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Happy New Year!

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Issue #43 – Monday, Jan 2nd, 2017

Happy New Year,

I want 2017 to be your best year yet. 

Please take advantage of the powerful opportunity in today's "Check it Out", provided by my friend John Assaraf.

Nine Principles for Conscious Living

Principle Number Five:
The Principle of Responsibility
as Empowerment

By Bill Harris

You are responsible for every feeling or behavior you have, in the sense that it is either your conscious choice, or it is an automatic response generated unconsciously by your internal map of reality.

This is not to say that you are to blame for every feeling or behavior you have. Taking personal responsibility is not about blame but rather about personal power.

If someone or something outside of you is the cause of your feelings or behavior, you are powerless—a victim.

If you—or at least your unconscious processes—are at cause, then you can exercise some choice in creating the feelings and behaviors that you choose, and that serves you.

People or events may be a stimulus, but your response comes from you, either consciously or unconsciously.

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Check it Out!

The more I learn about the latest brain science discoveries, the more grateful I feel to be alive today.Exciting, practical, life-changing discoveries are being made every day.  

Did you know that your income level, your happiness, how much you can love or be loved, how easily you recover from setbacks–and dozens of other desirable human qualities…

…are ALL generated in your brain?

What’s more:  Scientists now know...

  1. That you can change your brain (what’s called neuroplasticity), and…
  2. They also know exactly HOW to change it, so you can create the qualities and capabilities you want to have, internally and externally.

This takes personal growth and “human potential” to a whole new level that is……much more precise, and more achievable!

Wouldn’t it be great, then, to spend some time with these scientists and hear them explain what they’ve been working on?

Here’s how you can do just that:

My good friend John Assaraf is holding what he calls a “Brain-A-Thon” (it’s free).He gathers together an elite group of scientists (Harvard professor Dr. Srini Pillay, Dr. Evian Gordon MD PhD, etc) so they can…

…tell you about their discoveries–and how YOU can apply them to your life.

After listening, you’ll be armed with what you need to know to change your own brain.

Click here to reserve your seat for John’s Brain-A-Thon.

It’s an online event, so you don’t have to go anywhere. So, if you’re at all interested in this sort of thing…

…please go register

What these scientists have to say is fascinating. And, John chose them for their ability to explain what they’ve discovered in a practical and easy-to-understand way.These Brain-A-Thons are always amazing. Please attend this one!

Click here to reserve your seat for John’s Brain-A-Thon.

Sixty-Second Secret

To be successful, you must take action.

Everyone has the same amount of time in the day. The most successful people use that time to work toward their goals.

I bet you have a goal you would like to accomplish.  Take action toward that goal today.  You'll be glad you did. 

Wise Words

This Really Happened...

This came across my desk a couple days ago. I decided to put it in Mind Power  this week because it highlights an important point:  you can learn how to choose the way you feel. 

"This is great. [I have] been using Holosync for a little over a month and [I] have noticed a HUGE difference in my awareness.

Things that normally caused much anxiety and sleeplessness I can now “hear” the negative things I’m speaking to myself over whatever is stressing me out, and I immediately change the tone and talk to myself more lovingly and patiently.

I never knew how deep the negativity of my inner critic was. So grateful to learn I can learn to CHOOSE how I feel — learn to choose at all.

Much of my life was everything being chosen for me, and if I tried to choose for myself/did choose, I was shamed and laughed at and made fun of to no end. I was told my choices were worthless or silly or stupid.Thank you for such valuable information!"

~ Lacy Ovel

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The Fifth Principle for Conscious Living

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