” with which we want to help each other and others around us achieve not only higher levels of awareness bur also higher levels of self-fulfillment and personal achievement. I believe all participants/users of the Holosync method will more and more be contributors to a better world.

Martin van Laerhoven

My name is Frank Deceunynck. I live in Belgium. I just like to tell that the Holosync product of Bill Harris is a really terrific product. I’m at the end of my 2end level and in the last 1.5 year I’m using it I’ve become more relaxed. The results are really astonishing.Before I was suffering from anxiety and social phobia. Now I feel quite confident and relaxed. I’m much more stress resistant and the panic attacks I’ve used to have don’t come anymore .I used to be unable to pick up a phone or anything like that without a panic attack following. Nowadays, I can. I even phoned a complete stranger in the USA a year ago, something which would have been unimaginable two years ago. At work I handle the phone several times a day without any stresss or anxiety.Nowadays I’m thinking about becoming an entrepreneur; something which takes a lot of courage. I’ve also become more balanced in my life and I now see a lot better what’s important (like love instead of money). My focus has improved a lot. I can only imagine what the next levels of the Holosync method will do for me in the future.P.S. I don’t easily write a recommendation for a product, but for the Holosync method and the Sedona method I like to make an exception. If only one person in the world starts using one of these methods and gets better because of my recommendation I think I have done something good…P.S.S. For the people of Centerpointe and of Sedona, you are free to use my testimony. I thank you.

Frank Deceunynck

As a meditator for over 30 years, with considerable results, it was not until I began Holosync at the beginning of this year that truly significant changes began to emerge (scratch that – FLOOD into my life), resulting in increased happiness, energy, clarity and peace of mind.

Kelsey Collins

I’ve only been doing it for 3 months, but I intend to go on with the program until I exhaust the technology. My entire state of being has changed from one of fairly constant agitation and worry (a classic Type A) to a more constant state marked by peace of mind. My view of what is available to me in this life, and, more importantly, of what I am capable of achieving, has greatly expanded beyond anything I could imagine. If this is what happens after 3 months, I can only imagine what it will be like in 3 years!

Bill Reich

Your technology is the best kept secret in Medicine. I tell the Medical students that this is the only therapy that I have used ever, which gives me no side effects and almost 100 percent effectiveness.I have been using this method (DIVE) for two years (personally) but also as an intervention measure in my medical practice, in the treatment of anxiety states, post traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, resistant migraine and depression, in the 10 day period before the effects of the antidepressant is apparent, also sleep disorders. I have had limited application of it in memory loss from stroke (2patents) and brain injury (1 patient) and alzheimers (2). The latter showed lessoning of boisterousness.I intend to do formal research next year on the use of quietude during labour and Dive leading up to labour.I wish the tapes were more accessible in Jamaica. The cost of mailing is a bit prohibitive. I have recommende the tapes to many persons since 2001. I would wish to order Dive only in future. This would make accessibility greater.

Sonia Davidson

I discovered a company called Centerpointe Research Institute, I listened to their online demonstration and was very intrigued by their program so I gave it a whirl as I was suffering from PTSD in addition to excruciating pain all the time. Their program, they said was “complete as it is” But… you can expand (and spend more!!!) if you want to advance. Well let me tell you. I purchased their initial CD meditation program a year ago after my accident, and it has done WONDERS for me listening to it once daily prior to sleeping at night. Absolutely no need on my part to purchase anything further and the best part is they will never pressure you asking you to do so.I have nothing but accolades for this program. It has done more for me for my post traumatic stress disorder than a year of psychological treatment.

Rick Lascheid

I have been a user of your program for approximately 3 months and I would like to share with you that this program has delivered remarkable satisfaction to me.Indeed, I listen each day, and it is time one would think I cannot afford. I have two children (ages 10 and 8), I run my own company and I am a student of options trading. However, the Centerpointe CDs are the highlight of my day, each and every day.Last week, I was wondering how I would cope if I lost certain material things that I used to consider my most important possessions….my big/flashy wedding ring, my MBA and Undergraduate diplomas, my nice office, or my fast compter… well I thought for only a minute and decided that the best possessions I have are my Centerpointe CDs.The funny thing is that I cannot describe the benefits of this program in a tangible way…. except to say that these CDs make me feel like I am an important part of the planet and that I am connected to it… before listening to these, I was “just passing through.”So, I hope you receive many more comments like mine. I think of myself as remarkably conservative and I would not have ever tried traditional meditation, but the Centerpointe CDs make meditation easy, and they are worth mentioning to anyone who wishes to gain the benefits of meditation without the effort/concentration/training it might take.

Mary Benson

My wife Pam and I have been using Centerpointe’s powerful Holosync meditation technology for 2 1/2 years now and both of us are astounded at the benefits we, and others we know personally, have received from it!These benefits include: My ADD symptoms greatly reduced. My need to control eliminated, as well as many other defense mechanisms I didn’t even know I had.

Robert W. Harmount

Listening to just the first level of meditation cd’s with Holosync has changed my life significantly. In a relatively short time, my threshold for dealing with daily life has been lifted up in a way that makes me more effective with dealing with what comes at me from work, traffic, and family.

Janet Zemel

In the past four months I have been using Centerpointe’s holosync texchnology with amazing results. The Holosync technology has not only taken the my meditation shills to a whole new level, I have experienced long lasting benefits which, with ordinary meditation, fade within a few hours. Stress relief, a sense of well being, relief from anxiety even under very demanding conditions, relief from reactivity, and an ability to think both more clearly and quickly are some of the benefits of this type of meditation. When I first tried this program, I was More than skeptical- I was a cynic! Despite my own resistance, I have had truly amazing results.

Raven Dana

I have actively and successfully practiced meditation for over 20-years. I recently began using the Centerpointe Holosynch tapes, and have seen a remarkable increase in the consistency of my meditation practice. This is particularly useful, since I am an author, teacher, senior project manager at a financial services software development firm, husband, and father of five sons. I do not believe that any discussion of meditation can be complete without addressing technologies available today, like Holosynch.

Mark Lurtsema

I know I am very different from three years ago. My health is amazingly different, I wake up and lie in bed feeling tingles of joy in my body, I have a deep peace inside me, I almost never get angry, I laugh a lot and see beauty around me, and even my mother (who does not know about the meditation) makes spontaneous and pleased comments from time to time about how I have changed (she never used to). My life circumstances are probably not what more materialistic westerners would aspire to, but if there was a competition for the happiest person in the world I believe I would be a serious contender for the title. More than ever before I just seem to attract good fortune and wonderful people and opportunities into my life. My spiritual life has grown and strengthened phenomenally. I feel like I have matured extraordinarily, yet become more youthful at the same time.And it is so incredibly easy! Sometimes (not often!) I almost feel guilty that I can have such amazing growth and progress in my life without any effort!

Janet Prentice

Holosync is truly unbelievable. I have been in your program little over a month and many things you stated are slowly happening. I have my days of course, but generally speaking I feel very calm, have more confidence in myself, I sleep well at night, no longer tired during the day and basically things that I wish for are slowly coming intoreality.

Sam Huang

I am a huge disciplined fan of Holosync and its completely transformed practice for me. Prior to Holosync, I was UNable to sit in traditional meditation for long, if at all. After I started using Holosync, I found traditional meditation much much easier. Also of note, I wouldn’t sit in group meditation b/c of panic attacks prior to Holosync.


Bill, I just wanted you to know that I and my wife have been using the program about 6 weeks. We followed the instructions exactly and were careful not to exceed the length or the time frame for the dive and immersion. It really seemed to settle us almost immediately and it was easier to just accept things and then continue knowing that everything that is happening is as it should be. It all was going very well and then I discovered the quietude and Oasis.So, we listen to one of those almost every day. THEN, I had a flare up of an old football knee injury that had required extensive surgery and removal of most of the menisci and also cartilage. That was 50 yrs ago and I basically have been so blessed with hardly any problems even though I used the knee pretty hard during that 50 years. (including skiing for 20 yrs) Just about 5 weeks into using holosync I started having a very severe pain and swelling of the knee for no known reason or cause. I attributed it to some aspect that the sound vibration was bringing up that I had not resolved earlier.After a couple of weeks of near inability to function or walk without difficulty I reread all the materials and came up with the Longevity CD. So I listened and thought I felt something of a wave of vibration move through my body and the knee seemed better so I listened to the CD again the next two mornings and it was like a miracle. The pain was gone and I just couldn’t believe it. It has been about a week now and the knee is literally back to normal.Besides, I love that CD ! It just resonates with me and I get such pleasure from it while listening. We are alternating with the subliminal and the voice tracks. We continue of course with the Dive and Immersion as directed.We feel that the four conditions have been meant, but we would like to pursue extending this first set for longer as I feel there is more that we haven’t gotten yet from this first unit.Just thought you might be interested in an incredible testimony that I certainly wasn’t expecting. I want to clarify that I am always expecting and open to any change that makes my life a smoother road.very sincerely, Charles D.

P.S. I am not deluded by the anatomical destruction of this joint over the years and I understand healing, medicine, and reconstruction as I was a veterinarian for 45 years in Prescott, Ariz.

Charles Dockter

I am in “awe” of the recent book sent to me as a complimentary gift. I had been desiring to read it, & tried 4 times to “e-mail about how grateful I am, but due to my low memory computer, a 203 version, I kept having problems. My prayer is: that heimers- diseases will be eradicated eventually though the help of using the Holesync tape method. Now, or in the near future, as I did work with these patients previously, when I was walking & working. in the Hwealth Care System, also w/ Parkinson’s Disease Patients., Then after “two full-hip replacement surgeries, & a seemingly now “impending knee development”, I am using these tapes to cure myself.I did Volunteer work for over 8 months in those types of Nursing Facilities, with these clients and one cannot but feel great compassion for their cure. I know just because “I have the thoughts, “it can, & will be done” with Holesync tapes some day eventually. I pray for the research to continute to help the media in these ways, for all of humanity, for those brigth enough; to seek out & use these tapes for a “more fulfilling life”, “improved health” “higher awareness” & “greater-spirtual growth”.I’m loving it all myself, as “later day-hours were my worst time of day, (since I’ve been a widow now for just a full year.) This time of day “IS NOW my hapy time”. It has turned around; to be “my very special time of day” “just for me”, “to get into all my tapes & “grow”. Again I thank you there at Centerpointe. It has made me “much happier to be alive”, this new journey”. is exciting & I’m hoping more persons can join in; to be on this health-wagon, & enjoy “changing themselves for a better life..With the tapes, anyone can “slowly” make changes in themselves & in our-world at large, “as a better place to live in” from the “inside out”, to enjoy. I can’t seem to say enough about my own pleasant experiences to everyone I talk with. I send out this message to you Bill, “God Bless You Bill”!Sincerely,


I just wanted to thank you for providing this wonderful life-changing product! This has been truly one of the best one things I have done in my 50 years on this planet.

David Jenson

“To whom it shall concern!After trying the Holosync Solution I gradually started to notice changes. Changes in my overall welbeing and my ability to overcome my depression that has been impeding me my entire adult life. Thanks to Bill’s HoloSync, I have lowered the amount of medication I must take down to a minimum, so much so the Doctors think I am on the verge of not needing them anymore! I have honestly felt dramatic improvements in my perception and self-awareness and along with it I have become a bit of a preacher when it comes to the benefits of Meditation and how it helps clean out the mental garbage caused by depression.I have recently made it my mission to preach the great things about how meditation benefits people with mental illnesses, and I keep hammering this into the skulls of doctors, and other health professionals, as it does not just help with illness, it helps prevent it! Wouldn’t it be a better world if fewer, and even fewer still, even needed to be medicated when they could be meditated out of the never-ending dark that depression brings.Articles and Affirmations on this and more are sure to come, I will keep you posted!Be well!“

David A.

Hi ThereI hope you can pass this on the Bill Harris as I wish to sincerely thank him for what he has brought to my life. I have been using Holosync for almost a year now and can report that as far as resistance goes I had to embody resistance. In fact until I started Holosync I actually did not know what resistance actually was.For years I used to think the tight pain in my solar plexus area was something physical, but only after using Holosync did I start to see the pattern, as subconscious crap surfacing directly co-related to a tight anxiety in my chest area. Boy was I holding on!!. So much so that for years I had high hypertension I now really think hypertension is directly related to suppressed feelings and a lifetime of holding on to them that eventually have no alternative but to implode. I am sure that is why Hypertension is a disease of middle age . I was taking 3 tablets a day to keep it under control. I now TAKE NO MEDICATION AT ALL!!! My doctor is amazed!!I am now open, relaxed, non-judgmental, peaceful, accepting, and HAPPY most of the time and when I am not I know it is because I am resisting something . When I started Holosync 12 months ago (I am now 57) I can now see I was in fact resisting Life. I was saying a big fat NO to life and now I am saying a Great Big YES!!. I also want to say how much I have appreciated all your CDs that have been sent to me from your seminars. I have listened to them all several times and have learned a great deal from them and your books and from your site. (And would love to attend one of your seminars someday) I especially want to thank you for the recent ‘BIG MIND/ BIG HEART’ DVD that you were generous enough to send my way. I can honestly say I ‘ got’ more from watching that, than from years of reading books of a spiritual nature (of which I have read many!!) Finally I want to say I intend seeing Holosync through till the end of the program. It is now part of my daily life and a part I embrace readily. I am living proof of the benefits. I also want to say I love it that you are so enthusiastic about new developments in the personal growth sphere and that you are only too willing to share with others what you have found. So many personal growth groups get stuck in believing their philosophy is the ‘only one’ and get stuck in that belief. Your openness to all that is new and beneficial is beautiful and I thank you for being on the receiving end of that!!. This thank-you has been too long in coming but please know it is coming from an open heart that was once barely ajar. Peace and love and sincere gratitude"


“I am writing today to express my extreme gratitude in The Holosync Solution.This is the first time that I have written to you on a personal level and want to say how much Holosync has improved my life in so many different ways. It has changed and improved my life in ways that I totally believe would never have been possible any other way if I had not used the Program.I am currently on Purification Level 2, will be going on to Level 3 at the end of May and it scares me to think what would have happened to me or where my life would have been if it was not for Holosync.I have had many personal set backs, and I have been surrounded by family members that are always negative and I myself have had to use anti-depressants to cope in the past. I constantly found peoples opinions and out looks affect me, especially family members and I would become de-focussed from my core passions and personal goals very easily, and stress would over ride me. (the fact that the technology positively affects Anti-Ageing Hormones in the body rings very true).What amazes me about Holosync when I meditate it melts the stress and tension with such ease, and the burden of life’s stresses, and I feel so much more in control and revived and renewed. I have become increasingly more self aware, confident, resourceful, more self certain in my own beliefs and cannot been swayed one way or anther as I was years ago before I discovered the program. I have literally found my ‘Center Point’ and remain there and every thing now becomes richer, smoother and more flowing and I am so looking forward to more and more of the program (I cannot get enough of it).I meditate with it on average of 2 hours per night then use Gamma, then Floating.Another point I should mention is if the Holosync Sample CD was never made available too me I would have never got on board with the Program and would still be struggling with every small task, and struggling with my own personal ‘safety within my family’ behaviour. (Thank You so much Bill)!I have many other ‘self help’ programs but nothing; NOTHING even comes close to effectiveness of The Holosync Solution. What I also love about Holosync is that it is very much a progressive process and you know the rewards will become greater and greater the longer you do it.I really enjoy receiving your emails and due to Holosync and my personal success, I am very confident in your recommendations for other programs out there. From James Ray to Ken Wilber – I am 100% confident in you judgement.I also use Brain lightning and would never have know about them if not for your good self!I have so much to thank you for Bill, so I felt I had to write and tell you.Keep up the wonderful work at CenterPointe, You really are making ALL the differece to peaple lives, I am one of them.A million thanks !Regards

Mark R

“Hey!I just want to say you guys are great. I received 2 gifts from you unexpectedly. And great too. Thank you! I have never ever seen such care for the client. you are the first and the only one I know. But you know that already

I guess I can give you my first review. I have been listening to your soundtracks for about 3 weeks now and i already feel the change. In fact I felt the difference after using holosync for about 10 days. I went on a business trip to Bosnia. I was usually very stressed out on such trips due to constant accommodation to people and situations, hotel rooms, different food,… The situation in Bosnia was totally different and considering the situation there is even more difficult to handle, I was very calm and nothing bothered me. The hotel room was kinda small and water was cold and no closet space,.. usually I would freak out and be nervous all the time but this time I was perfectly calm, smiling, enjoying like a tourist. This I guess was my first big proof that things are changing inside me. Besides that I noticed I do not need 8 hours to sleep anymore, I do not have so many “sad for no reason” days.Thank you again for the gifts!Wishing you a great week!”


“Hi Bill, I wanted to thank you for your programs. I have been stuck asking WHY , for years, decades. Holosync, and you made me see the question should be HOW CAN I…. . The momentum is building , I’ve known HOW, I’ve just recently given myself permission to believe I am WORTHY. Holosync really has given me clarity ,focus & an , I can’t wait to get to it feeling everyday. AND I HAVE JUST BEGUN. THANK YOU”


“Dear Team,How many times have you seen the words? Given that how easily can you still appreciate the depth of feeling behind them? So before you read them just take a second to realise these are from the heart, shining with sincerity & appreciation…..Thank you so muchOk so we know it’s an autoresponder that sends out the support letter but that’s not the point: apart from finding MASSIVE benefits from holosync (I I’ve invested over $30k dollars in 1 months personal development course which in terms of growth & change only gave me a fraction of what the programme is giving me) the quality of your support is amazing: the detail & frequency of the support letters; the genuine caring I pick up in your emails – in short the love that I believe is common to the CP team for the people on the programme (& I suspect the whole of human kind.) Mmmmm, I’ve just listend to the Gamma Compassion CD at the end of my AP session – notice any possible connection with what you’ve just read?Please pass on my thanks to as many of the team as you can.In terms of current benefits: I’ve a challenging situation with a member of staff at work – to the point that I’m letting him go. Despite him being loud & confrontational (as well as dishonest) I stay calm & focussed, choosing my response according to the outcome I want. A few months ago – I’d have let myself be pushed off centre & have felt stressed & upset.I’m also going to “my therapist” today to use an approach of my design which worked for me a few weeks ago to resolve a lot (perceived) childhood hurt – I’ve taken the preparation a stage further this time. In other words, I have much more courage of my convictions. I’m also prepared to express myself in terms of what I like & don’t like. Some people will like me; others won’t & that’s absolutely fine.Post “therapy” feel so alive young & am doing more of the things I love. I love the anticepation of what goodies will result from my next listening & yet enjoy the moment!So, fantastic people, thank you, thank you, thank you!Have an excellent weekLove & best wishes!”


“Hi Bill and all the great Centerpointe staff!Just writing to let you know just how much that holosync has changed my life – not that it’s showing outwardly yet, but it will. 8 months ago there is no way that I would be doing what I’m now doing and more importantly, continuing to do, if it weren’t for the progress I’ve made since starting the program. Previously I would have ‘talked myself out of’ continuing something I’d started thus changing to the next ‘career’ never getting anywhere or making any money.Now I’m sticking with the same activity and progressively becoming more confident about it. I still get moments where I can feel the anxiety that previously would have had me totally freaked out and incapable of taking action thus causing me more distress but now I just notice it, acknowledge it, and am able to just keep going.I voraciously consume every word you write and deeply appreciate all the great material that comes with the program. I can’t thank you enough for developing this, I’m not one to rave or over state things but honestly I’d be in a very bad place right now if it weren’t for holosync – thank-you.”


“Hi Bill, I wanted to thank you for your programs. I have been stuck asking WHY , for years, decades. Holosync, and you made me see the question should be HOW CAN I…. . The momentum is building , I’ve known HOW, I’ve just recently given myself permission to believe I am WORTHY. Holosync really has given me clarity ,focus & an , I can’t wait to get to it feeling everyday. AND I HAVE JUST BEGUN. THANK YOU”


“Dear Team,How many times have you seen the words? Given that how easily can you still appreciate the depth of feeling behind them? So before you read them just take a second to realise these are from the heart, shining with sincerity & appreciation…..Thank you so muchOk so we know it’s an autoresponder that sends out the support letter but that’s not the point: apart from finding MASSIVE benefits from holosync (I I’ve invested over $30k dollars in 1 months personal development course which in terms of growth & change only gave me a fraction of what the programme is giving me) the quality of your support is amazing: the detail & frequency of the support letters; the genuine caring I pick up in your emails – in short the love that I believe is common to the CP team for the people on the programme (& I suspect the whole of human kind.) Mmmmm, I’ve just listend to the Gamma Compassion CD at the end of my AP session – notice any possible connection with what you’ve just read?Please pass on my thanks to as many of the team as you can.In terms of current benefits: I’ve a challenging situation with a member of staff at work – to the point that I’m letting him go. Despite him being loud & confrontational (as well as dishonest) I stay calm & focussed, choosing my response according to the outcome I want. A few months ago – I’d have let myself be pushed off centre & have felt stressed & upset.I’m also going to “my therapist” today to use an approach of my design which worked for me a few weeks ago to resolve a lot (perceived) childhood hurt – I’ve taken the preparation a stage further this time. In other words, I have much more courage of my convictions. I’m also prepared to express myself in terms of what I like & don’t like. Some people will like me; others won’t & that’s absolutely fine.Post “therapy” feel so alive young & am doing more of the things I love. I love the anticepation of what goodies will result from my next listening & yet enjoy the moment!So, fantastic people, thank you, thank you, thank you!Have an excellent weekLove & best wishes!”


“Hi Bill and all the great Centerpointe staff!Just writing to let you know just how much that holosync has changed my life – not that it’s showing outwardly yet, but it will. 8 months ago there is no way that I would be doing what I’m now doing and more importantly, continuing to do, if it weren’t for the progress I’ve made since starting the program. Previously I would have ‘talked myself out of’ continuing something I’d started thus changing to the next ‘career’ never getting anywhere or making any money.Now I’m sticking with the same activity and progressively becoming more confident about it. I still get moments where I can feel the anxiety that previously would have had me totally freaked out and incapable of taking action thus causing me more distress but now I just notice it, acknowledge it, and am able to just keep going.I voraciously consume every word you write and deeply appreciate all the great material that comes with the program. I can’t thank you enough for developing this, I’m not one to rave or over state things but honestly I’d be in a very bad place right now if it weren’t for holosync – thank-you.”


November 20, 2007Hi Bill,I feel its time for a glowing testimonial. After nearly 3 years of using holosync (just finished AL4) I feel I now qualify.Here’s my story. I am a 26 yr old male virgin with a rubbish job, still living at home going nowhere. I have poor/ non-existent relationships to other men and no hope of finding a girl since the mere thought of approach paralyzes me with anxiety. Needless to say I have been depressed, have been no fun to be around and at some points even suicidal.All this until very recently. You see I’m not writing this to primarily tell Bill how great he is (I know he’s well past needing that!) I’m writing to YOU. The person who cannot see a light at the end of the tunnel. The person who wants to change but thinks they never could. The person who knows he/she is capable of so much more. The person who hates themselves and is desperate. The person who is identical, at their core, to myself.If you have found Centerpointe then I believe you are one of the LUCKIEST PEOPLE ON EARTH!And I’ll tell you why.Here’s just a few ways I am different now. (You may or may not be able to relate to them.)I can now approach almost ANYONE with effortless ease and confidence. I can FEEL their heart, if I so choose, and I know exactly what to say and how to say it in order to create a warm connection. I do not NEED to be like this with everyone since my need for approval and acceptance has almost vanished. I know that if I want to I can give someone my gift of energy, presence, support , warmth or banter and they can take it or leave it. (They rarely leave it) I feel less alienated and separate from people, regardless of age, race or anything else. I feel less compelled to shut myself away and withdraw and more interested in how I can connect to others and relax with whatever happens. If people hate me then so be it – I’ll go be with someone else. I realise my self-worth is something I can choose as opposed to having it dictated to me from ‘outside’ of myself.If you feel into your deep heart right now YOU want nothing less either. The truth is we live in a culture that is anti-postive, especially here in the UK. We all avoid each other to an extent and if we have to engage each other it’s usually to moan about something. This is the bottom end of the spectrum of course and we are all happy in moments, some people more than others it seems, but on the whole I believe we suffer. Holosync use over time helps you to FEEL SAFE to be, do and have anything you want. You become more like that charasmatic outgoing / quietly confident type that we all wish we were like. The truth is that you are already that person and you know it! You’ve seen that person fleetingly appear from within only to disappear again behind the safety barrier. The trouble is that there is this invisible rope inside your head that pulls you back. Holosync melts this rope!I believe my main problem is/was that I have surpressed my true masculine core. I believe there are millions of men who are the same. You know the type, all smilely and friendly but deep down just wanna cut thru the BS and get the job done and do what he wants and be happy. Not in an obnoxious, anti-social way but rather an assertive, self-assured way. There is a good chance you are this kind of man.Without rambling on too much here is my plea to you. Get started with this program or, if you have, never give up. I can tell you I’m not even half way thru yet and I am starting to feel like I can focus my mind on whatever I want and get it. The sooner you start, the sooner the dream can slowly unfold into a reality.And finally to you Bill, I dont think there is a way I can express in words how you have saved my life…so I won’t even try.Be Well

Chris, 26, SW England

To Mr. Bill HarrisMr. Harris I thank you so much for your recent gift of your new book thresholds of the mind. I thank you so much for your sincerity and your compassion and willingness to help. These are rare qualities today I can feel by the way that you talk that you sincerely want to help. I am not only enjoy and your holosync CDs but I’m also taking your online course.On your website you proudly talk about your customer service and the quality of your products. Again in today’s world is rare to find some one who lives up to what they say they will do. A lot less meet your expectations and Mr. Harris I just wanted you to know that not only have you lived upped to my expectations. But you and your stuff have excelled in surpassing my expectations and I have only had the pleasure twiceOf calling the centerpoint research institute and talking to your wonderful people at your helpdesk. They’ve all been very kind very caring and very helpful I can see why you are so proud of your staff.I have been so impressed with both you and your staff and your product that I decided to write this letter. Even though I suffer with a condition known as tremors which makes it very difficult for me to type. God bless you Mr. Harris and all the wonderful people at your company. I know deep in my heart and my soul that you truly are trying to help me find my ture spirit. And I truly feel that if I need help along my journey that you Mr. Harris and your staff will be there to help me.A truly more than satisfied customer.

Paul M

Hi there, I’m Lesley, from Liverpool, England, I recently began the programme (nearly 3weeks ago) and I guess that you probably know what I’m going to say…..WOW!!!!!! I have done a great deal of work on myself over the last 8-9yrs and I am a Reiki Master, but I have never felt the benefit in such a short time as I have with ‘Holosync’. I am so much more aware of my emotions, and miraculously, do not react to certain situations in the same fearful or angry way that I have done in the past. I have grown so very quickly, I can hardly believe it myself! I am much more calm within myself. I am telling my friends all about it, and the special man in my life has noticed the changes that have come about and our relationship has benefited as a result. God bless you Bill Harris for this wonderful creation. Love to you all, keep on with your good work. Much love and gratitude,

Lesley X

I am on Awakening Level 1. I am so happy with the results!I lent my demo CD to one of my co-workers and he and his wife both ordered the Awakening Prologue and love it. John told me he has gotten up 4 to 5 times a night for YEARS and this is the first time he has slept straight throught the night in years.I lent it to another friend and he liked it, but did not order the program.I just started going to a Naturepath, and on my very first visit, she could tell there was something different about me. In our conversation I told her about Holosync and my experience with it. She knew exactly what I was talking about and commented that was why she could diagnose me so clearly was because of the purification. She had heard about it through another Naturpathoic doctor she studied under. I just went to her today for my second visit and she has ordered the demo CD.I saw another friend of mine yesterday as I was walking by the lake. I hadn’t seen him in about 6 weeks. The last time I saw him, I was into the Awakening Prologue level and he said he had never seen me like this, and he commented it was evident that there is no conflict in my life. When I saw him yesterday, he looked at me and asked what program I was into, because he needed one. He commented that he had never seen me like this. This was the best he had EVER seen me. I told him again about Holosync. He said a doctor told him he needed to get into meditation. I gave him the website and he e-mailed me the next day and said he ordered the demo cd and IS going to purchase the program.I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Only good can come from this. I know I can have, do and be ANYTHING I want and I am looking forward to the deeper levels in the future. Thank you so much.


I don’t know who to contact or what to do. I want you to know that you have made me the happiest mother in the world.My son got your first set of Cd’s and has gone from severely social phobic to on his way back to us.Short storyMy son was very outgoing in school student counsel president,in football,class valedictorian I could go on and on. In his junior year of College he developed severe social phobia the doctors put him on medication that made him basically a veg-table he was on his way to a life of solitude on social security. My son decided he wasn’t getting real help from these Dr’s and stopped the med to pursue a better treatment,we have tried several alternatives and Center Pointe saved his life. Hes not there yet but has made incredible progress with your system. There is no way to tell you the joy you have brought to my family .. I would like to get my son the next step in your program for a Christmas present please send me information on how I can get this.God Bless you for the work your doing.


Hello– This is Tiffany and I am a holosync customer and am only on awakening level 3, but I had a question regarding a change in my dream patterns. Before holosync, I rarely even remembered a dream I ever had, and if I did, they were far and few between. But now, I remember them to the detail, and every night I dream, and sometimes up to four dreams a night, and remember them all! So I have started a “dream journal” just to keep track of them, just because I read somewhere to do that, but I really don’t know why.. So my question to you is: Now I remember sometimes many dreams per night, and very vivid dreams. Is this one side effect of holosync? I like it, I have to admit, I was just curious.Also, I used to have to take sleeping pills a couple of years ago before I started holosync, just to get to sleep every night. Immidiately after starting awakening level 1 no longer needed sleeping pills at night, and better rest! Thank you holosync — no more addictions!!Also I’ve noticed my stress level is almost non-existent, I used to have my stomach in knots at work rushing and stressing all day long.. I couldn’t even eat for at least 2 hours after I came home at night until my stomache “calmed down”. I have to admit, I thought I had to have a couple of glasses of wine to calm me down. Now, — I don’t even remember the last time I was that stressed! I am so laid back, and worry free compared to just a year and a half ago, I love it! Do you think it is a holosync side effect helping me? Or a coincidence? I’m sure it is holosync, and I truly wish to keep telling many people about your program as I allready have, because, stress medication, ect… only patches the problem, never getting to the unerlying issues and releasing them once and for all.Coming from an extremely dysfunctional family and upbringing, I just wish children and families were taught this and exposed to it, just like anything else common in their life, because, my main regret is this: Why wasn’t I ever exposed to this? I am 38 years old and I would have started this years ago if I only was only aware of it. I only “happened on” to holosync by reading a blog on a meditation website.I was searching for the best meditation to start learning, and this lady raved on and on about holosync. She said that her and her husband had spent thousands of dollars over the years on different programs only to find holosync by far surpassed anything of its kind. So I was glad to skip through all that and get strait to the “good stuff”!!

Thank you holosync ,

Tiffany P

Hello, I believe it’s time to tell you my Holosync story. I am 44 years old. A little less then a year ago, my doctor, my employer and my body decided it was time to go into early retirement. (Disability.) My head however wasn’t on board with this plan. I have moved into my parents home. Ouch! Have been turned down for Disability. My attorney says I most likely will be turned down two more times before they even start to really conceder me. WOW! My Step- father is supporting me and he is feeling the financial strain ..I have worked as a Dental Assistant for twenty two years, and miss it so much. As you can imagine, depression and all that follows came crashing down upon me. Oh sure I tried to see the positive. Gee, now I can dedicate more time to my spiritual growth …. Well, depression, despair, and a mixture of – what use could I possibly be to others now ? danced before me. And any though of the future…….The universe answered my cry for help with Holosync. Hurrah! And a heap of gratitude! I was able to get Holosync for my birthday. Bill Harris I could kiss you. When I say Holosync has been a life saver, I ain’t exaggerating. On two occasions I stopped listening to Holosync and despair came a creep’n. When I put those headphones back on me head the sun started to shine once again. Holosync is helping do for me what I am unable to do for myself at the moment. “See the possibility.”I know you are in the business of helping people, I have read the letters of thanks. I hope you truly get a feel for the way you touch lives and for the gratitude so many of us feelWith all the love I possess, thank you so much,

Laurie W.

