Mind Power Issue #122

​A Life Enriched

Issue #122 – Monday, July 16, 2018

It’s ironic, but true:

When you hold a grudge, or withhold your love or your kindness, you suffer. You are literally holding yourself back from happiness.

But, there is a map out of those patterns that don’t serve you (or others). This map guides you on a transformative journey that brings more…

...happiness and fulfillment into your daily life.

In this week’s issue of Mind Power, Marc Gilson, Bill Harris’s long-time confidant and collaborator, and Director of Client Services at Centerpointe, has written a tremendously insightful piece on...

...the key elements of creating a happy and deeply fulfilling life.

I hope you’ll read it, because it offers a true compass to the center of what Marc calls your “spiritual birthright”...

...a life of love, forgiveness, gratitude and compassion.


MaryEllen Tribby

Centerpointe CEO

P.S. We just launched an amazing, BRAND NEW suite of soundtracks to help you transform your life by tapping into the power of your unconscious mind to create…

...profound experiences of love, compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness.

Find how you can discover these profoundly important fundamentals in the Check It Out section below.

A Life Enriched

(May You Live in “Interesting” Times)

By Marc Gilson

Centerpointe Director of Client Services

Have you noticed something "interesting" about the world lately? Does it seem a little...tense? Does it feel like life has become a bit more stressful? The world a little more angst-ridden?

(Full disclosure here: I'm going to share some exciting news about a new suite of Holosync® soundtracks we've just released. But what I really wanted do today is to provide some context for why this particular suite is so special.)

There's an old Chinese saying: "May you live in interesting times."

The sentiment, which sounds like it should be a blessing, is really more of a satirical curse. "Interesting times," is a not-so-thinly veiled reference to times of great change, uncertainty, and upheaval.  

History is replete with "interesting times," from wars and political turmoil to cultural convulsions and stormy societal shifts. Thankfully perhaps, our current spot in history isn't quite as “interesting” as some others have been, although it often seems harder to get a handle on the impact of a given period of time without a little hindsight. Who really knows just what the history books will say about this particularly "interesting" phase of our history?

History is its own best judge, some say.

But here we are, right smack in the midst of what I think most of us would have to consider "interesting times."

Centerpointe founder, Bill Harris, was always fascinated by "social mood." He was curious about how certain shifts and changes in individual people's lives could, when multiplied by social currents and tides, impact things like the global economy, the political climate, and more.

In times of uncertainty, for example, Bill said that people often went one of two directions. 

They either became much more withdrawn and "curled up" to wait out whatever social storm was raging at the time, or they became active voices and forces in response to whatever conditions they felt needed changing.

In either case you have change beginning at the individual microcosmic level expanding and coalescing with other individuals until history itself is affected:

Nudged one way or another, or in some cases forcibly shoved.

While it can be argued that times of change and turbulence are necessary for the world to progress and grow (a fundamental tenet of how virtually all personal development occurs, incidentally), it can't be denied that such times are also a real challenge to those of us seeking a life of peace, happiness, and equanimity.

How do we simply keep our heads on straight with all the fake news, political arguments, economic uncertainty, and social unrest?

Personally speaking, I really think that it's during these times of chaotic change that a tool like Holosync® is particularly valuable. Now I know you might be saying, "Well of course you'd say that. You work for Centerpointe!" True enough. But I'm not the only one who says this about Holosync.

Take a quick look at a personal testimonial from someone getting their first taste of Holosync in “This Really Happened” below this article .

If you've been a part of the Centerpointe community for even a little while, you already know that Holosync has proven itself over the last 30 years to be one of the best tools you can use in times of stress and upheaval.

(If you’ve never tried Holosync, you can link to a free demo below.)

The Holosync Solution™ program has been used by hundreds of thousands of people who have depended on it to help them become happier and healthier. Hopefully you're one of those people and are using your Holosync Solution program tracks daily. If so you're in good (and smart!) company.

Late in his life, as Bill was suffering with a rather sudden and serious cancer diagnosis, we sat in his office one afternoon reflecting on the many ups and downs of our 20+ years together at Centerpointe. I told him that I never imagined–on that first day in 1996, when I came to work for Bill in the downstairs family room that was, at the time, Centerpointe's headquarters…

...that Bill's little home-based business would so rapidly grow to become the most successful company of its kind in the world, or that over two million people worldwide would use Holosync to improve their lives and become happier, healthier people.

That's when Bill, almost casually, reminded me of our mission. What he said to me, he'd said many times before. Perhaps given the circumstances, it had a powerful impact on me. He said:

"Well, that's really the secret to our success, isn't it? We help people figure out life. We offer people real tools that help them grow."

I'm not sure how that comment might impact you, but for me it had the very specific effect of bringing me back to the roots of why I've worked at Centerpointe, with Bill, for all these years, and why I am still here and looking forward to another 20+ years to come.

