Mind Power Issue #45

How "Conscious Reactions" Will Dramatically Change Your Life

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Issue #45 – Monday, Jan. 23, 2017

In today's issue of Mind Power I share the sixth of my Nine Principles for Conscious Living: The Principle of Conscious Change.

I’ll define for you - in simple and succinct terms - what “consciousness” really is, and how it can change your reactions in life.

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In “Wise Words” see the power you can generate in your life from one good decision.

Be well.

The Nine Principles for Conscious Living
Bill Harris

Principle Number Six:

It is impossible to create something that does not serve you, and at the same time create it consciously. You can, however, create dysfunctional feelings, behaviors, and outcomes over and over as long as you create them unconsciously (without continuous conscious awareness). If you observe the creation of feelings, behaviors, or outcomes with conscious awareness, those that do not serve you will fall away.

The trick is to remain conscious. Unfortunately, we have many ways of becoming unconscious: overeating, drugs and alcohol, projection, blaming, thinking, analyzing, obsessing, spacing out—and countless others. To become conscious, you must identify your favorite ways of going unconscious, be vigilant in noticing them, and instead of going unconscious, learn to watch your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors with curiosity and awareness.

Meditation (especially with Centerpointe’s Holosync audio technology) increases the ability to remain conscious and to be a curious observer of whatever is happening. As you develop this ability, non-resourceful feelings, behaviors, and approaches to life automatically fall away, and are replaced by those that bring happiness, peace, and success to one’s life.

Be well.


Read Principle #6 online

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The Sixth Principle for Conscious Living

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