Mind Power Issue #125

Where is the Love?

Issue #125 – Monday, August 6, 2018

It’s been three months since we lost our dear friend and mentor, BIll Harris, to cancer. His voice and his wisdom still echo through the halls at Centerpointe…

...and in our hearts and minds.

When Bill founded Centerpointe nearly 30 years ago, he had no idea that he would impact the lives of millions of people the world over.

For this week’s issue of Mind Power, we pulled a very special article from our archives that Bill wrote in 2007, which feels particularly important right now. It’s called “Where is the Love” and I hope you’ll read it and…

...take his message to heart.


MaryEllen Tribby

Centerpointe CEO

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Where is the Love? 

By Bill Harris
Founder, Centerpointe Research Institute

The question has come up lately of why (and how) meditating with the Holosync® audio technology we use in the Centerpointe program causes such an opening of the heart…

...and such an increase in the ability to love and to attract love into one’s life.


Sometimes people miss this aspect of the program at first because we don’t spend much time speaking about “love,” or teach people a philosophy that tells them how to behave, or tell them “how” to become more loving.

Here’s why: There is no instruction booklet for loving.

Love is not something you “learn” how to do, nor is it a habit you can develop if you try hard enough. It is not intellectual information to be packed into the brain prior to it becoming part of a repertoire of behavior “skills.”

You can’t just decide to become more loving as a result of some sort of conceptual change in what you think or believe.


Love, rather, is the root and basis of who you are, at the most fundamental level.

This means that anything other than love as an expression of your being is artificial and unnatural and is a result of not knowing who you are. Which doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen!

So why is the world filled with so much that is not loving? Very simply, it is because many (most?) people’s experience of life and the world around them is an experience of separation, of being in opposition to outside forces that seem hostile in some way, and from which one must protect oneself (or so it seems).

Stress (and all the behaviors that go with stress) is one way these feelings of separation manifest. Stress is only possible when the world is viewed as hostile, when we want “what is” to be different than it is.

As long as we are letting “what is” be whatever it is, and are not attached to it being something different, we cannot be stressed.


As I have said so many times, anger, depression, anxiety, fear, and many other so-called “dysfunctional” and unloving/unloved feelings and behaviors are really attempts to cope with being pushed past your personal threshold for what you can handle coming at you from your world (inner and outer).

The more feelings of separation, the lower this threshold. The lower the threshold, the more feelings of separation—and the more stress and suffering.

Simply put, meditating with Holosync causes the reorganization of the brain/mind at higher levels of functioning, which causes this threshold to go higher and higher. As it goes up, fewer parts of the world seem threatening and it becomes easier to see the world as okay and to let “what is” be whatever it is.

It is very typical for people in the deeper levels of the program to tell us they rarely experience anything that is too much for them and can push them out of their naturally loving and peaceful state.

In fact, one of the first things people notice during the first few months of the program is that things that bothered them and triggered anger, fear, depression, or some other suffering state, don’t seem to bother them as much or even at all. They seem to be able to let these things be okay and not suffer over them, even if they would prefer they were different.

This doesn’t mean we can’t act to change things or to relieve suffering we see, but it does mean we become less and less attached to the outcome…

...in the sense that we don’t have to suffer if the outcome is different than what we want it to be.


This not only saves us a lot of pain, but because we are acting to create change from a centered and calm place, we become much more effective in actually making something happen…

...instead of just venting and spinning our wheels.

The other thing that happens when you meditate with Holosync® is that the brain becomes more balanced and the two sides of the brain begin to work together to a greater and greater degree. Instead of a lateralized brain, we begin to exhibit a synchronized, balanced, brain.

Instead of viewing the world from either the left brain or the right brain, we view it with a whole-brain.

Remarkably, the more this happens, the more we see the world in terms of the oneness and connectedness of all things, and the less we see it as a place of tension and opposition and danger. 

When this happens, our true nature as loving and compassionate beings naturally shines forth, without any change in beliefs or any kind of intellectual changes. Intellectual changes may happen, but they are the result, not the cause, and they come after the loving nature manifests, not before.

As I was writing this, Marc Gilson, our Director of Client Services, told me a story. A participant called one of our Accelerated Results Coaches the other day and described a series of very stressful and contentious events at her work. 

Throughout a very highly charged struggle with a coworker, she was mystified to find she continued to have very loving feelings toward her “opponent” in this struggle, and that…

...the situation eventually resolved itself in great part because of this underlying attitude.


In actual fact, we hear reports like this nearly every day. As people become more balanced, their threshold for stress goes higher and higher. The natural perfection in everything, and the idea that we are all directly connected to one another in the most intimate way, seems more and more obvious.

Just as you love your hand, for instance, and wouldn’t purposely do anything to harm it, once you experientially realize we’re all connected to one another, it becomes pretty hard to not care for others as you would for yourself.

In other words, the Golden Rule becomes natural behavior, not just something you learned and might try to follow now and then.

So don’t be surprised as you become less reactive, less stressed, and more loving, to yourself and to others, as you use the Centerpointe program. The program really does no more than uncover who you really are from under the various layers of the illusions of separation you may have learned.

Holosync® takes the dust off the mirror of your soul, one day at a time, so it can more readily reflect the light of the love that makes up everything that exists.

And if you have that, what more could you possibly need?

Wise Words

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