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Issue #26 – Monday, Aug 29th, 2016


Issue #26 – Monday, August 29th, 2016

In this issue of Mind Power we will examine the ways we “get in our own way” by trying to protect our outdated ways of viewing the world. Then we’ll discuss how we can get out of our own way and accelerate our evolution in spite of this natural tendency toward resistance to change.

The Inside Scoop on How Change Happens
in Human Beings (Like You), Part 2
by Bill Harris

Short summary of Part 1:

In Part 1 of this article, we described the work of Nobel Prize-winner Ilya Prigogine regarding how complex systems (including human beings) evolve to higher levels of functioning in response to their environmental influences.

We noted that complex systems, including human beings, have an upper limit of how much they can handle coming at them from their environment, and that this limit is based on the amount of entropy, or randomness, the system has the ability to dissipate to its environment.

The system is, in effect, a flow of energy, and the more complex the system, the greater the amount of flow it can handle. If input into the system from its environment becomes too much, however, the system cannot dissipate enough entropy (remember, it has an upper limit).

The entropy then builds up and the system begins to become internally chaotic and unstable. When you feel stressed or overwhelmed, this is what is happening in the system that makes up who you are.

If input continues at this higher level, the system will finally come to a point where it is so unstable the slightest nudge brings things to a screeching halt. At this point, the system has the ability to move in an infinite number of unpredictable directions.

This bifurcation point (bifurcate meaning “to divide into two branches”) is a kind of moment of truth. Either the system totally breaks down and ceases to exist as an organized system, or it spontaneously reorders itself in…

…an entirely new way.

The main characteristic of this new system is that it has the capability to handle the input from the environment that caused the old system to become overwhelmed and break down. In Prigogine’s words, the system “escapes into a higher order.” Out of chaos comes new order, a new, more evolved system.

Finally, we noted that when one experiences this process of change, whether through use of Holosync® or any other life experience that creates change, there often can be a temporarily feeling of uneasiness.

This feeling happens as the system – your internal map of who you are and what your place is in the world, sometimes called “the ego” – temporarily becomes more chaotic in preparation for…

…a quantum leap to a new level of organization.

This chaos always precedes breakthrough and seeing things in a new way.

When our internal map of who we are and how we relate to the rest of the universe begins to break down as part of this process of reorganization, we mistakenly think WE are breaking down.

Why? Because we mistakenly identify ourselves with this internal map (often called the ego). Because we think we are breaking down instead of realizing it is only the internal model of who we are that is breaking down, we try to protect the old system at these moments, and we do this in one of three ways.

This attempt to protect the old system, ironically makes growth and change more uncomfortable.

Click here to read part one in full.

In Part 2, we will:

  1. Examine the ways we “get in our own way” by trying to protect the old system as it goes through these quantum leaps, making the process of change uncomfortable, and…
  2. Discuss how we can get out of the way and accelerate our evolution in spite of this natural tendencies toward resistance to change.

At moments of peak experience, when the system is poised to reorganize at a higher, more functional level, we try to protect the system in one of three ways.

Method #1

Method number one is to try frantically to dissipate the extra energy the system can’t handle. There is too much coming into the system, so we try to artificially push more out, like bailing a sinking boat. We do this through anger, talking, running and other physical activity, sex, exercise, compulsive behaviors, physical ailments – anything that dissipates energy and temporarily blows off the pressure.

Method #2

Method number two is to attempt to block the input of more energy into the overloaded system. This often manifests as a desire to isolate oneself or, in more extreme cases, depression. In depression, we shut down metabolically, we breathe less, and even unconsciously constrict the pupils of our eyes so as to take in less light. We want to be alone, and to get away from any kind of input.

Method #3

The third method is to distract oneself from the feeling of overwhelm through drugs, alcohol, sex, television, dissociation, eating, or anything else that distracts.

Often people use methods one or two as their main method, with #3 as a backup. Some people react first with anger, then if pushed further, become depressed. Others get depressed as a first line of defense, then react with anger if pushed further. Often method #3 is going in the background all the while.

Keep in mind that we do these things because we desperately want to “save” the current system. We have the feeling that WE are falling apart, when really what’s happening is that our internal map of who we are is what is falling apart – due to its inability to handle the environment it’s in.

The chaos and death of the old system and the reorganization of the new system (if allowed to happen) is a good thing because it results in a new internal map that can…

…better handle its environment.

We use these strategies because they work (sort of), especially in the short run, in that they may temporarily release some of the pressure. No evolution, however, takes place because the system is never allowed to reach the point of peak experience where it spontaneously reorganizes itself.

This means that the next time the system is stimulated in the same way, it gets overwhelmed again in the same way.

Had the system been allowed to reorganize itself at a more evolved level, the new system would have been able to organically handle the increased fluctuations from the environment by dissipating whatever energy needed to be released.

What this means in terms of personal growth is that as we evolve – as our view of who we are and how we relate to our world embraces more of our connectedness with the rest of the universe – what we once found overwhelming no longer bothers us.

