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Centerpointe's 27th Anniversary Grand Re-Opening LiveStream Celebration

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Issue #36 – Monday, Nov 7th, 2016

The registration page that wasn’t quite ready for Centerpointe’s 27th Anniversary Grand Re-Opening LiveStream Celebration….

..now IS ready!

Please register now, and then share this email with anyone else you know who might want to attend this amazing free event.

Here’s the information I sent before, telling you everything you need to know:

I’ve been working on putting together a huge, amazing free event…...for anyone who is involved with Centerpointe in any way.

This event is totally free, and this email is your invitation to participate.

After I describe what will happen at this event, you WILL want to be there, I promise.

First of all, this will be, without a doubt, the biggest event we’ve ever created. (And the best.)

My prediction:In years to come, this event will be so famous that people who didn’t attend will be bragging “I was there”.“Yeah, I was there. Geez, everyone was there. It was the event of the decade. Of course I was there. It was a total blast, the guests, the videos, and everything else, was amazing. I can’t believe how much fun it was and how much I learned.

”We’ll have 18 amazing guests, all of whom will be inviting their people to attend. Collectively, over 3 million people will be invited.

Then, we’re going to show you how you (and every other person who registers) can…...livestream the event to their Facebook friends.If everyone does this, we could triple or quadruple the number of viewers.

As you can see, this is going to be…...ONE BIG PARTY!

And, you’re invited...if:
  • You’re currently using Holosync
  • You were using Holosync but you stopped for some reason (God forbid!)
  • You’re trying to decide whether or not you want to use Holosync
  • You’re not using Holosync but you’re taking one of my other courses
  • You know someone who’s using Holosync and they told you about this event
  • You want to improve your life, and your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health.
[PROMISE: Though I will of course mention Holosync, this Livestream event is NOT a pitch for Holosync.]Here are the details:First, right now, save this date and time. Put it on your calendar:Centerpointe Livestream CelebrationSaturday, November 12, 2016(10 am Pacific time, 1 pm Eastern,noon Central, 11 am Mountain)Really. Do it right now.This will be Centerpointe’s 27th Anniversary Grand Re-Opening LiveStream Celebration, and everyone really WILL be there.Here’s just some of what I have planned:First, these good friends of mine – doctors, teachers, experts, scientists, philanthropists – have all agreed to be guests:
  • Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul books and one of the world’s greatest authorities on creating success
  • Dr. Daniel Amen, brain expert and pioneer in the use of brain scans to diagnose and treat many mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual human problem (and the person from whom I’ve learned the most about the brain)
  • Mary Morrissey, “The Dream Builder” who has helped tens of thousands of people to find their dreams and make them a reality (and, Mary is a personal friend of the Dalai Lama, and of Nelson Mandela before his death)
  • Dave Asprey, biohacking expert extraordinaire, creator of Bulletproof Coffee, and author of The Bulletproof Diet
  • Jim Kwik, founder of Kwik Learning, world-famous memory and learning expert to billionaires, movie stars, Fortune 500 executives, and ordinary people like you and me
  • John Assaraf, creator of methods for using new brain science discoveries to help thousands create financial success, lose weight, eliminate fear, and solve many other previously difficult-to-solve human problems
  • Cynthia Kersey, bestselling author of Unstoppable and Unstoppable Women, Oprah guest, and visionary creator of The Unstoppable Foundation which builds schools and clean water systems in Kenya
  • Jennifer McLean, success expert, creator of Healing With the Masters and Success Signature
  • Andy Shaw, author of the wildly popular book A Bug Free Mind
  • Craig Ballantyne, author, trainer, coach, and editor of Early to Rise, one of the largest, oldest, and most popular personal growth and human potential newsletters in the world
  • Pete Bissonette, founder of Learning Strategies Corporation and creator of PhotoReading, the famous Paraliminal soundtracks, and many other learning products (Pete will also tell you about a treasure hunt he’s created where you can win $50,000)
  • Jonny Bowden, multiple book bestselling author and world-famous expert in the biochemistry of food and diet (and the person who helped me lose 37 pounds without even trying, and regain the energy of a 35 year old at age 66)
  • Pedram Shojai, creator of Well.org, doctor of Chinese Medicine, creator of The Urban Monk, and producer of two wildly popular documentaries about food and diet
  • Christy Whitman, internationally acclaimed coaching expert and trainer of thousands of coaches
  • Alex Mandossian, online business coach and trainer, one of the 3 smartest people I’ve ever met, and also one of the funniest and most charismatic people I know.
(PLUS three other REALLY amazing guests who will REALLY blow your mind, but I’ll tell you about them in just a moment.)More highlights of this Livestream Celebration:
  1. We’ll be giving away over $5,000 worth of valuable prizes, with up to 100 winners.
  2. We’ll offer a number of Centerpointe products for up to 90% off!
  3. Five people will win an exclusive Google Hangout conversation with me.
  4. I’ll share several very entertaining videos about the brain and how you can use new brain science discoveries to make changes in your life that…
...up to now have been extremely difficult if not impossible to achieve!And here’s what gave me the original idea to create this Livestream Celebration event:You’ll see a Guided Tour of our new and hugely improved Centerpointe Customer Portal, with:
  • Lots of free stuff to help you improve your life
  • A new “Personal Growth Emporium” with many great products and courses, plus products we’ve offered as “special bonuses” in the past but have never offered for sale before
  • Easy access to world-famous Centerpointe courses
  • Weekly Special Discounts on Centerpointe programs and products
  • A central place to access and watch your Holosync Support Videos
  • Other FREE video content about the brain, the mind, and many other personal growth topics
  • A special new chat area where you can meet, get to know, and trade ideas with other Holosync users and Centerpointe course participants
  • Easier ways to download your Holosync soundtracks and put them on your phone or other device
  • An easy online method for telling us that it’s time for us to create and send you a Holosync Deeper Level you’ve purchased in advance and are now ready to use
  • Easier ways to change your address, your email, your portal password, and other account information without having to call us.

