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Issue #25 – Monday, Aug 22nd, 2016



Would you like to experience more joy, increased self-awareness, a blossoming of creativity and mental abilities and…

…a substantial deepening of core-level peace and happiness?

And, would you like any anger, depression, anxiety, fear, or unhappiness to fall away? If so, this issue is for you.


The Inside Scoop on How Change Happens
in Human Beings (Like You)
by Bill Harris

Over the years, as over 2.2 million people in 193 countries have used The Holosync® Solution program, we have observed absolutely amazing positive changes in program participants. Many times people come to us with seemingly insoluble emotional challenges, often having “tried everything” without success.

Despite their lack of success with other approaches, we quickly see deep, substantial positive change happening for these people. Anger, depression, anxiety, fear, and unhappiness fall away. People seem to find their purpose in life and achieve a centeredness, a peace, and a level of confidence that wasn’t there before.

Of course, not everyone comes to us with such severe problems.

People who come to us simply wanting more joy in their life, sharper mental abilities, increased self-awareness of who they are and how they fit into this universe also see incredible changes, including a blossoming of creativity and mental abilities and…

…a substantial deepening of core-level peace and happiness.

Even after 28 years of watching this process in myself and others, I find all of this to be darned amazing. How is it that an audio technology can create these kinds of changes? What mechanism is at work?

I’ve addressed this question before, but it is such an important topic I want to take another stab at it. So, to understand how this kind of deep change happens, let’s take a closer look at the newest cutting-edge scientific models of how change actually happens.

The model most of the scientific community accepts today in describing evolutionary growth and change (including all personal growth) is based on the work of theoretical chemist Ilya Prigogine, who won the Nobel prize in 1977 for work on what he called “dissipative structures“.

Prigogine was working in the field of thermodynamics where for over a century scientists had been aware of…

…a seeming contradiction between two laws of nature.

On one hand, the second law of thermodynamics states that the amount of randomness or chaos – often called entropy – in the universe is always increasing. On the other hand, many things, including life itself, are obviously becoming more ordered, less random.

Why is it, scientists wondered, that some things evolve and grow when the overall tendency in the universe is for things to break down and become less ordered?

What Prigogine noticed was that what he calls “open systems” – systems that are able to exchange energy and matter with their environment – are able to maintain their structure and even grow and evolve into more complex systems.

This happens because they have the ability to dissipate entropy to their environment in such a way that the total amount of entropy, overall, does increase. They maintain their orderliness – and even increase it – at the expense, entropically speaking, of their environment.

An open system – of which a human being is a prime example – is a flow of energy. We constantly take in light, air, water, heat, nutrients, as well as all kinds of information from our senses. In turn, we dissipate to our environment carbon dioxide, heat, waste products, activities of various kinds, and so on.

We are more than just a tube with something flowing through it, we are the flow itself – not just a “thing,” but…

…a living, changing, evolving process.

Open systems are plastic – they can handle all kinds of fluctuation and variations in input from their environment, but each system (each person) has an upper limit of how much randomness, how much entropy, it can dissipate to its environment.

This limit is based on the system’s structure (prevailing belief systems about oneself and one’s universe) and its degree of complexity (the degree to which one can see and experience the infinite connections that make our own personal universe).

If fluctuations from the environment become too much, the system cannot dissipate enough entropy to maintain its structure and therefore begins to become internally chaotic and unstable.

In other words, we feel overwhelmed.

If input continues at this higher level, the system will finally come to a point where it is so unstable that the slightest nudge brings things to a screeching halt. At this point the system has the ability to move in an infinite number of unpredictable directions, like an angry crowd on the verge of rioting or a person at a crisis point in a serious illness.

This point, which Prigogine called a bifurcation point (bifurcate meaning “to divide into two branches”) is a kind of moment of truth. Either the system totally breaks down and ceases to exist as an organized system, or…

…it spontaneously reorders itself in an entirely new way.

The incredible thing about this reorganization is that the new system is totally non-causal and non-linear with what went before.

It is a true quantum leap, a death and rebirth, and the main characteristic of the new system is that it has the capability to handle the fluctuations, the input from the environment, that caused the old system to become overwhelmed and break down.

In Prigogine’s words, the system “escapes into a higher order.” Out of chaos comes new order, a new, more evolved system.

