Mind Power Issue #73

Wake up to your own power with this remarkable “map”...

Issue #73 – Monday, August 4th, 2017

Last week we got knee-deep into suffering.

Yes, Issue #72 of Mind Power was all about the nature of suffering, from the Buddhist perspective, and how all our suffering is caused…

...by our attachment (clinging) to people, places and things.

Buddhists explain the circumstances of suffering through the Four Noble Truths:

  1. All Life is Suffering

  2. Suffering is Caused by Clinging or Attachment

  3. Suffering Can be Ended by Giving Up Attachment

  4. There is a Path to End Suffering

Last week, I also introduced a solution to end that suffering, through an ancient path that helps relieve the pain, anxiety and stress:

Decoding what I call your “Internal Map of Reality.”

The internal map you created for yourself when you were young and learning to cope with the world, is still very active in your life today. Understanding this map will help you understand your attachments…

...and why they cause you suffering.

So, this issue of Mind Power is dedicated to ending the emotional suffering that comes from the choices you make in your life.

Yes, you read that right: Your suffering comes from the CHOICES YOU MAKE in your life.

Now, there are certainly things you have no choice about, such as, the weather, death, traffic and other people’s actions. But you DO have choice over four other, vital things in your life (which I reveal below).

Before you delete this email as hogwash, let me make you a promise:

After you read the feature article below, you’ll have a better understanding – and a foolproof map – to make conscious choices in your life that serve you instead of sabotage you…

...and bring more of what you want into your life and less of what you don’t.

And who doesn’t want that?

Be well.

Bill Harris, Founder/CEO

Wake Up to Your Own Power:
Decoding Your Internal Map of Reality

by Bill Harris

We all create an Internal Map when we’re young that helps us understand the world and our place in it. This blueprint of “reality,” as we see it, anyway…

...also helps us cope with things that are unpleasant or that we don’t understand.

Decoding this map, observing how it drives us, is THE KEY to giving you CHOICE in your life, and…

...with choice comes freedom.

But, before I get too far into this, I promised to tell you the four vital things about which you DO HAVE CHOICE in your life. And here they are:

  1. How you feel
  2. How you behave
  3. Which people and situations you attract or become attracted to
  4. What meanings you assign to what happens

Right now, you might be saying , “But Bill, I don’t have choice over how I feel. When someone hurts my feelings (insults me, forgets my birthday, cuts me off in traffic) I can’t control that. I don’t have a choice over how they make me feel.”

Aaah...I have to disagree.

While you don’t have a choice over other people’s behavior, you DO have a choice over your own.

And your behavior is often triggered by your emotions, so let’s start there.

How the Brain Filters Information

Like physical pain, emotions are really nothing more than sensations in your body, accompanied by certain thoughts.

When I was younger, I had a big fight with my girlfriend over something inconsequential. I stewed and fumed for a long time. Eventually, I allowed a part of me to sit back and notice all of this from an outside perspective. I noticed how…

... the thoughts happened, how they changed, and how the feelings in my body happened, where they were in my body, how they changed and moved.

I have to admit, I became fascinated by the observations and was letting what happened be okay. The next thing I knew…

...the whole thing was gone.

My resistance, my clinging, to wanting my girlfriend to be a certain way, caused the suffering I was experiencing. I discovered that I couldn’t resist and watch at the same time, and when I shifted to the perspective of the witness

...the resistance and the suffering fell away.

You can’t watch and resist at the same time. You can either watch or be attached, but not both. Resistance doesn’t serve you. You can only do something that doesn’t serve you if you do it unconsciously.

Watching is being conscious.

So when you watch yourself and you are conscious of doing something that doesn’t serve you, you find you can’t keep doing it. It may not be easy to do. However, in any situation…

...the degree to which you accept what is, is the degree to which you avoid suffering.


