Mind Power Issue #82

The Power of You

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Issue #82 – Monday, October 9, 2017

A very special friend of mine, and a key player in the field of global change, Pedram Shojai, has a thing or two to say about the power of money and the power of people to change the world.

He also has something very important to say about about the power of YOU.

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read his guest article, “Do We Have the Power to Change?” in this week’s issue of Mind Power.

Pedram shares a really important message, especially in today’s world of technological achievements.

And whatever you do, don't miss the opportunity to screen his upcoming documentary, Prosperity, before it hits theaters!

You’ll find the link to the FREE SCREENING in the Check It Out section below.

Be well.
Bill Harris, Founder/CEO

Do We Have the Power to Change?

By Pedram Shojai

We’re living in exciting yet troubling times – we’re in a phase of technological achievement unlike anything ever seen in the history of the human race.

We’re building rocket ships capable of going to Mars and Nano technology that could change our ideas of health and longevity, the very heart of humanity… forever.

These advancements are coming at us rapid fire in every aspect of human civilization – from medicine, to manufacturing, farming, space travel, virtual reality and more. The list is ever growing and changing.

Even as we’re witnessing some of the most vital achievements in the history of the planet we’re facing a problem of epic proportions.

The reality is that “business as usual” is killing the planet – harming our environment and pushing us toward a truly dystopian future.  

Are we content to simply let things go in whatever direction big business chooses?

Are we destined to live on a planet surrounded by destruction of our own making, while immersing ourselves in the very same technology we thought would save us so completely that we don’t even notice?

Or, it there an alternate future… a future where we can live together in peace and with purpose while redefining what it actually means to “do business?”

Can we align ourselves with entrepreneurs and companies whose values are the same as our own and reward their good behavior to create value and prosperity for everyone?

As it turns out, we can, but something keeps getting in our way, and that’s… our very perception of change.  

As an abstract idea, “change” is something we all can get behind.

We all want be a part of something larger than ourselves to do BIG things and take that moonshot.

But believe it or not, the IDEA of change can actually become a roadblock to making it happen!

Consider this…

In our society, as individuals, we tend to believe that our own independent actions don’t have an immediate or specific impact on us or the planet, or at least not that we can see.

We go about our daily lives making decisions on what products we use, what companies we buy things from, and we do almost all of this on autopilot.

I’ve been just as guilty of this in the past.

We’re awash in a sea of consumer choices and for the most part it’s the path of least resistance to simply go through the motions and do what everyone else is doing.

I’d wager that most of the consumers in our country don’t think twice about what or where they buy their “stuff,” as long as they can get it quickly and easily.

Most of us don’t dwell daily on whether or not the coffee we just drank came from a giant waste generating goliath of a company or a fair trade company with a vested interest in making sure their supply chain is clean all the way down to the planting and harvesting of their beans.

It just doesn’t cross our minds as we’re making purchases, for the most part.

But if I pulled you aside and asked you directly if you’d prefer to do business with the former or latter, I bet you’d almost always choose the second company.

Especially when you learn why and how they do business so differently.

Why? Because people are inherently good and deep down we know we need to change the way we do things for the good of our own families, and the good of our planet.

So we face a conundrum.

We’re convinced change, on the large scale is HARD and has to be couched in sacrifice and frugality, but we collectively have far more power than you might think.

Even the tiniest changes gathered collectively have ENORMOUS impact on ourselves, our families and our planet.

So, how do we help people become more conscious about the choices they make AND impress on them that their decisions and their spending truly matter in the grand scheme of things?

It’s easier than you might think…

We’ve got to grab technology by the horns and harness it to empower people, businesses and individuals alike to immediately know not only what choices to make, but how they impact us all.

We have to align our passions and purpose to build profitable, successful socially conscious companies to take the path less traveled and create that beautiful and prosperous future.

Change on the macro and micro scale is not only possible, the very smallest changes in how you live your daily life, the purchases you make and the businesses you support truly do have the power to alter the course of human history.

In short, your money IS your vote and your vote along with the votes of everyone else absolutely dictate our path towards the future.

If each and every one of us do our part and take even the smallest steps, before we know it we’ll tackle the BIG issues of our modern world poverty, peace, health and prosperity for everyone.

The key is educating ourselves and understanding our role – separate we’re single raindrops falling to the ground, but together we’re the ocean.

Dr. Pedram Shojai is a New York Times best- selling author and a filmmaker. He's the founder of Well.Org and is committed to telling stories that matter and coupling them with solutions that can help millions.

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