Mind Power Issue #120

Time and Space, Part 1

Issue #120 – Monday, July 2, 2018

The #1 challenge people have when attempting a meditation practice is…

...finding the time.

Ironically, the time you take to clear the decks of distractions, deadlines and impending decisions saves you a TON of time and trouble.

Scientists agree.

When you carve out time to meditate regularly, you think, feel and behave in ways that save you time (and trouble). You will be:

  • Less likely to over-commit

  • Less prone to mistakes

  • Less reactionary

  • More productive

  • More creative

  • More focused

  • Less forgetful

You will also make better decisions.

Marc Gilson, who worked side-by-side with Bill Harris for over 20 years, and become a thought leader in his own right, has contributed a powerful article in this week’s issue of Mind Power

...on the importance of creating time in what he calls our modern “high velocity living.”

I encourage you to read this terrific article. It is certainly worth your time.


MaryEllen Tribby

Centerpointe CEO

P.S. One of the easiest, fastest and most powerful ways in the world to get all the benefits of meditation (in ⅛ the time)…

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Time and Space, Part 1:  

High Velocity Living

By Marc Gilson

Centerpointe Director of Client Services

We live in a world obsessed with expedience.

Expedience, of course, gives us something we dearly treasure:

convenience. And convenience can be a drug. But convenience isn't

something you get or buy.

It's an experience.

In our culture, the "convenience drug" is highly addictive, and most of us are hooked. We want our computers to be faster, our banking to be quicker, and check-out lines to be shorter.

We want eyeglasses made in one hour, photos developed in half an hour, and an oil change in no more than twenty minutes. We want our coffee makers to have the coffee brewing…

...before we're out of bed.

We want news and information in sound-bites. We use our commute to the office as time to make cell phone calls, eat breakfast, and apply makeup; that is, if we aren't telecommuting already. Of course, we could sit down and eat breakfast, as long as we're getting something done other than just sitting there eating!

Life is a blur.  

We are a society obsessed with instant gratification. If it happened yesterday, it's ancient history. If we can't get it today, we don't want it at all. If you can't keep up, get out of the way! 

We move urgently, think quickly, speak rapidly, act suddenly, and work at breakneck speeds.

Most of us are blazing through our days, from the time the alarm clock jolts us into action until we collapse into our beds late at night.

The Anti-Quiet Culture

It should also be noted that we live in a culture prejudiced against stillness, opposed to motionlessness–an anti-quiet culture. We worship movement, activity, noise. 

That's what gets our attention.

We usually don't equate progress and growth with stillness. We

don't think there's much to be gained by remaining motionless. There

doesn't seem to be much to learn from quietness.

Without a stimulus–for the eyes, nose, ears, mouth, hands–what is there?

When was the last time you heard someone say, "I'm really proud of my son. Yesterday, he sat in his room all day, alone, and deeply contemplated life"?

Most people would say, "When's he going to quit sitting around and get a job?"

Activity! Do something! Move! Say something! Are we afraid that if we remain still for more than a moment that we are somehow inviting in the Grim Reaper? We've got a lot to do before we die, and maybe if we look busy enough–alive enough–death will leave us alone and not interrupt us.

Gandhi once said of Western culture, "Here are people with everything, except stillness."

Stillness isn't death. Stillness allows room for feeling, sensing, experiencing. Does it bring us face to face with death? No. In fact, stillness, especially as provided by meditation, creates a space–a sacred space, if you will…

...in which we connect with the very life we are.

This stillness is not a sensory experience in the way most of us know it. It's deeper. It's an awareness, a centeredness. One participant in the Holosync®  program describes it this way:

"When meditating with my Holosync soundtracks I feel as though I am in-touch with my own humanity in the most metaphysical and profound sense. The world, as I have built it in my head, settles and disappears. And I know what peace feels like."

Take an Active Role

This woman has carved out time from what she calls, “the world, as I have built it in my head.”

This is the first obstacle people encounter when attempting to meditate: time.

People who begin the Holosync program, or any meditation practice, often have concerns about the time it takes.

How will they find the time? Where can they go to meditate? Meditating requires that you set aside time for solitude, contemplation, stillness.

Here are some of the concerns I’ve heard over the years:

  • "I don't have time to meditate!"

  • "Can't I meditate on my way to work?"

  • "Can I watch TV while I listen to my soundtracks?"

Meditation is an oil upon the rushing waters of our high-velocity lifestyles. But therein lies its power. It doesn't mix in. It isn't something you do while reading the paper or balancing your checkbook.

It requires sacrifice, devotion, discipline.

Simple? Yes. Easy? Not for most of us. Most of us are not used to stillness. We are not comfortable when it's too quiet. We tend to fear the sacrifice of time necessary just to carve out an hour each day. 

One of the obvious attractions of the Holosync program is that it's simple to use, works fast, and is very powerful. 

Occasionally, people mis-translate this to mean that it works without effort on their part, or that by merely buying the soundtracks their lives will change.

But we all know better. The soundtracks don't play themselves. Your listening sessions don't happen without you. You won't see an ounce of improvement in your life if you don't actually use the powerful, life-changing technology you own.

At Centerpointe, we call our customers "participants." I like that term because it reminds us that we're all involved in something important when it comes to personal growth work. We're not just "customers" or "clients." We're taking-part, participating.

To participate you have to take an active role in the course of your own development as a human being.

The world is full of people who passively let life happen to them, thinking they're actively involved in life because their schedules are full and their phone constantly rings.

But when you engage in a deep meditation program, you quickly learn that life runs much deeper than the mundane chores of our daily lives, that life is not bound by clocks and deadlines, and that…

...fulfillment and satisfaction can be found within yourself.

Wise Words

Holosync® is the most powerful self improvement, stress-relief, and brain enhancement tool in the world.

(If you're not using it, you're missing out!)

  • Stronger relationships

  • Increased confidence

  • More peace of mind

  • Greater wealth

  • Better sleep

  • Less stress

  • And much, much more…

...including the magnificent power to attract into your life what you DO want instead of what you don’t.

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This Really Happened

I am a person who has struggled with anxiety, fear, panic, depression, excessive worry, and so much negative thinking, for decades. I have two little girls–two and four years old…

...but I find time every single day to do my Holosync. I am dedicated!

I have watched my life gradually, progressively get better and better. I am just so thankful that I got this opportunity. And right in the nick of time.

~ Nicole Philippi, Beacon, New York

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