Mind Power Issue #22


Issue #22 – Monday, Aug 1st, 2016



Let me ask you a question that (at first) will seem…

…highly improbable AND ridiculous.

Here’s the question:

If there were a way that you could actually have a choice about how you feel (and, for that matter, behave)…

…would you be interested?

Think about it. If you had such a choice, you’d stop having bad feelings hit you out of the blue, or because something “went wrong”…

…to ruin your day (or week).

You wouldn’t lose motivation, or confidence, right when you need it.

And, you’d instantly stop acting in ways you later regret–or, stop procrastinating…

…when you know you should act.

Obviously, having a choice about how you feel and behave would change your life…

…a LOT.

And, yes, as unlikely as it sounds, this IS possible, and I CAN show you how to do it.

(As a matter of fact, I’ve already taught hundreds of thousands of people how to do this.)

What? You say that having a choice about how you feel and behave isn’t enough for you?

You want more?

Okay, then. How about this:

What if, in addition to having a choice about how you feel and behave you could also have a choice about…

…which people and situations you attract or become attracted to?

Wouldn’t that be great?

What’s worse than ending up with the same kinds of unappetizing people in your life, over and over…

…or ending up in the same sorts of lousy situations again and again?

Oh, what the heck. As long as we’re wishing, let’s throw this in, too:

What if you could also have a choice about what meanings you assign to what happens?

No, I haven’t lost my mind. Having a choice about these things really ispossible.

Let me explain…

First, look at this graphic representation of everything you do inside your head to create your life…

That’s a pretty big statement, so let me explain, since this is probably THE biggest discovery I’ve ever made…

…about how you (or anyone) can create huge amounts of choice in your life.

You may already know that I grew up quite unhappy. I’ve told the story many times.

Well into my 30s, I was almost always angry. I drove a LOT of people away, and was miserably alone.

And, when I wasn’t angry…

…I was usually anxious, or depressed.

Believe me, I made my life MUCH harder than it needed to be.

Though I didn’t know it, these problems were actually…

…a blessing in disguise.

Why? Because they eventually motivated me…

…to figure out how to change my misery into something better.

Which, I eventually did – though, believe me, it took a while to figure this out.

Would you like to know the most important thing I learned during this search?

I thought you would. This will, I think, improve your life quite a bit…

…and probably save you many years of searching.

People often ask me this question:

“How do you explain what you do at Centerpointe, Bill? What’s your ‘elevator speech’?”

Here’s what I say:

“I have a tool (Holosync) that quite rapidly creates tremendous awareness.

“Then, I show people how to direct that awareness in a way that gives them the greatest amount of choice about their life.”

You already know about Holosync, so let’s look at the second part:

In other words, using the awareness Holosync creates to increase the quality of your life, and the amount of choice you have.

Here’s how it works (this is pretty interesting):

Almost everything in your life is the result of an ongoing series of internal cognitive events, happening continuously…

…inside your head.

(That’s what the above graphic is showing. Please take another look at it.)

Reading this email is made possible by these internal cognitive events.

So are your feelings and behaviors, what you believe and what you value, and, in fact…

…nearly everything else about your life. It’s all a result of these internal cognitive events.

And (this is important)…

…all of it happens outside your awareness.

Here’s why that’s (super) important:

What happens outside your awareness isn’t a choice.

If, for instance, your feelings and behaviors are generated outside your awareness, they will happen automatically…

…on autopilot.

Sometimes the results will be good; sometimes not.

I call this ongoing stream of cognitive events your Internal Map of Reality.

Here’s what I discovered:

If your Internal Map of Reality runs on autopilot, you’ll have to accept the consequences–which can include…

  • Negative emotions…
  • Behaviors and habits you can’t control…
  • Continually ending up in the wrong situations, and with the wrong people…
  • An overall lack of success in your life.

In fact, all of the problems of my younger days were the result of an Internal Map of Reality that didn’t work very well.

And (trust me about this) all of your problems are being created, right now, in YOUR Internal Map of Reality.

So here’s what I did:

I used Holosync to create enough awareness to observe my Internal Map of Reality (which, as I said, normally operates outside your awareness)…

…as it created my feelings, behaviors, and the people and situations I attracted or became attracted to.

Then, because whatever you do with awareness becomes a choice

…my problems (and believe me I had a lot of them) melted away.

Here’s why they melted away:

You can’t keep doing something that doesn’t serve you AND do it with awareness.

Okay, let me explain why in the world I’m subjecting you to this seeming crazy-talk:

In 2003 I created a series of three courses that ended up being the most popular thing I’ve ever created…

…other than Holosync.

These three courses are collectively called the Life Principles Integration Process (LPIP), and the first course in that series…

…(utilizing some really cool discoveries in cognitive psychology)…

…actually does show you how you can have a choice about all four of those things!

I created a free LPIP preview lesson so you can see what the course is like for yourself.

Please click here and watch the free preview.

Be well.


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