Dear Bill and the Centerpointe team,Jet Fuel. That’s the best way I can describe the Awakening Prologue. There is a group of us, down here in the swamp (Tallahassee), that are achieving some amazing results.I was diagnosed with ADD last year, and have been on a variety of medications. I’ve had to cut my antidepressants down by one-third and I’m off my ADD medication entirely.Whatever this is, I want some stock in it.Thank you for everything,

Mary S

Dear Bill, or whoever really reads these things,Are you guys nuts?Before I purchased your program back in May, I was a perfectly normal human living out his existence in misery, depression, self sabotage and anxiety. Now look at me! I’m already happier, contented, progressing and listening to elevator music and rain instead of rock-n-roll! Elevator music for crying out loud! Come on guys, I work in the oil field industry and you should see the looks I get when I pull up and forget to turn down my CD player! I think my boss was winking at me! Yucky! I’m hoping he just had something in his eye… and not me!And another thing… I cut the tip of my finger off at work, now mind you before I began listening to your Holosync program I would have freaked when looking down at the bone sticking out of my finger and blood running down my hand, but NOOOOO you had to go and help me change things so all I did was say “HMMMM” Well I did say a couple of things not to be repeated here but then I just looked at it and said “HMMMM, well there’s nothing I can do to change what just happened, I’d better go to the hospital and get it looked at.” Thanks a lot Bill I got that from your seminar CDs, you really know how to ruin a guys pain and suffering! And at the hospital they kept trying to talk me into having pain! Yeah, the nurses and doctors kept telling me that “It should really hurt are you sure you don’t want something for the pain?” I kept telling them that it didn’t really hurt that bad, and it didn’t, “I’m fine just stop asking me to have pain!”, “and could you turn that elevator music up a little?”And if that wasn’t enough your crappy program made me loose my fear of starting a business, actually it caused me to loose all my fears and do you know how much I have invested in those things? They were like my best friends, they went everywhere with me! They protected me from talking to all those nice people and pretty ladies and guess what happens now Bill, yeah you know don’t you? Yeah go ahead hang your head down, you should be ashamed of yourself! Now I can’t go anywhere without nice people just coming up to me and starting a conversation, what’s worse is pretty ladies keep telling me I’m “cute” and wanting my phone number! “Cute” Bill! And what’s even worse than that is I found out that other people have eyes, yeah I’ve been looking right at them they’re there alright! Way to go…. Bill… now I have to stop and check what shoes I’m wearing, didn’t have to before, I was always looking at them, that’s your fault too!Then this series of events all took place during the week of the 4th of July:I started a seasonal business at a resort where I live. I had to set up at two festivals back to back. The 1rst of July, rent was due but I was given an opportunity to buy a cottage and I had to move out of my crappy upstairs apartment during all this. The Slum Lord I was renting from wouldn’t give me back my security deposit, and I cleaned it anyways!I fell down and cracked my knee which swelled twice it’s size going up and down the stairs while moving. My computer fell out of my brother-in-law’s van and was run over by a car! Yeah that hurt worse than the knee! The two girls I had working for me didn’t get along so I had to continuously keep the peace between them.The water lines were broke at the cottage so I had to replace the plumbing, while moving out, moving in, cleaning, running the festivals, keeping the peace, and going for supplies while limping around with a swelled knee! Oh great now I’m multitasking too? And do you know what I said to myself during all this chaos? Yeah… “HMMMM”I’ve never owned a home, never owned a business, and never had my computer run over by a car before, it’s all on you Bill! So now that you’ve screwed up my perfectly miserable life you may as well go all the way and help me with this Self Sabotage thing so I can order the next level and see what else you’ll ruin for me!Here’s my new address info, that doesn’t mean you can just show up to apologize, you can do that with email unless you’re too busy screwing up other peoples misery, suffering, and pain!Thanks again Bill.

BC, Ohio

I wanted to write and say thank you for creating the Holosync program, which I’ve now been using for just over two weeks. I’m aware that for a program that takes years to complete, it might be considered early days to be writing so soon, but the effect on my life in just the time I started using the Dive soundtrack, and now Dive and Immersion for an hour, has been just amazing. I was sexually, physically and emotionally abused as a child, grew up with depression and anorexia so severe I was resuscitated at 20 years old. I was told numerous times I would probably not make it through my 20s, have been thrown out of therapy and told a number of times that I’m completely “beyond hope.” I managed to start eating normally a few years ago, using my own willpower, and was gradually building my confidence. Then I was raped last year and it seemed to set me back years. I’ve spent a year in therapy, and then hypnotherapy, and realised that no matter how much I worked at the programs I was on, something deep down inside was terrified of change and I’d always end up back where I started.Since I’ve started using the Holosync program I’ve found my confidence building incredibly rapidly, I’m not worried by things that would normally have me diving for cover, I’m starting to talk to people more, and let my few friends get to know me on a deeper level. I’m also gaining confidence in my writing, and feel I could actually pursue my dream of getting my books published. Using the Sedona Method alongside Holosync has really helped deal with any negative emotions that come up, but by itself, the impact of Holosync is incredible. I’m usually a cynic, and after trying everything and struggling, I’m stunned that this has been so effective.Some of the material that comes up is very deep and painful, but somehow it’s easier to deal with as well. I’m also incredibly impressed by the level of support and information offered by the institute. I’ve just received my first support letter and was very impressed by the materials it contained. I love the Making Change Easy CD as well, and have enjoyed two other CDs from that collection. I fully intend to join the Inner Circle and complete this course, as it has been inspirational to me.


Good evening,I recently purchased Awakening Prologue, and have been extremely happy with it so far. Today, I recieved a free copy of Bill’s book as part of your follow-up process. I just wanted to thank you for providing such tremendous value. I’ve had your product for less than a week, and yet I am already overwhelmed by your efforts to go out of your way to thank me for my purchase.I can’t begin to tell you how refreshing it is in this day and age to experience a company that actually OVER-delivers in terms of their customer service. It makes me feel good about my decision to purchase your product.Warmth and blessings,

Gary P

The Holosync program works. “The Secret” and “The Law of Attraction” work. My job is better, my personality is greatly improved, my mental well-being is a 180 degree change, I am dealing with people and they are dealing with me, and my physical health has even improved. I had some recent health issues crop up that have almost reversed themselves. I see myself as going only steadily upward from this point. I am convinced. Hopefully, the extra finances will help to allow me to more easily and comfortably go on to the next level, and I also hope to be able to personally attend one of the retreats someday. I will diligently and happily go through Awakening Prologue and by the year’s end will be ready to start the new year on a higher plane in my life, which will help to make the new year something to look forward to for a change. Please feel free to use any of my comments to convince any other unsure people or skeptics that this does indeed bring about those changes that people seek to better their lives, and get closer to that place which each of us is seeking.Thank you, Bill, and all the rest of you at Centerpointe for all the long, hard work you have put in to offer a way for people like me to get out of that rut in life and be the happy, peaceful, comfortable, and successful soul that all of us have the capabilities to achieve once we know and understand how to get there.


Dear Mr. Harris:I wanted to express my deep gratitude to you and all those at Centerpointe. I started the program a little over a month ago and have been listening daily to the dive and immersion CDs. I have also been listening to the retreat CDs and reading Thresholds of the Mind. I am in my car quite a bit and have listened to the retreat CDs several times through.This week 3 of the employees at our elementary school were killed in a car accident. Two of the three wonderful ladies were my 10 year old daughter’s teachers. Needless to say our Maps of Reality were put through the shredder in an instant. Between bouts of crying, I remembered your words and I was able to witness. It was a very unique experience for me. I am very grateful for those moments. I could see where my mind was leading and I could choose to follow or not. It was very interesting. I know that this would not have occurred to me had I not been listening to your words and meditations.I still have bouts of crying, but that’s okay. I feel I am better able to guide my daughter through her grief too, for which there is no way to express my gratitude for that help.I just wanted to thank you so much. I appreciate very much all you have done.Sincerely,

Cathy S.

I just wanted to drop you all a note to say thank you for the two unexpected gifts I recently received. The “Make Change Easy” CD’s, the 6 retreat CD’s and as of yesterday the “Thresholds of the Mind” book. Both were such a surprise! I have never done business with a company like yours.I have to say your company has been absolutely outstanding in their level of support follow up. WOW ..what an incredibly giving company. I am so glad I found Centerpoint and I plan to be a life long customer. I really believe you are sincere in you intention of helping others live a better life.Thank you again and I wish you all continued success.

Andrea C.

I just want to thank Bill for saving my life! I went through a divorce and then a devastating break-up. In addition, my ex-husband had taken my daughter to go live with him. Through all this, and then the terrible break-up with someone I truly loved and was supposed to marry, my stress level was so high that I had unbelievable anxiety and depression. I was tryly not prepared to handle any of this.Thank God I found Holosync. Although I’m still having some stress and depression issues, the intensity of them is not nearly what it would have been without Holosync. I absolutely hate to say it, but worry that I may have even taken my own life. That is not the case now. I can feel myself improving and starting to feel more in control of my life.I also want to mention that I read everything I get from Centerpointe. This positive reinforcement of what I can expect my life to be a few years from now is a blessing. Mindchatter is one of those postive reinforcements that is helping to keep me motivated. I’ve now completed 4 months of Awakening Prologue, and can’t wait to get to the higher levels.So again, thank you Bill. You are my hero.Sincerely,


Dear Mr. Bill Harris,I want to start this letter by saying thank you. You have come upon a tool that can help people get their lives back in a way that I would never have known. The main reason that I am writing you is that I have been in the program for about a month and half and have had some profound changes in my mental, spiritual, and personal life. My profession as a certified substance abuse counselor and a certified personal fitness trainer has allowed me to open up a business. The business is called “Recovery Plus/Fitness & Nutrition” the mission of my business is to help recovering addicts and alcoholics get their lives back on track mind, body and spirit. The Holosync program is an important part of my comprehensive fitness program. The meditation component of the program has been fantastic. To see recovering individuals get clean and sober and stay clean and sober with a new insight on who they are and the positive changes that happen are astounding. Thank you Mr. Harris and I hope I can have your blessings to continue this mission using the Holosync solution.Sincerely,


YOUR SUPPORT HAS BEEN QUICK AND HELPFUL. I WANTED TO LET YOU KNOW IT HAS BEEN GREATLY APPRECIATED. I’M BEGINNING TO BELIEVE THE CENTERPOINTE PROGRAM IS “THE SOLUTION”; AT LEAST FOR ME SO FAR.(1) I’ve always had trouble working with computers. Now I’m starting to really understand some of the software I use.(2) I have enrolled in a swimming class even though I used to be terrified of water.(3) I have flown in an airplane without fear…and that has never been true for me.All this has happened in the first 2 months of using the Awakening Prologue. I still can’t believe it.Sometimes “The Mind” insists it’s all the result of a placebo effect but it works for me. Nothing else has.I recently ordered Level 1 and am looking forward to starting it in August-if I’m ready. As long as I experience improvements in my life, I’ll be looking forward to Holosync meditation programs at increasingly higher levels.Note: Going through life as the Witness has been challenging but it’s beginning to work with minor things and that’s good news too.I thank Bill and his support team for improving my life.PS: The neck pain/stiffness on my left side has gone and the temporary anger issues I had have significantly subsided.


Hi Bill:This e mail comes to you to let you know how grateful I am to have joined Centerpoint.I, like so many others, have tried a number of different programs including different meditation programs, have been trying to get my life back on course for a number of years. When I can across Centerpoint I thought “Well, this it is probably just another one of those programs that promise the world and you get nothing but less money in your bank account, but I will give it just one more try.”I was desperate, you see I am 58 and my worl crumbled around me 2 1/2 years ago when my Social Work job of 25 years finally took its tole on me and I had to leave due to severe and cronic depression, 3 months later I was hospitalized with menigitis and only with Gods grace and crack dedicated professionals in medicine did I survive. I have some residual damage from it but function at a high level. It has been devestaing for me to go from highly effective at my job and my life to just existing and struggeling thorough each day with frustraion and outburst of anger.So I decided to give your program a try.. I am just starting my 2nd part of Awakening Prologue but there is already a marked difference in me. I find that I am more tolerant of the little things that used to send me into a rant or upset me to the point of shaking and crying. For example I ordered The Innercircle yesterday and my computer screen just went POOF and consequently there was no confirmation of the order. This morning I phoned support and went through the auto responses and pushed the buttons to get a real person on the line and got the answer that the order was not received, we went through the process and the order is now placed. The moral here is That last month I would have gotten so frustrated with all of this I would have been crying, ready to throw the phone out the window, been shaking so bad I could not have operated the computer, my mind would have gone on vacation without me, and I would have been a stuttering mess. So I have to conclude that the program is wroking as I am calmer and more relaxed and rational.Have I had any of the resistant issues arise? Well I think I have, such as nightmares of past issues causing me to yell and fight in my sleep or laugh out loud, my husband laughed at me because I ended up cursing like a soldier at someone I was fighting with the other night. Hey if this is the worst that occures, that is fine with me as it is gettiing rid of the junk and making room for growth.So when I got the opportunity to get all my programs on a special offer I decided to take full advantage of it. Why not? What do I have to lose now since there has been growth? The answer is NOTHING TO LOSE but MUCH MORE TO GAIN.I urge anyone who is sceptical of this program to put that aside open your mind and take your first level. And anyone who does receive an offer of a special upgrade to take full adavntage of it. Do yourself a favor and start on the path of getting a better life for yourself and those you love.Sincerely

Sharon D.

By the way, here is how I found out about you. My friend had a chimney sweep working at her house. While he was there she was talking to a friend. He came down the chimney when done and she told me that he stood there, black with dust his blue eyes shining with complete peace and told her how he used your product and how great it was, he had had all kinds of personal problems before but now he is happy and peaceful and can handle anything. We both ordered the free CD. She decided she didn’t have time or something and I went ahead. That word of mouth is really great. I bet you get a lot of that. I will recommend you also when I am through and can testify to the great effects. I look forward to that. Thanks for listening,


Dear Bill,Thank you so much for sending me the ongoing support materiel since I started the programme. I have just received the Autofonix discs and will listen to them as soon as possible. It was extremely good of you to send me these and I am most grateful.Your programme has meant the world to me and it may help others if I explain why. I am a retired fifty three year old former executive and South African government official. I have led an exciting and interesting life working previously as a university lecturer in strategic studies and then as a radio and TV journalist for the South African Broadcasting Corporation after which I spent 10 years working at Cabinet level in the SA Government on projects such as the declassification of the atomic bomb programme and the declassification of the ballistic missile programme. During my career I have been privileged to meet some fascinating people including Lady Margaret Thatcher, Zbignieuw Brezinski and a range of South African Presidents including FW de Klerk and Nelson Mandela. In short I have achieved most of my life’s goals and never had a serious or major failure, that is until now…In January this year my 18 yr old son invited my wife and I to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the 13th highest mountain in the world, the highest free standing mountain on the planet, and the highest mountain in Africa. We spent six months in training for the climb full well realising that this is not a walk in the park. The mountain is 19 350 feet high with nothing to match it in North America. The temperatures at the top can reach -40 degrees and the altitude can seriously damage or kill climbers with two deaths a month officially registered on the mountain, 10 lasting severe injuries a month and 60 people adversely affected every month. In short, as one British medical practitioner accustomed to dealing with Everest puts it, this climb constitutes a hike into near space. We set off on July 1st and hiked 80 kilometres in 4 days. On the night of 4 July, certainly auspicious by American standards, we ascended to the summit. At 16 200 feet I collapsed with acute mountain sickness and blacked out about 12 times. Eventually I was sent down. My wife, son and 13 other teenage school boys reached the summit after 36 hours non stop climbing, returned to Moshi and received their certificates. Although she came down with pneumonia, she is rightfully ecstatic over her achievement, and I am enormously proud of her. She said she managed to accomplish it through meditation and an almost spiritual determination.By contrast, I returned to South Africa in a fit of massive depression. It was the first major failure of my life on a shattering scale and I have been battling to come to terms with it ever since. My wife and I return to Tanzania in late December this year to climb again, but with a vastly different approach and much acclimatisation for me. Since July I have been struggling to sleep suffering from monumental flashbacks of that final scene on the mountain before being sent down, nightmares and startling awake three or four times a night. In short, my life has become a living hell. My wife read about your system and advised me to subscribe (for want of a better word). Simultaneously, a prestigious SA financial newsletter also advertised your system and I got the message. … The results have been dramatic. When I use it I can slip into a deep and relaxing sleep and awake refreshed the next morning. Your system has proved to be a life saver. Last week, however, we went to our game lodge in the bush near the Kruger National Park and there sadly we have no audio players. Within days, notwithstanding the fact that this is the most relaxing and restful place on the planet, interrupted only by the sound of lions calling at night, or hippos in the adjacent river, and the calls of innumerable and colourful birds, the nightmares returned. I have only just come back to Cape Town and found your kind gift for which I am now writing to thank you, but I know that your system works and works brilliantly, so until I successfully complete my next summit ascent I shall try to use it every night. If there are any additional systems which you feel may assist in developing the meditative skills for this night ascent I would be most grateful to hear them.Sincerely,

D. McClure

Dear Bill,I want you to know how grateful I am that I found the centerpoint program. I found it while searching for alternatives to treatments for brain concussion pain. I was in an accident in January of 2005. For the last 2 years I have been unable to carry on an intelligent conversation, I would forget right in the middle of a sentence and then couldn’t remember what I was talking about, it was a horrible experience. I was humiliated and didn’t want to go out of the house.I was unable to drive because I couldn’t get in a car without having a panic attack, and if I did I couldn’t remember where I was or where I was going. I could no longer help my husband in our trucking business, I went from doing all the office work to being unable to remember anything about it.My family thought I was getting alsheimers, It was one thing after another, I was losing my will to live. After I started Centerpoint, I started getting better. I mean I started gaining some of the talents that I had lost. I am driving again, but better than that, I can think and life is fun again.We are starting a new business, and I am thrilled to be able to put together a business plan again. I cannot put into words the gratitude I feel for your company your time, your effort to build this program and what it means to know I am back, but I’m better than I was before, I am a new more calm and more emtionally intelligent person, now than before. I will continue to use your program, and Hope you will continue to develop more and more self help and learning tools. Thank you so very much,

J. T.

Dear Support,I just wanted to say a very big thank you on 2 accounts.I am amazed at the speed with which Awakening Level 4 has arrived in my hands and also the wonderful new packaging it is in – the design company has done a great job with all your products including the Mindchatter pdf. My goal was to reach AL4 and at the start I had no idea how I would listen for an hour a day for 2 years and keep it going but now I am just loving the awareness and the changes that are just starting to really unfold – all very exciting stuff. Now it seems I shall be headed for Purification before not too long and I can then begin to participate on chat forums with some length of time under my belt and be able to contribute from that angle. I know I could go on there now but I chose not to for the moment!I also want to say thank you for the wonderful idea of giving away a free viewing of the Secret which I have just watched and I just loved so – absolutely stunning and has filled in a lot of the missing pieces I have been wondering about for years. If you haven’t seen it I urge to do so. I heard about it months ago and ummedd and arrdd about it but NOW was the right time so truly for me to watch it!Well have a great weekend and if you are reading this on Monday morning I truly hope you had a blessed weekend!Yours in health and friendship,

David T.

Hi,My name is Arlene. I do not know where my life would be if it wasn’t for holosync. I am a different person since I started using holosync last year in July. I can’t say that holosync cured all my conditions, but it helped me realise that I did not have to put up with what I was continually going through. I used to suffer from crying sessions that lasted for 4-5 days. During these times I couldn’t stop crying and would get I suppose, tramatized and curl up in a ball. Nobody could do anything for me during this time. Nobody could calm down or anything. I was getting so dispondent about this condition because it used to happen 2-3 times a month and was really messing up my life.My parents thought it was lack of self control. I knew it was more, but the stigma of weakness kept me from getting other help. I’d talked to psychologists without success. August 2005 I told my Dad that I was going to the doctor about these crying sessions and that something was really wrong. Other people don’t act like this. I was diagnosed with depression and started taking anti-depressants. They did not cure the problems, just made me happer in the periods when I was not crying. There was quite a journey of improvement after this.I originally heard about Centerpointe and Holosync through Dr. Mercola’s newsletters. I was very impressed with the first set of tapes and became an inner circle member, after which time Dr. Mercola made claims that another product was equally effective, much less expensive and more time efficient. I must confess that I was tempted and ordered the other product, Insight.One of the major benefits of Holosync, which I listen to as I’m falling asleep (I really don’t have the luxury of an hour each day to listen) was that I woke up well rested. After a few weeks of using the Insight CD, which is convenient since there is no need to change tapes I found that I was tired every morning and throughout part of the day.Last night, I used the Holosync tapes again, and although I did not get sufficient sleep and also had my rest interrupted I found myself wide awake and alert this morning. Pretty impressive to notice that much difference with just one night.So I guess I’m just saying thank you for creating a superior product and I please accept my apology for any lack of faith.Sincerely,

Christine C.

Dear Bill and all at Centerpointe,

I came across Holosync whilst desperate and searching the internet for depression support groups. I was unhappy at the time and stuck in a relationship that I wanted out of, but didn’t have courage to end. My life seemed to be going nowhere and I felt like I hadn’t achieved anything. I was 34 and my life seemed over.

As a naturally skeptical person, I immediately thought ‘Snake oil’ when I read the description, but on further investigation, I found that binaural beats their effects on the brain had been discovered quite a while before hand. Now I was impressed. There were several companies offering products that contained binaural beats, but, while yours was the most expensive, it seemed to offer a genuine life changing progression and improvement as a whole. The others seemed to be specifically for things like relaxation and positive thinking as separate things. But I was still sceptical.

Because I live in the UK I was also afraid that if it was a scam and I was ripped off there would be no come back. But I needn’t have worried. I sent off for the free sample. Not only did you send it to the UK, but it arrived within a couple of weeks. I was impressed. If a company can be bothered to do this, then they are definitely worth dealing with.

Shortly after this I sent for the awakening. I admit, it was hard work to start with as I have always been very tense and unable to relax. I felt strange effects and it was working, but needed an extra kick.

Towards August of this year, I finished with my partner. She was desparately upset by this, but by this time the relationship was co dependant. We both suffered from depression, hers much worse than mine. Holosync helped me through this time.

As I still kept in contact with my ex, but she would occasionally make things difficult for me and occasionally I felt suicidal because of this. I will add at this point, that I had been on anti depressiants for that last 5 or 6 years.

It came to april of this year (2004) and by now I was on better terms with my ex. Things seemed to be taking a slightly better turn in my life and the Holosync wasnt as strong as it was. It was time to upgrade!

Again, in your usual efficient style, I recieved the next level quickly. After listening to the first CD for a couple of weeks, I immediately noticed the difference.

Now on CD #2, almost ready to move to #3, I am off anti depressants (I never thought I would ever come of these!) and feeling all the better for it. I work out at the gym more regularly and I’m making better progress. I am starting to write short stories. I have always liked writing, but have suffered writers block. My first short story I wrote, I posted on an internet forum and it went down well :-D. I feel happier. Not completely happy as I still have a long way to go, but I feel I’m making progress. Progress I never thought I would ever make. I’m better at my job. I’m learning much more about me and why I am the way I am. And I’m starting to let go of negative behaviours. I dont drink as much as I used to. I’m starting to relax for the first time of my life. Things are improving.

Here is a lyric from a song called Destination Eschaton by The Shamen that sums up how things are:

Pilgrim, take heart

There’s a strange attraction giving strong acceleration

See the light, enter the light, become the light and shine

Like the star you know you are

Be ready for the storm

As confusion ushers in a time of chaos

But up out of turbulence

A better order surely will emerge

Synergy and harmony and wisdom will come, in time terrestrial

I can feel the chaos, the entropy now, but I can also see there is some order starting to emerge. Prigogine’s theories that your book introduced me to are fascinating and the whole ‘order out of chaos’ thing makes so much sense now.

So Thank you Bill, and all of the CenterPointe team that made this possible. I am indebted to you so much!


DH – United Kingdom

Your literature suggests that at some point during the program we should make an effort to contact you and either report or discuss our experiences, regardless of whether or not there may be specific issues or areas of concern.

I started the awakening prologue about 5 wks ago and have been following the course instructions re: what to do first and for how long etc. I have also read every bit of reading material sent me including “Thresholds of The Mind”; cover to cover.

I have to say that I am very impressed with everything I have received so far since I first purchased this course and on many different levels.

In theory the material presented and the bibliography behind it is not only impressive, it makes sense.

As a product, I can deffinitely say I not only got my monies worth of stuff, books, CD’s etc…its also great easy to use and understand information. The volumes of literature I’ve received from you not only support the cost of your course, but they also do an excellent job of educating you on the theory and practice of the Holsync Technology and amazingly, It WORKS!

D.O – Latham, NY

Just wanted to write a short note about my first month in the program.

Initially, in the first two weeks, I had tremendous resistance. It was very strange. I was very calm inside, but felt like I was wearing a twitchy fur coat on the outside. Many painful experiences from the past boiled up, but I just kept going.

The third week, I became utterly calm – no twitchiness, just felt full serenity. I found this astonishing since I’ve studied other ways of being for almost three decades, and never achieved a sense of stillness inside that was this pervasive. Time has seemed to slow down to the pace that only children know…those long, lovely hours that unroll so slowly that you think that time will never chime again.

And, blessings have begun to flow. Yesterday, I spoke to an elderly Greek gentleman at our community garden where I maintain a large organic garden. Because my garden was overflowing with abundant produce and because this old Greek man shared with me his secrets of gardening (things that I would never have learned from anyone else), I told this tiny, wizened elf to harvest whatever he wanted for I had much more spring produce than I could use myself.

He smiled and told me a true story. His sister, who is aged 92 and still living in Greece, had a habit all of her life of offering a cup of olive oil to anyone who passed by her house, no matter whether it was a stranger, friend or family member. One day, her husband told her she had to stop sharing because the olive oil in the barrel was down to a very low level, and if she didn’t stop, they wouldn’t have enough oil to last until the next harvest which was several months away. Still, she couldn’t stop. She kept sharing, every day giving someone a cup of their precious oil. They were down to the bottom of the barrel, but still she kept sharing. And, yet, as the months rolled on, the barrel never emptied. Despite the fact that she continued to give to others, the oil supply lasted until the next harvest of olives came in.

When he ended the story, this old Greek gentleman thanked me very graciously for the produce and walked away. I returned to my gardening, but a short time later, I felt his aged hand on my arm. I turned, and there he stood, holding out a beautiful bunch of deep pink roses. Their scent was the most exquisite thing I’ve ever smelled.

“Because you have given unselfishly to me,” he said, “I give a rose to you, for you are a rose among women.”

This happened yesterday. My eyes are prickling with tears as I write this e-mail. A few short weeks ago, I would probably have not responded to this old man in the same way. But, because I was able to release some past pains through your program, I was able to give without a second thought to this old Greek man. I am sitting here tonight looking at these roses, knowing that I have been blessed, both by the old man’s story, by his gift back to me, and by the lovely words that he said.

I feel that this happened for a reason, that the universe was telling me that there is much good in the world, but that you must give to receive it.

Thanks so much for your program. It has already brought unexpected riches into my life.



I have been meditating for almost 18 years now and there have been huge changes in that time. But in the last two months since I began the program, things are changing so fast it’s hard to believe. Things I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of for ages, and really put in a lot of “work” on, are just dissolving beautifully. I seem to be seeing things so much more clearly, faster, and without the EFFORT. As far as I’m concerned the first level paid for itself in the first week and it just keeps getting better. I knew what my “problem” was intellectually but I couldn’t change it or get at it. So thank you for creating this great programme and I’m spreading the word.

Judith E., Bullaburra NSW Australia

The main reason for my email is related to a health issue which I am sure the program has impacted on.

I was diagnosed with very high cholesterol in my early 20’s whilst my family history was being investigated by my brother’s doctor, following a major heartattack in his mid 30’s. I have been on medication ever since, some 20 years now. During this time I have watched my diet and followed a moderate exercise program. I do not smoke and only drink (wine) in moderation. My cholesterol has remained high mainly due to stress.

Last week I had a routine cholesterol test and for the first time my reading was in the ‘normal’ range!! The only thing I can put this down to is the holsync program which I became involved in to help deal with problems in my life and help me to deal with my stress levels. All I can say is THANK YOU!!!

Kind regards


After being on the Centerpointe program for almost two years and attending two retreats, I am convinced that Centerpointe has developed the most effective transformational program on the market today. I make this claim based not only my own experiences, but also the experiences of my spouse, my father, and one of my friends. They are also on the program. For me to say that I have witnessed remarkable changes in myself and my loved ones would be the understatement of the millennium! Words cannot even begin to describe the depth of change that I have witnessed in myself and others.

Jose Rodriguez, PhD, Downey, CA

After a year using Holosync I’ve experienced a great number of improvements to my life. I worked through a number of very sensitive emotional issues which had been plagueing me for years. I worked through them in a very rapid, but intensive way. At times I thought I’d collapse from the overwhelm, but there was always an underlying peace which got me through. I felt like I was literally transforming from the inside out. I felt different, and I thought differently. One of the first things people started to comment on was that I was laughing more. Even at Jim Carrey movies I never cracked a smile.

Now I seem to see a little humor in everything and I feel much more serene about the chaos in my world. Its still there, but it doesn’t drive me to be angry, resentful or edgy. My brain feels sharp as a tack. I handle complex accounting procedures every day. We have a computer that checks error rates on all manual computations. Over the last six months my error rate has dropped from 8% to under 3% which is the best in the whole company.

Kevin, Posted on the Centerpointe Web Site Discussion Board

I’ve been doing the Centerpointe program for almost 7 years. This program has been the single most life-changing experience I’ve been involved with. Asking me to explain the benefits of the program is like asking me to tell you what my children mean to me. There’s no way to give you a full idea.

Jonathan, Posted on the Centerpointe Web Site Discussion Board

I see that I’ve traversed miles and miles in a brief amount of time. I sense an inner momentum created by my constant use of the tapes. Slowly but surely it has brought me out of my fog and I’ve regained a sense of self and self-truth I had almost given up on believing in. What’s been most amazing is that this sense of peace and centeredness isn’t going away. I’ve been waiting for several weeks now to come down, as it were. But as it stands, I feel more installed at this high and happy level than I probably have a right to. I feel very much valued by Centerpointe, and greatly value them as well.

I don’t feel like I just “bought tapes” as much as I really have joined something real and powerful. I’ve been down the self help path hundreds of times and have returned with my ego stroked and my wallet lighter. I must say that this time, with this system, it has been tremendously different. Most importantly, I’m tremendously different. My life is rebuilding itself before my eyes and I feel a great deal of the credit goes to a handful of little plastic tapes!

Willem, Posted on the Centerpointe Web Site Discussion Board

I’ve tried everything, but I’ve had few life-changing experiences like your program. I’ve become much more vibrant and alive. People keep telling me that I ‘look great’ or ask me ‘what’s happened to you?’ I think your tapes are great!

J.F., Portland, Oregon

I feel myself growing constantly now that I am on your program, and life feels wonderful. It is rather like I felt years ago when I first started practicing yoga. Everyday brings new insights, new perceptions, and deeper states of inner joy. This is the most exciting thing I have become involved with for many years.

P.C., Houston, Texas

I have been using these tapes for several years. They have made a great impact on my life. My eating habits have changed drastically (for the better) and the periods in my life where I feel peaceful are increasing. My friends have noticed big changes in me. They tell me I look more peaceful, and they see me smile more. I recommend these tapes to anyone who wants to grow and change.

C.S., Beaverton, OR

Nearly a year ago I ordered your tapes. I started with a little skepticism, and I didn’t give it a fair chance. My son, Jay, later asked to use the tapes. Well I must admit, words really can’t describe the change that he has made in the time that he has used them. His personality is very different than before. I can see a confidence in him that just wasn’t there before. His girlfriend has made the same claim to me, without my saying a word to her of my own thoughts. I am very motivated to use these tapes now. Thank you for creating them.

J.B., Flint, Michigan

Your tapes are the best thing I have ever purchased in my life. In a few months, I have become more aware of who I am and what I want. They have raised my energy level to a new level, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Mentally, I have more focus and clarity of thought, and I am able to persist with one line of thought, until the issue becomes clear to me. Emotionally, I have dispelled the negative thoughts that clouded my judgement, become poised, and more confident and persistent. Physically, I have much more energy to do things. I cannot thank you enough for this technology.

S.R., Altamonte Springs, Florida

I like the inner strength I’m feeling as a result of these new tapes. It’s a big adjustment for me to be peaceful and content — an interesting phenomenon!

S.K., Kona, Hawaii

These tapes have helped me stop drinking and to heal a very dysfunctional past. Thank you. It’s products like yours that give me hope for a better future.

T.N. , Vancouver, Washington

When I first used your tapes, I felt a peaceful state of mind. I want to thank you for your program. It is very helpful. Just for your information, I am 70 years young and I have brain cell destruction. I want to state that your program is the most effective I have tried.

A.G., Carmel, New York

I am by nature a bit of a skeptic, yet somewhat adventurous. I approached your tapes with an open mind, yet held the jury out until I was convinced by my own experiential knowledge of the program. It is, as you have said, very powerful. I seem more centered, more focused, and more positive about each day than ever before. I’m delighted that I came across your ad last winter. It has made a great difference to me.