No matter what happens, it is possible to let it be okay. All you need is intention, conscious awareness, and practice. When you resist a situation…

...you compound the consequences…

...because now you are adding suffering—the consequence of resistance—to the consequences already built into the situation. Even in a good situation, if you cling to it lasting forever…

...the clinging will cause suffering.

I remember my first ice cream cone at the age of three. I was in heaven until I got about halfway through. Then I realized that soon the ice cream would be gone. I resisted because I didn’t want the ice cream to be gone; I wanted ice cream forever.

As described in the First Noble Truth, all things pass away and at three, I suffered from my resistance to the end of the ice cream.

Another way to look at this is that the more you don’t let whatever happens be okay, the more you suffer. You are the only one in charge of what you focus on, so you can decide to take conscious control and focus on what you want.

When you learn to do this…

...you wake up to your own power. The whole world created by your mind can be transcended.

Don’t be fooled here. This is not about being detached or numbing out. You feel fear in certain situations, or anger, anxiety, happiness, and so on. This is what it means to be human. Emotions happen; however…

...when you resist emotions or the events that triggered them, you suffer.

An aware person is more alive, not less. The kind of detachment that happens in psychosis, schizophrenia, multiple personality disorders, and even with simple dissociation, are ways of being less aware, less conscious.

The person who is letting whatever happens be okay is very aware of what is happening, is very conscious, and is feeling everything, and experiencing everything.

They’re just not attached to certain outcomes; they are not buying into the idea that to be happy and peaceful things have to happen a certain way.

Be Proactive

Don’t give up! You can have an outcome in mind, take action to do whatever you can to make it happen…

...and still be unattached to the outcome.

You can prefer the outcome without being attached to it. Your happiness and inner peace can come from within, rather than being triggered by whatever does or doesn’t happen outside of you.

You can be motivated without being attached to an outcome. In fact, being attached to an outcome often generates fear…

...because you are thinking you won’t get it.

People often procrastinate or lose their motivation when they picture a negative outcome or the negative part of getting the outcome. You can increase motivation by picturing the task…

...picturing having fun while doing the task and enjoying whatever happens.

In terms of your happiness and inner peace, you know right at the outset that it doesn’t matter what happens.

Ironically, when you let whatever happens be okay, it’s much more likely that you’ll get what you want. This is one of the real ironies of personal and spiritual growth:

The less attached you are, the more likely you are to get what you want.

The more you let what happens be okay, the more the universe lines up behind you to help you…

...create whatever it is you’re focused on creating.

The more attached you are, the more likely you are to find a way to screw things up. Letting whatever happens be okay complements drive or motivation. As you move toward your goal…

...you prefer the outcome you want, but you don’t suffer if it doesn’t happen.

Changing Your Internal Map

Once you decode your Internal Map of Reality, and understand how it drives your thoughts, feelings and behaviors, you can begin to change it for the better, so that you attract what you DO want in life…

...instead of what you don’t want.

(Have you ever noticed that you attract EXACTLY want you DON’T want into your life...over and over? This is your Internal Map at work).

Everyone’s Internal Map is created from their beliefs––about the world, about how life works, about other people, about themselves. Beliefs are those things we hold to be true and that determine our actions and our experience of life.

The brain is a goal seeking mechanism, and a very powerful one. Your brain will either make whatever you believe to be true actually come true in your life or…

...will at least make it seem to be true, which amounts to the same thing.

Many of these heat-seeking beliefs limit your potential and your happiness. The good news is: You can change your beliefs (and your internal map)...

...and as you do, your life changes.

With practice, observation, and ever-increasing awareness, (meditation helps tremendously, by the way) you can override the unresourceful (negative) aspects of your map of reality and create…

...a life that is real and whole—the life that you want.

# # #

Editor’s Note: In the next issue of “Mind Power,” Bill will address the power of your mind, and how you can change your negative or limiting beliefs...

...to attract the things you most desire in life and eliminate those that sabotage your dreams.

Stayed tuned for Mind Power Issue #74, in your inbox Monday, August 14, 2017.

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