Mind Power Issue #117

Understanding Self Sabotage

Issue #117 – Monday, June 11, 2018

Bill Harris didn’t believe in unicorns, or pixie dust, or what he called “magical thinking.”

But he did believe in the power of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs to create your REALITY.

In this second installment of Bill’s 9-part series on self-sabotage, Bill discusses what you believe (about yourself, others, and the world at large)…

...and the incredible power that your beliefs have on the results in your life.

So if you’re attracting the same (wrong) partner over and over, or if you’ve ever found yourself in a spiral of disappointments, or if you just seem to can’t break a bad habit…

...you have got to check out Bill’s article below on self-sabotage.


MaryEllen Tribby

Centerpointe CEO

P.S. One of the most common concerns we hear at Centerpointe is from people who are baffled and frustrated by the many ways, and times…

...in which they sabotage their health and fitness goals.

Before he died, Bill Harris put his genius to work on solving this problem, once and for all.

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Self Sabotage: 

3 Powerful Ways Your Negative Beliefs Come True

By Bill Harris

Your beliefs have the power to create and attract circumstances, experiences and results in your life.

While you cannot control every single thing that happens in your life–like the weather, random events, other people’s agendas…

...your beliefs shape your life, because you make life conform to whatever you believe.

I’ll say that again: Whatever you believe, your mind will find a way to make it come true.

(This is the second of my 10 Life Altering “Belief” Principles. These simple, but very powerful, concepts are fundamental to understanding, and ending, self-sabotage.)

So, let’s look at three ways that you make what you believe come true, or seem to be true (which is basically the same thing).

By the way, the degree to which you watch yourself do these things…

...is the degree to which you can create choice for yourself on what to believe, how to react and how to behave (skillfully and resourcefully).

This is the real way to change self-sabotaging beliefs, because once you have a choice…

...you’ll always and automatically choose what serves you, and drop what doesn’t.

So, let’s get to it. The first way we make what we believe come true is:

#1. Unconsciously attract, or be attracted to, people and situations that confirm the truth of what you believe.

For example, if you believe that no one will ever love you, you’ll feel a magical attraction to men or women who don’t have the desire or capacity to love you…

...even though you have no way of consciously knowing this about them in advance.

This is why people can attract similar partners, over and over again, each time in a different body. You’ll attract people who confirm the 

truth of what you believe...as if you had a hidden radar.

This creates consistency between what you believe and the actual events of your life.

If you believe you’ll never be prosperous, you’ll attract people and situations that will keep you from making money, or cause you to lose it if you do somehow accumulate any.

Whatever you believe, you’ll exhibit a magnetic attraction to people and situations that will help you be right about your belief.

The second way you make what you believe come true, or seem to be true, is to:

#2. Unconsciously distort what you perceive so as to make what you believe seem to be true, even if it isn’t.

If you believe that people will be critical of you, for example, you’ll interpret what they say as critical, even if that wasn’t their intention.

If you believe you’ll never be prosperous, you’ll find a way to interpret your situation as proof that prosperity is impossible, even if that isn’t really the case.

Perhaps your situation is a step along the way to becoming prosperous, rather than “proof” that it’s impossible.

Someone who believed that setbacks or difficult conditions were part of the life experiences that led to prosperity would take difficult conditions and setbacks in stride and keep going.

Of all the possible interpretations in any situation, you’ll pick those that confirm that what you believe is true, and you’ll filter out interpretations that contradict your belief.

The third method of proving that what you believe is true is to:

#3. Unconsciously act in such a way that changes your conditions in a way that makes your belief come true, or causes other people to help you make your belief come true.

If you believe you won’t be loved, that fear will cause you to act in such a way that eventually people finally will stop caring, or you’ll repel people who might otherwise love you.

If you believe you’ll be poor, you’ll act in such a way that you’ll end up poor.

There are three ways, then, to prove that you’re right about what you believe:

  1. Attract or be attracted to people or situations that make your belief come true

  2. Interpret whatever happens in such a way that your belief seems to be true, even if it isn’t

  3. Act in such a way that it really comes true

With all three methods, you get to be right, creating consistency between what you believe and what happens in your life.

If you’d rather be right than happy, this is a great strategy, but if you’d like to be happy and peaceful, it’s a losing proposition.

Beliefs shape your life because you make life conform to whatever you believe, in these three ways.

Of course this works both ways.

If you believe something positive, you’ll attract people and situations to help your belief come true. You’ll also interpret what happens in a way that causes what you believe to seem to be true…

...and you’ll act in a way that causes your beliefs to become true.

When you master your beliefs, you can use them to create whatever you want.

Editor’s Note:

This is part 2 of a 9-part series from Bill Harris on overcoming self-sabotage. Please stay tuned to upcoming issues of Mind Power to learn more.

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