T.M., Snowmass Village, Colorado

Since I started using your tapes, I am not tossing and turning at night anymore, plus I feel so much better about myself when I wake up each day. I have so much more energy, and a clearer focus. I have also become more assertive with people when I am talking with them. You have a great product. Thanks.

C.B., Denver, Colorado

I am using your tapes as part of an accelerated learning class I teach. It definitely relaxes students. Another tutor is using them in his special needs class. The response I enjoyed most was a lady tutor who regularly uses meditation tapes. I loaned her one of yours and saw her afterwards pirouetting down the hall by the reception area, at peace and in love with the world. I have a feeling that your technology has a use both educationally and for helping special needs children use their brain in a more productive way. Time will tell.

K.W., New Zealand

Your system leaves me feeling peaceful and self-satisfied. I sleep more deeply — makes a great sleep aid for those stressful times! Overall, I seem less uptight, more able to detach, more accepting. I feel you’ve developed a really powerful tool in this. In describing my inner changes to a friend the other day I likened it to dawn — how there is this ever-so-gradual and imperceptibly growing light and that all areas of my life are becoming more highly illumined by this light. Thank you so much.

C.L., Tucson, Arizona

Through your tapes I have enjoyed greater peace of mind and happiness and really look forward to each session. Thank you for such a powerful and effective means of personal growth!

B.B., Tucson, Arizona

Since I started using your tapes I’ve experienced changes of a most positive nature. A lot of repressed emotions such as anger and pity have come into my conscious awareness and I have been able to release them. Since starting your tapes my life has been getting better in every way. On the inside a lot of fears and anxieties are gone and I have a lot more confidence in myself now. Some of my friends have remarked to me that I seem to be different than I was last year and asked me what I’ve been doing. I highly recommend them to anyone who’s seeking to improve the quality of their life.

R.W., Golden Valley, MN

The technology is fantastic! I’m experiencing more profound and positive changes in a short period of time with anything I’ve done previously. I’m extremely pleased with the results.

Dr. S.L., Los Altos, California

As I related to you during our phone conversations, I have benefited greatly from using your tapes. I was diagnosed as having manic-depressive illness in 1975 when I was 20 years old. I was hospitalized several times for manic and depressive episodes. Anti-depressant medication did not help at that time. Electro-convulsive therapy was used successfully many times during that time to alleviate depression. With the help of your tapes I am now becoming a new person. Your tapes have helped me to deal with my issues, feelings, faith and belief and come our really admiring and believing in myself. I never thought that I would get here. Your tapes have really been a gift to me. I truly appreciate your help and will remember you in my prayers.

B.C., Baltimore, Maryland

Your tapes are the best investment I have ever made in myself. They have helped me mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially. I hope to meet you one day so I can shake your hand and give you a hug.

J.C., San Diego, California

As for your tapes all I can say is that they’re wonderful, absolutely! I am a diabetic and have lots of trouble controlling the energy in my brain (way too much or desperately too little). What I am finding is my mind is becoming calmer. My thinking is clearer, even though this is a very stressful time for me. Even my writing has improved dramatically. I used to be terrified to pick up a pen or pencil. All that has changed. I look forward to writing now. That’s a first. I believe that nothing but good will come from use of your product.

B.C., Vancouver, B.C., Canada

The past couple of months have been very demanding of my time and energy ã psychologically and physically. Yet I have been totally amazed at the complete absence of physical stress detectable anywhere in my body and an almost totally quiet mind! So, yea Holosync!

M.A., Houston, Texas

Since using your program I’ve noticed changes in myself, particularly in calmness and a lessening in old behavior patterns such as frustration and anger at life’s ups and downs. I have more energy (my low blood sugar at mid-day has all but disappeared) and I am more focused. I am more effective and determined in my life work. I am happy that I have a tool that I can work with, a kind of spiritual support I can use. Thanks so much!

C.G., New York City, New York

My addiction to coffee has subsided considerably — it’s no longer the eye opener in the morning and there is literally no craving for it. Cigarettes now seem distasteful, especially after listening to the tapes. Nothing heretofore has been so empowering since my experience with Werner Erhart’s est training (The Form) from the mid-seventies.

M.S., San Diego, California

Since beginning your program, I have developed greater tolerance for stress and frustration and improved my functional ability, even when tense. My mind is more focused, and I find myself more involved with the outer world rather than with my own fantasies. My consumption of alcohol has decreased substantially. For the first time in my life, at the ripe old age of sixty, I feel I finally have a realistic hope to discover happiness and meaning in life. I am grateful.

J.W., Plano, Texas

I am frankly confounded at how well the tapes work.

J.M., Manassas, Virginia

I am a user of your remarkable Holosync tapes. From my heart, I cannot in words express my gratitude or enough of it. I had so many fears and fixations that much of my time was spent in solitude always reading and reflecting on how to improve but hardly ever interacting with people because I was so inhibited. Your tapes were literally the physical key to release. My life is really starting to work and I am truly excited to say the least.

J.G., Morton, Pennsylvania

I’m not articulate enough to express in words my deep-felt gratitude and appreciation. Thank you. Thank you for creating something that can be used by anyone for health and healing and although we’re all unique individuals, the healing we experience cannot help but be shared by those we are in everyday contact with. Thank you for your ‘labor of love’. I have regained my love and faith in humanity which began with my own healing.

B.M., Prince George, B.C., Canada

My third month with your tapes ended yesterday and I am elated by my improvement. If you hadn’t warned me, I wouldn’t have realized the change because it’s as though I’ve always felt this good. I began to sleep well almost from the beginning (I used to toss and turn and worry). My day goes smoothly ã I get more done without tiring or worrying.

E.Y., Sierra Vista, Arizona

Just writing to let you know how very happy I am since finding your tapes I have been using your tapes for 12 weeks now and a lot has changed I am gaining more confidence, more energy, more peace, and more awareness. I look forward so much on my lunch hour listening to my tapes. It gives me so much energy for the rest of the day. Thanks again.

J.B., Morwell, Victoria, Australia

I am currently going through a divorce from my spouse of twenty-six years which has been very stressful and frustrating. I have my own contracting business which has also been suffering. As of today I have been using your technology for only six days but my levels of stress and frustration have been reduced to a point where I can function normally and have a positive outlook to the future. My productivity has increased, and customers and friends have noticed a real change in my attitude. I AM VERY IMPRESSED. I face the future with confidence and a positive outlook that I have not had for a very long time. Thank you for giving me the tool to repair my life and replace fear and frustration with confidence and hope, and a real chance to be happy.

T.W., Portland, Oregon

I must truly say Thank You for your wonderful tapes. I’ve used many self-improvement tapes over the past five years — but nothing has hit me like your tapes!

C.E., Republic of Singapore

I seem to be pulled to listen to your tapes every morning as a meditation. I have had definite increases in my self-esteem and my financial and emotional life has made a complete turnaround in exactly the time I’ve been listening so I really appreciate whatever it is the tapes are doing for me! (and you can quote me and use my name if you like!)

L.M., San Diego, California

I am becoming a lot more accepting of myself and others. I am more patient with my kids and don’t seem to get overwhelmed/anxious as much. I’m not as easily stressed by day-to-day things anymore and my perfectionism is slipping. Sometimes I feel like two people ã the old and the new having a tug-of-war with my feelings. I seem to enjoy people more and I find myself a lot more accepting of them and how they are. I’ve also stopped blaming everything that goes wrong on everyone else and started taking more responsibility for how I feel and react and this sense of control over my emotional state makes me very happy.

S.I., San Jose, California

Dear Bill, Your program is an answer to a prayer of mine. My Yoga teaching training school just opened in September and after three months the ten students all said they could not sit and allow resistance to surface, express, feel feelings, etc. Alone they could not do it. All had experienced deep but fleeting feelings of joy and union during Yoga class but even that could not lead them into allowing themselves to sit and do it while alone.

So I asked within if there weren’t someway to shorten and help quicken this process of awakening? Within a few weeks Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks sent me a letter about you and Holosync. I invited three friends to do it also as an experiment and let me know the results after a month. It has been three weeks and I know it works.

Thank you. I feel you are like a messenger–a kind of facilitating angel—and that this has been sent to us at this time on the planet to facilitate this quickening. I am including a part of a long piece on my process for the students. Soon it will include ten pages on the brain, latest research, sound, Holosync, etc. I plan to introduce it to student-teachers at the beginning of each program. Those who want it can try it as I know it isn’t for everyone. Four students are about to start the Dive and Immersion. As much as I have meditated, as joyous as I can be, I know that this will facilitate even greater letting go and surrender back into the heart of consciousness.

Regards, thanks, and blessings,

Elizabeth B.

I seem to be pulled to listen to your tapes every morning as a meditation. I have had definite increases in my self-esteem and my financial and emotional life has made a complete turnaround in exactly the time I’ve been listening so I really appreciate whatever it is the tapes are doing for me! (and you can quote me and use my name if you like!)

L.M., San Diego, California

I have been doing the program since May 4, 2002. It is difficult to share in words the tremendous benefits I am experiencing. The support letters I so faithfully received from you, described, predicted and guided me along this beautiful path. I had several (to me quite horrendous) challenges along the way; but, as you promised, I emerged stronger, healthier, and lighter on the other side. I only once called in for support and found myself very inadequate to find words to describe my experience so I just stepped back, observed and allowed the experience without analysis, description (even to myself) and without judgement and criticism of myself-very hard to do. So, here I am using the custom immersion 0.5 for several more weeks, then on to the last CD#4. I have come so far and am delighted to have a long path ahead to look forward to. My blessing, gratitude, appreciation and wonder flow your way, dear Mr. Bill Harris and all you wonderful collaborators. May the Universe cradle you.

Marianne S.

Dear Bill….. I’ve been working with the Centerpointe program now for some months….I’m 66 years old…..an energetic, intelligent, charming, insightful senior woman ……and I’m on about my 18th career…..currently I’m a Senior Fitness Advocate….promoting health and fitness programs for women over 50…..I have found Centerpointe to be so very valuable…..I use it regularly and am growing in almost every phase of my existence…..I particularly enjoy the Support Follow-up Letters…..I always feel they renew my interest and cause me to look at the program in different ways……as a result of your recommendation I treated myself to the Sedona Method course as a special Christmas present to myself…..also read the book Focusing by Eugene T. Gendlin………thank you so much…….my life is changing for the better all the time and your program supports my growth…..yours very truly,

Patricia W., Walnut Creek, California

I seem to be pulled to listen to your tapes every morning as a meditation. I have had definite increases in my self-esteem and my financial and emotional life has maaBill… you are AMAZING!!! Thank you for the most incredible, informative and interesting (a lot of in-‘s..!!) newsletter. I know what is involved in putting something like this together, and I really don’t know where or how you find the time, energy and inspiration — it is patently evident that you TRULY love what you do, and the result is that you do it so incredibly well. Keep at it, and THANK YOU!! Blessings, love & light… …and an Angel on your shoulder, always…de a complete turnaround in exactly the time I’ve been listening so I really appreciate whatever it is the tapes are doing for me! (and you can quote me and use my name if you like!)

Steffie B. Johannesburg, South Africa

Dear Bill Harris,

Words cannot suffice to describe my inspired feeling after having read your articles you sent me over the e-mail. The depth of your knowledge about the mechanisms involved in reaching meditative levels is phenomenal and the world needs this technique. But I have a comment to make and I ask your forgiveness should it ever be construed as presumptuous on my part. I speak to you from my heart! Meditation is only a tool. Meditation is a means to an end. It is just like learning how to drive a car. Driving technique is only a means to an end. What is the end? What is your goal, your destination? I feel that if you can also include the purpose of meditation in your articles, it will be an eye-opener.

To me the purpose of meditation is use this God-created, God-given faculty, that is potential and latent within all of us, to enable every human being to invoke their powers and capacities to image in thoughts, words and deeds, the image of God within us! The end to all this must be to create true unity, so much so that every human being considers mankind as one family, this planet as one global home, and this transitory life on planet earth as the means to life a life-style in obedience to our Maker and bring about the inauguration of Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven and to give this planet and the body of mankind as a worthy gift to future generations!

I pray that you will continue to be inspired to make this world a better world!

Warm regards


Bill comment: Boy, I don’t know how you missed it, but there is actually very little in Mind Chatter about the mechanisms of meditation, and a whole lot about the purpose. In my opinion, the overall purpose is to know who you are, with the next level of purpose being the creation of awareness of how you create your reality, which allows you to stop creating it unconsciously and begin to create whatever you want

Dr. Sreeni

Dear Centerpointe Staff,

Hello Willy, or is it Billy? Your Dive CD is so silly. Sounds of brainwaves, inner training, But I’m sure I’ll see the light when it stops raining…. Lots of pep talks, Lots of promos My enlight’ment still a no show, Still it will be, your insistence That the source of all my woes is my resistance.

refrain: Lead me home, oh left brain, right brain Lead me home I want to ho-lo-res-o-nate (not mental masturbate….) So much water, keeps on fallin’ Am I growin’, synch or swimmin’? Still I practice, every mornin’ And my knees and bottom give a constant groanin’ So here’s some more dough, I can’t say no So please send me virtu’l Aud-i-oh I’ll be bothered by the devil (’til I pony up and purchase the next level….) So I leave you, with my paycheck It’s just money, what the hey! heck! On your hotline, I’ll be whining That the light inside my skull is still not shining Lead me home Oh left brain, right brain Lead me home I want to holo-reso-nate not mental masturbate……

Here is my offering for the after-glowing testimonial of the month. best, Phil

P. Freeport, Maine

Dear Bill (and company),

I say and company, because I know you have a great staff supporting your work there. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your newsletter and that, although I’m looking forward to your new format, I don’t mind the old one at all. Your newsletters are constantly encouraging, inspiring, and informative and I look forward to reading them each time they arrive in my email. Keep up the good work. I’m sure the technical issues will be resolved soon.


Scott W.

[This one is from Dr. Eric Robbins, author of the book Your Hands Can Heal, which we reviewed in the January 16, 2003 issue of Mind Chatter.]

Hi Bill, Hope this email finds you doing well. I wanted to let you know that Leslie shipped your book/CD to Caroline Myss, who should be getting it by today. Obviously I’ll forward along any feedback that I hear, and I’m hoping that she will contact you directly. I am still loving Awakening level 1. My overall anxiety level is down about 75%, and this has dramatically enriched my family and work life. I am actualizing certain spiritual realizations which, hitherto, were only abstractions. Thank you so much for this gift. I believe that I am getting close to 20 people who I have referred to you all.

As far as our book, it seems to be doing well. My co-author just left on a 12 city book tour. We are hoping to get some national media publicity.

Warm regards,

Eric Robbins

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have completed the Awakening Prologue and Awakening Level 1 parts of the Centerpointe Program. At first I wasn’t sure if I had received any results. Then I noticed I was growing calmer. Things that had bothered me before were no longer getting to me. Instead of starting the day with a shout and a scream and fighting a war with everybody, I actually felt happier and relaxed. My stress threshold has improved and I am able to handle things I couldn’t cope with before. I am much more conscious of the way I am living my life and because of this I believe I am making better choices.

I look forward to hearing from you in the near future as one of my goals for this year is to take a further two levels of the course. Thank you for everything so far.

Andrew M.


I believe wow is a trivial word to express the outcome benefits of your CD The Awakening Prologue. It was far beyond my wildest dreams that such an accomplishment has been achieved or could be done. I am looking forward to purchasing the next level after I finish the Awakening Prologue time period.


I have used the Weight Loss tape for about a month. I listen to it while I am working, mostly once or twice a day, but sometimes 4 or 5 times during the day. Shortly after I started listening to it, I found it easy to eat healthy foods. My cravings for sugar and bread products (which have been extremely strong in the past, and the major roadblock for weight loss) decreased markedly.

I was accustomed to eat some candy or ice cream in the evening. Now I eat yoghurt and a little fruit instead and I am satisfied! I still treat myself to some carbohydrates on the weekend, maybe crepes for breakfast and a sandwich or a roll with lunch. I used to eat the bagels and donuts brought in by fellow workers almost unconsciously. Now it is really possible for me to pass by a plate of (formerly) tempting food with quiet ease.

In addition, I really enjoy listening to the Weight Loss CD. I am an IT consultant and often have complex problems to solve. I feel that listening to the Weight Loss CD actually increases my concentration level and encourages me to develop creative solutions.


From Iran:

Hello Dear Mr Bill

It is nearly 5 yrs I am familiar with internet and I have visited a lot of webs and seen and learned much , but I was lucky to find you that day. Reading your 9 principles I could conclude what a wonderful way you have opened. I am an Iranian and apart experiencing the Iranian Khaneghah (not mosque) for many years and chatting mantra, I have been in India for 4 yrs and visited the temples, attending TM classes but here I guess you have an evolutionary revolution.

The first principle of your article [the principle of Letting Whatever Happens Be Okay] is a part of poetry in Persian which has been used as a proverb: We are going happily and what soever comes it is welcomed. I have chanted this many many times but I got it fully when i read your explanation. 3 yrs before I have made a mistake and I have lost my whole life earnings and I was very depressed, but reading your article changed my view, and so my mood. I tried the demo it is has effects and within the last 2 days i was busy till late reading all your introductory pages and let me say I am greatly thankful to you and your team all.

It is great, informative,constructive, full of enlightenment.

With best regards,


Hi Bill,

I’ve written a few times. I can’t stop applauding your program. I’ve finished the Awakening prologue and will move on soon to the first level. I can even actually stay awake now for the entire Dive…this happened after the tenth month. The changes in my ability to observe and detach are phenomenal in comparison to where I was.

Your newsletter this month was cathartic. Though I enjoy all of them this one paragraph where you mention that being conscious doesn’t mean you are going to get the parking spaces, or become prosperous or win the lottery etc…Just made me burst out in a huge laugh of relief!!!

I’ve been on the Path for twenty years. And I was thinking I was doing something wrong because I wasn’t getting the metaphorical parking spaces….The truth is though, if I look at who I am now. What I know about myself ….and this amazing ability to observe…which is the real, I would say TRUE, PARKING SPACE…well then I am prosperous. Your article was very clear…and took me to another level…

Thank you Bill for all your work.

There are so many others here in the country I’m living in who would benefit from this program and I have recommended it to many (they have only been turned away by not being able to read the language). I live in Greece.

Thanks again,

Tima V.

Thanks to Bill and all the Centerpointe staff for the great news letters. I can hardly wait until the next new letter. I know I have sent a few people your way. I soon will be ordering my level 2. 2002 is over and done!, thank goodness, however a long the way I found Centerpointe. I am not sure where I would be with out you. I know it was a very difficult year, and 2003 look a lot brighter.


Dear Bill,

Congratulations! ……..I believe your Awakening Programme/ Holosync may be the only cure for Fibromyalgia Syndrome on this planet!

Thank you for saving my life Bill. With your permission, I wish to direct & recommend people suffering this chronic disease to Centerpointe, also to inform various Fibromyalgia support groups of your amazing research etc.

Yours Sincerly;

Billy-Joe D.

Dear Bill and staff,

I wrote this poem before Holosync and thought you might get a kick out of it.

An Ungrateful Body

So what am I doing to make you so mad?

Why are you making me feel so bad?

I’ve cut out white flour, sugar and salt,

Taken antioxidants–it’s not my fault!

I’ve eliminated partially-hydrogenated oils,

Only eating vegetables from decontaminated soils-

So what’s the big problem? Why are you so mad?

Why do I have to feel so bad?

I’ve become non-alcoholic, decaffeinated and vegetarian,

Peacefully meditating to flute music in my solarium!

I’ve been exfoliated, colonated, re-aligned and re-lensed,

Acupunctured, acid-peeled, personally trained, and deep cleansed.

I’ve been psycho-analyzed, hypnotized, decoded , and transformed,

Numeralized, astronamized, religulized and reborn!

So what is your problem? Why the symptoms of distress?

I’m only following the advise from the best!


After ten devoted weeks of listening to your tapes, I am shifting and changing and my body is loving it. It has become especially grateful with my new vocation–dancing with life. Thank you beyond for leading me to all these new discoveries and new adventures with me–albeit a bit bewildering at times. Oh, and my body says thanks too. I look forward to the next stage of the journey.

Betz from Colorado Springs.

Dear Bill,

I want to say how much holosync has changed my life. When I first started holosync I was in really bad shape physically with Fybromyalgia, depression, hypoglycemia and it was very hard to sleep through the night in so much physical pain. The first time I listened to Awakening Prologue was startling. I layed down to do my holosync because of my back pain..as I listened I felt someone pressing down on my forehead really hard and I had to look to see who was there but no one was there. So I closed my eyes and noticed the feeling which felt weird but it lasted only a few minutes(sometimes I still get that feeling but not as strong). Then each day as I listened it was like holosync was waking up my body..I would feel sharp pains constantly moving around and then I would notice that I was stiff as a board and would relax..this happened over and over for months and I experianced lots of overwhelm but it didn’t stop me as I already had severe depression and Dr. Taub helped me through it all. Now I am on level 4 and I don’t have any problems with anything except my low back which isn’t near as bad as it used to be. I feel that holosync saved my life..I was headed down the wrong road but now I’m enjoying life everyday!! Things that I wanted to do I am now doing. I used to get discouraged when I tried something new, now it is fun. I am now enjoying the flow of life.

Thanks to all at Centerpointe,

Ruby S.


I have really noticed changes in the last couple or three days. I had been experiencing overwhelm for weeks. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, things shifted. My depression was rearing its ugly head and all kinds of ugly thoughts were coming up and later I had this realization – that it’s all just thoughts, even the thoughts that tell me life is just to hard and painful. I was really able to step back and see the cause of the feelings/depression as emanating from my thoughts and that I can be separate from all that garbage. Wow! I have had glimpses of this before but it’s different now. I am standing and observing more and more without being attached to my thoughts as much. They are losing their power over me and I haven’t even started AW Level 1. This is phenomenal! I am also giving myself permission to be depressed when I get that way and by doing so the depression lessens. My awareness of my internal workings and processes and my interaction with myself seems to be shifting. I seem to be letting go more but what I am letting go, I don’t know accept in regards to the above. Maybe I am letting go of having to be a certain way and just accepting what I am now? I am using a breathing technique that Bill H mentions in Support Letter #4 that seems to help facilitate this process. During my listening session and during my regular activities during the day, I will mentally say to myself, accepting on the in-breath and releasing on the out-breath. When I take walks and find myself not being in the moment and going off on some thought tangent, I bring my awareness to my breath and use this technique. Also, when I am feeling a surge of emotions, I am using this technique more an more, and by golly, it seems to be working.

Larry Rudisill

Hi Bill,

I’ve e-mailed you before on my progress but I wanted to add something else. I wanted you, personally, to know this about me, and how this technology has remarkably helped me. I doubt there are many of me in the Centerpointe program. Part of the reason I came was to rid my self of clinically diagnosed psychotic beliefs. It started with one, which was easily managed, ten years ago. But then in recent years the number of beliefs multiplied like crazy, growing daily, until I could not handle it. I was sent to the hospital because of suicidal thoughts due to paranoia.

For the time I had these beliefs, I truly believed, as my doctor implied, that these were going to be with me for a long time, if not indefinitely. But that has changed since, one by one, they are disappearing into thin air. I believe that everybody is psychotic in some sense, since they all distort reality with their beliefs. But I truly sympathize with the people that have a rotten experience in their interaction with other people, since I was like them, and also because it really doesn’t seem fair in this world for people to have rotten experiences all because their beliefs are not resourceful (In my case, my beliefs were not only not resourceful, they were near fatal!)

I was different from the typical unhappy person though, in that I labeled my beliefs as psychotic and not normal. In some ways, I am so glad that I labeled them this way since I knew I had something I needed to fix. In my case, I tried not to act like a jerk even when people were rude to me all the time (one of my beliefs) or when people reacted negatively to my thoughts (I believed that people could read my mind) since once I got emotional about it, it would just come back ten times stronger, so I had to censor the thoughts and feelings I had, literally for years, every single day. I know — it sucked to be me! But I really did hold on to your very words given in one of your talks, that even psychotic beliefs are beliefs that can be changed.

Thank God that I had enough faith in this technology, to help me through this. I know nothing else could have. THANK YOU!!!

Ganesh A.


I have been using Holosync for nearly 2 years and I have for some time been going to write to you about what appears to be a by product of my using Holosync for stress management and self improvement.

I was wondering if anyone else had mentioned that it has cured motion sickness for them. Cured may not be quite accurate yet, but it has certainly helped. All of my life (I am 51) I have had chronic motion sickness in cars. I never travel anywhere with other drivers and I certainly would never sit in the rear seat of a vehicle. I had been noticing a change and so I went for two journeys in the back seat of cars and purposely chose 1 with another driver, journey time 8 hours and a second one with my husband and family but chose the back seat. Also 8 hour journey. Amazingly I never felt ill either time. Normally a journey of 30 minutes and I would be very ill. I find this absolutely amazing and very very welcome. I am even thinking that maybe I could do a holiday tour in a bus after a bit more time. I have also been on 2, 5 hour plane flights sitting in the middle away from the window and not had any ill effects.

I am only on level 2 the first CD. I have taken it very slowly, but the results are amazing. I was very very very sceptical when I heard the first CD; but I had good results with stress very quickly.


J. F. – Australia

Dear Bill,

What can I write but God Bless You for making this program. I have been ill for ten years with sz, and have had very little comfort except for my medicines which keep me comfortable. Since trying your program I have been having dramatic results. They say that one never steps in the same river twice. Because it’s always flowing. But for me, my awareness was locked in past traumatic events, and as a result, my brain was running in mucky, stagnant water. I lived the same day over and over again. And now, since starting this amazing program, I feel blessed to start feeling the flow of fresh awareness in my brain. I can feel the difference from even six months ago. And it feels as if clear, sparkling thoughts are happening and creating change where once illness had stood. Wow is an understatement. And I can’t thank you enough for your efforts.




I have been listening to the Holosync tapes for just over 2 weeks . First I want to thank you for all the information sent the extra CD,s of your talks , and for the copy of your book all of which I have found to be very helpful.

My life was not working at all , I was feeling miserable most of the time. I was having anxiety and panic attacks and going round in circles trying to find a way out of the deadlock. I am in a dysfunctional marriage but despite several attempts to move out , each time have panicked and stayed put.

I have tried numerous therapies in an effort to feel better but nothing seemed to help for long.

I found your website and decided I had nothing to lose.My initial experience with the tapes was the feeling that this is going to work after only one playing I felt enthusiastic, after 7 days i think I flipped, had not put it down to the tapes till later but had a stressful day everything seemed to go wrong and I could feel myself getting angrier and angrier till I really lost my temper yelled at someone on the phone, lost my cool with others etc. I realise this might not seem much to you but this is totally out of character for me I rarely lose my temper and never with strangers. I have never felt so angry for as long as I can remember . It only started with someone scraping my car !. I was Ok the next day. and then wondered was it the holosync that brought up the anger?

Just onto my third week now and no more anger , yet…

have noticed the panic attacks have lessened considerably , your tips on watching the feeling were very helpful and work well , thankyou. I now look forward to using the tapes each day knowing they are going to change my life for the better.

I have read all of your materials so far , not finished the book yet but I am enthusiastic that your programme is just what I need to get me back on track. thank you again.


This program is absolutely incredible… it has literally saved my mind and my life. For some time I had suspected the siezures I had been plagued with were related to the inability of my brain to process the activity between the two hemispheres of the brain, rather than an operable physical defect, which was confirmed by an EEG. After beginning the first level of the program, the holosync technology opened up old and created new synapses or pathways between the hemispheres of my brain, allowing for a more holistic functioning of my brain, and I firmly believe that it has helped to lessen the incidence and severity of my siezures, and has resulted in a noticable increase in awareness, creativity and feelings of peace, contentment never before available to me. Old hobbies, creative pastimes and recreational activities I enjoyed as a youth are being rediscovered, and quite frankly my family is equally stunned and gratified at my transformation f rom lackluster indifference to excited energy. Bill Harris cannot know what a powerful tool he has here, because I cannot believe it myself, even as I watch my transformation happen before my very own eyes. Thank you a billion times over for what Holosync has done for me and my life!

D. L — Florida

Hi Bill & Centerpointe,

I just wanted to give an update of how I’m doing with Holosync. I’ve been using Holosync consistently for about thirteen months now, and am currently using Awakening Level 2. The results, to say the least, have been astonishing (I really think it’s accurate to say that in my case). Having struggled with bipolar disorder, ADD, and severely debilitating bouts of depression and self-hatred for much of my life, it seems like nothing less than a miracle that I now seem to suffer no such symptoms, and am experiencing ongoing shifts in my perceptions and behavior that rival any such benefits I experienced with traditional meditation before using Holosync. Some of the changes include long-term relief from severe bipolar disorder (with equally severe bouts of mania and depression), a deep sense of self-trust and love, and the falling away of various dysfunctional behaviors and addictions (like food, alcohol, and sex addictions; uncontrollable anger; fear of intimacy; pessimism; resistance to my current work situation; addiction to pain and hardship, etc.). My friend also says that I’m becoming an easier person to get along with. The exact words were, I used to love you before, but now I actually LIKE you.

These changes didn’t come all at once. There was a LOT of struggle, resistance, and upheaval in the beginning. In fact, things actually seemed to be getting worse. MUCH worse. But with the help of your support literature and further studies, a deep intuition emerged within in me that I was headed in the right direction. So I was able to work my way through a series of very difficult situations. Had they occured at any time previously in my life, I’m sure I would have ended it all. But there was a simple knowingness that my unconscious programming was actually creating all of this. What was previously unconscious was becoming conscious in order for me to process it and, finally, to release it. I was fortune to be able to grasp that, with the onset of spiritual progress, things often seem like they are getting worse precisely because what was previously unconscious is coming to the surface in order to be dealt with. This really encouraged me to keep on keeping on. Since then, a deep, and ever-increasing sense of well-being has taken hold of my life.

The fact that I now enjoy a very normal life (with increasing success in the outer, relative world), free from the symptoms of severe bipolar disorder, is just amazing [And all this without the use of pharmacology. Not that I’m against it; it has its place, but I really dislike the side effects. And besides, no combination of pharmeceutical drugs has ever given me the results and tremendous sense of well-being and consistent psychological and spiritual growth that I’ve experienced using Holosync.]. I still see my psychiatrist, but very politely decline using any further medication. She has never heard of such technology being used as anything more than an adjunct to the primary use of pharmacology, so she has been very skeptical and really doesn’t seem to believe that I’m doing as well as I am. Though I’ve given her every reason to believe that I’m doing extremely well, with consistent improvement, her training doesn’t seem to allow her to listen. I can understand her point of view, and am hoping that my continued cooperation with her (except for continuing to take medication, of course) will help her to see that there are effective ways of positively effecting bipolar disorder over the long term other than using pharmacology (which is, in my personal experience, an effective short-term treatment, at best; though, in some cases, it may be needed long term). All of this has been a great learning experience, as I am now a first-year psychology student, and hope to some day incorporate the use of Holosync into a private therapeutic practice. Any suggestions as to the feasibility of this are greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for all your work!

To continued growth and development,


Letter of Testimonial

I have been a regular meditator now for thirty years. I began with TM, switched to Zazen, and moved on to Siddha. I have devoted at least two hours per day to the practice of meditation, and for a period of eight years I devoted four hours per day to the practice. Currently, I meditate for two hours per day. I have also been involved in a high-tech meditation program other than that offered by Centerpointe Research. So, I speak from experience when I tell you this:

Centerpointe high-tech meditation, specifically The End program, is not only far more effective than unassisted meditation, it is far more effective than any other form of high-tech meditation. The reasons why the Centerpointe Research program is superior to other similar programs are:

>From the very start, the hyperliminal messages are customized. They are your messages, in your voice and words, addressing your innermost needs and goals. Other programs use a one-size-fits-all approach using someone else’s voice. This does not enable you to address your own personal issues, needs and goals. Centerpointe enables you to do so with an effectiveness that must be experienced to be comprehended. You will access altered states of consciousness normally reserved for Masters with many decades of meditation under their belt, states that will enable the hyperliminals to take root and grow and become a Tree of Life springing forth from your innermost being.
Centerpointe Research uses hyperliminals, not subliminals. Studies have shown that subliminals have little if any actual effect or value, and I can personally attest that subliminals have little if any lasting transformational impact. I can also attest that the hyperliminals used by Centerpointe Research are not only highly effective, but effective well beyond the modest claims made for them by Centerpointe Research. This is a cutting-edge approach for reaching the deepest levels of your being and reprogramming yourself from the core outward. It works, and it works with power. Become the person you have always dreamed of being! Centerpointe gives you the tools to make that dream a reality.
The Floating soundtrack that one listens to during sleep is easy to accustom oneself to, unlike the night-time soundtracks of the competition. One becomes quickly accustomed to the Centerpointe soundtrack, ad it actually improves the quality of one’s sleep. This is a real health benefit.
Centerpointe Research soundtracks take you into far deeper and more expanded states of awareness than the competition. The competition takes you through eight stages, Centerpointe takes you through twelve. Four stages beyond the competition. The last four stages are not merely ornamentation or a luxury, they are indispensable. Centerpointe soundtracks take you as deep as the human mind is capable of going, the competition does not. Hence, the transformational effects are far beyond any other similar program or technology.
So, if you are serious about personal transformation, whatever form that may take for you, Centerpointe Research can and will deliver on it’s claims, and more. In my informed and experienced opinion, one would need to meditate eight hours or more per day for much longer than thirty years to realize the same benefits to be had from completing The End high-tech meditation program. All that is needed on your part is willingness and perseverance. Your reward will be great, for my reward has been great. I have persevered all the way to The End, and I will conclude by saying: Centerpointe high-tech meditation is like strapping warp-engines onto the star-ship of your meditational experience. Make it so!