This is exactly what we see happening to participants in The Holosync® Solution program: they become more peaceful, more able to flow with whatever is happening. Daily use of Holosync® audio technology accelerates this process of evolutionary change, and our support services help you to go through it quickly, easily, and smoothly.

You become more balanced, more aware, more peaceful, and able to handle the stresses of daily life much more easily. Your mind works better. And, you become…

…more creative, more confident, and more intelligent.

Because the healing process can be cathartic, we provide a great deal of support to participants in this program. In what we feel is a truly ground-breaking approach, we use written materials, telephone contact, monthly letters, and periodic workshops and retreats to teach participants:

  1. How to identify when you are coming to a point of peak experience, where a quantum leap is ready to happen
  1. How to begin noticing you own unconscious strategies for protecting the old system
  1. How to get out of the way so as to let the process complete itself in a natural (and easy) way.

It is the very strategies for protecting the old system that sometimes cause the process to be painful.

In other words, it’s our resistance to evolution
that causes pain, not the evolution itself.

Death and rebirth is only painful when we identify with what is dying. Once we experientially know that we are the evolution itself rather than the system that is passing away and being reborn, the growth process becomes smooth and rapid.

We not only provide the tool to accelerate this
process, we also teach you how to make
the process easy and comfortable.

To overemphasize the cathartic aspect of this process, however, would be a mistake.

First of all, the quantum leaps in growth happening to those in this program are well worth an occasional feeling of overwhelm, which we all experience in our lives anyway, with or without the Holosync® technology (although probably with much more pain and much less awareness).

Most of us really don’t realize just how good we can feel, how good life can be. Living out our lives without healing our childhood wounds is more intense by far than anything we might encounter in the adventure of discovery, healing, and unfoldment made possible by this technology.

In addition, when the brain goes into the deeper alpha, theta, and delta brain wave states, the brain makes great quantities of endorphins, enveloping much of the pain of change in…

…a feeling of peace and well-being.

In fact, one of the really incredible added benefits of the Holosync® technology is that its use demonstrates that the kind of bliss talked about by mystics and saints is real and that you, too, can experience it.

Participants in The Holosync® Solution program more typically feel delighted than overwhelmed. This doesn’t mean that participants in this program don’t feel their feelings – they feel them more fully than ever, but with an awareness that helps them to feel them as the perfection that they really are.

The Holosync® Solution program is a powerful tool for those who are really ready to move past all that is holding them back from expressing their full potential. It is not the only way to heal yourself and reach your full potential as a human being, but it is a very powerful and effective one.

If you view your life as a grand adventure to be lived
to the fullest, this program may very well be
just what you have been looking for.

If you feel you are ready, we invite you to join us.

A final note: The world is entering a new era in the realm of personal and spiritual growth as the many “systems” of our planet rapidly approaches a moment of truth.

In every area – whether having to do with family, sexuality, race, religion, government, economics, technology, the environment, personal psychology or spirituality – we are at a point where old systems are being overwhelmed and are breaking down.

In every one of these areas we can either collapse in chaos or, hopefully, make a quantum leap to the next evolutionary level.

No one really knows what that new level will be like, but what we do know is that the efforts of people like you who are reading this will play a critical role in ensuring that our planet successfully makes this leap to the next higher level.

To make this happen we need to take advantage of all the tools we have, high-tech and low-tech, and to take responsibility for being the world leaders in the realm of conscious evolution that we really are.

Please, join us.

Check it Out!

Holosync® is an amazing tool. I’ve already said a lot about it, and I think you get the point.

Rather than talk about it more, I want to let Holosync speak for itself. That’s why I’ve decided to challenge you to try Holosync.

I’ve put together what I call The 5-Day Holosync Challenge.

Once a day for 5 days you’ll watch a short video (the first video is just 3 minutes and 41 seconds long), then you’ll experience 14 minutes of world-famous brain-changing Holosync. I also encourage you to post your experiences and read what others have said.

I want you to find out how much your brain can be enhanced in only 5 days. I think you’ll be both amazed and impressed.

The 5-Day Holosync Challenge is easy, fun, and completely free.

Please accept my challenge and try Holosync for 5 days.


Sixty-Second Secret

You learn more when you listen.

The smartest people in the world spend more time listening than talking. And, when you listen for awhile before responding, what you have to say will be more helpful. Make a habit of listening.


Wise Words

“Those who stand at the threshold of life always waiting for
the right time to change are like the man who stands
at the bank of a river waiting for the water to
pass so he can cross on dry land.”
~ Joseph B. Wirthlin

This Really Happened…

“Listening to just the first level of meditation cd’s with Holosync has changed my life significantly.

In a relatively short time, my threshold for dealing with daily life has been lifted up in a way that makes me more effective with dealing with what comes at me from work, traffic, and family.”

~ Janet Zemel


We Want to Hear From You…

Has Holosync changed your life? (If you’re using regularly, I assume it has.)

When you share your story you may profoundly affect the life of some person who you may never meet.



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