Mind Power Issue #41

Nine Principles For Conscious Living

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Issue #41 – Monday, Dec 19th, 2016

In this issue of Mind Power I share the third of my Nine Principle for Conscious Living: The Principle of Chaos and Reorganization.

And, in today's "Check it Out" I've got a great stocking stuffer for anyone who has sleep related problems (trouble falling or staying asleep, waking up, or "fading" during the day).

Happy holidays from everyone at Centerpointe!

Nine Principles for Conscious Living

Principle Number Three:
The Principle of Chaos & Reorganization
By Bill Harris

Chaos always precedes growth, and is a part of the process of change.

Therefore, chaos is a good thing.The coping mechanisms mentioned above (i.e., dysfunctional feelings and behaviors) are really attempts to hold one’s internal map of reality together. This happens because we associate the old map with safety. Changing it, on an unconscious level, does not feel safe.

The process of a map of reality reorganizing at a higher level in response to stimuli that exceeds it’s threshold is a very natural one. As the old map of reality is stimulated in a way that exceeds its threshold, it goes into temporary internal chaos.

Eventually, the old map may fall apart if the chaos becomes so great that the old map cannot hold itself together.Then, almost simultaneously, the map reorganizes itself at a higher, more complex level of functioning—one that can handle the environment it previously could not handle.

This natural process always results in a new and better map that can handle what the old map could not.It is therefore helpful to recognize when you are in the initial chaos state, and to remind yourself that the chaos you are experiencing is the prelude to positive change—if you know how to get out of the way and let it happen.

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Check it Out!

40 million American adults suffer from a sleep disorder–and many more in the rest of the world. Those with a sleep disorder are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases or problems such as…
  • Depression, Anxiety
  • Obesity, Hypertension,Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Increased mortality
  • Reduced quality of life
  • Reduced energy and productivity
  • Emotional and relationship problems
  • Difficulty concentrating, reduced mental clarity
  • Poor memory
Insomnia is often the result of high cortisol levels during sleep, which is related to an overactive limbic system.Fortunately, there are many effective methods for reducing cortisol, and for solving other causes of sleep disorders.Centerpointe has such a solution, it's called The Sleep Suite.If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, waking up in the morning, or if you often "fade" during the day, please watch this short video.

Sixty-Second Secret

A healthy environment helps you lead a happier, healthier life.

Surround yourself with good friends, pleasant smells, items you enjoy and that make you feel good about life.

When your environment is positive, your brain releases chemicals that make you feel good. The opposite happens you your environment is negative.

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The Third Principle for Conscious Living

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