In Light,

Rev. Nathaniel J. Merritt


If you have recently begun to use Centerpointe Research high-tech meditation soundtracks, specifically ‘The End program, let me begin by saying you have made a wise choice. There is nothing else available that comes close to the transformational potential of these soundtracks.

I strongly advise that you continue your normal practice of meditation, no matter what type of meditation that is, while you use the CR meditation soundtracks. While it is true the soundtracks really do all the work for you, nonetheless it is very desirable to retain the physical and mental discipline that your regular meditation inculcates. So, while you listen to the soundtracks, simultaneously do your normal meditation. The benefits of doing so will become immediately apparent when opportunities arise to meditate in settings other than your formal setting.

For instance, you may find yourself seated in a physicians waiting room, or out in the grandeur of nature, or in any number of settings in which you might wish to meditate. Or, you may find yourself temporarily without your CD player and soundtracks. If you have continued with your regular meditation while using the soundtracks, you will be delighted to discover that the soundtracks have powerfully accelerated your natural meditation. You will be meditating at the same carrier frequency and beat frequency as your soundtracks!

You will find this to be utterly delightful, as you discover yourself able to access the same deep states of altered consciousness that you access while using the soundtracks. (Provided of course you continue to use the soundtracks!)

Also, make full use of the excellent advice you will be given for dealing with catharsis. You will become experienced is dealing with it, and well able to release it.

In my own experience, I came to a point somewhere in the early Purification stage, when I realized that catharsis has no reality and hence no power. It is, after all, merely feelings, emotions, and occasional symptoms. Feelings have only as much power as you are willing to grant them. I am not advocating fighting or suppressing catharsis. Quite the contrary. Let it flow! I am saying the time will come when you too will experientially realize such feelings are powerless over you. So, do not be discouraged or dismayed. Start learning to see catharsis as simply another function of your monkey mind. It is, in the end, powerless.

See the program through to The End. Join those of us who have finished the program and know why the Buddha smiles.

Divine Light and Life to you this day and every day!

Rev. Nathaniel J. Merritt’

My name is Richard Boswell. I had been very successful in my life’s endeavors until, on the 14th day of February I was hit by an uninsured drunk driver. I was traveling south on a wide six lane road on a nice Yamaha 500 midnight special motorcycle. The other driver was northbound in the south bound center lane going approximately 60 mph. He hit me head on and I and my bike flew three hundred and fifty feet stopping abruptly with a collision with a steel light pole. I slid down the pole still clinging to the bike. When the bike crashed to the ground with me under it, the gasoline tank ruptured and gasoline spilled onto me and exploded. I pulled off my shirt and threw it to the side. I then slid out from under the burning bike and rolled over three times into the right land of the highway. In the center of the right lane I looked down at my left leg, it was compound fractured and the artery was pumping blood out onto the ground. My stomach was also ruptured and I could see my liver and part of my intestines spilled out across my lap. I felt weak, very weak. I looked up and saw an ambulance pulling over. The paramedics looked at me and one of them said to the other; This guy is dead. I shook my head in the negative and they started an IV. they wrapped my leg and stopped the bleeding artery. I then passed out.

In the Saint Marks Hospital I was taken immediately into surgery. After two hours the doctor went out to the lobby and told my wife that I had died. I remember my breathing and heart stopping. I lay there thinking the doctor would restart me. I heard him say; This man is dead. I’ll go tell his wife. I tried to talk but couldn’t. I tried to move but couldn’t I lay there knowing I was dead.

The doctor was Dennis Gordon, at the Saint Marks hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. He told me that I was dead for almost eleven minutes. I lost thirteen percent of my right frontal lobe, two percent of the right parietal lobe and the olfactory together with some other brain damage they later discovered. I stayed in the hospital for almost two years. I had thirty nine major surgeries and eleven minor surgeries. I was released before Christmas and allowed to go home. My wife divorced me shortly thereafter. Three plus years later Dr. Dennis More in the St. George Hospital amputated the leg. I had never been able to walk on it and it hung on me like an albatross. It gangrened and was amputated.

Before my injury I had worked as a Federal Agent for the Department of Justice. I had graduated from college in one year and one semester. I was the valedictorian of my high school and had an I.Q of 148. After the amputation I went to a college to see if I could take the course for high school teaching. I could do that in my wheel chair. (My hip was destroyed and I couldn’t use a prosthetic.) They gave me an I.Q test any my score had fallen to 113. I had a very hard time correlating facts and even though I could remember my old behavior I couldn’t duplicate it. I had many blank spaces in my memory and my short term memory was also terrible.

Scanning the net one evening I found the centerpoint site. I read that the Holsync process could create corpus Colosseum tissue. Knowing that much of that tissue in my brain had died, I saved for one year until I had the money to purchase the first level of the program.

I have since had three remarkable things happen to me. First my I.Q has risen to 153, which is higher than it has ever been. Second my short term memory has radically improved. Third I have regained both my correlative ability and my emotional and artistic senses. All of these elements can easily be demonstrated by both the cat and pet scans. I have photos of cerebral activity before and after taking the Holosync program.

At first I felt no results and believed that the program didn’t work for me. But after approximately seven months, I began to notice that I could correlate much better. That I now had much better rational ability and that my emotional sensitivity had returned.

I would like to thank you for the program. I took a pet scan test four weeks ago at a hospital in Spokane and was very surprised to see a very large blue and red area of the frontal lobes and significant activity in the connecting tissue of the two hemispheres.

Thank you. I know that without your research and program, I would still be in a wheel chair and much worse, mentally disabled.

P.S I walk well now with a prosthetic.


Richard Boswell

I’m currently in the process of re-reading Management of Evolutionary Change [available to everyone with their first custom level of The Holosync Solution program –Ed.] and it is blowing me away. The depth of what you discuss in there is unbelievable, and is very accurate for exactly what I’m going through. It is rare to meet folks in either the business or therapy world who walk their talk as much as you do. You have truly actualized what you teach, and you have busted your chops for years to ensure that your clients also have every opportunity for success.

I’m a urologist in practice in the Los Angeles area with a big emphasis on the effect that our emotions play on our health. In particular, I use hypnosis and EFT in my practice on a daily basis and these are definitely helpful in clearing specific issues, past traumas, and limiting beliefs. But, none deal with the global/primal anxiety that most folks have, and people’s internal resistance to feeling this anxiety is what blocks the flow of healing energy and makes them sick; i.e. this IS THE DISEASE!!! I don’t care how many acupuncture sessions a person has, or how many herbs they take, or how much organic brocolli they eat, the bottom line is that if they do not access and address their underlying anxiety, they will usually not get a long-term healing. And, I am unaware of anything or any product in the world that addresses this global anxiety and clears it at a body/energetic/unconscious level better than holosync.

In my own case, I co-authored a book on energy healing and am sure that part of my motivation was that I was dealing with chronic fatigue my entire life. The principles of Pranic Healing helped greatly, but what finally cured my fatigue at its source is when I began clearing deep-seated emotional issues using holosync.

Prior to this, even though I worked very diligently with world-class therapists, it was challenging to access the deeply hidden unconscious material that needed to be dealt with in order to unblock my energy. Holosync began to bring this material to the surface right from the start, and that has been the report of many of my friends who are also using it. Also, many folks when they are in therapy gain very valuable insights, but they may not necessarily feel any better in their body. Holosync is one of those rare gems that allows one to feel better in their body, which should be the gold standard of any therapeutic or personal growth intervention.

As you know Bill, as folks get older, the amount of psychic energy that we have diminishes. When we are young, we have lots of psychic energy and we can use this to hold our emotional issues and anxieties underneath the surface of our awareness with plenty left over for other bodily functions. As we age and this energy lessens, it requires a larger percentage of our overall energy to hold these issues under the surface.

In fact, I believe that a mid-life crisis represents our primal anxiety breaking through to the surface once we hit middle age. For many folks, this anxiety is projected onto other people—-it appears that our spouses or children or co-workers are the source of our angst. Or, alternatively, what I see is middle-aged folks coming into the office with a large number of functional medical problems. Functional problems refer to situations where patients come in with real symptoms and real complaints, yet on a physical exam and labs and x-rays we are unable to find an anatomic or organic abnormality.

Current literature suggests that 85% of cases walking into a primary care doctor’s office are functional in nature— things like migraine headaches, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, musculo-skeletal pain, chronic pelvic pain, insomnia, fatigue, reactive airway disease, constipation, and urinary urgency.

In these cases, there just isn’t enough energy to support normal bodily functions AND hold down the anxiety, so the body breaks down and begins to age. It sounds great to tell patients that they have to learn to handle their stress better, but rarely is the mechanism of this stress explained. In my opinion the model you use, Bill, is the most accurate description of what is actually happening, it represents the highest level of truth.

The challenge with stress management is not to change what is happening out there (as is advocated in most stress reduction classes), but to raise the individual’s stress threshold so much that nothing is able to bother them. To my knowledge, holosync is the only technology in the world that does this.

Just today I met the brother of a physician who is specializing in anti-aging medicine, and who uses a lot of hormone replacement in his practice. This is good, but falls way short of the potential for anti-aging that occurs when one releases deeply held emotional issues and stress from their body and their life. Additionally, studies have shown that regular holosync sessions lower cortisol (the stress hormone) by up to 50%, and raise DHEA and melatonin (the good hormones) by 50%, so the body can replace it’s own hormones the way our Creator intended.

In my own practice, I got tired of prescribing medications that would treat the symptoms but not address the underlying cause. I began to focus on methods and techniques that would address the emotional issues and stress underlying disease. Holosync is the best self-help product I have ever found. It is not an overnight miracle cure, but over time it is miraculous, and the effects can be felt and seen in the body. It saved my life and if I was king, I would prescibe holosync to every one of my patients.


— Eric B. Robins, MD
Board Certified Urologist
Co-author, Your Hands Can Heal You
Contributing author, Heart of the New Healer (due out Fall 2004)

Eric B. Robins, MD

Dear Bill:

I was the president of my youth group in a Christian church in southern Alabama until I left for college in 1989. After that time, when I left for college, I did not so much renounce Christianity as open myself to the obvious truth that an exclusionary belief in one particular teaching was nothing more than a poor use of the human mind that, from an evolutionary standpoint, had at least developed to the point where thought’s of exclusion in the realm of the spiritual (in other words, we are saved but they are not saved) were (and are) so obviously absurd.

Since that time, I have independently studied as many religions as I could uncover, and moreso in the mid and late 1990’s I have experienced many, many self help teachers’ books, tapes and videos. I had become quite skilled at picking out a fraud (or a false prophet) from a saint when I started using Awakening Prologue for the first time every day for one hour per day in or around June of 2004 SOLID for at least 90 days (on into the here and now, basically daily, in January 2005). Since I started listening to Holosync, I have also SCOURED the internet for claims of Holosync being a fraud or a fake or basically searching the internet for any kinds of criticisms of Bill Harris or Holosync (or similar technologies). Not because I had suspiscions or issues with it because my impression was single: authentic; but just to see what others thought.

The criticisms I have uncovered are certainly out there, but I really think that it’s like this: one person sees the Sun and say’s Oh, my God, it’s hot another person sees the Sun and say’s Oh, Lord, the plants need watering and another person sees the Sun and says But for thy light, we would all perish. It’s kinda the same with the various critics of Holosync who evaluate things from their limited and skewed perspective, but then declare them from some corner of the internet as though their evaluation is a final (and divine) decree. This is not to say such critics are disengenuous or that Holosync worked for them but they are just being difficult. It just means that, from my perspective as someone who has searched and searched and searched, Holosync has been, not the Truth, not God, not the All, but the IMPETUS that has WORKED to push my awareness to the fulll and final realization of the Truth, when much else (if not all else) had clearly failed.

So, here’s what I have found. I have learned through my own experience and through much studying that we are all, already, who we are, a perfect, at peace, partial manifestation of all that is, all at once, but in possession of (or possessed by) a mind which we all have which, while doing its job as a mind, invariably clouds the obviousness of the foregoing truth.

Natural meditation, without Holosync technology, CAN effectively reduce the mind activity to the point where the foregoing truth is so obvious that we reach and then maintain a state of ever present bliss, BUT to most people’s undisciplined minds, reaching such a point is so overwhelmed by the distractions of the mind that it is VERY DIFFICULT to overcome these distractions and then realize Truth.

For me (and I could tell this from farily early in using Holosync) Holosync was, quite simply, what it took FOR ME to create enough sacred space to show me the sustained emptiness that underlies everything, which has always been and always will be at perfect peace, and of which we are all indivisible parts; because with Holosync (as opposed to other forms of natural meditation) maintaining the brain wave states that do not tolerate the mind’s perpetual need to influence, label, or be involved with, every single thought that crosses the radar of consciousness, one is given just enough clear, pure space in which to blossom and open up as a person, nay, as a Spirit.

If one is taken aback by the notion that these brainwave states are artificial, guess what?! It doesn’t matter ! The benefits of realization are still there regardless of whether they were initiated artificially or with the benefit of a technology such as Holosync AND if you meditate withouth Holosync FOR AWHILE, AFTER using Holosync for a month or two, your natural mediation will be unbelievably deepened and, quite frankly, THEN, AFTER USING HOLOSYNC, true deep, meditative states are immensely easier to achieve naturally without headphones listening to Holosync.

That is all I can share for now, but rest assured that this perpetual skeptic, that is: me, an actual human being, knows from experience that Holosync techology is priceless in its ability to penetrate the mind stuff just long enough to reveal Eternity.

Many blessings,


Hello there,

First and foremost I have to say,

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For a very, very long time I have lived a horrible life of suffering, sadness, very low self-esteem, depression and anxiety, just to name a few!

This was mainly a result of a lot of trauma in my childhood which included the death of my brother from Leukaemia at 4 yrs of age (I was 2 y.o.), and the effect that had on my parents and family, and then my parents divorce when I was 12.

My mother then re-married a horrible, mean, alcoholic, abusive, workaholic, very angry man, who treated us terribly with a lot of verbal abuse and extreme negativity. It was a very dysfunctional family environment and I was always extremely nervous, stressed out and on edge constantly.

In addition to this, my mother did everything to keep the peace as she put it, which actually included neglecting us children and our needs, growth and development as a way of keeping him ‘happy’ and trying to limit his jealousy of us.

There were tremendous emotional wars on a daily basis. I remember being so scared and I really thought my stepfather was going to kill us in one of his heated tantrums. I would often secretly call the Police and they would have to come around and calm him down. He would have an angry outburst about anything he could find the moment he walked in the door and this happened daily. He was also a very controlling man and neither him nor my mother ever encouraged any growth or learning for us, instead we were just in the way and added to their problems. In addition to this they ran a stressful family business and worked together 24/7 which didn’t help.

I was a battler however and somehow managed to survive all this trauma although emotionally it was killing me. I developed a severe eating disorder, which lasted 6 years and had terrible effects on my physical and mental health. I have since learnt that this is a coping method which one can use as a way to retain some control in their lives. I lost interest in everything including schoolwork, hobbies and friends and I just wanted to find someone to love me.

I was desperately seeking love and approval from others, mostly men which subsequently caused more heart-ache and disappointment. I left school and home at the age of 16 and in this time I moved around a lot changing jobs often, desperately looking for somewhere I could fit in and be happy. I could never find it though. Ironically, my parents thought I was so brave and was experiencing lots of great things in life and having a ball. How wrong they were. Every day was a struggle to hold myself together and has been every day since…………

I would describe the break down of my family as having my solid base, or roots ripped away from me. And being all alone not able to trust or depend on anyone.

I am 34 years old now and I have carried this heart-ache as my map of the world and reality for all my adult years, and my nerves and stress levels have gotten worse and worse over the years. I had a belief from my workaholic stepfather that it was wrong to relax and be happy and that relaxing was actually being lazy. From time to time, when things got really bad, I went to doctors to tell them of my troubles and heart-aches and I always broke down in tears. Of course they told me I was depressed and prescribed anti-depressant medication. I tried this a couple of times for very short periods but I never liked them and found they did nothing to help me whatsoever as I knew my problems were more than just a chemical imbalance in my brain.

I have never been able to read as I have never been able to relax or focus enough to concentrate on reading, however there have been a couple of self-help books I have read that have caused a breakthrough, and a temporary relief from all this suffering as I come to realise it is our brains and the way they are programmed and our ‘self talk’ that determines our happiness and our reality of the world. These changes were only ever temporary however,and the effects always wore off after a week or so when my old way of thinking and acting would return, even though I tried hard to remain positive and happy and looking on the bright side.

I have always been very nervous around people always wondering what they are thinking of me, and find it hard to make eye contact with people for a fear of them seeing my inner pain. Because of this I found it hard to make many friends. I acted happy for so many years, but this gradually got harder and harder and more tiring over the years.

I have always known somewhere inside me there is a happy me – the real me. Somewhere under all the pain. I was such a cute and clever child and I had so much potential, but it never had the chance to develop. I have come to realise that it is my mind that is messed up and stressed and causing my life to be so miserable. I knew there had to be a way I could fix myself and I was always searching in the background for the right thing.

I remember recently crying to my Mother on the phone and saying that nothing in life excites me any more or brings me any happiness. It’s all just stress, stress, stress and if it wasn’t for my two beautiful children I would end my life. This is how I truly felt. I felt my life had come to a crisis point. I knew I couldn’t give up but I couldn’t keep going on this way either.

Actually it’s been since having my children (2 and 5 yr olds) that I have really wanted to get better and happier and have more self confidence for their sake. I do not want them to suffer like I did. I have no great expectations for them I just want them to be happy, happy, happy! They are incidentally both absolutely gorgeous and intelligent, just as I was as a child, and I suppose I am glad in a way that I understand so deeply how your environment and upbringing as a child, so powerfully impacts the quality of the rest of your life.

The only positive thing I can say about my childhood is the influence my real father has on my life. He is a fantastic man and to this day wants the best for his children and is a great support whenever needed. He gave us a lot of happiness and opportunities in our early years when he was married to my mother. We had horses and and Music Lessons and Dad taught us a great love of nature. He is motivated by happiness and well being. He has always been a driving force for me. I have always wanted him to be proud of me. Unfortunately I know he is not that proud

Three weeks ago I saw your advertisement in a health and wellbeing magazine promoting your free meditation CD. I immediately picked up the phone even before I’d finished reading the ad. I was very excited. I had read a little bit about meditation and I knew it would be so good for me, but I found it too hard and I could never find the time to do it. I had also done some Yoga classes over the years which had a excellent short term results, but I never had the patience to stick to anything for long enough to get any lasting benefits.

When I listed to the first introductory C.D. and read the report I knew I just had to try this! Then I saw the price and felt that it was another one of those solutions that I would never be able to afford. However because of the 12 month money back guarantee, I managed to convince my partner that I really needed to try this and if it was no good I would send it back and get all my money back. (I’m not currently working as I stay home with the 2 little ones).

Well, well, well!!! This program is unbelievable and I actually noticed huge results the first couple of times I used it! In the first 14 days of using The Dive, my life started changing dramatically. It really seemed to wake me up up, but at the same time relax me. I actually got some pretty bad headaches in these first few days, and I think that was because my brain had been so ‘asleep’ and the C.D.s really pushed it. I have read every piece of literature I received, including the whole Thresholds of the Mind book which I’m now reading for a second time. The first 14 days of using The Dive went so quickly that it actually turned into 19 days before I realised I should already be starting Immersion. I have only been using Immersion for 2 days, so all together I’ve been on the Awakening Prologue for 3 weeks.

The most exciting thing for me has been that my negative self-talk has disappeared, whereas it used to consume me as soon as I would wake up in the morning, then I would be fighting it for the rest of the day. An example of my self-talk dialogue was I’m not young anymore/getting old, I’m uneducated, I haven’t achieved anything good in my life, I’m a loser, I can never stick to anything, I don’t know what I want from life and I am never happy even when good things do happen.

These horrible beliefs about myself have actually been replaced with I’m beautiful, I’m so happy, My life is so wonderful, I can achieve anything I want to achieve, I love my home and am satisfied for the time being with how things are. (Although I do have preferences of how I would like them to be, but I’ll be working on that more productively now).

This has freed my time and my mind to getting all the things done that used to build up and cause me great stress and worry. I am so much more patient with my children and I have noticed a big change in them. My 5 year old daughter can’t stop telling me how wonderful I am and how much she loves me! And I didn’t think it was possible to love them any more than I already did, but as I ‘m not always so stressed out any more I take the time to appreciate them even more now and I do feel even more love for them now!!

I no longer turn into a nervous wreck inside when I’m talking to people, and I actually want to talk to people now as I actually enjoy it! My fiancé keeps saying that the wicked witch is hiding in the cupboard and he is waiting for her to come back out!! He has shown interest in starting the program himself which I can’t believe.

I have gone from drinking a bottle of wine a night to not really feeling like drinking at all. I don’t want to numb my brain or feelings any more. If I do have a drink now it’s just one or two glasses of red wine for it’s health benefit!

I can’t wait to wake up every morning and start the new day as I know it will be another happy one! I have actually been waking up at 5.30 am most mornings since beginning the program and I don’t feel I need any more sleep.

These are only a few of the other many benefits I have received so far,so of course I am very excited about continuing my process and I whole heartedly intend to keep progressing through all the levels.

So again – Thank you so much. You are saving a soul here and I appreciate it so much. I am sorry this is so long winded, but I just wanted you to know how much you are improving my life and how grateful I am. I am now so optimistic about the future, but as well as that I am enjoying every moment of every day and am finding that letting everything be O.K. has been life changing!

Just one more thing I have to tell you. Although there may be quite a few grammatical errors in my letter, 3 weeks ago, I could never have constructed such a letter. I did not have the patience and I could never find the right words to describe what I wanted to say. Writing this today was so easy, it just flowed out of me! I can’t believe it! Thank you !!!

Yours Sincerely



Parkinson’s disease…I was so determined to beat it.

With this progressive condition of the central nervous system, sufferers have trouble walking, talking and keeping their balance. Researchers all over the world are seeking a cure, but Peter Ballina, 74, from New South Wales, Australia, reckons he’s already found one…

I’d just been to the supermarket and I’d toppled backwards. Whacked my head on the ground. I’d always been fit, swimming every day. But lately I’d been losing my balance, and my speech was becoming distorted. I had the shakes on both sides of my body and my hands trembled. My wife Clare, 72, urged me to see my GP. He ran tests and referred me to a neurologist. His diagnosis was blunt, ‘You’ve got Parkinson’s and it’s very likely you’ll become bedridden.’

I was shocked, but my biggest worry was Clare. She was in a wheelchair and I was her carer. I had to get better! So I trawled the internet and found some CDs in the USA called Holosync. It said they emitted sounds on the same frequency as brainwaves and increased production of dopamine, a chemical that’s essential for the brain to work normally. And there was a money-back guarantee.

I listened to the CDs every evening for an hour. All I could hear was soft music, running water and bells chiming. But, apparently beneath that, soundwaves I couldn’t hear were increasing dopamine and synchronizing the two sides of my brain.

In a few months, I began to see an improvement. I’d stopped shaking so much and was swimming again. I went back to the doctor’s last November. ‘Your Parkinson’s has gone,’ he said, mystified.

Now I’m determined to help other sufferers. I’ve even written to Michael J. Fox who has a foundation for research into Parkinson’s. But mostly, I’m enjoying my second chance at life, and being here with Clare.


Dear Bill,

A little over a year ago, after much prayer and seeking, I found your website and began using Holosinc. At that point, my marriage was a train wreck, my inner life full of turmoil, and my search for peace out of grasp due to anger and worry. I am a highly sensitive person and experienced extreme social anxiety even though I love people. To the world, however, I appeared a highly successful person with a perfect life.

I am on the second disk of level two. This week after a year of listening to Holosinc, my husband said, Thank you for the peace, goodness, and the love. I am so grateful for the restoration of my marriage. I am experiencing peace for the first time in many years as layers of false fears are peeling away. I am so very grateful to you for sharing this technology, and I look forward to continued progress. I could go on for pages, but it will suffice to say that my life has been touched and changed in a very profound way.

With deepest gratitude,


You asked me what it was like to have graduated from the Centerpointe program. Basically, and undramatically, it is like being IN the program. Although I no longer meditate every day, I do so several times a week. I continue to feel calm, centered and competent in myself. That feeling of calm competence is lovely. One of the things I notice is that there is no longer a feeling of stress or agitation when something happens. That is, my life and my job are much like others–things happen, changes occur, demands are made. What I notice now is that these events are not stressful–I don’t get upset, or agitated. I just handle it. Does that mean I don’t notice? Or don’t care? No. It just means I don’t add my upsetness to what is already may be a difficult situation. I am sure that my response to these events would have been much more agitated and stressed 25 years ago, with quite a bit more personal pain. In practical terms, this means that I can handle more details, more tasks, more responsibility at work and at home.

People are often encouraged to make their lives stress free, as though controlling outside events will result in a calmer life. My life has evolved through this inner process into a life that is simpler, manageable and has less stress. Outside events didn’t need to be controlled so much as my response to them changed such that the stresses fell away. All in all, it is pretty cool. If you can, please let me know that you have received this. I appreciate you and the Centerpointe staff and program.

LS, Nevada

Hi Bill I am writing this to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beginning of the end for me as I know it to be, I have been lisening to the C.D.’s now for about 3 weeks and the difference it has made to me already is quite remarkable – actually me writing this letter to you is remarkable in it’s self as I have never been a good communicator for my whole life, I’m a 33 year old male and have just come out of approximatly 4 years of deep depretion after my devoicee from a relationship that lasted 8 years and to be frank nearly broke me towards the end as it was a emotionally/ spirtually/ physically/ mentally exhausting expierence that I look back on and try to take the good from it. In the last 4 years I have socialy isolated my self so as you can see it has been a self defeating visous circle.

I have always been interested in the mystical side of life and I came across your program in a local news papper this was my beginning. I am writing to tell you what my expierence has been so far, my stress level has dropped away and continue’s to do so every day I now have strange people in public wanting to talk to me for no real reason and the things that used to trigger me into all sorts of disfuctional behaivor’s are starting to drop away and I’m starting to see some of the ( I Guess I can only describe these pattern’s as insane madness ) pattern’s in my life that there is no way that I could have had my wishes come true with no matter how hard I tried to get them, I also have found that I am more tolerant of others because I now understand where they are also and the struggle that they face every day, I’m feeling again in particular compassion for other people and more importantly for me. I have struggled for years to try and cope wiyh life with verying success a bit hot and cold hit and miss which in it’s self has also been frustrating. I now find that as I change I am getting different responces from people in the most positive way which is really refreshing to expierence and makes for a good day even when the real hits come at you from all sides, I have really started to deal with life supprisingly creatively even with out trying too, I have a long way to go and I received your follow up gift’s today great present too by the way thank you for this I’m sure that I will get the most out of these C.D.’s also, I have always enjoyed change in my life and I now look forward to the changes that come every day from the continued use of the C.D.’s I also feel great after the use of the track’s so it really has been a true wining expierence for me my gratitude to you for creating these track’s for all of us to expierence can’t be put into words and I hope that one day I will be able to thank you personally and repay you for the life that I had almost given up for just being a far off fantasy. I guess we all know on a certain level that life is for us, we are no here to do life we are here to be life it’s not meant to be a prison term.

One very grateful person to a valuable new friend


This program has been the single most life-changing experience I’ve been involved with. Asking me to explain the benefits of the program is like asking me to tell you what my children mean to me. There’s no way to give you a full idea.  

I’ve been using this system for over a year now and I have to say that it’s been nothing but miraculous since the beginning. When I started I was at a point in my life when I really didn’t want to try any more self help programs. But despite that, I know for sure this system has made some real changes in my life. There isn’t even a way to tell you here about everything I’ve experienced through this system. Sleep better, happier, more productive, much MUCH more creative — that’s just a short list.

Jonathan, via email

My doctor told me last month that he thought I was getting younger instead of older! He was joking of course but I think he is really curious about why I look and feel so much healthier. Thank you so much. You have a life-long fan in me!  

Carol Weiner

After being on the Centerpointe program for almost two years and attending two retreats, I am convinced that Centerpointe has developed the most effective transformational program on the market today. I make this claim based not only my own experiences, but also the experiences of my spouse, my father, and one of my friends. They are also on the program.

For me to say that I have witnessed remarkable changes in myself and my loved ones would be the understatement of the millennium! Words cannot even begin to describe the depth of change that I have witnessed in myself and others.

Jose Rodriguez, PhD,

I see that I’ve traversed miles and miles in a brief amount of time. I sense an inner momentum created by my constant use of Holosync. Slowly but surely it has brought me out of my fog and I’ve regained a sense of self and self-truth I had almost given up on believing in. What’s been most amazing is that this sense of peace and centeredness isn’t going away. I’ve been waiting for several weeks now to come down, as it were. But as it stands, I feel more installed at this high and happy level than I probably have a right to.

I feel very much valued by Centerpointe, and greatly value them as well. I don’t feel like I just bought tapes as much as I really have joined something real and powerful. I’ve been down the self help path hundreds of times and have returned with my ego stroked and my wallet lighter. I must say that this time, with this system, it has been tremendously different. Most importantly, I’m tremendously different. My life is rebuilding itself before my eyes and I feel a great deal of the credit goes to a handful of little plastic tapes!

Willem, via email

I have been meditating for almost 18 years now and there have been huge changes in that time. But in the last two months since I began the program, things are changing so fast it’s hard to believe. Things I’ve been trying to get to the bottom of for ages, and really put in a lot of ‘work’ on, are just dissolving beautifully. I seem to be seeing things so much more clearly, faster, and without the EFFORT. As far as I’m concerned the first level paid for itself in the first week and it just keeps getting better. I knew what my problem was intellectually but I couldn’t change it or get at it. So thank you for creating this great programme and I’m spreading the word.

Judith E., Bullaburra NSW Australia

I’ve been a meditator for over 25 years and for the last few years I’ve had a dreadful sinking feeling that no matter how dedicated I may be, I will probably NOT reach my goal in this lifetime: good meditations and occasional breakthroughs were interspersed by months (often) of tedious un-happening meditations. What a joy it is now to press PLAY and experience blissful meditations — I cannot thank you enough for this technology! The thought crossed my mind that it’s like spending 25 years tied to the kitchen sink and suddenly I have a dishwasher — WOW!

Wendy V, Perth, WA, Australia

I’ve felt all along I have been the cause but was caught in some kind of endless loop of repeating dramas I couldn’t escape by myself. I feel now I am in the process of getting rid of the rest of the dramas holding me back from the rest of the experiences I yearn for. Escaping these consciously unwanted dramas is worth any monetary price. Realizing I have been doing one of these dramas (depression and tears) for about 50 years, taking only a couple of months to get rid of it is quite miraculous.

Carol O., Vista, California

I don’t wish to go on at great length about the results of my first few levels of Holosynching. It is, of course, very subjective, and parts of it sound kind of New Age hokey. But here’s the short list. My intense bouts of depression lessened in frequency, duration and depth. My anger began to dissipate, and with that came a corresponding increase in patience. I stopped taking so many things personally; I could let go. My relationships with people opened up and became more honest.

There was a greater sense of peace, of the inter-connectedness of all things. Paranoia and fear, constant companions for most of my life, began to fade away. Things I never would have considered doing before (writing stuff like this for instance), I now tried without a second thought. It was a gradual unfolding, a very subtle process. Like a child who grows day by day, but you don’t notice because you live with him/her all the time. Then one day – omigod! – the shoes don’t fit any more and you suddenly wake up to see how much growth has happened.

Bob T, via email

When I first started the Centerpointe program about one year ago, I figured I had pretty much come to terms with all my internal struggles and ‘ancient’ history. Perhaps on some level I had, though some aspects of my internal life were still uncomfortable. The program definitely took me deeper, which is where I had to go to begin to flush-out all the accumulated and ‘stuck’ emotions, games, etc., that were still making my life miserable.

