Mind Power Issue #42

4th Principle for Conscious Living

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Issue #42 – Monday, Dec. 26th, 2016

I hope you and your family and friends had a very merry, healthy, and happy holiday.

In today's issue of Mind Power I share the fourth of my Nine Principles for Conscious Living: The Map is Not the Territory.  Until next year...Be Well.

Nine Principles for Conscious Living

Principle Number Four:
The Map is Not the Territory
By Bill Harris

There is a tendency to try to protect the old map (your concept of who you are and how you relate to the rest of the universe) as it goes into this initial chaos stage of growth.

This attempt to hold the old map together comes from the mistaken idea that we are the map—that “the map is the territory”—rather than realizing that it is just a convenient tool we use to navigate through life.

It is the limitations of this map (its inability to adequately “map the territory” or otherwise represent whatever is going on in the environment) that creates the “over-threshold” experience and the resulting dysfunctional feelings and behaviors.

Therefore, letting the map go through the evolutionary process of temporary chaos followed by reorganization at a higher level results in relief from the problems and limitations of the old map, and a new ability to deal with what was previously stressful or overwhelming.

When your map begins to fall apart remember that you are not falling apart.

You are merely trading an ineffective tool for a better one. Learn to recognize your favorite methods of holding on to the old map, and learn to stand aside and watch these times of chaos with the knowledge that something new and better is being created.

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The Fourth Principle for Conscious Living

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