Mind Power Issue #121

Time and Space, Part 2

Issue #121 – Monday, July 9, 2018

Last week we sent you a deep look at how meditation saves you time and trouble in the long run, even if you feel as though…

...your schedule is just too busy.

This week, Marc Gilson returns with Part 2 of the “Time and Space” series: The Value of Emptiness: How to Create Space in a Crowded Life.

Marc explains, the time and space you create for yourself, offers a “new level of centeredness and harmony.”

This is so worth your time today!


MaryEllen Tribby

Centerpointe CEO

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The Value of Emptiness:

 How to Create Space in a Crowded Life

By Marc Gilson

Centerpointe Director of Client Services

Early one morning, several years ago, a homeless man approached me on a downtown street asking for fifty cents. 

I reached into my pocket and realized I had no change; but I had a few dollars. I handed him two one-dollar bills, hoping he'd let me get on with my walk.

His eyes lit-up and he quickly reached into his coat pocket and retrieved a small object.

Looking into his dirty hands I noticed that it was a ring made of thick copper wire with an empty mounting on top. He explained that he had just made it the previous day.

He handed it to me and had me hold it up in the misty morning light. “See there,” he said pointing to the top of the ring. “That's where the diamond would go!” I looked at him standing there, smiling at me proudly from under his dirty gray beard.

I smiled back, handed him the ring, and began to walk away.

“Wait!” he said. “It's yours.”

“Thanks,” I said. “But you keep it.” He stepped in front of me.

“But this could be a diamond ring, you know. All it needs is the diamond!”

He held the ring in front of my eyes as if displaying a priceless piece of real jewelry. Then it occurred to me that it was, indeed, a priceless piece of jewelry.

I smiled at him and said, “Well, it's an original, isn't it?”

He put the ring in my hand and began to walk away. “There's not another one like it!” he said as he headed down the sidewalk. 

I called out, “Thank you,” and went on my way.

I've encountered several such people before. But this one man sticks in my mind. For him, the reality of not having a diamond to go in his ring was not a problem. 

Rather, he found happiness in creating a spot for the “diamond,” a place for value and beauty, a space for something of worth. 

He could have just made a simple band with no place for a stone, since he had none. Or he might have substituted something for a gem, a marble or piece of glass. But his satisfaction came from his effort to make a space for something valuable, not from investing it with false wealth or fake riches.

I imagine that while he was making the ring he did so with a sense of the value and meaning of what he was creating; a value and meaning far beyond what society would usually define as valuable.

And when he offered me the ring, nothing more than a piece of copper wire with an empty mounting, I experienced that same meaning and value. Today I keep that ring with the empty mounting with me at all times. It's not for sale, for any amount of money.

I bring up this issue of making a place for value because it's usually the first obstacle people encounter when attempting to meditate.

People who begin The Holosync Solution™ program sometimes have concerns about spending the necessary time meditating with their Holosync soundtracks. They want the benefits the program has to offer, but how will they find the time and space to do it?

Meditating requires you to create a place for value, to set aside time for solitude, contemplation, stillness.

You might call it sacred spacing. And yes, it will require time and space. It's all too easy to fill our time with other things––things of less value than an hour of sacred, uninterrupted time.

Meditation requires us to create space in our crowded lives. It requires sacrifice, devotion, discipline. It requires us to see value in emptiness. 

When we can allow ourselves the luxury of that hour without the habitual compulsion to fill it with something, we find ourselves in a different world; one where emptiness does not represent lack, but possibility. 

Where silence doesn't mean boredom, but serenity; where we are able to shed uniforms we wear to undertake our work and other responsibilities, and just be.

This cannot happen without the time and space we must sometimes wrestle away from wild and frenetic external pressures.

Simple? Yes. Easy? Not for most of us. Most of us are not used to stillness. We are not comfortable when it's too quiet. We really don't know how to make a place for value because we tend to fear the sacrifice of time necessary just to carve out an hour or so each day.

Not to mention, stillness can be, well, boring! But bear in mind that boredom is nothing more than the mind without its pacifier.

It might take time for the mind to wean itself from the addiction of stimulus, but as the withdrawal passes, a new level of centeredness and harmony supplant it.

Remember that a sacred space is not merely the physical environment in which you meditate. It begins on the inside, with the commitment to yourself that the space and time you make is, in fact, sacred.

The countless demands on our time and energy may be important and necessary to attend to. But the space and time you make when you meditate is for you and you alone…

...a precious gemstone placed carefully in the center of it all.

Occasionally, people mis-translate this to mean that it works without effort on their part, or that by merely buying the soundtracks their lives will change.

But we all know better. The soundtracks don't play themselves. Your listening sessions don't happen without you. You won't see an ounce of improvement in your life if you don't actually use the powerful, life-changing technology you own.

At Centerpointe, we call our customers "participants." I like that term because it reminds us that we're all involved in something important when it comes to personal growth work. We're not just "customers" or "clients." We're taking-part, participating.

To participate you have to take an active role in the course of your own development as a human being.

The world is full of people who passively let life happen to them, thinking they're actively involved in life because their schedules are full and their phone constantly rings.

But when you engage in a deep meditation program, you quickly learn that life runs much deeper than the mundane chores of our daily lives, that life is not bound by clocks and deadlines, and that…

...fulfillment and satisfaction can be found within yourself.

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This Really Happened

Just to say thank you for the beautiful article by Marc Gilson on stillness and quietude [Mind Power, July 2, 2018].

I sat in my garden, listening to the birds, feeling the wind, the warmth of the sun when reading. Half way now through level 4 of Holosync, I have not missed a single day.

We had to deal with a lot of stress this last year in our family, thanks to my meditation I am present to all that happens.

My gratitude to you all for the legacy of Bill and the way you are continuing his work.

~ Inge

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