At school, I was going through a particularly tough time, much of it beyond my ability to control. In the past, that would have absolutely enraged me. Now, I found that I was able to accept things as they happened and allow events to unfold without feeling that I had to affect the outcome of every situation. For the first time in my life I could step back, relax, and let go…and be okay with whatever the outcome was.

The other students made comments about my newfound calm and peace of mind. I was promised in the literature, and I have to say that I definitely feel I am functioning at a higher level now than I was before using the program.

Susan S, BC, Canada

Dear Folks:

Since starting the program I have to report that the anxiety and depression issues I have dealt with since my traumatic childhood have begin to abate. I no longer wake up with that churning sensation in my gut and my mood is lighter and my thinking clearer. I have tried EFT CBT, tai chi etc.. and nothing has helped me like the Holosync program I am on level one disc two. Ican’t wait to see what the future holds as I progress through the program.

God bless you all:

Bob Pallott

Dear Bill Harris,

It has been a while since I have thanked you for your gift of Holosync to the world and most especially to me with its therapeutic effect on my own life. I am only on Awakening Level2, yet, as I look back, I realize I have come a long way already.

I had know from early on in life that I had some difficult issues, but only caught fleeting glimpses of what they might be and no clues as to how to address them though I read constantly in various religions, philosophies and person growth. At one point in my early 30’s, I had a melt down, but the psychiatrist who helped me, also said he would only write the sessions up as family/marriage counseling as in those days, it was a disgrace to see a shrink. I needed a job and employers were reluctant to hire folks who were labeled crazy.

In 2003 I retired and shortly thereafter my 30-something son was diagnosed as bi-polar. In all my reading from that point on, in a desperate effort to be of some help to him, I discovered I had lived my life with most of those same symptoms. Then, a 45 year high school class reunion triggered a no-holds-barred emotional catharsis. At nearly the same time I found and started using Holosync meditation, reading your books and support letters, generously laced with other readings by Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind, Big Heart and much more…and the steady support of a good friend.

The beauty of it all has been the synchronicity of the unfoldment and healing. With Holosync I was given the tools of acceptance (I told myself over and over let what is be ok), and knowledge of how to practice being a curious observer. I also learned to practice noticing the inner body and allowing (or insisting that I allow) myself to feel the emotional pain fully and not retreat from it. Eventually, this brought a sense of detachment from the duality and made possible a change in my perspective of my experience.

Just within the past 2 weeks I felt myself feeling the emotional pain physically while simultaneously watching with curiosity the thoughts that were causing the pain and I truly saw the shift in consciousness take place…what a sense of release and relief! And all this about a belief of personal stupidity and hopeless estrangement from others for so long that I don’t even remember a time I didn’t feel it. Subsequent to this shift, I entertained company (people I love) in my home whose visits I had always dreaded for fear they would find out how stupid I was. This time I did so with perfect ease and we all had an especially delightful time together.

Thank you, Bill. The words seem inadequate expressions for my feelings of gratitude, but I guess the language just can’t handle it…

Many blessings to you and yours,

Mary Lynne Rowe (Valdosta, GA)

I don’t think that i can ever repay you for growth that I’ve gained by listening to Holosync. i am forever in your guys’ debt. forever. seriously. i cant even believe that I’m taking time RIGHT now, with the events happening in my life, to write you. (actually my priorities seem backwards when i analyze them right now. but to be honest it doesn’t bother me one bit.) in fact, i never thought I’d be one of those damn success testimonials that i read when i started Holosync. mainly because Ive always thought that companies write them them selves to lure customers in. i know now that, at least with you, it is absolutely false. because, well, here i am. writing you. so let me get on with my success.

I’m in the United States Navy. about 8 months ago i fell heavily into self help material and i stumbled upon your products. i bought and practiced Holosync for about 2 weeks because the navy decided to let me know that id be deploying for six months to Bahrain in the middle east. while in Bahrain i religiously used Holosync day in and out. like brushing my teeth. Oasis before bed. Dive and Immersion once i woke up. while i was there i witnessed minor changes in myself. i felt tired less. i felt more alert. i enjoyed it and i got pleasure out of meditating. nothing too major. so i get back to the states in March of this year. every thing’s fine and dandy but because i hadn’t seen friends in so long i unintentionally dropped Holosync. but i missed it every single day. it undoubtedly had become a part of me. well now that were back to the present moment i can explain my situation, if you will…

theres this LEGAL but ‘illegal to the navy’ drug that’s called spice. i didn’t know about it. i knew nothing at all. but apparently its a very huge deal. one incident with it and they kick you out with nothing more than a trip the front gate to the base and wish you farewell. never able to get a government contracted job again. anyways, enough rambling. i landed smack dab in the center of this serious situation. here i am buying this drug over the counter at a tobacco store. unaware of the consequences i was about to face for such an offense. well my car was randomly searched leaving base (that’s normal sometimes) and they found this ‘controlled substance’. and that would bring us to where I’m at now. my entire future is on the line. all of it.

but thanks to you, Bill, and all of Centerpointe, I’m handling this situation unlike id ever imagine myself handling it. everyone in the military has imagined the worst at one point and when i use to it was a lot different than how I’m taking it. A LOT different. this is the biggest land mark in my life by far Bill. i feel like its the tipping point, the energy need to change for the better. and thanks to your LPIP course and Holosync I’m handling it like a champ. i know everything is going to be fine. you have really taught me how to control my inner feelings and thoughts. I’m not an expert yet but I’m getting better every day. i don’t know what i would have done in this situation without your help. it turns out though, that i might be the ONE exception. the one guy in the navy who doesn’t get booted out for spice. i am legitimately innocent Bill. and there’s proof! but i wont get into the details anymore, I’ve already gone too far. i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. you and everyone at Centerpointe. you are all family to me now.

thank you.



My name is Trevor, I’m a participant in the program currently on purification level 1 [the 6th level of the program]. This is basicaly a testimonial I felt compelled to write to possibly help inspire others to use the program. I’m not sure if this is the correct email to send this two, but I’m unaware of any others.

I can’t articulate what I’m feeling with words, in fact I’m sure someone more used to this perception may disagree with my brief description, however here goes. I can repeat all that I have ever heard Bill say in regards to what it’s like to truly be in the moment, but it is at the same time I should point out a very normal experience. I always imagined this level, and I use the term loosely, to be a grand event, it is wonderous and amazing, but at the same time so very normal. everything is so very still now, my conscious mind is still running like it always has, but I am now an observer, not a direct participant. Thoughts come and thoughts go without any attachment to them, truly amazing. It happened in a moment on the train, it felt like a great fog had lifted and for the first time in my life, I could truly see. I have never looked out of the train window with such curious interest at what I was seeing.

Thankyou Bill (and all the support staff at centerpoint) for giving me the opportunity to find what I always had!

Trevor Wells

Dear Bill,

I wrote an email to your support staff back in August and asked that they be sure and pass my sentiment along to you. I did get a reply but I want to be sure you know this and now others as well.

I started using Holosync last year and I noticed changes almost immediately. But, I also want to have these changes and they are very welcome. I have suffered from depression,anxiety,panic attacks,extreme feelings of guilt and a host of many other things. I got to the point I would not go out of the house for weeks. Rarely got dressed and just not taking good care of myself. One of the first things that started happening was I was getting up and starting to take better care of myself. Then I started getting out and doing a few things. Then this summer I started feeling ill.

I soon discovered I needed open heart surgery. I had to have two valves repaired. I won’t get into all the details at this point. I really just want to thank you for this program because I believe had I not been doing this I would have never been able to get out and take care of myself and go through this surgery. I would have not have even taken the initiative to see the Dr. So, I thank God and you for helping me get through this.


Hi Bill,

When I started the program on June 17th, 2008 I was in a deep depression. In the fall 2003 I freed myself of eating disorder after 24 years of having it. Than I realised that I had to get rid of emotional disorder that caused the other one. So… I faced the depression, saw The Secret and…ordered The Awakening P.The progress WAS amazing and still is. With the time of using Holosync I just developed my own rhythm. In the beginning I was not even able to read your letters. I was really confused and didn`t understand what was going on inside myself. It is totally different now. Life is beautiful now. Very best to you and thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have been meditating since 1974 and started with two years of TM before taking up various Buddhist meditation practices, although for many years my method has been zazen, or just sitting with awareness of whatever arises. I taught meditation for seven years.

Since using Holosync for the past ten months, I have noticed that meditation has definitely improved. It’s not so easy to describe exactly how, but I can say that sits are clearer, more concentrated and focused right from the start and maintaining an effortless awareness of what happens from moment to moment is a more constant and simple process. Yes, brightness, clarity and awareness are more naturally and easily available now and its apparent to me that the Holosync tracks are providing that facility.

So, thanks a lot for Holosync and the support you provide to us users. I’d be grateful if you would pass this message on to Bill, along with my best regards.

Best wishes


My prior 15 years of personal growth work has lead to nothing…I have gotten more out of the first month I’ve been with Centerpointe than all the prior years combined…there’s not a day that goes by I do not thank the person that introduced me to you Bill.  Thank you for your time.


I am writing to say thank you,

I have been listening to your sound tracks for about almost 2 years now. I have only recently just purchased level 3. Although I am not very far along in the levels, I want to tell you about the amazing changes that have taken place in my life.

I have seen unusual clarity in my relationships & have outgrown them. Physically I have become very physically active & are not only are running marathons, but are teaching aqua motion classes as well. My career has opened wide up & I have made a 5 year educational career plan which I am very excited about. I am also looking at teaching land fitness training & plan to do this as well. My family life has improved dramatically as old habits drop away like old clothing. I have stopped yelling. I accept criticism. I reflect & analyze my behaviors. I have actually created a Xmas holiday in Mexico for myself & my two children & it is a dream come true for all of us! I am experiencing much more peace and satisfaction in my life. I am much more grounded & centered. I have had a few of the breakthrough moments & I am learning to ride through them. I have revisited trauma from when I was a very young girl and moved forward. It has been an amazing, healing journey.

Thank you. For helping me to change my life! I cant wait to see where I end up yet I am still enjoying the scenery along the way! I look forward to a time I make it to one of your conferences!


Katherine Kawula

Holosync is helping me tremendously to integrate stuff. Although I had been outwardly successful at one point (e.g. graduated from Yale Medical School) I later found out I had/have DID (dissociative disorder) due to extreme childhood abuse. I believe Holosync is a tool-extraordinaire for healing this (my) disintegration, once enough therapy is in place, or with therapy concurrently. I’m now in graduate school for Organizational Leadership, learning lots I didn’t get in medical training.

Thanks again so much. I look forward to sending in my major definite purpose goal statement, and associated questions, within the next 2 weeks.


Sage Keaten

I am currently on level 8 and have thoroughly enjoyed the ride I’ve been on and all the changes. My family doesn’t know what to do with me and I can’t understand why they are not jumping to do the same. I cannot imagine the past 6 years without holosync to help me get through and stop resisting the inevitable. My beliefs have changed so much that I think my family believes I’m athiest now, which isn’t true…they cannot understand that you can be spiritual and not religious. But that is their issue and not mine so I keep meditating on…. Thank you so much for holosync!


While most of my work and writing in the last few years has focused on chemical dependency and addiction, my personal struggle and life-threatening illness has been depression. When I say depression, I am not talking about a case of the blues or being bummed out for a bit, but mind-crushing, soul-crushing hell. A pit so deep, a place so dark, that death beckons like a lover and the promise of non-existence offers a final hope. My struggle for life went on for a decade. During this time, hope was lost and I felt useless to myself, God, and others. Though my deepest prayer and desire was to find a path of service, the end was approaching and I had no strength left to hold on.

Why didn’t I end my life when it seemed the reasonable, the honorable, the only sane thing left to do? The answer was clear. My beloved older brother had preceded me by committing suicide in the living room of my home. The only certainty I had was that I would not, could not ,do that to my family-not another son a suicide. God, please kill me, because I cannot. He didnt and I am still here.

Looking back, it seems my first experience in the darkness happened in the early 90s while I was living in the San Francisco Bay area. It felt like spiritual despair and physical exhaustion. In this fog I was given a gift. I found I was a writer of songs. So, I sang and I wrote and I played my guitar and it seemed that the gift of music kept many of my devils at bay for awhile. Fast forward to Southern Utah 8 years later. After moving to Utah and immersing myself in the wilderness and the therapeutic wilderness industry, the bottom fell out of my life. I will spare you the gory details but let me enumerate the specific blows and stressors (this happened all within a couple of weeks):

My dog was run over by a car.
My brother killed himself in my living room.
I lost my job.
I lost my relationship through infidelity and betrayal with a trusted friend.
I lost my home.
To use Integral speak, I was fucked in all four quadrants. I left and began to roam-Texas, California, Tennessee. The pain and shock were completely overwhelming. All the therapeutic techniques I knew seemed pitiful and inadequate, like trying to stop a tidal wave with an umbrella. So, I wandered and wondered, and found no respite. I wore sunglasses all the time so that people would not have to see my eyes, which appeared blank and vacuous to me, like open graves. I remember going to gyms a lot, trying to work out my pain and suffering by intensely moving iron. I think it kept me anchored in my body and the world and probably saved my life, or at least kept me alive-barely. The exact chronology of these year is unclear to me; I have dark and murky flashes of memory but no clear timeline. Eventually, I wound up at my parents home in Texas. As they say, home is where if you show up, they cannot and will not turn you away. I was a wreck.

A pattern to the depression began to emerge: I could function in the mornings, but sometime in the afternoon the darkness would fall, lifting again only after dusk. A darkness so grim and complete that all I could do was lie in my room with drawn shades until it passed. The darkness seemed to last a thousand years; time was warped and slowed down. I could not read, I could not pray, I could not listen to music. I simply suffered in Hell. To contemplate even getting up to go to the bathroom or getting a drink of water felt like the energetic equivalent of climbing Everest.

I had a few hours of respite in the evening and morning hours and then I’d go through it all again. I remember the terror and the dread of watching the clock and awaiting the torments of the damned. Slowly a plan began to unfold. I would work on myself to try and heal myself in the good hours that were afforded me. I lifted weights, went to early morning aerobic classes, took vitamins and supplements, entered therapy, practiced Chi Gong-all in the morning before the crash. I began to resurrect a little. I got a part in a musical where I played the Elvis character in a hometown production of Bye Bye Birdie. It gave me fellowship, purpose, and some creative direction. This helped and the crashes diminished somewhat.

Looking back, I suppose it was my first attempt to devise a sort of Integral Practice, one born out of desperation, which certainly seems to be, in my case, the mother of invention. The problem was that I had no guiding model of healing, so I devised a tourniquet to staunch the flow of my life blood and headed back into the fray. But I didn’t keep up the practices that seemed to be helping, and for the most part abandoned them when I felt a little relief, throwing myself back into my life and work in a grim, fatalistic attempt to be of service while I still had a little strength left.

This became a pattern: during those periods when the darkness lifted, I would throw myself back into the fight to be of service and do something I considered noble, or meaningful, with the last full measure of my devotion, as if the hounds of hell were on my trail and there was not much time until they caught up with me. At the time, this meant wilderness therapy, as being a guide seemed to be the only thing that I was any good at and it met my inner standards for being of enough value to my people to keep me going and away from the valley of the shadow of death and despair. The problem was that I kept exhausting myself and the days of darkness would begin again.

And so it went. I had periods in which I was okay, followed by periods where I would start the cycle of afternoon descents into the nether regions. I tried medications for awhile and was told that I would have to be on them for the rest of my life. The drugs left me feeling, well, drugged, and I couldn’t maintain steady employment because of the long periods of being incapacitated by the ever-returning spells. It was hard to keep paying for the medications or to keep paying health insurance, and I didn’t have the energy or inclination to file for some sort of government disability support.

Somewhere during this on again, down again, in Hell again, seesaw dance, I discovered William Styron’s profound little book, A Darkness Made Visible, in which Styron describes very accurately what I was going through and what had happened to my brother. Just finding this book brought a great relief of sorts-somebody else besides me and Rick had been through this. There is a picture of Styron in the book in which he has the same fallen face and empty, dull, thousand-yard-stare eyes that I saw in the mirror when I looked at myself during my descents. Just knowing that I was not alone was comforting, as one of the most horrible things about these periods was the feeling of utter isolation from others, God, everything.

Into this Manichean up and down struggle for my life and purpose, entered Ken Wilber, integralnaked.org, the AQALTM map, and Integral Life Practice. I have written extensively about this elsewhere so there is no need to tell the whole story again, but from the spiritual/Integral awakening that occurred at this point, I developed the Integral RecoveryTM model-or, more often than not it feels like I channeled it-with its application of the AQALTM map to the disease of addiction and Integral Recovery Practice as the vehicle of healing transformation and awakening for the addict. (By the way, in more cases than not, addiction begins with some variation on the disease of depression: the addict starts out trying to self-medicate her way out of depression by using drugs and alcohol, looking for blissful, temporary relief.)

In my innocence and Integral fervor, I did what Ken said to do, exercising the body, mind, heart, and soul. I also had the intuition that I was onto something very important and that my work and healing were not just for me, but that I was beginning to help cut that Kosmic groove (as happens to all of us are who have traversed the landscape of this unfolding, rollicking, Integral R-evolution) that would help many some day, especially my beloved addicts with whom I had been working for so many years both in and out of the wilderness.

At some point early on in my Integral journey, I listened to three audio files with Ken Wilber and Bill Harris talking about something called HolosyncTM and binaural brain entrainment. My first thought was, This sounds too good to be true, but what if it works only half as well as he says it does? Then it would still be, could be, very important. I hemmed and hawed around for a bit, reading the papers, looking at the posts on the internet to see what people were saying, and finally laid my money down and ordered the first level. The rest, as they say, is history. Within the first week of my using HolosyncTM, I experienced a class five spiritual awakening: body/mind dropped, badabing!, I was awake! Koans now made sense, I was cruising on non-dual, and I was simply this little johnness floating in a vast sea of luminescent consciousness that was my original face and that was my truest and vastly deepest self.

My first thought was, Thank God, but this is ridiculous! Can it be this easy? After that initial explosion of context and awareness, I spent the next nine months plunging into and releasing layer after layer of pain, shadow and trauma. And I found that I could stick with the process and the sometimes very scary nature of the encounter with my shadow elements, because of the vast and hugely expanded awareness that had come online for me in that first week of using Holosync, and a new kind of inner wisdom that let me know that this was just what needed to happen, and that I was healing and progressively becoming free. I also felt that what I was learning was important and would allow me to take others through this process in the future.

It has been four years now and the darkness has receded. I have had a few brief spells, but now I simply sit with it, and it burns off quickly under the transmutational fire and warmth of pure awareness. I am 53 now, and every day seems to be a miracle of Grace, flow, and endless possibility for depth, service, and growth for little john on the wave of God he is part and parcel of. The wind is in my face and tears are in my eyes as I ride the surfboard of my life, racing towards the shore where we all become one again and fade into the Light.

John Dupuy, creator of Integral Recovery

I’ve already learned so much with you, and I continue to learn so much with your LPIP course, and Holosync solution program is facilitating my comprehension of that precious knowledge. I am so grateful to have discovered you and Centerpointe 2 years ago! Your LPIP course is by far the most efficient program I’ve ever seen (and done). It is the basis of my comprehension of the universe and myself, it seems clear to me now. Now, whenever I read a book, or hear something, I can more easily discern what is bullshit and what are diamonds.

The fact that you insist so much onto the focus on what you want made me understand at a deeper level why, and how to write a goal, to put what and how I want it, to put a precise date, to explain what I commit myself to do in return, and to read it 3 times per day and act since its total completion. I think one of the reason of the success of your LPIP courses is the repetition of some same ideas, seen in different angles in different principles, in different situations.

I’ve learned the power of the questions, how to precisely chose them, and I can easily understand now, why, in other books like Brian Tracy ones, why he often writes some resourceful questions in his books ! It’s like I’ve never seen this power until I became aware of its obvious efficiency, thanks to you Bill, because I absolutely trust you the way you speak, the words you chose and even the tone of your voice. And you have the unique talent to make people understand complex ideas. In trusting you, I opened up my heart to your precious knowledge, and I had the persistence to go through it entirely, to accept it.

In evaluating my 2009 year, I can say that : I’ve honored 4 goals I wrote : To work at Paris, to find an apartment, to have a promotion, and to finish and send my book. I’ve discovered what really a belief is, and how a belief may bring some resourceful or some unresourceful outcome. I’ve also discovered some unresourceful beliefs that, after seeing them, have been evaporated. I’ve discovered my value hierarchy, how I spend my time and how to make some changements in order to be more efficient in having the outcome I want. It has been a lot of work, but I’ve succeed in re-organizing my way of living. And of course I want to continue my evolution! Thank you from my heart Bill, I think you’ve really helped me a lot, perhaps more than anybody else. Thank to the team of centerpointe, because each time I have to contact them, or for any question, not only they are there, but they are careful, they are patient, and pleasant. GREAT JOB !


I’m 2nd generation German American born in ND, raised on the Northern Plains. I’ve a BS in communication, Masters of Divinity from Bethel Theological Seminary, ST. Paul Mn., an ordained American Baptist Clergy person for 30 years and I’m a Board Certified (Association of Professional Chaplains) Chaplain with my daily walk working with patients and families in Hospice. I was a Pastor, 3 different churches over 20 years during my burnout period. I could write a book about the changes in life view, experience and approach to people. I had a core spiritual pain issue that released loads of psychic and physical energy that sought to prove self worth, bury pain and distract from inner chaos and self doubt via external achievements and numerous activities. If you are familiar with the Enneagram I’am a 7 with an 8 wing.

I was beginning Clinicial Pastoral Education- extended training in chaplain work for hospitals, jail and hospice venues. Part of the training focuses on increasing self awareness, inner movements, understanding the 3 centers of experience (using the traditional mystic orientation) for the purpose of being more watchful or witness oriented towards self. This helps create what we call sacred space where others are free to be, express and feel without judgment and with supportive presence.

I stumbled on holosync via Learning Strategies who were advertising behavioral changing tapes using holosync technology. I decided to find out about the technology… went to the site and thought I would go with the pros… and chose to try prologue and see what happened. I remember telling the other 7 CPE group members (we met weekly for 3 hours doing shadow work etc) and one guy responded that maybe they should all get tin foil hats!

These CPE units are 6 months long, so I was half way through the second cd when we did our final evaluations(feedback to each other about how we have experienced each other during the quarter). All 7 individuals spoke in very positive ways of a variety of changes taking place in how they experience me… more centered, more grounded, more focused, talked far less, listened more. In fact, the gentleman who had made the wise crack about the tin foil hats said, What ever you are doing its working.

You were continually emphasizing having the mental tools to cooperate with the changes that holosync fueled meditation fostered. So I studied all 3 segments of your Life Integration Course which is extremely helpful in intentionally developing self awareness, giving logical tools for personal world view transformation and ultimately intentional self transformation.

You are accurate in saying that meditation and more specifically holosync (meditation on steroids) enables the experience of more inner peace along with greater ability to work with stress. The increasing development of the witness that helps to delink personal investment/defensive energies from self worth issues, examination of the uglies that pop up in shadow work with curiousity rather than self judgment or negative self evaluation… able to view these uglies until they fall away.. an amazing process.

My chosen vocation as a hospice chaplain is in the shadow area for a 7. A 7 is the joyful extrovert, party animal, who like a race horse is continually running on the outside, neglecting the inner work, self reflection, and sitting with painful situations that is part of a healthy PRESENCE. I believe I am able to sit with the dying, and their family’s as death changes life and experience for them all because I’m going deeper, inward fueled by holosync. Change is often painful and death is definitely a change.I have a patient load of 30, individuals and families experiencing a vast spectrum of feelings..and I sit with, cry with, and laugh with them as we walk together during this part of their journey.

I believe that God has called me to this work. I also know that holosync is the primary tool of self transformation that prepared me to walk with people, while with- standing the tremendous out pouring of emotional pain and grief. I can feel joy… inner light-ness midst the turmoil.

I think it was Buddha who said we should die before we die, so that when we die, we won’t die. Because of bringing witness to this daily walk with death, life is so much more rich in contrast. In fact I did a 2 week meditation around my own personal death…experiencing the anticipatory grief of ego and the joy of release.. its all ok.

In the beginning, I was meditating 2 hours a day during the week, and 3 on weekend. The PRESSURE was terrific. I could do it of course because I was actively doing shadow work, and using extending Chi Gung workouts to smooth out my snapping nerves. Caffeine overdose had nothing on me. Overwhelm and bifurcation points became common experiences. It was level 7 I realized that my shift was going deeper, taking more energy. I wanted to do a more thorough work so I slowed down to an hour a day. I’m 59 so I figure I can intentionally stretch this process of transformation another 4-5 years or so, and enjoy the trip more.

Thanks Bill, even if there is no followup contact, for the opportunity to tell you in a small bit the effect of holosync technology and your teaching. I remain a Christian, and I don’t use many of the metaphors and semantic frames you have to hold your world view, but I value greatly your perspective for it has enriched my outlook. My experience of God, the holy is being transformed.. what more can a person ask than to be more self aware, content with and at peace with what you see and feel an increasing intimacy with creation and the Creator who made you? Blessing and Peace to you,
-When speeding through life, deputize me
to arrest myself and sermonize me,
I caught you speeding. Slow down,
lest in that whizzing by I miss you.-

From A Book of Wonders by Ed Hays

Rev. Craig Weber

Dear Bill,

I have been using and enjoying your product for a very long time now, and have many times thought about writing you and thanking you personally for what Centerpointe has done for me. All I can say is, what an incredible ride.

I initially started using Holosync as a tool to help me become a better stock trader. I thought that my life was going along pretty well. I was not in the best of shape physically and I did occasionally drink too much, but no big deal. The other side effects of Holosync where bad habits fell away effortlessly sounded really good also, but I really did not believe it inside, I just wanted to make more money trading.

When I heard you tell your story it reminded me a lot of myself. I was very angry, but I felt justified in my anger, I was angry because of what happened to me, it was not my fault. At the time I thought of myself as a really likeable guy, I just did not understand why everyone didn’t see me that way.

So I started using Holosync every day—you know, hurry up and change, magical pill. Even on the very first level I was being pushed over my threshold. I remember the first time I woke up one morning came down stairs and it was like I woke up in someone else’s life, I remember sitting on the couch and saying to myself How did I get here? Is this really my life? I created this life? It was very uncomfortable as I began to strip away the layers of blame and denial of responsibility.

I really did fight it every step of the way. As I began to awaken I would see myself using alcohol more on days when I was overly stressed. It all seemed so obvious all of a sudden. Every time after the sometimes very painful breakthroughs there would be a new level of depth, understanding, and deep peace. I was just beginning to understand the Watcher and the difference between the voice in your head and the Silent Watcher. It really did take many years before I would understand the true meaning of meditation and peace.

The New understanding of letting whatever happens be ok is a masterpiece. The Ego mind tries to mold its own map of reality in everything. It fights to be right, all for nothing.

If you think about the correlations between the ego mind’s map of reality and stock trading the similarities are striking. I would buy a stock to go up, so I had an attachment to going up, If it went up, I made some money when I finally sold it (if it hit the level of profit that I thought it should hit) but if the stock did not do what my ego thought it should do I would say, well, it will go up and I‘m going to wait for it to do what my version of reality is, all the while watching myself lose money. Finally the pain of losing that much money would win the ego battle and I would sell. This whole process goes on subconsciously, until I finally realized what was going on. The markets do what they are going to do regardless of what I want. Very similar to life

The other very striking point that I realized along the way was when I became close to another upheaval, I would notice myself spending most of my time thinking about what I don’t want. This bothers me and that bothers me etc., etc.. As I moved to deeper levels, I would focus like a laser beam on only what I want. I am to the point now where I spend zero time with what I do not want and all of my time in peace.

When you say effortlessly fall away, I would say the work is done in your mind, practicing the watcher is hard work, the mind set of presence is hard work, silencing the endless hamster wheel of your ego mind is hard work. Holosync makes this state of awareness and presence easy to understand. Before I started with holosync, I was a mess, I drank too much, I over ate, I verbally abused the ones I love, all the while hiding it from myself?

The past few years have been very successful and effortless. I move from one level of success to the next. Every area of my life is successful, Professionally, I am about to realize my dream of being a full time trader. Physically I am in the best shape of my life. I feel like I’m 20 years old. Spiritually I feel connected to everything and everyone like never before. My relationships are peace and harmony, My wife of 11 years and I are as happy as we have ever been. I do not drink, I eat healthy, I am truly living the life of my dreams, and creating the life that I want. The amazing thing is that I am at a level of peace that comes from within. All of the success that I am having is not why I am happy, I am happy and at peace because that is what comes from inside me, all of the life situations I am experiencing are a byproduct of what is coming from within me all day, all night, everyday. Everyone around me notices this, I change the environment that I am in, and I know exactly why.

Bill, Holosync is a masterpiece. Your work will change generations of people. Job well done and most of all Thank you

Matt Lockwood (Flowering levels)

My first meditative experiences began at age five and were self induced through a conscious attempt to silence my inner dialog. The reasons for this had nothing to do with meditation (something I
had virtually no knowledge of or training in at the time) and are of a very personal nature which while I hesitate to put in an email I am willing to share with you personally if the opportunity arises.

At the time I had no idea what to expect and my first Samadhi was something
I was completely unprepared for at that age. There was no-one I was
comfortable discussing the experience with and it and subsequent experiences
each left me quite shaken. I soon discovered that turning it off was even
more difficult than it had been to turn it on. how I wish that young boy
had the guidance to know what I had tapped into at the time and the courage
to rest in that place…

after a while I was able to consciously suppress the need to understand what
had happened but as a direct result I have always carried with me a
sensitivity and a sense of ‘connection’ that others around me never seemed
to really grasp. I never discussed the experience with anyone until some
forty years later. But throughout my youth and much of my adult life my
‘sensitivity’ has been perceived by others as being ‘too emotional’.
especially ‘for a man’. I must admit that the information and energy I
sense has at many times in my life been overwhelming. although I no longer
think this way, I sometimes found myself admiring the men around me who
seemed to be ‘cold hearted’ or have ‘no feelings’ at all. It was for this
reason that I eventually sought to attempt to learn how to ‘manage’ my
senses and resulting thoughts.

At about age 42 I attended a Hollow Bones Sesshin and consciously began
studying and practicing Zen with some initial tutelage by Junpo and a great
deal of follow up study and practice. I’ve continued to practice daily ever
since. it was only a short time after my ordination into Hollow Bones when
I discovered your work and became a inner circle, everything member. I
hesitated to discuss the program with Junpo because at the time the use of
such an ‘aide’ seemed somehow in contrast with the Rinzai tradition and
spirit. I was delighted to recently receive an email from Junpo telling the
Hollow Bones community about Centerpointe…

When I first spoke with Junpo to discuss my possible participation in Hollow
Bones (+-1999?), he asked me if I had any meditative experience. I answered
without hesitation that I did not. It was three years after my Sesshin at
Mt. Baldy during a (holosync assisted) sit when I ‘realized’ the truth of
what had happened to me so many years earlier. The healing of that
realization is something that even today is difficult to express in rational

This year I will be fifty-three. I’ve stopped monitoring how long and when
I sit. sometimes I’ll mediate for hours, sometimes just a few minutes.
Initially I was concerned that I would become dependent on the program; so I
have always sought to practice at least once each day without the material.
I now believe however that it has helped refine my ability to practice even
when I am not using the material.

One of the things I really love the most about the HoloSync program is that
there are moments (even now) when things around me are exceptionally noisy,
and as much as I might want to just sit and let time go, I sometimes have
only a few minutes to spare. These are the spaces today where the program is
of immense value because in just as few minutes I can let go of needs and
expectations and become the witness, providing invaluable insight and
helping guide me through the chaos.

needless to say, there is virtually no place or area in my life which is not
ultimately impacted by this and I am truly grateful to you for your work and
to Junpo for inviting me into his Zendo. I wish you every success and much

Mark Lloyd

I feel Bill should receive the Humanitarian of the Year Award, for all he does for humanity. Not only does it NOT break the bank to get in to Holosync, but Bill continually provides more and more value added info. to the mix, way over and above what we ever bargained for in the initial purchase. I started with that discipline when I first decided to become an entrepreneur at the age of 18. It’s called: promise a lot, deliver even more!

Back in the 60’s and 70’s, I couldn’t get my hands on enough material to read to upgrade my mind for a great future. I can’t believe there could ever be a boy who would work 30 hours a week as a 17 Y.O. carry-out boy at a grocery store, and buy a new book almost every week i.e.: Think and Grow Rich, The Power of Positive thinking, Earl Nightingale cassettes, eventually Anthony Robbins cassettes, etc.