This is how evolution happens. All things grow and evolve in this manner, whether a seed, a corporation, a highway system, or a human being. This process is repeating itself millions of times each minute in every cell of your body. It also happens on a larger scale regarding more macroscopic aspects of your being.

Changes in core beliefs and personal habits happen, for instance, as the old ways of looking at and dealing with the world are overwhelmed by changing input from the environment and can no longer disburse the entropy necessary for their survival.

The aging process, too, is a continually diminishing ability to dissipate entropy to the environment resulting eventually in death of the organism.

The human brain, as we have said, is the ultimate open system, constantly exchanging energy with its environment. Up to a point, the system can handle all kinds of fluctuations.

But, if the input becomes too much, we begin to become overwhelmed, things temporarily break down, and the system then reorganizes itself at a higher order.

Prior to the overwhelming input things make sense. Then, once overwhelm begins, they no longer make sense. Finally, after reorganization at a higher level, things make sense once again, but in a whole new way, never before imagined.

How, then, does the Holosync® audio
technology facilitate this process?

The alpha, theta, and delta brain wave states are states of great fluctuation in the brain. A graphic representation of these brain wave patterns shows that the amplitude (the height of the wave form) increases as we move from alpha to theta to delta.

In other words, the amount of fluctuation increases. When we use the Holosync® soundtracks each day we are subjecting the brain to stimuli that push it to the point where it must, in Prigogine’s words, “escape into a higher order.”

Then, as we move to successively deeper levels of the program we create the alpha, theta, and delta brain wave patterns at increasingly lower (and even more high amplitude) frequencies, further increasing fluctuation in the brain and creating further opportunities for evolutionary quantum leaps to occur.

When we add life-affirming subliminal affirmations that challenge limiting subconscious and unconscious belief patterns, this adds more input and further increases fluctuation in the brain…

…creating still more evolutionary growth.

When one experiences this process, there is a temporary feeling of uneasiness as the system – which is really your ego, your collection of beliefs about who you are, what your place is in the world, and so on – becomes more chaotic.

Everyone has experienced this, with or without meditation, because life is intrinsically evolutionary. It is happening to you at every moment on some level and occasionally happens to you in a more global way.

This is why major upsets in our lives lead to the most growth. Chaos always precedes breakthrough and seeing things in a new way.

The natural tendency is to resist this process in order to protect the system (your ego). This is the ultimate irony, since it is the limitations of the current system, the old way of seeing things, that causes us to feel uncomfortable in the first place.

Still, we are almost frantic sometimes in wanting to keep the system the way it is, in wanting to keep it from breaking down and evolving to the next level. This is because we tend to identify with the ego – we think we are the system instead of the flow of energy through it.

At these moments of peak experience we try to protect the system in one of three ways (which we have have used and which you will recognize immediately when I discuss them).

In the next issue, then, I will describe these three ways we unintentionally block our evolution and growth – and discuss how you can accelerate your evolution in spite of this natural tendencies toward resistance to change.

Check it Out!

Holosync® is an amazing tool. I’ve already said a lot about it, and I think you get the point.

Rather than talk about it more, I want to let Holosync speak for itself. That’s why I’ve decided to challenge you to try Holosync.

I’ve put together what I call The 5-Day Holosync Challenge.

Once a day for 5 days you’ll watch a short video (the first video is just 3 minutes and 41 seconds long), then you’ll experience 14 minutes of world-famous brain-changing Holosync. I also encourage you to post your experiences and read what others have said.

I want you to find out how much your brain can be enhanced in only 5 days. I think you’ll be both amazed and impressed.

The 5-Day Holosync Challenge is easy, fun, and completely free.

Please accept my challenge and try Holosync for 5 days.


Wise Words

“Nothing is lost…Everything is transformed.”

~ Michael Ende

This Really Happened…

“Dear Bill,

First, I just want to say I love you so much. You have brought a lot to my life through your courses, talks, letters and phenomenal Holosync! What a fabulous creator. I will commit to verbalizing these two points you discussed in my practices as a nurse, coach and minister.

I am in my 49th week of Holosync so I can easily attest to the increased clarity and ability to dissipate entropy. Big smile. This enables one to manage greater demands feeling less stress. Thank you for your thought provoking letter today and for all you have contributed to humanity.”

~ Bridget Dorward


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