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Mind Power

Issue #2 – Monday, March 14th, 2016

Wow! The feedback about last week’s issue blew me away.

And, while I love positive feedback, I’m all about improving, so I want this week’s issue to be even better.

So, I’m going to share one of the biggest secrets to my success–something you can use.

I’ve also included a “Sixty-Second Secret” that will help you to develop the successful quality I’m about to reveal…

THE Crucial Fundamental to a Well-Lived Life
by Bill Harris

A well-lived life is all about increasing choice. The more choice, the better your life. Which aspects of life, though, could be a choice—and which can’t? What allows us to have choice?

Let’s look more closely.

We have no choice about several aspects of being human:

Everything in the universe is impermanent and eventually ends, falls apart, or dies.

We have no control over many forces in the universe: gravity, cosmic rays, earthquakes, the sun, etc.

We need air, water, food, shelter, love, and a certain temperature range—or we can’t survive.

We’re sensitive. We’re prone to injuries and disease.

Others have their own agenda. What they do often interferes with what we want.

Some things we can influence…

We can wear warm clothes, stay indoors, carry an umbrella, etc.

We can eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, and meditate, to protect our health.

We can try to influence the behavior of others.

And so on.

Finally, we could have a choice about some things—under two conditions.

  1. We can only influence what we create, and…
  2. It must be created with awareness.

Awareness is the ability to see what we’re creating (and how we’re creating it), as we do it, while also seeing the consequences, as they happen. (And, by the way, knowledge is not the same as awareness.)

Awareness creates choice. A newborn baby moves and sees the world randomly, without intention or choice. As the brain develops, however, awareness increases.
Eventually the baby will choose to grab a toy, or choose to look at his mother’s face. The baby’s awareness allows him to choose.

A toddler can think long before he has the awareness to think intentionally. But once he becomes aware of his thoughts, he can decide what to think about.

What you create outside your awareness happens automatically, without choice. What you create with awareness, however, is a choice.

What aspects of life, then—with enough awareness—could be a choice?

  1. Feelings and other internal states…
  2. Behavior…
  3. The people and situations you attract or become attracted to, and…
  4. The meanings you assign to what happens.

Complex internal cognitive processes, generated in your brain, create these four things.

Create them outside your awareness and they’re created automatically and unconsciously. Create them with awareness, however, and they become a choice.

And once you have a choice you’ll always choose
what is most resourceful
—for you, and for others.

What you create outside your awareness, though, is potentially problematic.

Sometimes things will turn out okay; in other cases they won’t. What happens depends on your unconscious mental programming. Whatever happens, it won’t be a choice.

If, then, despite your best intentions, you aren’t living a healthy lifestyle…

…eating a healthy diet, exercising and meditating regularly, getting enough sleep, and so forth…

…it’s because the feelings, behaviors, meanings, and other choices involved are being generated…

…outside your awareness.

It’s as simple as that.

Create them with awareness, though, and you’ll easily follow through on your lifestyle intentions. You’ll choose what best serves you.

Without enough awareness, though, even the best information and the best of intentions won’t be enough—unless you’re lucky enough to have great unconscious mental programming.

Awareness is THE crucial fundamental to a life well-lived. If you want your life to be a choice, you MUST become more aware. There’s really no other way.

A lack of awareness (plus not knowing where to direct that awareness) is why you may be spinning your wheels.

You may have read many good books, taken many good courses, and learned many valuable things, but still haven’t created the happiness, radiant health, inner peace, and success you’d like to have.

We have two challenges, then:

    • Creating the awareness that allows us to see how we’re creating our feelings, behaviors, attractions to certain people and situations, and the meanings we assign to what happens, and…
  • Learning how and where to direct that awareness so as to create the greatest amount of choice.

Who, you might ask, has this kind of awareness—and how can you get it?

In the next issue of Mind Power Magazine, we’ll explore that question.

Until then, be well.

PS: I need your help!

This concept has changed the lives of so many people. I want your life to change, too. Please leave a comment below and give me your feedback. I really value your opinion.

I’ll use your feedback to make future issues better for you.

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I want you to do something, so I’ll just come out and say it…

…I really want you to read my book.

Now, most people want you to read their book because they want you to buy their book.

Not me. I want to give you my book.

Here’s the deal: I want you to use the information in the book to improve your life. And, if giving you the book for free is what it takes…

…that’s what I’m going to do.

Here’s why you should read this book:

The book is about cutting-edge brain-science discoveries that will allow you to develop…

…incredibly high levels of highly-tuned, choice-producing awareness.

I want to give you a free copy of my book, The New Science of Super Awareness, because I know (from personal experience) how much power the information in this book has to change your life (for the better).

This book is the result of 29 years of personal experience and study, many “wisdom-inducting” mistakes and wrong turns, the expertise of many scientists studying how to improve brain function…

…and my interactions with over two million people who’ve used the tools for personal self-mastery I’ve created based on what I’ve learned.

Sixty-Second Secret

Most people tell you to use willpower to stop yourself from focusing on what you don’t want.

This works great unless you suffer some sort of trauma…

…which unfortunately happens to everyone.

When there is trauma, we tend to focus on what we are afraid of, don’t want, want to avoid, or are worried about.

What does work is watching with awareness. It’s worth learning how to do this.

I suggest spending 5 minutes 3x a day practicing (in the beginning): 5 minutes when you first wake up, before getting out of bed, 5 minutes after you get in bed before going to sleep…

…and one other 5 minute period during the day.

Start by learning to watch your internal dialog and internal pictures as they form in your head.

Notice the connection between these thoughts and your feelings.

If you focus on what you don’t want it creates bad internal states, while a focus on what you like or of what is possible creates “good” internal states.

(Don’t pick something highly emotionally charged in the beginning, though.)

So just notice your internal pictures and dialog and how they influence your internal state for 5 minutes 3x a day. Pretty soon you’ll begin to notice how this happens without trying as you go through your day.

If you have a time where you feel upset, you’ll start to notice that you’re focusing on (making negative internal pictures or dialog) of what you don’t want.

It becomes quite difficult to keep doing that when you do it with awareness.

Wise Words

“Awareness without action is worthless.”

~ Dr. Phil McGraw

This Really Happened…

[Speaking about Holosync…]

“My first thought was, Thank God, but this is ridiculous! Can it be this easy?

After that initial explosion of context and awareness, I spent the next nine months plunging into and releasing layer after layer of pain, shadow and trauma.

And I found I could stick with the process and the sometimes scary nature of the encounter with my shadow, because of the hugely expanded awareness that happened for me in that first week of using Holosync.

A new kind of inner wisdom that let me know this was just what needed to happen, and that I was healing and progressively becoming free.”

~ John Dupuy, creator of Integral Recovery

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