Mind Power Issue #49

The best (sometimes secret) steps to
achieving your dreams

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Issue #49 – Monday, Feb. 20th, 2017

In this special Presidents Day issue of Mind Power, we’re going to explore an important, allusive quality…

… one that lies within all the most successful people in the world (and you can be one of them):

Self Confidence.

Read the feature below to discover how confidence is the first giant stop in making your fondest dreams a reality.

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Be well.

Bill Harris, Founder/CEO

The Science Behind Failed Ambitions

by Bill Harris

The one quality that every truly successful person I know has …

…from the time they began, ...when they started with next to nothing…

...before they built tremendous success in their lives is :

Self Confidence.

Many people you know may seem to brim with self confidence. I’m talking about that wonderful, beautiful feeling of knowing you will succeed…

…of knowing that your dreams are within your grasp.

I wonder, though: What insecurities are lurking below the surface?

Insecurities sabotage people’s best efforts to achieve their fondest, most passionate goals.

This is a very unfortunate occurrence … and it happens all too often!

Ask yourself right now: What are your dreams?

What do you long for? (My guess is that you’ve had this longing in your heart for a very, very long time.)

My dream – my life’s work – is to help people all over the world find happiness, experience well being, make more money, live longer and manifest their deepest desires.

Today, especially, I’m reminded of all the young people in the world who dream of becoming president, or…

…of becoming world leaders, famous actors, renowned scientists, best-selling authors, successful business people –

– and who doesn’t have great big dreams?

As well you should!

The single biggest stumbling block, the root cause of all the self sabotage (procrastination comes to mind)...

...is a lack of self confidence.

That horrible insidious (and incorrect) core belief...

...that you don’t deserve all that ___________________________

(fill in the blank) happiness, success, love, power, money, etc.

Well you. You deserve all that and more!

The trick, then, is to get yourself to believe it…

...to truly, deeply, sincerely believe that you are worth the benefits of your fondest dreams.

And I have the solution for that.

When you meditate with Holosync®, fortunately, your brain becomes more balanced…

… and you begin to see the world in terms of the oneness and connectedness of all things, and less as a place of tension and opposition and danger.

When you view the world as a place of infinite abundance – instead of scarcity –

When your brain is consciously in tune to your deepest desires, you will automatically attract those things – love, money, success – like a magnet.

In addition, the Total Self Confidence Autofonix™ soundtrack exponentially multiplies the strength of your brain’s voltage …

... by adding powerful affirmations to the brain carrier wave technology.

This combination is the most powerful confidence builder that I’ve ever seen.

If you want to achieve more in your life, become a more positive, winning person, and experience the world in terms of endless possibilities…

...you'll definitely want the Total Self Confidence Autofonix™ soundtrack.

Why not try it today?Be well.Bill

P.S. Did you know that I have six Autofonix™ soundtracks? They are specifically targeted to these aspects of your life:

• Attracting Money & Success • Easy Weight Loss • Making Change Easy • Total Creativity • Perfect Health • Total Self Confidence • Attracting Love

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P.P.S. Try out the powerful affirmations below (in “Affirming the Life You Want”) …

… to exponentially boost your self confidence and your ability to achieve your goals.

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Total Self Confidence

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Affirming the Life You Want

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Wise Words

There is no remedy for love but to love more. -Henry David Thoreau

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A Huge Secret to Success

Learn how to make your greatest dreams a reality by

  • Identifying your deepest longing

  • Pinpointing the objects of your desire, and

  • Visualizing the results of your success

Then learn how to identify – and take – the next best steps…

...even if those actions don’t seem obvious to you!

This Really Happened

“Since I've started using the Holosync program I've found my confidence building incredibly rapidly. I'm not worried by things that would normally have me diving for cover.

“I'm starting to talk to people more, and let my few friends get to know me on a deeper level. I'm also gaining confidence in my writing, and feel I could actually pursue my dream of getting my books published.

“The impact of Holosync is incredible. I'm usually a cynic, and after trying everything and struggling, I'm stunned that this has been so effective.

“I'm also incredibly impressed by the level of support and information offered by [Centerpointe Research] Institute.” ~JB

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