Over the years, I took a lot of ridicule by partners and associates (most of which were highly educated, much more than I). You really believe that crap? I guess in that way, I had to learn to separate myself from others in order to keep positive in my on fire bent quest to live a fully extended life. In my 20’s and 30’s and 40’s I was doing subliminals, courses i.e.: Sedona Method, etc., and eventually got to the $ top for about 7 years, until 1 1/2 years ago, when it all came tumbling down (no more income of $ 1,500.00/day, 7 days/week minimum) because of customer bankruptcies, etc.

Through it all, I had just been into the new course of mine: Holosync, and in addition to that , I listened and read over and over again, hearing Bill talking about watching with interest. It certainly was hard disassembling my Dynasty, and moving banker boxes out of my office after I laid off all 92 people, secretaries, managers, etc, but it sure was easier to do it with my fingernails intact. I had gone the frantic route before with divorce, etc. and this calmer one was indeed much easier! I do know one thing: You really do have to be ready to receive this information, or all it will do is make you mad to hear it!

I talk to others in the same boat, about chaos, etc. and they say: Oh yes, that certainly is true, but do nothing about learning more to improve. They’re satisfied to sit and bitch about circumstances.

Thanks to Bill for delivering a lot, and even more. I’ve bought in on some programs of the other Avatars of The Secret, and most of them are a marketing company with consistently new things for me to buy which gets tiring. Holosync has by far helped me more than anything to date!

Thank you!

Doug Burkhart//Phoenix, Arizona

Yo Bill,

I have found that those who continuously spout about positive thinking are usually not very positive at all. They seem to be at a loss with the voices in their head, mistaking them for the ultimate reality rather than the details of the MAP itself. Consequently they seem to get stuck in a state of a somewhat pathological bliss, proclaiming their happiness through tears. I wonder if perhaps the writer of the first letter has witnessed this and thus clams up or gets angry when he is encouraged to list the benefits from a negative experience.

After six years of Holosync I find little resistance to the thoughts pouring through my mapmaker. I let them happen and thus return to the ultimate question; How? How can I? What can I?
I know that when I fall down my mind and my environment have evolved in such a way as for me to get back up again, and again, and again. So now when I fall, or if I wake up depressed or angry or whatever, I enjoy the ride, (acknowledge the voices), but I still keep my focus on taking action on my hows and whats. Of course the longer I have been using Holosync, the more I wake up just John. John without the baggage of an old maps reality.

Am I achieving my goals as fast as I want? Heavens no, but I don’t waiver anymore. I know what I want and I keep my focus on my goals.

Yes I have been through the three courses about three times now, each time learning more, understanding more of what you are teaching at a deeper level.

Here’s my Role Model experience:
I am an actor, who works, but not as much as my Goal Statement would have me work. So I take Stand-In work on TV shows. First for the experience and also because I have proven myself reliable and hard working and they know I’m a committed actor, I am allowed to sneak off the set and go on auditions. Well the first time I went through the course I searched high and low for an actor I could role model, but couldn’t quite seem to find one because I was thinking I was suppossed to role model the person, rather than the habits that actor had developed that made them a successful actor. The second time I went through the course I was working on a TV show called Twins with an actor named Mark Linn Baker. I really focused not on Mark, but on what Mark was doing on the set every day. He would put his daily script in binder and work away on his part the way the director puts together the show. But I didn’t dig further into Mark, I simply observed and emulated and low and behold the writers wrote a part in the script for me. The show was cancelled after one season, and although this may sound funny to some I am actually in high demand as a stand-in. This year from the director of that show I was offerred a full season to stand-in on Two and a Half Men, but turned it down because I had given a verbal commitment to the same writers and producers from Twins who are doing a new show called Sh t My Dad Says, with William Shatner. Plus I really wanted to work with and role model Mr. Shatner, because I want to know how and what he is doing to be so successful(not to mention my old Capt. Kirk maps!).

The man is amazing. He is the first actor on set every day, (and also the first to leave)he says hello, a few jokes and then, maybe after five minutes, he rolls up his sleeves (literally) and gets to work. He works like no other actor I’ve seen. Working dialogue, finding his rythym, memorizing lines, finding the buttons, how to help his other actors, asking them to help him, calling up producers and writers and talking about dialogue or script changes. He eats, but doesn’t stop what he’s doing to eat. The way he communicates with everyone is thoughtful and considerate, this man is the consumate professional, the ultimate actor. I now know, absolutely what it takes for me to be successful. I know what I have to bring to the set every day regardless of whatever is going on in my life. I’ve had the opportunity to rehearse and read with him for producers and network, they cast me in a minor role, but then took the character out of the script, which happens all the time, but what is important to me is that casting/producers/network are aware of me and acknowledging my work.

Today I am going over my MPGS and hope to find more specific goals to hone in on. IF you happen to read this on the Blog and you are debating the three courses, I hope this encourages you to take the dive. They are well worth it, and have all the info you need to create the life you want. I’m okay with it not happenning overnight, it’s the experience of the roller coaster of life that I wake up for every morning, not the end of the ride, but the ride itself.

Peace In


I’ve been meaning to write you for quite some time now. You must be getting these kind of letters all the time. However I really want to take this time to thank you for everything and to tell you how Holosync and your teachings have helped me alot. I’m not quite sure if this is suitable for your blog but I’m going to write it anyway.

Six months before I found Centerpointe there was an experience that led me to read Echart Tolle’s books. After reading them I was still hungry for more and while googling bumped into your free course Mastering The Power of Now which I took. I got familiar with Genpo Merzel/Roshi (and Big Mind), Ken Wilber (and Intergral Theory) and all the other great teachers which I’m really grateful for.

And as it happend you were promoting Holosync and curious for more I ordered the free cd and just devouringly read all the letters people had writen you about their experiences with Holosync. Like many others, I had tried many things before desperate for results, desperate for finding the secret to having a happy life and some peace of mind. And like many others I’ve had a pretty tough life. I’ve gone through a serious depression that went on for years. In short, I was just miserable for a long period of my life. Even though I got eventually better, I was still pretty miserable and looking for ways to improve my life. And that’s where your teachings and Holosync came in.

Oppose to all those others who wrote how great Holosync were for them from the very beginning it wasn’t really my experience of Holosync at first. It was torture for me to sit still every day and I just hated the fact that I couldn’t keep my mind still while listening to the soundracks. I didn’t understand at that time that I was resisting to it and made my own experience worse for myself. And BTW, I love listening to Holosync these days. I really can’t wait to get that part of the day.

What really helped me in the beginning was all the extra material from you, your the support letters, the booklets and your blog with all your responses to people. They were something I really hung on to. And I still enjoy reading them.

For some reason it has been easy for me to adopt what you’re teaching. I guess it’s because they just make sense to me. I’d like to mention some of the stuff that have had a big impact on the way I see things: let everything be okay, Alan Watts’s The game of black and white, Ilya Progine’s theory on chaos and reorganization and how you applied it to how the mind works, your booklet of Oneness isn’t Metafysical (that one helped me alot at one point), and your blog writings especially the ones about human development. From all the great teachers out there your teachings along with Holosync have been the most powerful, efficient, and in a very short period of time. I think your work is brilliant!

I remember taking your course Master your emotions, your actions, your life at the very beginning and it was such an eye opener for me. I couldn’t believe how rapidly things started changing for me. If I had known about those methods before, it sure would had speared me all those years in therapy in the past..

I’m beginning AL3 soon, so I know I’m at the very beginning of this great journey and that there’s still alot of shadows to face. But honestly, I don’t think there’s a better way of facing them, changing my life and owning all parts of it than listening to Holosync and just living the best way you can. I’m already more balanced and see ways to make a change and even my husband said that he’s never seen me as relaxed as I am these days. I’ve got two little children (1 and 2 year olds) and I’m happy to be able to enjoy life with them. I guess it’s because I’m just being more true to myself. And I guess it’s just easier to see things and people more the way they are.

I’m looking for ways to help others more and I sure hope that I’ll come up with something that will benefit someones life as Holosync and your teachings have mine. I still have your LIPL course ahead so looking forward to that.

Hopefully I’ll have the priviledge of meeting you one day. That would be just awesome.

Till then, all the best and thank you,

Angel S.H

Dear Bill,

I am SO excited to finally be enrolled in your LPIP courses, with direct email access to you! I wanted to take some time to truly thank you for this opportunity, and to thank you again for giving me such powerful life-changing tools in the forms of Holosync and the many forms of helpful support materials that have come with it.

I first learned about the course last November, when you were offering Holosync 2.0 for the first time. I had only been using Holosync for about one month at that time but I already KNEW I wanted to do this for life, to commit to the entire 12 level program. I was so so SO disappointed I just could not come up with the $500 for a down payment for the inner circle, which included as an extra special bonus the LPIP course.

I was able to purchase Awakening One, with the payment plan, but at the time, that was all I honestly could afford. It really hurt to have to pass this up, as it seemed like EXACTLY the leadership I needed and had been searching for in my life for a LONG time. Then, in April, I about pulled my hair out when the same deal was unexpectedly offered again — I was so frustrated that I just couldn’t come up with $500 again within the month the sale was going on.

Ugh! I thought about selling stuff on ebay, stuffing envelopes from home, but I’m a stay-at-home mom with a 1 and 3 year old and I just couldn’t come up with anything. (Despite my having a Master’s degree, I just can’t figure out how to make and save money, which will ironically probably be addressed during your LPIP course!) It really tortured me to have to pass it up again, and I contacted the support staff at Centerpointe to see if there would ever be a THIRD chance for me to get to take part in this. I worried this opportunity would vanish before I could take advantage of it, and I knew I WANTED and NEEDED IT! (And let me make one thing clear: while $500 IS a lot of money for me, I believe this course is worth many, many times more…)

I did NOT want to ever have to pass this opportunity up again if I were lucky enough to be presented with it again. And so, since April, I set up a special savings account just to go towards taking the LPIP course the next time it would (hopefully again!) be offered. At one point I had $300 saved, but unexpected bills would come, and I’d have to pull from the account. As of yesterday, I had $200 in my LPIP savings account. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot, but I worked really hard on putting that $200 aside.

For so many reasons, I REALLY want to take this course. I KNOW I will benefit from it. I am a person who has struggled with anxiety, fear, panic, depression, excessive worry, and so much negative thinking, for decades. I live with AD/HD and bipolar disorder – two things that make daily life even more complicated and difficult for me. And despite spending huge amounts of my free time and energy for the past 15 years trying to get past these problems, most of them remain in tact.

Last night, when most of the nation was watching the presidential debate, I watched Video #4 on my computer. (I really had this feeling that these videos were leading to Bill offering his LPIP courses!) I just knew I wanted to take action, NOW, and sign up. But my heart was sinking as I worried I’d have to come up with $500. Then, my heart truly started pounding when I heard him say THIS WAS THE LAST TIME HE’D EVER OFFER THIS COURSE AGAIN.

And then, it was just like a story you may have heard on the film The Secret (which ironically was how I came to find Bill Harris, his Holosync program, and his online class, when I watched it the summer of 2011): Right then, he said he knew financial times were tough, and so he would even offer a payment plan, but only 200 slots with email access to him were offered! My heart raced!!! I now knew I could afford it, TODAY!, and this would be MY THIRD AND LAST CHANCE, but would I make it in time?!?! He said, okay, it’s time… scroll down to the bottom of the screen… I DID IT! I GOT ONE OF THE SLOTS! ONE OF THE LAST 200 SLOTS EVER TO BE OFFERED! I GOT IT!

Bill, it seemed to me that, for these last 200 slots, you really wanted to kind of screen people out and make sure that these were 200 people who truly wanted a life-changing course like this, and who would COMMIT and INVEST the time and energy into it. Well, with me, you got one. I PROMISE. I have two little girls — two and four years old — but I find time every single day to do my Holosync. I also find time to do my daily yoga practice, which I have been doing now for 16 years. I am troubled, but I am dedicated. (Yes, I have that inspirational dissatisfaction that you talk about!)

I have watched my life gradually, progressively get better and better. I work so much harder on just feeling okay than the grand majority of people on this planet have to or would. I AM committed. I AM dedicated. I BELIEVE in Holosync, and I BELIEVE in your LPIP course. I WILL dedicate and commit myself 100% to this course, and I WILL be one of those people who will have her life forever positively changed because of it. I just know it. I PROMISE.

I am just so thankful that I got this opportunity. And right in the nick of time.

In just a few days, on October 28, 2012, I will have been using Holosync for exactly ONE YEAR! I believe I will always remember this date because I will always regard it as a huge turning point in my life. As soon as I got a taste of Holosync and read all of the scientific explanations on how it works, I just KNEW it was going to be the tool that would finally help me out of my decades long battles with fear, depression, anxiety, excessive and chronic worry, anger, and all of my other dysfunctional ways of thinking and being. It surely wasn’t the first thing I had tried; like you and many others, I’ve spent years upon years trying things, like self-help books, affirmations, therapy, medication, and even traditional meditation. Finding yoga 16 years ago and developing an established, daily home practice has certainly been transformational for me, and I plan to continue this practice. But when I received and really understood what Holosync was – I just knew I had finally found IT. Although I still have a long way to go, it truly has been a remarkable year. Just as you promised, throughout the year I have watched my resolve to life’s problems strengthen. Just like you said, things that used to really upset and bother me just aren’t having the same effect on me anymore. And when I do get upset, I am over it quicker.

But I do still have a very chaotic mind, and in so many ways I’m directionless. I just don’t know what to do with my thoughts, and there are still so many areas of my life I really do need some guidance with. It’s hard for me to make friends, I’m not close to most of my family, I turn people away and find reasons not to like them. Despite being 38 and having a master’s degree, I have no idea what I want to do with my life, and I’ve never figured out how to make more than $11 an hour. And I still have reoccurring scary thoughts, and I am an excessive, chronic worrier (which I know is not a good thing). Despite my best efforts, I just can’t seem to feel better, stop worrying, or make my life work. Everyday life is difficult for me and I probably make it harder for myself than it needs to be.

Holosync has been a great addition to my life. (This seems like an understatement.) It has already helped me tremendously and I plan on sticking with it for the entire program (so please stick around!!!). But I really feel like I am a person who will benefit tremendously from being shown how to use my thoughts, my mind in a FUNCTIONAL way, for a change. These seem like such important building blocks materials for life – it’s just crazy to me that no one else has taught me how to use my mind before. So, I truly am thankful and excited about this huge opportunity.

So, thank you. Thank you so much for this opportunity to take the LPIP course with you. I WILL put my time in. I WILL learn and grow. I can’t believe I got one of the last slots, ever. Your leadership, knowledge, and experience will NOT be lost on me. I WILL use it, and my life will forever be changed. It will benefit not only me for the rest of my life, but it will also benefit my children, my family, my friends, and all of the people I will know and meet for the rest of my life. I truly believe this. Thank you so much.


Nicole Philippi, Beacon, New York

I would like to tell you how holosync has been affecting me in response to your last support letter.

Well, when I first began using holosync I felt it was my last shot. As I experinece a severe emotional and physical abuse in childhood from two parents who were extremely dyfunctional pretty much in every way, also imcompetent and irresponsible. It was so bad I left home close to becoming 18 years as it was intolerable.

Since then I have experienced a life a misery, poverty, upheaval, stuggle, lack of love, you name it. And I was severely depressed. I tried soooooo much.. study courses ( to better my life and opportunities ) , different work, books, seminars, hobbies, learning psychology on a formal level, energy healing, other subliminal programmes …..etc. but no matter what I learnt or tried practically it didnt seem to change results in my life ( ie because my map of reality was still the same and it didnt change my ‘ threshold levels .)

So when I started using holosync , the preliminary level I already could notice some positive effects without actually doing anything. I just started to feel calmer and less depressed. I felt changes were happening but I couldnt quite put my finger on it. And because I sensed this change ( and I enjoyed the sounds on the cds ) I decided to give holosync a really good chance. And I had read your notes on how it works ; in gradual process. So I wasnt expecting miracles to happen overnight.

Anyhow…. most of what you mentioned would happen in the support letters and your site, I have been experiencing.

I feel ‘optimistic’ about life for no particular reason. In fact at times I experience what I call ‘bursts of joy so that for no reason, even in the middle of a bad day or time, suddenly a sense of overwhelming joy overtakes me and I feel so excited and happy about my being alive that I want to ring a friend and talk to someone and tell them how great I feel ~!

At times , also for no apparent reason, I feel very sad or depressed but it passes fairly soon ( maybe within 30 minutes or couple hours or one day ) , then it totally lifts and I’m back to usual again.

I feel so much more enthusiasm and excitement for life. I feel mental clarity. I feel and emotional calmness even if things arent going too great.

Just an overall sense of well-being and confidence that everything will work out. My memory has improved dramatically.

And I am soooooo much less reactive than I used to be, to horribel people and horrible situations.

I feel all these things even though there has not been any significant changes to my life ( ie no relationship, or more money , or out of rental ).

The one HUGE difference I have noticed that really pleases me the most is this.;
in the past when something or someone happened to trigger anger or depression in me ( my two main problems ) this feeling of anger or depression would just stay with me for years !!! I didnt know how to get rid of it, and even when I thought Id managed to forget it, years later I would remember it and still I felt the anger or depression associated with it.

Now however, when something or someone angers me it is totally different.Now I still feel the initial anger or depressed feeling but in a less emotional way ( if that makes sense ). AND the feeling doesn’t take a hold of me, it seems to go away without my really doing anything. Its as if I dont really care or waste my energy feeling angry or depressed . And I feel it I dont want to allow the situation or person the power to ruin my sense of happiness.

Thanks Bill, so much for making this programme. It really is changeing my life and given me a real sense of hope for my future.

God Almighty bless , take care

Seyma Jibril



I really do feel like you are a person/teacher who really cares about helping us. As a person who has struggled with bipolar disorder (which obviously includes a lot of depression and volatile emotions), troubled relationships, an inability to hold a job, significant problems with anger, attention, etc., if I can find something that will actually help me live a happier life, then I need to do it. Because, like you say of so many people who come to Holosync, I spent so many years trying so many other things, yet nothing ever really changed

When I finally found Holosync about a year and a half ago (man, it is SUCH a part of my life now I can’t believe I didn’t even have it two years ago!), I just KNEW it was going to be the powerful tool I needed that would finally help me live a happier life. I think Holosync is such an amazing invention�.

As a dedicated yoga practitioner, I always understood the benefits of meditation, but as a real person, especially one with such AD/HD, I tried several times to meditate, but I’d get frustrated and never felt I was really getting anywhere. Now, with Holosync, it doesn’t matter that my mind is running a million miles a minute. I can sit and daydream, but as long as I have my headphones on, I’m meditating and receiving all of its benefits. From the beginning, I have been absorbing all of your support materials:

* support letters

* your book Thresholds of the Mind

* listening to all of the talks (posted on facebook) with the longtime users of Holosync (I wish there were more than just the ten posted, especially with people who have a harder time with upheaval and overwhelm…)

* currently enrolled in the Life Principles Integration Courses

* listening to the extra webinars and live chats

They have all been tremendously helpful in helping me process the changes going on as a result of meditating with Holosync, and they also just help me have such a more sophisticated view (not just more sophisticated, but also a view that helps me feel better in it) of the world and life. So thank you, once again, for taking the time to create and share all of these support materials, and of course holosync itself. It’s a remarkable program, to say the least, and I am so thankful and happy I finally did discover it.

(And I try to talk many of my friends and family members, who I know would also benefit, into using it, but so far only my husband has taken the bait…)

Your courses, your teachings, your ways of explaining life and how to be happier are, I believe, a very sophisticated way of understanding and making sense of life and how to be happier while living. It’s certainly the most comprehensive and sense-making way of looking at things that I’ve ever come across. I wish I would have come across it earlier on in life, but hey, at least I did when I did (I’m now 38).

While I still have a long way to go, I already truly have come so far with using your whole program. Nothing has ever helped me so significantly. And I’m only just beginning. I’m so looking forward to all of the personal growth and happiness that will I KNOW be coming my way as a result of continuing your program. I don’t want to be annoying by thanking you so many times, but I truly am so thankful for all that you do. I believe you do care about your students, and I appreciate it. I just wanted to let you know, again. So thank you.


Nicle Philippi


I started using Holosync in 2002. I was deep in the middle of my recovery from having been involved in a cult, for the prior 18 years. I was undergoing intensive therapy, group therapy, hypnotherapy, shamanistic healing, NLP Certifications, anti depressant & anti anxiety medications, etc. You name it, I did it. I don’t remember how I came across Centerpointe but, I had a strong intuition that Holosync NEEDED to be a part of my daily life.

I’m a bit of an over achiever and, I didn’t waste anytime in attempting to speed up my Holosync results. (The depths of the folly of that decision, were soon revealed to me) Within a very short time, I had a massive panic attack. Like an I’m gonna die today type of panic attack.So, I put away the Holosync for 8 years.

Unfortunately, PTSD kept kicking my ass and, my life became quite chaotic and messy during those 8 years. My marriage was in trouble, I was self medicating with (abusing) alcohol and marijuana, surrounded by non-supportive friends/people/situations, etc. It was definitely Bad Times.

Motivated by the desire to avoid the pain I was experiencing, I decided to begin meditating with Holosync again. The way it was designed. Haha. I went back and started on Awakening Level 2. (I’d blown through to Level 3 or 4 faaaaar too soon – hence, Le’ Panic Attack.) I meditated once a day, every day, for 1 hour. At night, I’d do my best to sleep the entire night listening to Floating.

Immediately, I experienced a peace within myself – One I’d never felt before. It was remarkable.

I didn’t advance CD’s until I met the criteria that Centerpointe recommends…and, then I’d go for another week or two before advancing to the next CD. (I wasn’t gonna freak out, again.)

The results of Holosync use in my life have been profound: I immediately began to notice how I’d surrounded myself with people that I thought were friends; however, upon closer inspection, they really weren’t friends at all. That was a fairly bitter pill to swallow. Eventually, I ended 5 relationships/friendships and, it was one of the better decisions I’d made up to that point in my life.

Additionally, I’d developed a nasty addiction to marijuana over the years. I used marijuana daily, for many years. But, as I continued using Holosync, I began to notice all of the undesirable side effects I was experiencing from my use of it. Approximately 6 months after I began meditating again, my desire for weed disappeared. It was of no interest to me anymore.

Like yourself, I was an angry guy. However, I began to catch myself reacting to people, places and situations. And, much like you write about, I began to notice the distortion, deletion and generalization that I was doing in my mind. I began to choose different ways to act and to react. Again, like you’ve written and spoken about extensively, I made the more resourceful choices.

People have commented on the change in my personality but, even more powerful to me is the profound peace and calm within me, that has taken the place of that anger.

The biggest change in my life thus far has been my re-connection with my spirituality/God.

As I mentioned, I had been involved in a very destructive pseudo religious cult for approximately 18 years. One of the ugliest parts of that situation, was the feeling of being spiritually raped. As a result of that experience, I completely turned my back (as it were) on spirituality/God. For me, it was a horrible place to be. I was denying my own Self. I do not wish that upon my worst enemy. It is a dark and lonely place.

But, the most incredible thing has happened to me…With every day of my meditation, I feel my connection to everything. I began to see the oneness of everything. It’s the most incredible experience of my life. It’s helped to heal the wounds in my marriage, my heart, my health…

I don’t know that I have the language to convey just how deeply I feel about the changes it’s effected in my life. I am grateful beyond measure. Currently, I’m on Purification Level 2 and I’ve just started to use the Gamma mp3.

I could go on and on with a dozen other amazing transformations that have occurred so far, in my life. I can not wait to watch the future I’m designing, take shape. I feel as though I’ve awakened from a deep coma and the hazy fog that clouded my mind has begun to dissipate; and, the clarity that’s taking it’s place is the dissolution of the illusion of being separate from everything. (I hope you’ll forgive my gushing) If there is anything I can do to help you, or Centerpointe, please let me know.

It would be my pleasure. Thank you, again. Be Well.

Dar Dixon

Just a quick email to say hello and let you know how much I have been enjoying Holosync. I decided to purchase Holosync nearly three weeks ago after reading a recommendation on Dr Mark Hyman’s website. I enjoy reading Dr Hyman’s regular health info/emails and feel completely confident and at ease with what he recommends. I wasn’t intentionally looking for a self-improvement tool at the time, but when I viewed the information and what it could offer me, I had a really strong urge to purchase it then and there as I knew it would be able to help me. (My birthday was coming up so I asked my husband if he would be able to purchase this for me as my gift). I was very excited to receive the downloads and started immediately the next day.

The main reason for purchasing this tool was so that I can feel some peace. For the past 5 and ½ years I have been receiving various orthodox treatments for breast cancer, with limited success. Unfortunately at 3 ½ years during treatment, and again at 4 ½ years, I was diagnosed again two more times to say that the cancer was spreading. The most recent scans that I had in December 2013 showed it had spread to my bones. Throughout this whole time I have been living with much fear with the battle in my mind being the worst the good positive thoughts v the bad thoughts. Unfortunately the bad thoughts always seemed to be winning and I knew that they needed to be addressed. Every single day, there was the crippling feeling of fear and increasing feeling of lack of hope. I am a young Mum and wife (diagnosed at 39 years) and am not ready to leave this thing called life. I started reading many self-help ‘mind’ books, which did bring a certain amount of calmness in my thoughts, but I knew I needed more, but wasn’t sure what to do next. …Then I saw the recommendation from Dr Mark Hyman and instantly knew that Holosync was for me.

I have been using Holosync now for 2 and ½ weeks and have recently included listening to Immersion. I also choose to listen to making change easy and super longevity on a daily basis. I love all of it, even those couple of days where the fear came back terribly (Bill said it may do). However, as per Bill’s recommendations I chose to just be curious and ‘let it be’. (On this note, I just wanted to add that I go for a 50 minute walk each day, and about 1 month ago, even before I had even heard of Holosync, I was walking and all of a sudden the Beatles song Let it be came into my head and I just started signing the words ….there will be an answer, let it be. I had no idea why it popped into my mind as I don’t even like the Beatles songs, as they were a popular band before I was even born). That song stayed in my mind for the rest of the evening before fading away. Anyway, I thought no more of it. Days passed.

Upon receipt of the downloads, I started listening to Bill’s instructions on what to expect throughout my Holosync experience, and I heard him say several times just be curious, acknowledge it and let it be. My thoughts instantly went back to the time when I was walking and had just randomly started signing that Beatles song. I was gobsmacked and just knew then and there that I was onto something – Holosync was going to help me. (There have been other little incidences along the way when I have thought ‘Aha’ things that just started to make sense and fit into the picture (just as Bill described).

I thank you sincerely Bill for sharing such a wonderful technology, and I always look forward to doing this mediation every day. We are going on holidays in a couple of month’s time and it will definitely be coming with me as I do not want to miss a minute! I am now starting to look forward to the future with hope, and the feelings of fear are slowly starting to fade. I am excited about what Holosync has to offer me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!. With much appreciation,

Julie Kernick

From: Beryl Title
Date: August 16, 2014 at 7:41:03
Subject: Reflections on Robin William’s Death inspired by Bill Harris thoughts

Dear Family and Friends.

I want to share this email I received from Bill Harris today

He is developer of The Holosync a simple audio technology that can transform your life and who I perceive to be a heart felt compassionate and genuine individual .- the real deal!!!!since he has walk the walk of his own depression and anxiety and generously shares his knowledge so others can lift themselves up and out.

He has helped millions including myself during dark nights of the soul ,deep despair pockets and crippling depression and anxiety. Listening to his Brain changing CDs was a ray of hope and tremendous help when I was was trying to come back up from my depressive episodes. I remember the extreme effort it took to get out of bed and go take a walk in Jarvis Park which was just down the road but felt like it was miles away. I would grab my CD player and big head phone set ( this is before I figured out how to put it on my IPod duhhhh). Like it was a life line and in fact it was.

For it gave me the motivation and support to put one foot in frt of another and choose Life with each step of my 1 mile walk around Jarvis Pond while listening to the brainwave changing nature sounds on Holosync. It took nothing but a choice to put on the earbuds spend 10 minutes listening , allow whatever feelings came up and and keep moving. For me this was perfect combo and just what my body mind and soul needed. For there are times still when I feel out if balance and where sitting still and meditating trying to quiet my monkey mind is a challenge . This is when I pop in my earbuds and take a listen in my iPod to Holosync Voula !!! I can feel my brain waves shifting my stress decreased and my mental, creative and ability to focus and concentrate return. It’s like receiving a deep mediation result in a shot.

Another side effect for me was it raised my stress threshold and improves my vitality and sense of well being. At times when I was gripped by anxiety and couldn’t even get out of bed I was able to roll over and grab my CD player and give a listen. It was a gift sent by angels.

I know this might sound like an infomercial to some if you and pls excuse my enthusiasm but I felt compelled to share all this and hope it might save someone’s life. I only wish that the exquisitely sensitive and brilliant Robin Williams had this helpful tool and wish Bill had in fact contacted his celeb friends who use Holosync and they shared it with Robin W and he made the choice to use it. Sooo sad. I am choosing now to share a piece of my journey back to wholeness and happiness with all of you since you were also there to help me thru hard times with your suggestions support and love. By passing on Bill’s reflections and Holosync is my way if saying thanks.

If you or anyone you know is dealing with depression or anxiety here is a most helpful tool to change your Brain waves , unsupportive thinking patterns and shift your energy with just a daily 10 minute listen. yes it took some time for it to shift my brainwaves but it was well worth the wait. For life is so Good now. It was so simple that I wasn’t even sure if it was working until after a period of daily listening I felt the shift. I am so grateful to my dear friend and counselor Suzi Hastings for making the recommendation and for having the courage to give it a try.

Robin Williams untimely death has sparked many an open conversation about depression, anxiety, substance abuse, death and life. In gratitude

Beryl Bjo

Good day Bill,

I loved your email regarding Robin Williams and the way Americans seem to react to death. I, and even my children, adored Robin and didn’t want to believe the news was indeed real, that he was no longer with us. It hit me even harder as just this past summer I lost a cousin my own age, a young 35. I had, what I like to call a wake up call, near death experience of my own 1 year ago.

I am now an incredibly grateful Inner Circle member, but I had discovered Holosync nearly 8 years ago and ordered the Awakening Prologue, then lost it in a move to Beaverton, of all places. I am not a stalker, laughing out loud, however, I thought if something like Holosync was coming from a beautiful place like Oregon, then it was my kind of town..! I moved myself and two young children and thought it was the perfect time for us to start fresh. I suppose it wasn’t quite yet, as I continued to suffer rather than call and replace my lost Holosync cd. I understand now why we torture ourselves, even to the brink of death, or to death itself, and it deeply saddens me to know so many who are still in the process of self destructing, like I once was. I am sure you have already guessed, they are mainly my own family and friends. That is where we learn to suffer, after all.

In the beginning of my transformation, I just had to share everything I was learning, with everyone I knew. I knew how amazing it was making me feel, I knew it could do the same for everyone else. But, like most newly awakened individuals, I got very little response from those around me. I thought they were mad…! I was posting on my personal Facebook page meeting amazing people like Andy Shaw in person, yet no one I knew was convinced that it was because of my new way of perceiving, or rather experiencing the world, that was affording me such pleasant meetings with great minds. By the way, I also intend to meet you as well Bill.

I decided that people are sometimes just too invested in the sorrow they are continually creating, not out of choice of course, but as you also say, out of unconsciousness. What had happened to me forced me to make a decision, keep chugging along the way I always had, which had led to disaster, or build a new everything, including me. Which looked better as I was down in my bed thinking I’d never live a normal life again…? Of course, for me it was a no brainer, I had to change, and fast. I had been resistant in the past but now it wasn’t an option to continue as I always had. I knew where it would lead.

It has been an incredible journey, that is still in motion, and I can’t thank you, and all of the other gurus that have given me all of the tools I needed, enough. I use Holosync daily and some days I felt like tearing the headphones off screaming and running in terror, however I was knowledgeable enough to know, it wasn’t the cd, it was me. I persevered, even when it was nightmarish and have a wonderful new perception that I just have to share.

I can hardly tolerate the suffering of today, I know this is still my resistance, but after my cousin died, I knew I could help people as you also have. I have many talents that I intend to use, in order to do just that. I have met people like Ellen a dozen times in my mind, and I know it is just a matter of time before we meet in reality. I am a woman, and please don’t take offense, but I, without a doubt, know that it is in our hands to shape the future, so I intend to awaken as many ladies as possible. We shape the future generations before they leave our very wombs, so it is time we shape them for unlimited potential, consciousness and love. I don’t believe we have any more time to waste. And I have been a part of, and witness, more suffering than any human should.

