Mind Power Issue #65

Pushups for your brain? An easy way to gain mental strength...

Issue #65 – Monday, June 12, 2017

What if your brain could do pushups? Just like your body, it would become stronger and stronger over time…

...and your awareness, willpower, and decision-making would improve exponentially!

You already know that your brain is in constant motion. But here’s a startling concept you might not have realized:

Each thought you have either strengthens or weakens your mind.

In the feature article below, my friend, Andy Shaw, reveals ONE simple, structured thought, that…

...when you use it, will send your brain into an upward spiral of strength, consciousness and good decisions.

And, you are either spiralling up or spiralling down...all the time.

So, please don't miss Andy’s secret to mental strength. It’s like pushups for your brain (only easier)!

Be well.

Bill Harris, Founder/CEO

How To Increase Your Mental Strength Each Time You Think

by Andy Shaw

Albert Einstein wrote, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it."

Therefore the solution to all of life’s problems lies in simply raising of our consciousness.

But ‘what does this mean?’… And more importantly, ‘how do we do it?’

Well first, raising consciousness and being mentally strong are very similar. The easy way to look at it is… If you raise your mental strength then it is the solution to all of your current and future problems.

Anytime a problem is encountered, then you simply add in more mental strength.

But don’t confuse mental strength with positive thinking. Increasing your mental strength requires virtually no effort at all, whereas positive thinking requires sustained effort when performed the wrong way.

The next thing to understand is that with each thought and action, mental strength or mental weakness are being created. That’s all the time you are thinking! You are either building or knocking down your mental strength.

This is because no thought stands still, each either helps or harms. And each can either help a little, a fair bit, or a lot, or each thought can harm a little, a fair bit, or a lot… No thought in your head is standing still… Not a single one!

Which means… Your mental strength will be either added to with your thoughts, or destroyed by your thoughts. Yes, I repeated it, something that important needs to be repeated a lot to get past the voice in our heads.

I’m sure you’ve seen or heard stories of severely depressed people beating themselves up to the point of suicide. Well this is where most, but not all people who suffer with depression (mental weakness) unconsciously self-create more of it.

This mental weakness is created by lack of structure to their thinking. With a little structure added, then mental strength can be spirally gained in the same way as mental weakness can spiral to the point of suicide.

The reason mental weakness spirals downwards is that it performs best with no structure. However, mental strength requires either natural structure or a man made ‘how to think’ structure. The latter has to be created by you, if you are not automatically a mentally strong person.

Not being naturally mentally strong, or rather not being currently mentally strong is no guide as to the future. As the gains you can make can happen instantly, or may take a few weeks, months, or even years.

It is all down to one simple understanding, which begins with a simple structured thought…

Here’s that simple structured thought, ‘is this thought helping me or harming me?’ This is a thought to keep playing in your mind when you become aware of ANY thought.

Think about it this way… If you are angry at another driver for pulling out on you, just ask yourself, ‘is this thought helping me or harming me? No thought stands still, therefore being angry is not helping, but harming.

You concluded accurately that the thought was harming, and now you see it is robbing you of mental strength.

Do you choose to carry on with harming yourself, or do you choose to stop on this occasion. You choose to stop on this occasion, and so you gain mental strength.

If you notice you are with your child and you are playing with them, you think, is this helping me or harming me?

You conclude accurately that it is helping you, so you gain mental strength and continue playing… You’ll probably be happier too. Which again increases mental strength effortlessly.

This one simple structured thought replayed again and again (effortlessly), slowly begins to change your thinking and so more negative (mental weakening thoughts) are let go of sooner, and then slowly stop forming. Whereas mental gaining thoughts are allowed to grow in an effortless way.

The reduction of thoughts which harm leave more room in your mind for mental strength gaining thoughts, which are thoughts which help you.

Therefore, to raise your consciousness so that your current world problems simply can no longer exist, all you have to remember to do to question if a thought has value to you or not.

Best wishes, Andy

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About Andy Shaw

Andy is the one of the leading mindset experts in the world with a unique ability for helping people to take action and…

...raise their level of consciousness simply by increasing their mental strength.

In 2010 he created the A Bug Free Mind Mental Strength Program which is now used in over 140 countries.

His training has worked for people from pretty much every walk of life, and in every situation. His work also crosses all religious boundaries because it only teaches how to think, not what to think.

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