Mind Power Issue #102

Master Your Universe
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Issue #102 – Monday, February 26, 2018

If you don’t already know Jennifer McLean, I want to introduce you to someone whose wisdom and principles for dramatic, lasting change are really impressive.

Jennifer has such a powerful, effective message, I’ve invited her to write the feature story for this week’s issue of Mind Power.  

You are in for a real treat.

Read her article below on how to notice your “Limiting Laws” and free yourself from all that’s blocking you.

Be well, 

Bill Harris, Founder/CEO

Centerpointe Research Institute

P.S. Jennifer is also offering friends of Centerpointe a FREE download of her powerful “Feel Better Blueprint” in the Check It Out section below.

Plus a bonus gift to keep you inspired.

As we like to say: Be sure to “check it out!”

Notice Your Universe

The Key to Making Your Life Work Like It Should

By Jennifer McLean

There is a universe that is you.

And your universe contains within it all the laws/beliefs that you have created from moments of trauma and upset in the past.

The mechanics looks like this:

During that traumatic event you may have unconsciously created a warped conclusion about who you are and what life is.

You may have decided in those moments of confusion that you’re:

  • Not good enough

  • Not smart enough

  • Not able to protect yourself

  • Too needy

  • Not vibrant enough

  • Not lovable

  • Not safe, etc.

There was likely evidence provided by your parents, or other adults around you, that confirmed these limitations you concluded about yourself were true.

You then you created a set of beliefs that further agreed.

This sets of conclusions you made in the midst of an upsetting event creates personal “Laws” that sit deep in the subconscious running the show. Laws like:

  • “I’m not supported”

  • “I’m not respected”

  • “It’s not safe to commit”

  • “I live in lack,” etc.

The “fabric of your universe,” the weave of your being, if you will, is now filled with…

...this energy of false beliefs. And the energy of false beliefs creates your life by default.

These limiting beliefs or Limiting Laws, are there for a really good reason, they helped you to survive the traumatic incidents…

...and seemingly kept you safe long after.

However, with these Limiting Laws placed in your subconscious and acting as a creative manifesting force…

...anyone who enters your universe is influenced by them and responds to these subconscious energies and beliefs.

In fact those entering your field are so impacted that many have no choice but to respond to these limiting beliefs.

This shows up in your life as individuals not supporting, respecting, honoring, or hearing you, to name a few examples.

When these individuals respond to your Limiting Laws and act from that accordingly…

...they then provide your beliefs with evidence that theses limiting conclusions you’ve made about yourself are true.

This establishes a continuing, self-fulfilling cycle of belief, manifesting more of the same, as the evidence solidifies limiting beliefs…

...and so on, and so on, and so on. Now from this cycle, your circumstances reflect these beliefs.

So what to do now?

The answer is simple (but not necessarily easy). It is this:


Notice the beliefs that show up in moments of upsets and pain. Don’t label, don’t analyze, don’t let your mind spiral out…

...just observe in a slightly detached (yet compassionate) way.

As you start to notice, you may see the limiting belief that is fueling your reaction. You may even remember the original upset that created it.

(NOTE: the memory of the event is NOT important. The noticing of the limiting beliefs and the emotions that are attached to it are WAY more important than the memory.)

As you notice these things, consider how you may be co-creating some conflict or upset with others as they respond to your limiting beliefs.

Consider in turn how these now conscious limiting beliefs may be contributing to slowing down or blocking what you desire.

From this place of conscious knowing, an awakening happens…

...and you are now more present in the moment that allows you to make a new choice.

When you can choose, you are in freedom.

About Jennifer McLean

Jennifer McLean is an internationally acclaimed healer, author, speaker, edge pusher and transformational change agent.

She is the creator of the renowned healing accelerant: “The Spontaneous Transformation Technique,” (STT) that delivers instant transformation and healing...

...which is quickly becoming a “go to” for creating real change in extreme times. 

For more than two decades, this innovative healing modality has helped tens of thousands of individuals shift held energy in the body. 

Jennifer has appeared on FOX, ABC, CBS, and online summits and is covered in renowned media publications. STT and other healing philosophies are covered in her five best selling books and dozens of online healing programs.

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