Mind Power Issue #40

2nd Principle for Conscious Living

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Issue #40 – Monday, Dec. 12th, 2016

In a previous issue, we explored the first of my Nine Principles for Conscious Living. (Click here to learn about the first principle, The Principle of Letting Whatever Happens Be Okay).

Today I want to share the second principle with you, The Principle of Threshold.

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Nine Principles for Conscious Living
Principle Number Two:
The Principle of Threshold
By Bill Harris

Every person has a personal threshold for what they can handle from their environment, based on the structure of their own personal map of reality—their concept of who they are and how they relate to the rest of the universe.

When your map of reality cannot handle its environment, you become stressed. You then try to deal with that stress through various coping mechanisms learned during childhood.

These include anger, depression, anxiety, fear, substance abuse, overeating, plus others considered more “healthy,” such as exercising, talking with friends, isolation, and many others.

All dysfunctional feelings and behaviors are really coping mechanisms used in an attempt to deal with the stress of being over this threshold.

Therefore, the “cure” for such feelings and behaviors is to increase that threshold (precisely what meditation, and particularly meditation with Centerpointe’s Holosync® audio technology, does).

Dysfunctional feelings and behaviors are not caused by other people, or by external circumstances, regardless of how it seems, and people with a high threshold remain happy, peaceful, and centered regardless of what happens around them.

When people suffer trauma during childhood, their threshold does not mature normally.

Such people reach adulthood with a lower threshold and are much more easily pushed past it—and are therefore caught in dysfunctional feelings and behaviors much more often.

Raising this threshold through therapeutic or spiritual practices causes dysfunctional feelings and behaviors to gradually disappear, because the threshold eventually becomes so high that it becomes difficult for anything to push a person beyond it.

Click here to continue reading about The Principle of Threshold.

Click here to continue reading about Principle Number Four: The Map is Not the Territory.

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The Second Principle for Conscious Living

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