There is no more doubt in my mind that, like you, with my talents, I can bring people out of suffering and into their most treasured, conscious, life. I can’t wait to meet them and hug them, as they share their individual stories of how they saved their life thanks to my guide. I’ve also seen those scenarios countless times in my mind, and I am anxious for them to manifest in reality. I have finally turned my own father recently, whom I have had a difficult relationship in the past, and whose own suffering has been great. I have a lovely person, the very best person, working as we speak, on my website, and I am working diligently everyday on the book, which will end all suffering. I am so excited I can hardly stand it.

And I must thank you again, as you pointed out a very serious matter, that I intend to touch on now, as when I was faced with my own demise, I nearly imploded with the weight of my feelings, and I found that I had little support. And as my uncle was grappling with the death of his son, he too had all of the wrong things said to him by unconscious people. I really must wake them, before we lose another precious family member.

I apologize for the length of this email, I know you are an incredibly busy man, and I am grateful for all of your hard work as well. I am excited to be soon joining the ranks of guru and helping people as you do. My friend Brendon Burchard, whom you also know well, mentioned the idea of sponsors when one is just getting started and I am certainly not in the financial state that I will be in the future, at the present time. So, if you also have any ideas about how a girl can get started, please let me know, I would greatly appreciate any and all help I can get, in order to help others. Many thanks again……do take care,

Nicole Waters


Thought I’d give you an update. I finished your book about a week and a half ago! Thank you again for providing it for free. It was extremely informative, easy to follow, and a joy to read. I have already created the ritual of waking up ever morning at 5:45 AM and listening to the demo.

Over the last year I have fallen into a pretty serious financial crisis as a result of failed entrepreneurial pursuits. As you can imagine, it has been pretty stressful at my home. On a side note, I am firm believer that life challenges are actually pretty amazing life lessons. The perspective I have gained is that I have an amazing family, unbelievably supportive friends/ business partners, and (despite being knocked down pretty hard) more opportunity ahead of me then I can possibly handle. Even with that said, I am still very much human. A week ago I emailed my new business partners telling them that I couldn’t handle the stress any longer and it was time for me to walk away.

I realize that others have had much worse trials, but this has definitely been the toughest in my lifetime. My business partners would not allow me to walk away. Thank goodness! After my emotions calmed down we were able to create a strategy that would allow me to stay. This past week has been exciting! We have a lot of doors full of opportunity opening up and the future, even the near future, is looking bright!

In my opinion, Holosync has allowed me to start each day with mental peace, which has enable me to really focus on getting work done. I am totally sold on your program. It may be a month or two before I can be in a place financially where I can purchase Holosync. However, I do not see myself ever stopping my morning routine. In fact, I have been awaking up sometimes up 15 minutes earlier in anticipation to start listening to the demo. I have even begun introducing my business partners to Holosync.

Thank you again for your book and all the work you have put into creating Holosync. Really appreciate it!

Best Regards,


Wow, Bill

Thanks for the personal reply. I really did not expect that. I know it sounds trite to say but Holosync is truly a life changing experience. I had known intuitively for a long time that meditation was quite important for me but my ADD kept intercepting that desire. In addition to the ADD, I had a temper within me that was really frightening. I had no idea where this came from, or why I felt this way. I had to work quite hard as a child to find ways to suppress this internal rage.

Beginning when I was in my thirties, I found a number of guided meditations that helped me calm down, but only to a point. Then I stumbled across the Centerpointe website and something inside me said this is what I need. Of course the initial discs were astounding.

The most interesting thing that occurred during the first set (which I still do not fully understand) was the feeling inside my head of a very tightly compressed ball, much like a clenched fist. As I meditated, the fist, for lack of a better term, would start to loosen, and I would immediately come out of meditation. Apparently, I had had this for so long it was an integral part of me, and I was afraid to lose it. After a while I made the decision to trust the process and I began to slowly let go, letting the Holosync meditation release the tension within my head, hoping all the time that my brains would not fall apart (joking only slightly). Finally, I was able to fully let go of whatever that was inside my head, and the relief I felt was indescribable. It felt like an enormous weight had been lifted from me.

So, Bill, I want to thank you for the life I have now. I still listen every week or two to Flowering 4/4 and find it a very smooth and soothing meditation even now. I also find myself drawn to your Gamma Compassion CD which I listen to during walking meditations.

Now, anyone who asks me about meditation, I just point them in your direction and tell them you cannot do any better anywhere. Best always


Hi Bill,

I am a Holosync user on Awakening Level 2 CD3. As soon as I saw the book was available I got it and read it within 2 days. To me, growing in awareness is the most important thing in my life because it provides the foundation for everything else.

As far as the book goes I recognise elements from thresholds of the mind and managing evolutionary growth, but super awareness is structured in a way that’s quite different. I’d say with super awareness you’ve created a more entertaining book that’s just as educational. This makes it a perfect introduction to Holosync. I have struggled to refer people ton Holosync because it can’t be explained in a few words without misrepresenting it. Hence why this book is so great. It takes people from any level of understanding and builds piece by piece towards the science and the spirit of what it means to be super aware.

Regarding Holosync itself, my therapist recommended it to me. He calls Holosync the little therapist chipping away in the background. The thing I love most about Holosync is that it is a self empowerment tool. Unlike a therapist you don’t have to depend on anyone else for your growth. Growing in awareness with Holosync only requires that you use it as instructed. Once you have the program it’s all down to you to use it. The power to evolve spiritually is now in your hands. At that point Centrepionte has done everything it possibly can for you. All you have to do then is use it.

As soon as I started to feel the effects of Holosync I felt a mild panic what am I going to do when I reach the end of the program? I thought to myself. I felt like I’d fallen in love with someone who only had 12 years to live :). The answer I’ve come up with it to just continue using Flowering Level 4 every day. From your partner in success,

Chris Coney

I have just about finished the New Science of Super Awareness.  It is totally amazing.  The research is from valid sources and the results are outstanding.  Prescription drug frequently do not have this level of efficacy.  Bill, you do not b.s., you don’t claim to have this technology make us a million dollars, or into movie stars or any other silly thing so much of the online world is selling.  Yes, I am telling people what I am reading.  I feel sorry for anyone who is stumbling around without the information.  I do feel I can drive my own brain more effectively after trying the sample for a number of days.  I just emerged from a nightmare of stress and am managing very well.  I am a TM meditator of about 20 years duration.  One of the most remarkable features is that this requires no effort in obtaining a clear calm mind.  It does require effort to meditate the traditional way.  If you are in a super stressful situation, it can make it even more challenging to stay on the traditional path.  Holosync is effortless, as well apparently’ speedier in getting a result.  I am signing up for Holosync and will encouraged others to try it.  Thanks for sticking with it all these years Bill, doing a bang up job of thorough research and producing something that helps us all evolve the use of our mind to live more effective and happier lives, you have created something that genuinely helps to evolve better brains and evolved emotional well being. Thank you for being so generous with your life’s work Bill. 

Anna Harper


I suffered a TBI [traumatic brain injury] last March, 29th 2014. I was in a coma 3 days 4, 1/2 weeks in the hospital. I was to be in 6 to 8 months. Bonked heads with my horse while riding, knocked out for over 45 minutes. I completely lost 2 weeks of memory and portions of it since. Gratefully it is always getting better, but if it was lost it never came back.

I continued to suffer many afflictions from this in healing from inability to use right side to once again playing soccer and riding but with right side issues that seem about 85% back and ever returning. I am an avid artist and just finish my first whole piece since back, mostly left handed to avoid the frustrations of using just my right. I still have some minor ataxia in it although lessening as well.

Fatigue has been a great issue, the greatest being inability to sleep. This is where Holosync has helped where nothing else did. I tried it as an effort to find some magic, something to help my life and not feel like damaged goods. I got the first version of this, listened the first night and have never slept better my whole life as I did then and have ever since. I was always and light and limited sleeper, was never frustrated or bothered by this, it just was. After the injury I slept less then a total hour per night for over 10 months. The main thing I was told I needed just to heal I could’t get!!

I have slept well ever since. I listen to Dive, Immersion, Quietude, Longevity as much as I can and according to the instructions you give. I have additionally listened to the recorded messages you have sent. I couldn’t be more grateful and appreciative of you and your program.

While recovering I think I am really beyond recovering and learning and discovering a new life. I feel my old one is gone and am choosing this new one and somewhat grateful for it as well. My injury was likened to PTSD and treated for this as well. This I can see could take over and ruin my life

I do feel I need to move to the next level now, So growth and recognition of this is fabulous while before hand I thought limited if even possible. The combination of events, education, belief systems and miraculously Holosync have made all possible. Thank you very much. I will stay in touch and move to the next level as I and when I can. You definitely have helped me chose life over all other options.

Jim Fronapfel

[Posted on Facebook]

7 years ago I had come out of a relationship with an alcoholic. The floodgates opened and all the childhood trauma, abuse, suppressed depression all came to the surface. Nothing could be suppressed anymore. The sadness, depression and lack of desire for life was intense. I was overweight, depressed, I couldn’t be around people (social anxiety), I quit a promising business I was working on and just stayed home with my parents in their basement. That’s when I found Holosync. Honestly, it was out of desperation. Holosync HAD to work because something had to and if it didn’t, I wasn’t sure I was gonna make it.

The first time I used Holosync I cried and cried, and I was scared for my life. But then the next day something strange happened. The pain I carried around was less. It wasn’t an overnight fix, but I felt it. I continued. This went for a week where I experienced overwhelm…but after that week I KNEW something was different. Coming from a dark place where hope was lost, something came alive in me. It was working and I had something much much more than I had before. I had HOPE.

I continued on. For three months I could remember…my life was a cycle of Holosync, bed, eat, sleep. Twice a week I would go to a job (barely enough to survive but thank God I have supportive parents), and once a week or so I would just lay in bed with my heart racing, hands and feet tingling, stomach throbbing….(hello overwhelm) I came to accept this horrible feeling because honestly as intense as it was, it allowed me to function a little better for the next few hours after it, which grew to days, which eventually grew to a week, then two and so forth. Eventually I could even watch TV for an hour before I got tired!!!! (Yes this was a huge accomplishment for me) I remember laying in bed one time thinking what’s it like to go to the movies with friends? Without freaking out? To go dancing? To have conversations without the need to lay in bed from too much outside stimulation?

I just wanted to be a girl. A normal girl who had friends and laughed. (What’s it like to laugh?) I wanted to have a happy relationship, not ones with the gamblers, alcoholics, bipolars which always ended in pain because of my co-dependency. And what would it be like to continue on this personal growth path without having to work? I can lay in bed if I’m overwhelmed! What would that be like?

Last night as I lay in bed I sat in gratitude and awe at my life. I am so grateful for all my blessings. I know who I am, and I REVEL at the beauty of life! For the longest time I worked on myself because that’s all I had and all I wanted was to be at peace with me. Now I have that and so much more!!! I’m happy…..and not outside dependent happy, but truly happy. I am at peace with me and I truly love myself. That’s all I ever wanted and needed. The bonus? I have friends! Last night I went out for dinner with friends, then a concert and danced! I’m 111 pounds, out of my parents and I live with and I have an amazing boyfriend who is my bestfriend, love and other half. I continue on my personal growth with classes and yes I stay home when I want because financially I figured it out too! I am THAT girl I wanted to be 7 years ago and I cried at the realization of it! Life has so much to offer and I’m living it day by day the way I want, the way I enjoy, the way I design. I have come 1000 fold, what’s to stop me from coming 1000 more?

I share this personal story with you because from my life, I KNOW Holosync works. This program is not an easy fix program. I worked on myself all those years (yes I dove into every personal growth book, program, class I could find) but if it wasn’t for Holosync assisting me, I wouldn’t have the awareness to know where to go. Is it an overnight fix? Hell no! Is it painless? Not even close. But if you’re wondering if you could ever be that person you’ve always wanted to be, why not give it your best shot? It’s gonna take work, it’s gonna take time, but who are you to not have the life you want? Who are you to deny yourself your true potential? And really, what do you have to lose? Better yet, what do you have to gain?
Much love and blessings,

Michelle Valencia

In August 2013 I walked into a small local store that sells used CDs and DVDs and among the unclassified items I found Awakening Prologue on CD. I live in England. At that stage I had been meditating for roughly forty years, had read more than enough books, attended plenty of workshops, been to the teachers and was (I thought) ticking over nicely. I had also started to become very interested in the way advances in sound technology and brain sciences are combining to provide powerful tools in music and linguistic programmes. I could see the potential and tried a few interesting things but I had not come across Holosync.

I read the insert. I went online and bought a used copy of Thresholds. I followed the instructions carefully. I realised immediately that this was the process and technology that

could open the way to all the hidden places where the bones are buried. At the same time, I

could feel the deepening and expansion of all my previous practice and experience – even

when this shifted me to abandoning some long-held positions.

I then contacted the support team at Centerpointe. The conversation I had with Heather

was a really significant event; without it I may have just turned away. She quickly reassured

me that my odd point of entry into the programme was not a problem. She talked me through registration, sent me support letters I had skidded past and basically put me on

track. In a few weeks I start Purification 1 and will continue through the deeper levels until

either me or the programme fade away.

I have been diligent, not through exceptional determination but because I have been pulled

along by love for the transformation that I feel. My surprise and gratitude are overwhelming and I thought I should say so. I thought I could also contribute a very brief note on what has been most helpful.

My experience has been that the whole programme runs exceptionally smoothly and
is very well integrated – customer support, written guidance, the website, payments, the soundtrack construction and download process have all exceeded expectations.

It took me a while to realise just how precise the written guidance is. At first, I
tended to find this out in retrospect. What keeps me on track is the simple instruction to trust what is happening. So far, I have found that ‘what is happening’ can be anything on the spectrum from ecstatic to the very thing that I have invested

enormous effort to avoid. What happens has turned out to be entirely necessary and

brings a freedom that is hard to imagine. The careful words about resistance and

turbulence are clear and practical.

Some extras have been very useful, particularly the interviews with graduates and
the work with Genpo Roshi. These bring home the depth of what is going on here and the lived experience of this programme.

I have found that the gains from time spent in other forms of practice are actually
recharged rather than lost. There appear to be no conflicts with anything as Holosync seems to seek out those things that are beneficial, amplify them and drown out the rest in a very organic way.

There is enormous openness in this process. There is no dogma being pushed, no
harassment, no critical time-lines. You do it or you don’t. Try it and see.

This practice has rapidly become the core of each day. I am fortunate and can choose my time and I usually sit down at dawn – when I am most rested and awake and the world outside is relatively quiet. It is bliss. The notion of time passing simply disappears. The body is so still it is comfortably parked and anchored. Then whatever happens ‘happens’ in a way that completely bypasses the usual limitations of mental puff and jabber. If you look for a description, there is not one – which suggests true revelation – the unveiling of something profound in a completely mysterious way. Simply that. Nothing about a teaching. Nothing about a source.
My professional role for thirty years was in the design and implementation of mental health and addictions policy on a large scale. I know some things about how hard it is to build and

sustain anything like this. My feeling is that this really is something very special even if it is

dressed in a rather strange disguise. I hope you have picked up from this note that the programme has already changed everything for me. It is a very early stage to pause and pass on deep gratitude and respect to Bill and the team at Centerpointe. I would leave it for a while longer but I may have no words left.

David Fordham

Hi Bill,

Like you said, Awareness creates choice. And when you are aware enough, what doesn’t serve you falls away.

I never thought that thinking may also fall away, as some types of thinking do not serve us. After starting Flowering Level 1 [the 10th level of the Holosync Solution program], I noticed that thinking about the future in a negative way (anxiety) and thinking about the past in a negative way (regret or depression), fell away about 75%.

Up until that point, that type of thinking was who I was. It seemed a part of me. Then I noticed that when I had those thoughts, they were simply thoughts and they didn’t feel that great, so why would I continue thinking like that. In addition, it was CLEAR that I couldn’t do anything about the past nor could I predict the future, so again why bother spending energy on those thoughts.

Just wanted to comment on that. Quite fascinating to look back and see what happened … the power of awareness.

Joe Sansalone

Hi Bill,

Your Book The New Science of Super-Awareness is excellent. I loved it. It included much additional information to that I was already familiar with because of the support material sent as I used The End Awakening . Other tapes mentioned on the current Home Page were also included. This is the tape version. Also included was Centerpointe Retreat Experience 2001.

I mistook a cathartic episode to mean that Holosync was not working for me and I took a very long break. However, I began to meditate again and at this point I am able to meditate 2 hours and stay alert. I am ready to consider the next level.

Your book has convinced me that Holosync does work. Looking back I could see my awareness had indeed increased even though I did not recognize it at the time. as a matter of fact, I did not realize tha awareness was the real Key to change.

In 2010 I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma an incurable cancer but manageable with a lifetime of chemotherapy. The side effects make make it hard to see changes. I like the meditation time because it calms my mind and body. Most of the time there is just a calm relaxation.

I have read your support materials many times and you book twice. As I said earlier , your book excellent and has helped me a great deal to see and understand what I missed before. Thank you very much.

Floyd Dillon

Hi Bill,

I loved the book! It motivated me to start listening to my Holosync I purchased (I think) back in 2004. (at least the cd’s say 2004 on them) I am so impressed with my new results that I signed up to become an affiliate to put one of your banners on my blog. I am a certified Hypnotherapist for 10 years now. I guess I just never had the guts to go into business with it. Since then I have become certified in everything. My husband calls me a professional student. I am not sure why I haven’t been using the meditations for all these years, I guess I now see the value again in them after reading your book on Super-Awareness. I am so glad that I somehow found you again. Is there anyway to get the mp3 of what I purchased so many years ago? I would love to put them on my phone. I would also like more information about the other levels, please.

Ok, so here is what I have noticed over the last couple days of listening again. I can feel things releasing quickly as I am also doing my clearing work while I listen. I uncovered a big resistance yesterday about my mom rejecting me all my life. I was about to fire a client over something she said in an email that I received as rejection. I went into a meditation listening to the dive, followed by the immersion. I realized that if I feel rejected that I am going to reject someone first. Bill, I have been doing this all my life. Pretty crazy! I feel so much better having uncovered that one. I wanted to respond to your email and give you another testimonial to add to your 1000’s of amazing testimonials that I have read. I wish you love & happiness. I want to make an big impact too! I will keep listening and know that I am getting better & better everyday. Thanks & Many Blessings!

Laura Hansen

Since beginning Holosync 17 mths ago, the one thing I have received is Hope, through the growing awareness that Holosync has given me. My life has been a bit of a rollercoaster the past 17 mths, but boy does it feel way better than stagnating. Thank you Bill for firstly- creating Holosync and secondly- being honest enough to let us know that it’s not going to be a walk in the park but a challenging adventure where you provide us with support the whole way through. You sure live up to every word you say. I was one of those who went into this with a lot of skepticism but since beginning Holosync I have realised how easy it is to be skeptical – trusting someone and going with it is the difficult choice ( but also the most rewarding ). I know you mentioned in one of your posts that some people don’t avail of your support staff and I have to admit I’m one of those, but only because all the other support material you provide is so invaluable. I have had quite a bit of resistance along the way but between your support letters, blog posts and your book I am able to find an answer to help me through it. The world sure is a better place with you in it and I, too, look forward to meeting you in person some day. I like the person I am becoming and with continual use of Holosync I know that I am going to continue growing and blossoming. From a heart that is beginning to open, Thank you.


Bill, like so many others I want to thank you for holosync. I have just recently started level 1 of Flowering [the 10th of 13 levels of the program]. I cannot imagine what my life would be like if my friend Coleen had not said to me here, try this! back some years ago. I started using it because of a life time of bad relationships with the same men. It has been far more beneficial and affected my life in so many ways. Having been raised in a way to zealous religion with a way to strict and tightly wound mother, being molested as a child, along with a life of bad relationships and most recently fibromyalgia…I can only say it has been the balm that has eased my life, my heart and my mind. I truly believe that the only reason I am able to continue full time employment in the pain I deal with is holosync.

It does not take the pain away but helps me deal. I had someone in my office look at me in shock and ask me if I was in pain at the moment. When I told him yes, he asked where and was amazed that I could be sitting calmly, pleasantly, smiling at him and be in pain throughout my entire body. I cannot thank you enough for the time and energy you put into developing holosync and then getting it out to the public…for those who have a problem with paying for this phenomenal creation…it is worth all the gold in the world and all I can say is work on your shadows. If you are using it and not seeing anything happen, re-examine what you are doing…there is something going on even if you don’t recognize it right now. Thanks again Bill, all my love and gratitude…


Holosync has made a huge change in my life already (two years and a bit in) and I recommend it to everyone who wants to transform, or even just get along better in their daily life. Some behaviours and ways of being I took for granted now seem like they belong to someone else. I am very thankful I finally started-because I remember seeing the ads 15 years ago- and disbelieving the claim Meditate deeper than a zen monk Obviously since I’ve started I can see for myself-and that’s enough-may everyone see for themselves what they are looking for too. Thank you so very much.


As a therapist, I have worked with a number of people using your program. I see in these people a real commitment to life as growth, to making healing a central part of their lives. These people seem to have more courage, more tenacity. They are somehow better able to see the pain sometimes associated with growth and healing in perspective, to witness it rather than to be overwhelmed by it, to go beyond it to breakthrough. They tend, very early on, to give up the victim role and move to a more empowered position. I see in these people dramatic changes that rarely happen in an ordinary therapeutic context. They process much more quickly and more completely than my other clients, moving though in a couple of days—sometimes even a couple of hours—what ordinarily takes months to work through. The bottom line is that those working with The Holsoync Solution do not get stuck in their material. And, in addition to their mastery in emotional processing and development, I also see a continuing mastery in the world, in career, and in service to others. I only wish all my clients could be like those are using this program.

Beverlee Marks Taub, PhD

Hello. I’ve been using Holosync for a little over a year now and I recently ordered awakening 1 for my mom. I mentioned the success I was having with the program and your support person asked me to write a letter explaining it. Okay. I’d been searching for many years for something to ease the pain of life like many people do and had tried many different avenues. I took a chance on Holosync and I’m so glad I did. I will complete the whole program without a doubt. My threshold has grown very very large and I know it’s just the beginning of this great journey.

I’m getting to bottom of things that have plagued me for years and my awareness has gotten much larger. There are many moments where I’ll watch myself do as I do and calmly proceed to the next event. Events that used to swallow me up and shit all over me. Holosync has changed my life so tremendously and there’s so many more things to say but I’ll keep it short. I want to thank everyone at Centerpointe and Bill for creating Holosync. In the end a large part of my success in all areas of life will be because of Centerpointe and Holosync. Thank you

Cory Bostwick

Today I’m feeling especially grateful to Bill and everyone at Centerpointe. So I thought I’d write and thank all of you for being available to answer questions, but especially to Bill for making Holosync technology available. I’ve been using Holosync faithfully for two years now. I’m also taking Bill’s online courses. Even if I didn’t have life challenges, I’d be thankful for the personal and spiritual growth I’ve attained. I’m the caregiver for my husband who has Parkinson’s and a related dementia.

I’m a retired nurse, so I’ve been a caregiver most of my life, but my husband is the most difficult patient I’ve ever had! I am so blessed to have my time each day with Holosync — not just for that precious hour of quiet all to myself, but for the grounded base of peace and connection with the Universal Wisdom from which I receive guidance every day. Thank you, Bill, for everything that you do!

Diane Winegarden

I’ve taken the time to write to you personally because I feel indebted to you for your effort in bringing your work to public notice and by a very circuitous route to me. I have no idea why the work does not have wider distribution in the clinical community but believe me I needed it when I was really in extremis and the professionals could do nothing substantial for me. I am a Vietnam veteran, who went to war with an already disturbed and dysfunctional world view, formed by early abuse in an alcoholic household, and later abandonment. There are many like me whose story may have differed in detail but in essence turned out the same results.

The war was a pivotal point in my life and it scarred me deeply, in ways that at the time I was not even aware of. I spent the next 35 years of my life trying to make my way while holding the lid on the cauldron of boiling emotions that were me. Ultimately, the energy of all my negative life experiences was channeled through my memories of the war; actual, dreamed, physical and emotional. I came apart and ceased to function even though I had until that time held responsible positions in both Government and private enterprise, finally commanding a six figure annual salary.

This crisis is not an uncommon occurrence for veterans and they have been well documented elsewhere. As a result I was hospitalized in psychiatric institutions some 25 times over the next few years. I was diagnosed with acute PTSD. My treatment, which consisted of psychotherapy helped but could not shift the knot that was at the centre of my being; and drugs which I believe simply locked the whole mess in place. There seemed to be no way out and I used alcohol to keep the chaos inside me in check. I gradually slipped into alcoholism.

I left Australia in 1998, believing that I was in a downward spiral that would soon end in my death by suicide or misadventure. I did not want to be around my children when that happened. The next 10 years I can only describe as living hell. It was then, in 2008 when I had admitted myself yet again to a Veteran’s hospital on complete despair that a friend passed the Awakening Prologue cd’s to me. I stated using them sporadically, with a what’s the point, but what the hell attitude. Things began to slowly change. I sobered up and started formal meditation practice and exploring the Buddha’s teachings, still only using the cd’s sporadically. I am afraid my cynicism and deep suspicion of anything that comes out the US claiming to be a solution for anything was getting in the way. Over time a great deal has changed in that process I became intensely curious about what was happening to me. I started to read, not only your small book which confirmed that i was all par for the course but also some fairly weighty research outlining the effect that Buddhist meditation and practice have on the brain and its function in determining how people see themselves and the world.

Well, I’m done checking things out now. The changes that have taken place already over the last 18 months have been remarkable. My Buddhist practice has provided an intellectual and moral framework that has supported me through all that change. The Holosync material has been delivering what you said in your book it would. I would like to really settle down to following through now and I am committed to completing the whole course over time. I am in no hurry I want to enjoy this ride.

I only wish that there was some way I could do something for my fellow veterans, especially those young people now returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. From what I can gather the professionals are at a loss again over how to help. Your material delivered supported by counseling by veterans who have been before them could literally save thousands of returning service people and those closest to them from a great deal of suffering, and the loss of the quality of their lives. There is a huge need there. If you can come up with any ideas I would be privileged to offer any help I can.

Again my thanks for what you have done for me through your work. I would appreciate it if you would have your staff contact me by email on swoodsaust@hotmail.com so that they can tell me how to organize the next set of tapes; level 1. Alternately they can contact me by mail at PO Box 3617, Vientiane Lao PDR.

Stephen Woods

The reason I am writing to you is to ask for your consent for my wife Esther to mention Holosync and Centerpointes web site address in an audio book she has written and recorded.

Esther developed the audio book named Anorexia Help Me to help people to recover from eating disorders, using her personal experience. We will publish Anorexia Help Me and sell it worldwide, so we want to be sure that you give your consent to Esther mentioning you in the audio, before we go ahead with this.

She has suffered from anorexia, bulimia and depression for over 20 years of her life due to childhood trauma that was repressed. After experiencing serious health problems and many years of physical, mental and emotional distress, she began to develop self-awareness, and started on the path of recovery.

We both began meditating with Holosync in December 2008. By this time Esther was over the eating disorder physically, but still had a program in her mind that she didnt deserve love. The daily meditation with Holosync enabled her to let go of this thought pattern by making her aware of it. Also it helped her to develop the self-confidence to pursue her passion of helping many other people who were suffering in the way that she had. In the audio she acknowledges how Holosync has helped her, recommends to the listeners that they consider using this meditation too, and tells them the web site address for Centerpointe.

Although we are confident that you will be happy to receive this endorsement of Holosync, we would appreciate it if you would confirm that you do consent to being mentioned, before we start selling Anorexia Help Me.

Thank you sincerely for the impact you have had on both our lives; you have helped us more than you could know.


Linc Willson

Previous to using Holosync I had a severe panic disorder for over 20 years… also depression and obsessive thought. At times, borderline agoraphobic…. like living a bad acid trip. I was taking a handful of prescriptions drugs on a daily basis for that entire time as well. The doctors said I would be on medication for the rest of my life, that that was just the way I was. Within 8 months of usin…g Awakening Prologue the panic disorder was eliminated, though I still had a ways to go with the dysfunctional thinking that caused it in the first place. Now, though… with the obsessive thought GREATLY deminished I had more of a choice of what to think though I was mainly just grateful for feeling such relief. In time I noticed my internal voice spontaneously becoming more kind to me… my self esteem was improving. Confidence building. I would laugh at such things that would previously upset me. I became a more wonderful person to be around. My relationships gradually became much richer. I was attracting healthier people as well. I became willing to step out of my comfort zone, which was absolutely out of the question previously. I eventually discovered my passion in life. Life is becoming more and more magical now, mystical, and wonderful things are being laid before me. My world is expanding greatly with an unceasing momentum and this just scratches the surface.

Lisa Ann

I think the largest benefits I have received with the product include becoming stronger emotionally having this active awareness of the space we call reality is really our perception of that reality.

I was recommended this product by a life coach I hired after going through a tough time after a divorce where I was married 27 years.

While my life coach led me down the path of affirmations, the power of affirmations, the power of my thoughts… I never realized just how much power we have in our thoughts and just how much havoc our thoughts can cause us if we don’t manage our thinking or be aware of our thinking and how we respond to our thoughts, feelings and our enviornment… it is pretty incredible.

I am so aware now of my thoughts to the point that I reject the negative ones or manage them but they don’t take over my mental space any longer!

My biggest challenge is to stay physically and mentally in shape (I meditate (mostly with Holosync), focus on growing spiritually and I’m an avid exerciser (where I swim). I’m also very focused on healthy eating… When I stay in shape and take care of myself (at all levels), I can handle emotional tough times and challenges… when I don’t then I let myself become compromised and I resort sometimes back to my old ways of thinking…

I love the product and what it has done for me and even my son uses it!

Stephen Woods

The reason I am writing to you is to ask for your consent for my wife Esther to mention Holosync and Centerpointes web site address in an audio book she has written and recorded.

Esther developed the audio book named Anorexia Help Me to help people to recover from eating disorders, using her personal experience. We will publish Anorexia Help Me and sell it worldwide, so we want to be sure that you give your consent to Esther mentioning you in the audio, before we go ahead with this.

She has suffered from anorexia, bulimia and depression for over 20 years of her life due to childhood trauma that was repressed. After experiencing serious health problems and many years of physical, mental and emotional distress, she began to develop self-awareness, and started on the path of recovery.

We both began meditating with Holosync in December 2008. By this time Esther was over the eating disorder physically, but still had a program in her mind that she didnt deserve love. The daily meditation with Holosync enabled her to let go of this thought pattern by making her aware of it. Also it helped her to develop the self-confidence to pursue her passion of helping many other people who were suffering in the way that she had. In the audio she acknowledges how Holosync has helped her, recommends to the listeners that they consider using this meditation too, and tells them the web site address for Centerpointe.

Although we are confident that you will be happy to receive this endorsement of Holosync, we would appreciate it if you would confirm that you do consent to being mentioned, before we start selling Anorexia Help Me.

Thank you sincerely for the impact you have had on both our lives; you have helped us more than you could know.


Chris Brown

I have been using Holosync for more than 4 years.I have also done the LPIP courses, so I understand more about how my Brain works. That was a fascinating experience as well.

I cannot say if the changes in my life are from Holosync or LPIP, but I would assume they are from both. Run in tandem they are very powerful tools to help you to take control of who you are and what you want to be. You can be and can do anything.

The way I use Holosync, suits me. I cut into my sleeping time 3 hours every night. When I go to bed I listen to Dive plus Immersion twice and I wake up 90 mins. before my day begins and do Dive plus Immersion twice.

Currently, my day starts at 06.00 am (UK time). My first task is to switch on my PC and start trading in the Forex market (Buying and selling Currency pairs). While doing this I listen to Super Theta to assist my focus and concentration. When trading all stress must be banished. Breakfast is usually around 09.00ish. (I am looking at this now because it is Saturday and the markets are closed. I am driving down to London in an hour or so.)

I have lived for 73 years. Without the benefits from Holosync, I would not have undertaken this new venture to make money to start a new kind of Charity to give money to aid others.

Keith Boss

I am benefitting from listening to The Dive and Immersion (I’ve started the Holosync program about three months ago) although I must admit that many times I listen to them when I go to bed, and I fall asleep as the CD is playing. Nevertheless, I feel happier –I am a happy person anyway– and less anxious. I’m also listening to the various CD’s that came with the package, and reading the boo…ks included. Because of all this new information plus the meditation, I feel like I am learning a lot about myself and, even better, about the people I love who surround me. I have a much better understanding of all of us, and my response to different situations has changed from taking things personally to one of observation and acceptance.

Jeni Badger

Over the last 2 years, I’ve seen wonderful personal ‘progress’ using Holosync (I’m now on Awakening Level 4). I’m So glad it was suggested, and, I stuck with it! I’ve also listened to your free ‘retreat’ CD’s on long trips. It re-inforces my integration of this new-for-me (ancient) way of moving through the world. Thanks Bill (and your good staff)!