This new portal has been designed to make everything easier for you, and…...we’re very proud of it.

You’re going to love it.I’ll also do a bit of teaching of some of the most popular ideas I’ve shared over the last 27 years.

(These are ideas people tell me totally changed their lives, and I know you’ll find them to be fascinating.)

In this Special Livestream event (which is 100% free, and isn’t a build-up to some sort of big “sale”)......

you’ll be introduced to experts who will help you create a better, easier, happier, more productive life.

Finally, I’ve invited the three people who have most highly influenced my life. These are, in my opinion, three of the most remarkable people on this planet.

I’m going to be a little bit mysterious (for now) about who they are, but I really want you to meet them.

First, Bob D. has been a huge mentor to me. He expanded my vision of my capabilities, and of what could be possible with Centerpointe many years ago when Centerpointe was very small.

Without Bob, you probably would have never heard of me or Centerpointe, or benefited from Holosync and the other things I’ve created.

Bob grew up in a series of foster homes and had a terrible childhood. Even so, he eventually became......the CEO of a famous Fortune 100 media company. (How that happened is quite a story.)

He’s also the author of multiple books and a member of the National Speakers Hall of Fame, and everything he earns goes to charities helping foster children.

As you’ll see, Bob (who is now 83) has a way of making everyone who meets him feel 10x better about themselves. I can only imagine what it must have been like to work for him.

The second extra-special guest is Zen master, G.R., who has taught me more about life than anyone else.

If you’d like to see a real Zen master, this is your chance.

I’m not even sure how to describe G.R. I’ll just say that he is a very wise and humble man, and I really want you to experience him for yourself on November 12th.The third extra-special guest is Peter D. Peter is having, without a doubt, a greater impact on solving the world’s most pressing problems than ANY other human being on earth.

I’m talking about problems such as:...curing cancer...cleaning up the oceans…world hunger...education...the environment…supposedly unsolvable medical problems...colonizing Mars...artificial intelligence..and on and on.

I’m so fortunate to have these three mentors, and I want to share them with you, which I’m going to do during our HUGE Livestream Celebration.So please, right now, put Saturday, November 12 on your calendar (10 am Pacific, 1 pm Eastern, noon Central, 11 am Mountain) and then resolve right now to…...be there.Just pencil “Centerpointe Livestream Celebration” into your calendar (like, right now).

I’ve been planning this for months, and a lot of attention has gone into making it a truly amazing event.PLEASE be there. (I don’t want you to regret not having been there later.)

This amazing celebration will probably last for most of the day. Stay for the entire event (recommended) or catch as much of it as you can.If you must go do something else during the day......drop back in when you’re finished.

Every minute of this Livestream will be special and well-worth seeing.I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait for November 12th. See you there!

Be well.

PS: If you DON'T want to attend Centerpointe’s 27th Anniversary Grand Re-Opening LiveStream Celebration, have lots of fun, have a (good) chance of winning valuable prizes, meet the amazing group of people who have agreed to be guests, learn a LOT about your brain, and more...just click here and I won't email you about it again.
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Centerpointe’s 27th Anniversary Grand Re-Opening LiveStream Celebration

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