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Issue #50 – Monday, Feb. 27th, 2017

There’s an unmistakable energy in the air calling for change…

Have you noticed?

Well, my friend Jennifer McLean, renown healer & #1 bestselling author…

...is delivering a free program designed to guide you through these extreme times.

She is offering you a chance to receive unique Reiki-like attunements, free of charge.

These act as building blocks of support to help live more authentically and lead the life you came here to live.

Then you’ll receive a daily practice of habit-building healing that will open the floodgates of vitality, love, wholeness and abundance.

I’ve invited her to write the feature story in this week’s “Mind Power” inbox magazine.

I also heartily encourage you to register for her newest offering: “Attunements and the Power Healings” (it’s free).

Read more in our “Check it Out” section below. And, as always,

Be well.

Bill Harris, Founder/CEO

The Body Journey

by Jennifer McLean

(An except from Spontaneous Transformation Technique: 7 Steps to Coping and Thriving in Extreme Times)

Techniques for Reclaiming the Body’s Experience
The body and brain connection is an amazing thing. The best part of it is that it is not hard-wired, meaning we truly can rewire those visceral connections and shift the way we experience the past through how we think about it!

This is all about reclaiming your body’s experience by shifting how you hold trauma in the mind and memory. For example, memory associated with trauma is in a part of the brain that is connected to the sympathetic nervous system, which creates fight or flight responses from fear, whether real or imagined. It creates and recreates a visceral, full-body response every time you stimulate that memory.

You stimulate the memory every time you tell and retell that story as if you are making the body relive it on some level. Once you re-pattern the memory, however, its associative pattern moves to another area in the brain where it is detached emotionally. It becomes just like any other memory. You may still have access to it, but it no longer causes you to re-experience it.

The techniques you will learn are an expansion of what we’ve been talking about in earlier processes. Each approaches the body’s harbored wisdom in a slightly different way. The practices here give you a way to deal with deeper emotions...

Re-Writing Our Stories
to Change our Vibrational Blueprint

We all have stories. Some sad stories start out like a bad country song: someone (your parents, friends, boss, partner…) has “done you wrong.” We dwell on those stories of negative incidents because they are still held in our bodies. And often, they are still held in our bodies because we continue to dwell on the past in a way that keeps it in place. Otherwise, we would have no reason to repeat the incident over and over in our mind or our experience.

Our bodies are perfect diagnostic tools for our emotional and unconscious states of habitual dysfunction. When we choose to hold onto an old, negative story in our bodies, with all its lower-vibrating emotional content, it acts like a big rock in the river of our lives, slowing down our energy current.

When our natural energy is not flowing as well as it could, we can get sick and feel physical pain or negative (lower-vibrating) emotions and mental fatigue (memory loss, etc.). It also means, with all that old debris still floating around unresolved, we can’t take the straight path to what we want. It holds back all the good that would otherwise flow to us.

The opportunity is to get clear of our stories. Once we see how the drama has played out internally as our beliefs, and externally as the events in our lives, we have the best opportunity to re-write our story the way we want it to be.

You will have an opportunity to do just that at the end of this. Now we will revisit Dave’s story so that you get the chance to see how re-writing your story works.

Dave had organized a family reunion after his older brother died. His hopes were for that gathering to provide a space for healing the past and strengthening the familial bonds, especially with his mother. He still felt as he did growing up, that his mother consistently showed preferential treatment toward her other children while treating Dave with distant reserve.

In fact, at the end of this family vacation, she hugged her other son goodbye then got in her car without saying goodbye to Dave. Dave walked over to the car and knocked on the window. His mother simply rolled down the window and said, “Thanks for the nice week.”

Dave was extremely hurt when he called in to the “MasterWorks Healing Membership Site” to work around this issue….and I coached him through “writing a new story.”

Dave’s therapeutic experience exemplifies the process of “re-writing our story” to replace our negative experience with a positive vibrational blueprint. Just as Dave did, you can re-write those painful stories of rejection, hurt, victimhood, etc. Through re-writing our stories, we create a pattern of experiencing the emotions that we want to feel, recreating our life experience from then forward.

We may not have had a choice initially in terms of the trauma we’ve suffered, however, we do have the choice whether to let our negative stories continue to victimize us OR to retell them the way we experience life. In this way, we see ourselves and others in a new light.

Walk through the steps of re-writing your own story. When you talk about your old stories, and are still victimized by them in your mind, you are reinforcing the energy which attracts more of the same. Use this exercise to move you into what you really want. This creates momentum for good to rush forward to meet you where you’re at, so allow yourself to go to the place you truly want to be, not just what your mind tells you is possible. Match your vibrational resonance with the story you want instead. Use your body as the anchor for those positive feelings.

Re-Writing Your Story: Practice

  1. Tell yourself your own negative story of victimhood, how someone did you wrong, and give it plenty of emotion, but don’t re-experience it. Just tell it as if you are reporting just how bad it was. You only have 1-2 minutes to tell it.

  2. Using the internal body observational techniques you learned above, what does that story feel like in your body? Feel it, see it and/or hear it. Where in your body are you feeling this negative emotion? Feel that.

  3. Now, say to yourself out loud, "I don't want to feel this anymore. I am ready to experience something new."

  4. Next, ask yourself, "What do I WANT to feel?" Connect and anchor into your solar plexus and heart area to help identify what it is you want to feel instead.

  5. Move this new, positive feeling sense from your mind (where most of us think we are feeling) into your body.
    What does it feel like in your body to have the new positive energies that you want? What does it feel like in your body to feel peace? To feel joy? To feel confidence? To feel abundance? Where in your body do you feel these glorious energies? Stay in your body and really feel these new, positive energies take root.

  6. Take it to the next level now—describe what your life looks like with these feelings. Tell this new story with as much emotional investment in it as you used to have for the past story you held. Use the anchored feeling you discovered in your body to affix it into the visualization of your life and the ways in which it appears when you are really congruent with these positive energies. How does your body feel now in these new energies? What experiences come naturally now that you feel so different from the past? What now flows to you that is aligned with this new vibrational blueprint?

  7. Take that story of what you want back into your body again and feel it. Imagine that you are storing it there and that you can access it anytime. It will be there for you. The body remembers. Give it as long as it takes to adjust to how wonderful it now feels to be you.

About Jennifer Mclean

Jennifer McLean is an internationally acclaimed, heart-centered Entrepreneur, Healer, Author, Speaker, Edge Pusher, and Transformational Change Agent.

For 25 years, Jennifer has served as a spiritual catalyst and healing facilitator, guiding hundreds of thousands to transmute their deepest fears, blocks, and old beliefs into new levels of alignment, growth, health, wholeness and abundance.

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Attunements and Power Healings

Wise Words

There is no remedy for love but to love more. -Henry David Thoreau

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