His comment made me think about "what's really important" in life. It made me think about values. Not the “ethical” kind of values, but the kind of values Bill talks about in terms of the things that influence your thoughts, feelings and actions, simply put: What you think is most important.

Personal growth work is, to me, a sacred process. Sacred because it compels us to reach for the highest version of who we can be in our lives. Whether you're just trying to improve your memory, heal some old unresolved issues, or enhance your creativity, in some way or another…

...you're trying to do something important with your life, to make it better.

I don't really know if that constitutes something "sacred" by everyone's personal definition, but it does for me.

Yes, meditation can calm your limbic system and strengthen your prefrontal cortex (which helps you make healthier choices). Holosync itself has been shown to increase melatonin and reduce cortisol, which is physiologically beneficial. It can also increase the synchronous neuroelectrical activity between the two sides of the brain, which enhances focus, memory, and concentration. I could go on all day about the specific ways in which Holosync can benefit anyone who uses it.

But what about the core values of our personal growth? What are the key elements of a happy and healthy existence? What are the sacred pieces of the personal growth puzzle?

One of my roles at Centerpointe is to design new products. I take this role seriously and, truth be told, I sometimes even lose some sleep over just how to design products that will have a real, genuine benefit for you and me (which is one of the reasons I designed the Sleep Solution Suite!).

So when it came time to return to my big dry-erase board and start designing the next Holosync product, I was thinking about what Bill had said. I was thinking about the core values of people like you, and me, who look to Holosync to be a tool we can use to engage in the sacred work of creating a happier, healthy, more self-aware life.

I thought about the values of those millions of people who have practiced meditation or prayer over thousands of years. I thought about the teachings of the great spiritual masters, saints, and gurus.

I asked myself a simple question: what are the core elements of the awakened life?

Lofty stuff for a simple guy like me. But what came to mind was clear and concise. And it all boiled down to four simple words we're all familiar with:

  • Love

  • Forgiveness

  • Compassion

  • Gratitude

I'd love to spend hours talking about each of these words in detail (and we'll be delving into each one in upcoming editions of Mind Power) but for now, I'm hopeful that when you read those words you don't just breeze over them.

Instead, I hope you think about what they really mean...to you.

Yes, they tend to be overused. Yes, they can seem cliche and even kind of innocently silly sometimes. But I think if we're honest, there's no denying that the spiritually enriched life, the aware life, the actualized life, is made up of these four elements. They are the building blocks of our genetic makeup, spiritually speaking.

Without enough of each, how happy and fulfilled can we really expect to be?

I know this might not resonate with everyone, but I'll go ahead and state that these elements–love, forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude–are the ultimate rewards for those of us who sit each day and meditate with Holosync, or whatever else we do to improve ourselves.

They are our spiritual birthright, and a truly fulfilling life depends upon our ability to reclaim them and apply them and experience them on a daily basis.

And as I stood there staring at these words on my board, I realized that there is, in fact, a way to use Holosync to help discover and enhance them.

Compassion, for example, has been associated with certain gamma brain wave patterns. Forgiveness is said to occur more easily when we meditate into the deepest brainwave pattern, delta, where we can access and release old attachments.

And so we began developing what we've come to call the Journey to Self Suite. I'll share a link to this remarkable new product in our “Check It Out” section, below, so you can read more details. But let me just mention that I've been at this for awhile now (creating new products) and I'm going to tell you straight:

This particular product has a special place in my heart.

I think back now on Bill's idea of our mission: We help people figure out life. We live in "interesting times" don't we? These are times of upheaval or uncertainty. 

Perhaps the history books will wonder at how in the world we made it through. But we will make it through if we remember the basics––the core elements of the aware life.  

When we live a life enriched with love, forgiveness, compassion, and gratitude, how can we be anything but happy, healthy, and fulfilled?

I hope you decide to try the new Journey to Self Suite. It was designed by our remarkable team of experts at Centerpointe and myself to make a significant improvement in your life and, no matter how "interesting" our times become, to help you stay centered, happy, peaceful, and aware.

As this suite is reflective of the core Centerpointe mission, I know that Bill would be proud to offer it to you.

Wise Words

Check It Out

Journey to Self Suite

Tap into the power of your unconscious mind to create deep experiences of love, compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness.

Centerpointe Research Institute announces its brand new Journey to Self Suite…

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Journey to Self Suite

1. Journey to Love

2. Journey to Forgiveness

3. Journey to Gratitude

4. Journey to Compassion

This Really Happened

"This is a most wonderful and peaceful interlude in my day. I carry the calm with me, too. 

There is a remembering inside somewhere that goes with me, and if I listen, I can hear the sounds.

Oh, how I love the sounds. Thank you for the introduction to Holosync. This is real content with real results."

~ LZ

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