Jay Schexnyder

I agree with Bill; we need to understand the product that we purchase, more so, use them. I have a copy of the advertisement and the sample dvd. Contrary to what Laura says, it did not use a subliminal technique on me- I became rational, and my rationality determined that the cost I pay for the product is much too small compared to the benefits I will gain, especially when my personhood is enforced. The sample dvd did to me the following: (1) it improved my thinking process, and helped me rise above the intimidation i was confronted with, with a clear mind as well as provide me a strong spirit to meet with the illusions that fear creates in me; (2) the demons that are disturbing me were replaced with a clear map of the situation; (3) instead of me recalling say, the multiplication table, my mind could now picture the problem at hand, likewise, picture a network of relationships to easily make conclusions; (4) the undue palpitations i have were eliminated; and (5) I could feel now the heart of the issues, including that of identifying the key points that contribute to the instability of a situation, allowing my values to be factored in, altogether helping me to stand firm to say i am who i am.

I feel that these effects did not sink well into the sublime level, because I would need to rest back first on any intimidating situation then return after meditation. But that is understandable because I only had a sample and not yet the whole product. @ Bill, it’s a long way from severe poverty towards being able to subscribe to your products; but the improvements I am making from a mere hobo that I was reduced to, to an investment adviser now, I believe, will allow me to recreate a reliable financial record to be approved of a credit card soon. Many thanks for accommodating me your sample; it allowed me to make great leaps above an overwhelming burden- kidnapping, losing my wife to another, breaking up of my family relations from my father down to my children. It is a great feat, Bill, that you have scientificated religion. Congratulations! Faulty internet marketing? Well, like all frontline investments, they all need to experience a learning curve. What matters is that you do something with the potholes before it leads you back to zero and beyond.

Vicente Oñate

I’ve been reading and listening to ‘New Science’ over the weekend and I’m enjoying it. Being greedy and impatient, I’ve love to achieve the level of the happy Tibetan monks in less than 3.5 years! But even after just eight days of the Prologue Dive, I’m feeling more centred and calm. Joy just seems to well up in me more easily.

I’m not gushing about how unbelievable this process is because I’m a student of Abraham-Hicks, I know that this state of joy and more is simply my birthright as an extension of Source energy. However, I am very appreciative that you are helping me put into practice the principles that Abraham have been teaching me so much more easily.

I want to love exactly where I am right now and be eager for much much more. I want to feel the expansion of my power as an extension of Source. I want to achieve ever higher levels of freedom and fun and appreciation. Right now, I believe Holosync is destined to be an integral part of my joyful life journey in this time-space reality. Thank you for making this transformational tool available

I’ve a qn: When I’m on Holosync and a thought (about something I would like to do later) or an idea comes to mind, should I just ignore it? Or is it all right to make a quick note and get back to listening?

Li Mei, Singapore

HI Bill,

I am currently reading/listening to you new book and will get back to you with my reaction as soon as I can… Just to let you know I have been involved in many different meditation techniques before I found Holosync that include:

1: The Higher Balance Technique (www.higherbalance.com) Multi-Dimensional Meditation… Interesting Technique…

2: Some form of Transcendental Meditation… Never could really gain any form of self mastery from this system…

3: Mindfulness Meditation…. Helped a little bit but was not able to stick with it…

4: Qigong (Chi Kung) Meditation… This did help me with my physical health but didn’t seem to help me move to higher levels of functioning…

5: Psycho-Cybernetics… Interesting but again didn’t seem to help me move to higher levels of functioning…

6: …And many others but when I found holosync it definitely helped me move beyond my unhealthy filters and the dysfunctional behaviors that accompany filters that don’t serve me. In short Holosync has brought me to a place that gives me a chance to gain insights about the ultimate truth as to why I exist here on this planet. Thank you for all your efforts in the quest for self mastery and happiness…

All the Best

Paul Therrien

Although i am just beginning my 3rd week with Holosync, i am becoming more aware & less judgemental about my thoughts, my actions & also those around me. It is very refreshing to just NOTICE without determining….anything. Without sizing-up or categorizing. I have only been consciously meditating for about 4 months now and it is almost always guided. Because there are no words or distractions with Holosync, i have found myself able to implement my de-stressing meditations i have learned from Julie Renee. (My grounding cord from my adrenal glands down to the center of the Earth, etc). Bill, is this OK or should i just empty my mind? Thank you so much for going ‘before us’ and working out all the kinks. For doing research into the Why’s & How’s & for taking the time to make our way easier & faster than you experienced. As the Pioneer of Holosync i can only imagine that you know so much because you had to learn so much of what NOT to do & i appreciate you passing on your breakthroughs to us. For me, my failures have been just as valuable as my successes. Sometimes even more so, because it left me with such clarity of not wanting to ever do THAT again :). I see, hear & actually feel your passion for me (& everyone) to comprehend this wondrous tool you named Holosync. I have not missed one day of listening to it from the very moment i first heard the free demo. It is now an essential part of my day. I am very grateful that i ‘stumbled upon’ the Holosync family. 

Shelby Shock

Hi Bill,

I want to thank you for the book The New Science of Super-Awareness and the videos that accompany the book. I read the book cover-to-cover and I watched the eye-opening videos. I loved every minute of it. After the 2nd day with your material, I ordered Awakening Prologue. I am so glad I ordered it. I know that I want to complete all the levels. The time I am meditating goes by so quickly that I’m left in awe that my time is over. I cannot wait to add Immersion, but I am following your instructions because I want to get all the maximum results from using the program. I need them, I have some serious issues to work through.

Now, back to the book, I cannot say enough good things about the book. I appreciate the research you did and the way you articulated your message. I got it and I don’t use that statement lightly. You helped me understand the missing pieces and why I have been struggling for sooooooooooooo long! I already knew I had a lot of stuff to work on, but now, thankfully, I believe I have the tool to finally have the break through I have searched for for so long. I wake up now with a purpose. I cannot wait till it’s time to meditate and I embrace the experience. Thank you for this journey. Sincerely,


I`m 51. I`ve taken myself off serious alcohol and cocaine abuse. Ven. Thubten Chodron of Sravasti Abbey was my main teacher for years (Tibetan Buddhism). I was a devoted meditator. Not good, just really devoted. Thanks to this last scare, I remembered you and got Holosync and your course. For dear life. I thought, this is it. I couldn`t find my inner refuge, or guide. I was drowning. So scared. So under these conditions I began holosync. A couple of days later I got your LPIP course. I feel you saved my life! Gracias, gracias, from the deepest part of my heart. I am different. Just different. Major shift within me has happened.

Your instructions are like the light in a tunnel showing the way out. With deepest appreciation.

Claudia Herrera S.

Bill my dear friend,

You are great, your book is amazing, your Awakening Prologue program is magical. Your book makes so much sense and i think that the medical profession needs to take notice so that patients can be treated at the root cause. I have been telling everyone about you and your wonderful products. I have struggled in the past with depression and anxiety. I always react emotionally and find it hard to let go. This is my second week of listening to the dive recording and the truth is that i felt calm and detached after the first listening. My current state is this, i feel more aware of my feelings, it feels like my negative thought patterns are fading away. I am so calm that people have even commented. I need less sleep. My mind is getting more and more still. At work i am getting more efficient. I feel powerful, connected to people but still detached. This is really working for me. Thank you so much to you and your team.


I want to be submerged by the Holosync program. I love life again (my partner died last year) and I even feel happy. I feel alert, aware and I am focused. I don’t know what my financial situation will be next year, so I joined the Inner Circle already. Thank you for the videos, I really love and need them, because I want to make the Holosync a success for me. I do The DIve and Immersion in bed before I get up and all day I really feel great. I listen also every day to the Super Longevity and to one of the 6 CDs I bought. I love the books the audios and videos, also the ones I found on Youtube.

Thank you for changing my life in such a short notice, thank you for your motivation, the Holosync is now MY program. Thank you,Thank you, Thank you.

Sabrina van der Straaten

Hi Bill,

I started your Holosync program in 2001 when searching for some stability in my approach to life’s issues. Right from the outset I appreciated you openness in divulging your own experiences and the paths you had travelled in developing the Holosync product.

I had immediate reactions to the meditation in dealing with issues, some of which I was aware of and others that came up that were a little surprising. Apart from family issues my employment was certainly causing some problems, not major but enough that relationships were sometimes strained.

After a few months on the program my employer asked what had happened that had changed my attitude because they were quite surprised how much better they felt when working with me. I explained about Holosync and they were so supportive they offered to cover the cost of the program for me as part of my ongoing professional development. Eileen, our human resources officer, even commented that she liked talking through things with me because I seemed to have such a balanced approach to issues. I believe the foregoing is due to the way Holosync promotes the growth of the neural pathways in the brain & this has been, for me, an extremely beneficial aspect of your program.

I ceased full-time employment in 2008 but have continued using Holosync most days as I find it still keeps me grounded, calm and relaxed. Often it is the last thing I do before going to sleep and is something I look forward to very much.

Really, I just wanted to personally thank you so much for your work with Holosync and the other of your products that I have used, let you know how much you have helped me and wish you all the best in your continuing life travels. Deepest Regards

Alan Millard

As the director of The Crisis Hotline I see examples of stress on a daily basis. And after experiencing an extremely stressful 6 months personally I can attest to the benefits of the Holosync meditation.  I don’t always notice the results at first but later realize how much more resilient I am and more hopeful.  I can’t tell you how many hotline callers I’ve told about your meditation series, and I continue to refer people to your website. Bless you,

Sher Foster

I can testify as someone who has done the whole thing [the entire Holosync program] and has a friend who has essentially done so, that it is an incredible program. Bill has never paid me to say this, and I have openly been critical of some details of how the program is marketed. It’s an incredible catalyst for all other growth/insight tools I have explored. And it’s cheaper per hour of use than any device, retreat, or personal consultation that I have found, relative to the long-term dividends it pays. Just my experience, but if it worked for me it CAN work for some people, and i suspect it works for most. 

Jason Hoggatt

I only started using HOLOSYNC after I turned 70 years old, and it has started to yield positive results in smoothing out my moods, and helping me cope with the many obnoxious people I have to work with (staff) in the California prison system. It is unfortunate that inmates are usually more respectful in their dealings with staff than staff are with inmates and other staff. I feel like I can get through my normal 8-hour shift without being affected by all the negativity around me. It also helps me be more patient in dealing with my 2 teenagers (my only children) at home, and my sleep patterns have been much improved.

Thanks for offering this great product to the world! It can only improve the human species if everyone took advantage of the years of research that you pulled together to harness the technologies, and they committed to use the product on a daily basis.

Scott H. Newby

Hello Bill,

I HAVE started reading the The New Science of Super Awareness – and I love it! I am on Level 3 of the Holosync CDs. I am very excited and enthused about what the research says – and your enthusiasm comes through in the book – and makes it exciting to read and makes me want to keep reading! I read the first part, then skipped to the end to read what the long-term users said, and now – back to reading the rest! THANK YOU for putting it all together in such an awesome, creative and enthusiastic way!

It was weird – I was in a very bad car crash last October – that rolled a # of times.. I had 6 concussions, they say – and I am now clear of all of them (from an MRI)! I think my brain does work well – I am approaching 60 (although many people don’t believe it.). And, I think the meditating has kept me positive and going – in life – more than alot of people I see. I slept most of the 2 months after the accident, and my brain took care of things. I can’t say for sure, but I feel the Holysync has helped me get back on my feet – after things like that.

Thank you – for ALL you do!

Karen S Wesson

Hello Bill:

I have just watched your second video on awareness. It is very good and I thoroughly agree with all you presented. The one thing I thought I would mention regarding awareness of negative (or positive feelings), are the feelings themselves. One of my first teachers of Spirituality, was Vernon Howard. He taught me a very good practice of awareness of anger etc., and that was to – ‘watch’ – observe the Feeling of anger or hurt, within you – but to do so without any judgment, comment, or label your mind may want to add to the ‘awareness.’ The first time I tried this, was a time when I felt very hurt and ignored by someone close to me. I went in the bedroom and lay on my bed – crying. Then I remembered the practice I had been taught. The result was quite fascinating. As I watched the twisted knives of hurt and resentment – the feelings rapidly faded into oblivion! In fact, so fast that I found myself trying to get them back for a little while longer!! ….. my drama was finishing too fast!!

At present, apart from being an avid Holysinc ‘user’. – I am studying ‘The Way of Mastery’ – which also advocates the practice of self observation and to embrace feelings-to bless the, – and -to release them and allow them to ‘fade into the nothingness from whence they came! Holysync is helping me to be much more aware and I intend to keep on using the recordings every day. Many thanks.

Joan Hopper

Hi Bill,

This is Theresa Gibbs. Just giving you an update on my progress. I purchased your program approximately 2 months ago. i initially suffered from a general anxiety disorder, I have a disabled son, who suffered anoxia at birth, and a grandson with a diagnosis of ADHD. Just wanted to let you know, I am doing HOLOSYNC in addition to John Assaraf’s training program. I get up at 5:00 am do The Dive then immersion program, then the NeuroGym program. With out a doubt, I am feeling so much better. The knot in my stomach has gone away and I think clearer. My grandson is calmer, and able to think clearly. He says he does not have bad dreams anymore!!! My son is making great progress as well, he is happier, and that makes all the difference in the world!!!! We will keep up the good work. Thank you soo much!!!! We cant thank you enough!!

Love and Light.

Theresa Gibbs

After just seven days, I am experiencing amazing results in my day-to-day experiences.

I am more exuberant, more interesting, more attentive, more loving, more peaceful and more present!

Admittedly, I’ve had a lot of meditation and spiritual work in the past,

and I do drop into meditation more easily as a result, but NOTHING has come close to delivering the results I am experiencing with such rapidity and grace as this program!

Kudos to you and your company, Bill. I am grateful and very favorably impressed!.

There is no doubt in my mind that I made the right decision to purchase Awakening Prologue. I can’t wait to call your support people and get to know you guys more.


Jeffri D Smith

5 star The #1 Self Development tool on Earth! This is meditation on steroids! Forget about copycats. This is the original brainwave entrainment program. Use Holosync everyday. See your life turnaround. Period.

Eduardo Marroquin (on Facebook)

Bill Harris is such a great teacher that listening and learning from him is fun and not something that I dread doing. There is so much information that some of the details would be easy to not remember. As he builds for the next important points, he integrates what he previously covered into the discussion. The material is so important to know because what he’s talking about is FREEDOM from sabotage and self sabotage, something I struggle with constantly, and how AWARENESS (not just knowing) is the key to real freedom of choice in all areas of our lives. I’ve often said how sick I am of having to live in myself (I know, wrong to say) because of the limits I feel I have trying to function with my own self in my way (just honest). But what he says resonates so strongly that I believe he is correct and true. I’m excited to learn more and, with the help of holosync, improve in all areas of my life. Thanks Bill Harris.

Amanda Cash

Hi Bill,

My name is Salwa and I’ve been doing holosync for a while since last july14. I’m at level awakening 1 and I’m taking a break from it over the past 3 weeks. I was getting a lot of upheavals that I wasn’t able to tolerate. I’ve suffered from panic disorder for the longest that created an underlying suffering to me…worrying about how and when I’ll fail almost on a daily basis. It was very difficult for me to step back and not to react. I was invested in righteous anger even though I knew the damaging effect on my serenity.

One thing has been happening though is through meditation through holosync even though I do it most of the time when I’m sleeping, is that I’m able to be the watcher. I can observe the physical manifestation of pain and fear in my body and mind when I become invested and attached to what I want or to my beliefs. I experience the physical changes immediately in my body depending on the thought and I can choose to let go of the attachment to the thought or the outcome and can feel immediately the change in my body and my peace. It’s amazing.

I’m able to choose more often to let go and accept what is out of compassion to myself not as a defeat, knowing that I have the power to change my reality if I choose to have a different outcome.

It’s a matter of negotiation to get the most desired outcome which is measured these days by what promotes mostly peace…so the rhetoric about whether you want to be happy or right is easy to practice ..so giving in to circumstances or to people is a choice not a defeat.

In the end, all what matters is how peaceful one is in every moment. I believe that the world of opposites exists only to help us practice the muscle of conscious awareness and detachment. I’m very grateful for your presence in this world. Peace and love.


I am just starting Awakening Level 3 and I’ve been ‘Holosyncing’ diligently for about 2 1/2 years now. I get it! I really, really get it!! I am in awe of the power of this program and how ‘evolved’ I am becoming.

Reading the book that accompanied, Managing Evolutionary Growth, helped immensely in the beginning, but as it stated, it made more and more sense as I referred back to it time and again as I became more aware. And, yes, ‘stuff’ came up, even physical, but I patiently and knowingly just ‘observed’ and it fell away. This meditation program is phenomenal and I am so grateful for you’re tenacity to make such an awesome product for the growth of the human psyche.

If I could be a voice for the promotion of Holosync, I must say, ‘This stuff works!!! Honestly, you will be forever grateful that you made the choice to check it out.’ If anyone is truly into self-growth and the human potential, this is a no-brainer. I have been into self-growth and the power of the human mind for many years and I know this is, by far, the best thing I have ever done for myself.

What you’re saying, Bill, in this video here, about going to seminars and taking courses and having great intention but then not following through and you don’t even know why and you can’t put your finger on it. That is so true. Since I have been meditating with Holosync, I feel like I have been slowly unpeeling the layers of uncertainty and confusion and all I have been consciously doing is ’ observing’. I’m so happy I could pi** myself. Lol I love it!! I love you!! Thank you sooooooo much!! With endless gratitude,


Dear Bill

I’m writing this letter as a personal thank you for saving my life. While that previous statement might sound overly dramatic without context I assure you it is nothing short of the truth.

When I was 3 years old I was involved in an extremely traumatic event that in my mid to late teens began to manifest into a plethora of physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. For the next decade and a bit I lived a life riddled with dysfunction on nearly every front; financially, in my relationships, in all areas of my health. I was suffering from PTSD without any flashbacks. Every day, from age 16 – 23 was a joyless affair. I knew something was very wrong but couldn’t really explain why. After a gamut [?] of anti-depressants and anti-anxieties that only seemed to make the issue all the worse, I began to entertain suicide as a real option. I was taking amphetamines daily to cope with life and university and eventually hit rock bottom so hard I was non-functional. I believe these were some of the darkest days I ever saw. All hope was lost, and for the first time in my life I had lost all my fight.

I found Holosync some months later, riding the cusp of suicide daily, sleeping all day, no energy, no joy, no life. As I began to meditate I saw myself become functional again. It’s been the most effective tool I’ve used to date (and believe me I’ve tried them all).

Last March after another white knuckle relationship that ended in disaster, I began to have flashbacks of the event that set a lifetime of hurdles in motion. I really feel blessed to have found Holosync and your LPIP course. I cannot envision having to navigate these waters without the ability to to watch my own thoughts and change what I value and believe as life gives me feedback. My mind is much quicker and intelligent than it’s ever been. Emotionally, I’m much more adapted and flexible and I feel much more spiritually connected (maybe the most I ever have).

I’ve waded through the murky and often traumatized waters of my unconscious and feel for the first time in my life a certainty in life. A certainty in hope, in, and the world. As I finish Awakening Level 4, I look forward to what else this journey will bring into my path.

Thank you, Bill Harris, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you, you’ve changed my life more than you can ever know. If you’re ever in the Toronto area in Canada, you’re always welcome for dinner. I hope this reaches you well and that it energizes you in some way. Your work matters, you’re improving, and in my case, saving lives. May God be with you, thank you for your mentorship. Best,

Jason Paradis

This is day 14 with Awakening Prologue. There is a woman who has been my enemy and I had wanted to tell her what I think of her. Yesterday she had brought some kittens for surgeries to the place I work and was supposed to pick them up. At first I asked my co-worker to deal with her but she’d had trouble with her as well. Then I decided to put what I’ve been learning into use and chose to be gracious and professional when she came to pick the kittens up. I have never seen anyone look so guilty and full of remorse! She could not wait to leave and nearly ran out of the clinic. She took thousands of dollars worth of items out of my home and had 5 of my beloved cats destroyed back in 2007. You can imagine how I felt towards her. My revenge was seeing that she finally realized she is guilty and has to live with that. I felt such relief knowing that I can choose to put it all behind me. Holosync is amazing! I love the extra CDs and the videos. I always feel like Bill is speaking just to me! I’ve always known about forgiveness but could never actually do it! I come from a crazy and painful past. Nothing has ever been able to change my heart; with Holisync I can put all that stuff into perspective! It’s an answer to prayer. Love it. Thanks!


Hello, this is in response to the support letter of the Purification level. I have been using holosync for seven years and it has been more helpful than I could have imagined. I was raised in a fundamental home where fear of hell and the tribulation scared the beegeebers out of me. When i began to see how unhealthy it was, I left it. A few months later my husband died, and I began to experience such depression and anxiety that I could not function at my job and many days I didn’t do anything in my home either.

I don’t even member where I heard about you but i had an immediate sense that it would help me get the old, terrifying messages out of my head. I wish I could say it was fast, but it has still been a long journey, but it has worked. Little by little i have returned to days with very little, or no anxiety, nights without nightmares and i have no depression at all.

On the side, I have done other energy work and some shadow work to deepen my experience. last year I took some online courses to be a Peace Ambassador, and work in a peace program in Costa Rica. My life is taking on meaning again and I am purposely moving to become a support to others who leave fear based belief systems but want to remain spiritually focused and AWAKEN – with a world moving in that direction.

Thank you so much, for the program and for the support letters. I recommend it to every one I speak to about my journey to wholeness.

Dee Burk

I’m also in my last level of holosync and it has been worth every penny and every hour I have spent with this program. There have been times that I was ready to die and times I was ready to kill someone due to stress either from others or from the physical and/or mental pain in my own body. Once I discovered holosync I always knew that if I could just get an hour to spend with my headphones I would feel better eventually. My third husband wanted to change everything about me, the only thing he supported and agreed with was my use of holosync because he saw himself how it served to calm me.

I was raised in a strict Mormon home with a mother that grew up in wartime as a child and suffered from PTSD, my grandfather molested me when I was five and I had no conscious memory of what happen and yet it affected me.

I have been through 2 horrible marriages and one interesting marriage to men who were like my mother. I have, through holosync, become a more calm and less stressed person, I have remembered enough about my grandfather to realize what happen and to heal from it, along with dealing with the affects of being raised by a controlling, judgement mother with PTSD and have finally been attracted to and drawn to me a man who is like my father and I am the happiest I have ever been in my entire life…even dealing with artificial knees from a car accident 15 years ago and dealing with fibromyalgia (without pain meds, mind altering drugs or other prescriptions).

I have stopped being overly judgmental of myself, I have started living more in

the moment and stopped worrying as much about what if. I don’t worry about what other people think any more and live my life the way I want to live it and have learned to trust me and my own power and become a much more positive person. I went from being walked over every day of my life to finally trusting and believing in myself and standing up for me…I now live my life the way I want to live it, the way that works for me and don’t accept something as truth just because since I’ve learned to trust my inner guidance.

I still have two more cds to go but I’m taking my time and enjoying each one in level 12 because I hate the thought that it is going to end one day while thrilling at the thought that I will have completed the entire set along with all the benefits. All I can say is THANK YOU for holosync…thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Wanda Dale Quidley

I hope you can spare a few minutes for a fan letter. I know you get a lot of them. But I think my situation is, if not unique, than rare. I was sexually abused as a child. Well, maybe that is not rare, at all, unfortunately. But it happened within my family and I was very very young. And then it happened again later with a doctor. And it happened again later with a teacher. You get the idea. It took me years to sort this out. Ultimately a great therapist helped me bring out the unconscious memories and recover. I had to leave that city and I didn’t really finish recovering. Trust issues were too great to use another therapist. I was lucky to be able to create a good relationship at all– I remarried in 2008 and my husband is a gem. But, I couldn’t really relax and focus on him and that’s rough on anyone’s sex life. Also, I have been working 6-7 days a week for many years at two jobs. In short, I embodied the term stressed out.

So, even though things had improved, they were not great, until Holosync. It has transformed my life! I’ll never forget my first experience with the demo. Neither will my husband. He can certainly tell when I’ve missed a day, I can tell you that. During the past year, I’ve had the energy, optimism, and improved thinking to create some amazing things. I have a new job, which is far better than the old toxic one. I have recently managed to improve my financial situation so much that I can probably quit my second job within the next few months. My husband, inspired, perhaps, is pursuing his dreams much more aggressively than before. We have other challenges, namely health, but now I have full confidence we can solve them.

What can I add? Your product is brilliant and your spirit so very generous. I thank you from not only from my heart but from my soul.


I know this sounds like hyperbole, but Holosync is saving my life.

I come from a very dysfunctional family. My mother and father had a very bad marriage although they remained married. When I was about 7 years old, my mother attempted to commit suicide. She was a very depressed woman.

I have two sisters. One of them, the smart one, is now on god knows how many medications (mostly psychotropic). She has been diagnosed with depression, border line personality disorder, schizophrenia, and who knows how many other things. My other sister has a low normal IQ, so she is the slow one. She is also depressed and is on god knows how many drugs.

Both of my parents are passed and my sisters expect me to float them financially. They live together and are both on government assistance. My parents never knew how to say no to them, especially the smart one. Then that left me, the average one (my own tag, no one called me that – at least to my face. My modus operandi with them was always to yell at them and be upset. There was always a lot of tension.

I am now at Awakening Level 4 and I will be moving to Purification within the next 2 months. While there is still tension, I deal with my sisters in a much more calm fashion. I try to talk to them when they do things I don’t like. I rarely yell any more. While there is still a good deal of tension involved in our relationship, I can definitely see it is much more cordial.

Outside of my sisters, I used to be a very angry driver and would speed and yell at drivers habitually. Now I usually annoy other drivers because I go so slowly. I no longer get angry with the way others driver drive (read cut me off, drive slowly or try to beat me when lanes merge). In fact, I usually let others merge or just pull out ahead of me.

At work I am much more able to deal with stress and I do not fly off the handle the way I used to. I am really looking forward to my continued journey with Hololsync. I know that I have much more room to grow and I sometimes can’t wait to become an adult. I became an Inner Circle member before I got to Awakening Level 1, so I am in this for the long haul. It has only been 3 years and I hope to not recognize the person I am now, 3 years hence. Thank you, Bill for creating this product.

Louis Bernard

Hello Bill, there are many ways in which Holosync has helped influence my life. What I will say here is how Holosync helped me handle a really huge change that found me going on 10 years ago.

In 2003 I had my first open-heart surgery and Holosync helped me get through that time. In 2005 the valve failed and I had to do it again and I both used Holosync to train my mind to cut my recovery time in half, (which I did), and in 10 minute doses help cope with the amount of stress and trauma my body endured. This was one way that Holosync helped me adapt to a a new way of living life.

I don’t have a heart sac any longer and so Holosync helps to smooth out the static like energy around my heart, which can create all kinds of random chaos when left unattended. I feel Holosync helped me to consciously choose how to use it and gain more body awareness during much of the processes I went through to find, like a neuro-bio-surfer, the ability to maintain bio-rhythms with more awareness. For me, stress management is a full-time job. But no need to worry, I do like to take vacations from time to time

The depth of reflection I’ve been able to go to using Holosync, especially when practicing things like the Gendlin focusing technique, have enabled me to overcome huge levels of catharsis from the unconscious memories of the surgeries, (believe me they are there), which Holosync also helps me to dig up, process, and release. Though, when I go through it, it doesn’t sound so neat and tidy. You see the surgeries were virtually back-to-back, and I didn’t have much time to come up for air. Holosync helped me catch my breath from time to time. Only now, 10 years later I’m beginning to say, what the f@$% just happened? Yes, Holosync really helped me get through that time, and so much of my experiences happened in the deeper aspects of the mind.

The good news is I’m still here and there you have it. Thanks for the opportunity to receive a book Bill if I may be so blessed. By the way, I really dig your sax playing. Having heard you speak so many times, I can hear inflections of your voice, especially the curly resolutions to the end of some of your sax phrases. I love jazz and that’s enlightening stuff. I play drums and percussion among other things, and it would be great if we should ever play together sometime. We can take turns being the left brain, and then the right.


Hi Bill, Thanks again for all your help. We have been listening to Holosync for over 4 years now and appreciate greatly the change in ourselves as a result. –Ron Miller

Thank you so much for the videos. I can’t tell you how excited and happy I am to be listening to them. I have been using holosync for a few years now. One of the bonuses in my first year or so was a set of CDs which had been taped at a Holosync Retreat. I kept them in my car and listened to them every few months. Unfortunately I somehow lost them, probably lent them to someone to encourage them to use holosync. I still search nooks and crannies in the house in case someone put them away, I was very distraught when they went missing.

These videos have all the information that was on those CDs. I find them inspiring, they were a great tool for a new user of holosync and still incredibly valuable as an experienced holosync user. I am having many uh huh moments listening to them.

I definitely recommend them as a great tool to go with the holosync. It clarifies the many and varied advantages that is part of the holosync experience.

I enjoy watching the video but think it is a huge advantage to be able to download them, it is far easier to listen to them while walking, exercising, etc, than it is to find the 30 or so mins to sit and listen to them on the computer.

Your company is extremely good to deal with and I do believe that the difference of many purchasers of holosync sticking to it is the amazing follow up and information that you provide, as adverse to the many other self development products that people purchase and only 2 – 5% of people actually use the product. Much appreciation and kind regards


I purchased your Awakening CDs several years ago and have used them consistently in my life since then. After hearing you speak, I felt compelled to tell you what Holosync has done for me. I once had a fairy tale life. My husband and I were successful in the entertainment business, and I’d just come off a tour for my first book. Then…I experienced the worst that could happen. I lost my beautiful 16 year old boy suddenly to a deadly form of bacterial meningitis. What followed was a grief storm I never could have imagined.

My husband fled in the midst of it all, and just as he was on the come-back trail, he died of a massive heart attack. Cut to The Secret where I first met you. I was hungry for anything that would help me activate my resilience and be strong and stable for my three living children. I found it so difficult to meditate or pray because I would just erupt in tears. I ordered the Awakening CDs, bought headphones, and gave it a shot.

It changed my life. For the first time in years I had a safe place to go when I felt anxiety, fear or sadness. It was a miracle. My brain totally synced and I realized I had the power to put my thoughts in alignment with the job I was given on this planet; to guide and provide a good life for my children, and to help others reclaim their lives after loss. I made a regular practice of listening to the CDs and also used them in the darkest hours of the night. It was my comfort, my inspiration, and my peace. Since then, I’ve used Holosync every single day! I wanted you to know that I will be recommending the Awakening CDs in my resource guide to parents like me, who are just trying to get through another day of surviving the worst that can happen. Thank you, Bill, for your role in my recovery.


Just wanted to let everyone know that Holosync has changed my life…literally!! I try very hard to let other people know so they too may benefit. Most people though just don’t understand they need Holosync, some more than others. They think they have everything under control. Sad for them.

Good for me. I know nothing is ever totally under control and we must constantly strive to make our lives more wonderful. Holosync has made me a calmer, more tolerant, less volatile person. I am a much happier and kinder person as a result. Thus, everyone who knows me is also benefiting.

Until after I began Purification, I wasn’t aware that I should have stayed with Level 4 of Awakening a little longer. This level is dramatically more potent!

However, I’ve learned that when I feel uncomfortable to just say, ok. My unconscious is resisting letting go of something important: so I just let what needs to happen, happen.

As a result of Holosync, I’m not only a better person, but I’m discovering talents I never realized I had.

For example, I’ve always been a good writer, but never knew I could write a novel. I’ve already written one novel and am writing the sequel. I’m currently looking for an agent to help me get the first novel published. I know it’s publishable because I’ve had a number of women read it and the overwhelming consensus is utterly positive.

You can rest assured, I am singing the praises of Holosync and I will never stop meditating. I like myself too much to quit.

Maribeth Shanley

I have become aware of what awareness is through Holosync. My main feeling is that Holosync has made study so much easier and seems to have allowed me to tap into the source of information and rather than just knowing the info I am now aware and the materials stay with me in an understanding way. I hope that my use of the terms, knowing and awareness, does not confuse others. I actually ceased my very regular listening to the programs for a period of several months and just enjoyed the gains. I realize that isn’t following procedure but it made me appreciate the experience now that I have returned.

I am starting back by listening to the Dive for the 14 days as if I were just starting the level when in actuality I’m on the last level of purification 2. I have had much enlightenment from this experience and am stunned at its ability to relax and take things as they come. I will be continuing where I left off several months ago by adding the immersion for that level. I usually do the dive and follow it with the immersion of both the classic and the No. 2. I

have added a little trick as I listen on my iPad and that is to put a classical piece of music at the end of the last immersion. it serves two purposes. one to signal the end of the Holosync experience and two it allows an enjoyable short interlude prior to completion of the program. Sort of brings me back to the reality of this now experience.

Charles Dockter


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