Mind Power Issue #115

The Ultimate Life; The Ultimate You

Issue #115 – Monday, May 28, 2018

Have you discovered the purpose of your life...the source of your joy and the reason to bounce out of bed in the morning?

Pete Bissonette (a great friend and Centerpointe’s first joint venture partner) recalls his long friendship with Bill Harris…

...and Bill’s many contributions to the field of self-development and to helping people all over the world.

As you know, Bill certainly lived his joy and purpose in life.

This is why Pete introduces you something Bill had found: the profound and powerful Japanese concept called ikigai

...each person’s reason for being, the source of joy and purpose of a life well lived.

I hope you’ll read the feature story below, and I most sincerely hope you are living your joy and purpose in life, as Bill did.


MaryEllen Tribby

Centerpointe CEO

Bill's Enduring Success

By Pete Bissonette

Bill Harris did what we all know you are supposed to do, but he actually did it.

He followed his heart. He consciously aligned his thoughts and actions with his passions…and worked his butt off.

Bill’s work clearly energized him, and he knew how to stay on purpose. He zipped past challenges, and he focused on solutions.

And, of course, any success would light a spark in his eyes, intense excitement in his voice, and a child-like bounce.

That’s why when you think of Bill Harris, enduring success easily comes to mind. Along with his dry and wry flow of humor and odd look on life.

I first became aware of Bill in 1990 when I saw his “Meditate like a Zen Monk” ad in Body Mind Spirit magazine. I routinely clipped out his ads to see what I could learn from them.

My favorite headline from one of his full-page ads was “They laughed when I used my headphones to meditate—but when they saw the results…they all begged to try it.”

I thought he was a brilliant marketer, which I confirmed when we first met on the phone in 1994.

Clients of Learning Strategies had been telling me of their success with Holosync, and clients of Centerpointe had been telling Bill of their success with our Paraliminals.

Paraliminals are audio programs to help folks learn “inner mind” strategies for responding to what is going on in their world.

You’ll hear a voice in each ear speaking to 

different parts of your brain. They are driven by neuro-linguistic programming, accelerative learning, and preconscious processes.

Our titles back then included New Behavior Generator, 10-Minute Supercharger, Anxiety-Free, Get Around To It, Ideal Weight, and about a dozen more. Today, we have over 50 titles.

By the end of that first conversation, we had convinced each other to endorse each other’s program and send offers to each other’s lists through snail mail.

Joint venture marketing was born to the world of self-improvement…

...and the tight relationship between Centerpointe and Learning Strategies continues today.

Bill and I had many spirited phone conversations sharing what we were learning from various marketing tactics and strategies. More than once Bill would say:

“Why are you doing it that way? You should be doing it this way.”

We certainly had different styles of marketing, but like Learning Strategies, Bill was in full integrity working in the best interest of his clients. Client satisfaction was important for him.

In 2004, ten years after our first conversation, we were on the phone again talking about another huge step in our relationship.

What if we added Holosync tracks to the Paraliminals when they were remastered in the move from audio cassettes to CDs? “Would they be more effective?” I asked Bill.

“Of course,” he said, as he proceeded to give me reason after reason why it would be the best thing ever for Paraliminal users.

Bill’s brain whirred loudly over the phone. And if you put Holosync on the Paraliminals then Paraliminal listeners would get a taste of Centerpointe’s programs and want more.

Immediately his engineer and our engineer created the tracks that have become an important part of the Paraliminals.

Bill and I are founding members of the Transformational Leadership Council, an organization founded by Jack Canfield for folks in the industry to learn from each other at out-of-the-way resorts. We get together twice a year.

You could always tell when Bill was in the room, because heckling whoever had the mic was in his nature.

Newbies would be taken aback, unsure of whether his deadpan comments were serious. What was serious was his willingness to share business, marketing, and transformational ideas with everyone.

Eight years ago Bill called me to talk 

about selling Centerpointe. I asked why would he do that, because he loved his worked. He said he was getting older and wanted to make sure Centerpointe would live on beyond him.

I asked him what he would do if he sold it. He said he would still go into the office to help the new owners. That was his ikigai,* his reason for being.

Contribution gave his life meaning.

When Bill told me of his diagnosis last October, I hung up the telephone thinking, “What? Not Bill.” He was one of those people you expect to be around forever.

I am saddened that he is gone, I am joyful to have had him in my life, and I eagerly look forward to what more Bill’s legacy of Centerpointe Research Institute does in the world led by his legacy humans, Scott and Brisa.  

Cheers to you Bill.

*Editor’s Note: Ikigai (pronounced “eye-ka-guy”) is a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being."

It speaks to a life that balances the spiritual with the practical.

Everyone has an ikigai. It is that which brings them purpose and and joy in life. For Bill Harris, his ikigai–his joy and purpose–was in contribution, as Pete Bissonette said, above.

Bill’s love of teaching and his passion for the journey of the self, made the world a better place.

About the Author

Pete Bissonette is president of Learning Strategies.

Founded in 1981, the company innovates programs to help folks maximize their potential.

Programs include the Paraliminals, PhotoReading, Natural Brilliance, Future Mapping, Memory Optimizer, Genius Code, Abundance for Life, Aura Seeing, Seeds of Enlightenment, and Diamond Feng Shui. A listing of the programs with brief descriptions can be found here.

Its primary authors include Paul Scheele, Jack Canfield, Marie Diamond, Brian Osborne, Hale Dwoskin, and, of course, Bill Harris. 

Pete lives in the country outside of Minneapolis. After a vivid dream he couldn’t get out of his mind, he built a 10,000 square foot labyrinth with eight half-ton stone frogs playing Balinese musical instruments. He calls it the “Frogyrinth.” He uses it for meditation walks and cocktail crawls.

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