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Issue #78– Monday, September 11, 2017

There’s been a lot of talk over the years about higher consciousness, Presence, self-actualization and a ton of other New Thought lingo.

Well, talk is cheap.

Anyone who know me knows that I’m not about talk...I’m all about action (and, yes, above all, awareness).

Because it’s not enough to just think your way happy, or successful or into Nirvana. In fact, I would say thinking is often counterproductive to all these things.

Which is why, when I head Dr. Mark Atkinson speak, I was immediately impressed with his practical approach to – yes, I’ll say it – higher consciousness.

He offers valuable tools that can get you over the hump and shift you UP into a higher state...in minutes!

This isn’t hype. Try it for yourself. Dr. Atkinson shares one of these powerful tools in the feature article below. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read it. And DO IT.

Change comes when you act.

Bill Harris, Founder/CEO

How to Shift Up Into Higher Conciousness

by Dr. Mark Atkinson

Integrative Physician, Personal Development Teacher
& Bulletproof Medical Director

As you go about your day, are you consciously shifting the gears of your state of consciousness so that you can feel your best, perform your best and meet the needs of the present moment?

Alternatively, like most people – is the way you feel, determined not consciously by you, but by your psychological conditioning, habits, compromised biology and environment?

You have complete control over your state of consciousness – your identity, experience and worldview.

Learning how to shift into higher-functioning states is a foundational practice for those who are committed to being and becoming the best version of themselves. It’s a game-changer.

As you learn to shift up into higher states, you feel more empowered, alive, connected and resilient. You start to notice the moments in which you start to drift down into tense, closed lower-functioning states (think blame, shame, worry, resentment, drama, defensiveness and gossip), you smile on the inside and you SHIFT UP.

And as you practice this repeatedly, you realize that you are the CEO of your State of Consciousness.

In our coach training program, we teach our students how to be the CEO, to Shift Up. One of the practices we use is called Slow Thought Defusion. It works, and works quickly.

Using this practice will not only help you shift up into the state of high-performance, Presence, but when used consistently it has the potential to deepen and accelerate your journey towards self-actualization and self-transcendence.

Don’t believe me, find out for yourself.

Slow Thought Defusion

Think of a situation that you are feeling stressed about. Notice the thoughts that you are having about that situation and find a short sentence that encapsulates the essence of what it is that you are stressed about…

...for example ‘there is no way I’ll get this work done on time’. Now do the following:

The attitude you need for this is light-heartedness, no effort or trying and do it with a ‘smile’ on the inside. How you do it is the key to receiving its benefit.

Drop your focus into the lower part of your abdomen (just a couple of centimetres below your navel) and keep your attention their throughout.

Now say the sentence very slowly and out loud, (if you are in a public place you can do it in your head – but it is even better if done out loud). There should be at least five seconds gap between each word.

As you do this breath gently and THIS IS THE KEY keep your attention on the SPACE in between each thought.

If you notice your mind trying to rush things (which it tends to do!) just allow an even longer gap between each word.

Now repeat this whole process two more times and having done so, notice what has shifted in your experience. How do you feel? How do you now feel about the ‘problem’?

90% of the time, when people use slow thought defusion, an extraordinary thing happens – they shift from identifying with a stressful thought (ego) to experiencing a sense of balance, spaciousness and calm – Presence.

Notice how when you are aligned with the higher functioning state of Presence it transforms the way you feel and transforms your perspective on whatever the original situation or issue was.

Notice a sense of freedom around the issue. If you choose to do so and whilst resting in Presence ask yourself this question:

What do I need to do to address this issue (whatever the stressful issue was)?

More often than not one of two responses will arise, either the ‘problem/issue’ is no longer a problem/issue or you’ll just know how to deal with it in a practical, balanced and efficient way.

The truth is this – we were never supposed to believe everything we think. Thoughts are simply thoughtforms arising in awareness. One of the fundamental skills for conscious living and personal development is choosing what to believe and what not to.

If the thought empowers you, makes a you a kinder, better human being by all means use that thought to fuel and energize you. But, if the thought is using you and diminishing you, your effectiveness, your happiness, then shift out of it. It really is okay to do that.

What’s more, as you start to live in alignment with Presence, life starts to unfold in extraordinary and often unexpected ways – it’s one of the master keys to living a deeply fulfilling life.

Enjoy. Be Free.

About Dr. Mark Atkinson

Dr. Mark Atkinson, MBBS, BSc (HONS), FRSPH, is an integrative physician and internationally-renowned authority in self-leadership and human potential development.

Mark received his medical degree from the Imperial College School of Medicine in London, UK. He is the medical director of Bulletproof 360, the American human performance company, and Head of its coach training division - the Bulletproof Training Institute.

He is a regular contributor to the #1 ranked health podcast on iTunes, Bulletproof Radio. His published books include The Mind/Body Bible, Holistic Health Secrets for Women, and True Happiness – Your Complete Guide to Emotional Health.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health, Fellow of the American Institute of Stress and founder Member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

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