Mind Power Issue #101

Don’t you believe it!
Break the power of negative beliefs...

Issue #101 – Monday, February 19, 2018

Is your mind working against you right now?

You may not even realize it, but your mind might be full of “beliefs” that are not serving you.

These beliefs can take you down some pretty dark rabbit holes, if you’re not paying close attention…

...and send you spiraling away from your best self.

In the article below, I explain how to stop this self-sabotaging spiral and create beliefs for yourself that serve you and…

...magnetically, automatically attract the things you want in life.

Be well, 

Bill Harris, Founder/CEO

Centerpointe Research Institute

P.S. The one quality that every truly successful person I know has had…

...from the time they began, when they started with next to nothing, before they built tremendous success in their lives is:

Self Confidence.

Learn how you can build your self confidence into an unshakeable tower of strength…

...in the Check It Out section below.

You Better (Not) Believe It!
Retrain Your Beliefs to Serve (Instead of Sabotage) You

By Bill Harris

I want to make what might sound like a controversial statement about beliefs: 

Everything is true to the person who believes it.

Because you’ll create or attract or make up whatever evidence you need in order to be “right” about what you believe…

..you have to be very careful about evaluating your beliefs on whether or not they are TRUE. They will always be true to you.

So think about this:

Evaluate your beliefs on whether or not they serve your highest, best good.

Do they create the desired results and experiences in your life? Or not?

If you have less-than resourceful beliefs, you’ve been suffering their negative effects for years…

...probably without realizing the connection between your beliefs and your results.

Over the years I’ve noticed that most people aren’t aware of what they believe, that they’ve never examined their beliefs. A key step in replacing beliefs that don’t serve you…

...is to discover what you currently believe.

Here’s a simple way of discovering what you believe. Complete the following sentences:

• I am ________________________.
• People are ___________________.
• The world is __________________.

You're looking for what you believe about yourself that might be keeping you from being happy and peaceful all the time—statements such as:

• “People always take advantage of me.”
• “The world is dangerous and chaotic.”
• “Men always leave me in the end.”
•  “I can't seem to do anything right.”
• "I'm never going to be a success.”
• “Making money isn’t spiritual.”
• "People will never love me."
• "No one cares about me."
• "I'll never get out of debt."
• "I'm defective."

And so on.

These are the beliefs you need to change, the ones that are about what you don’t want.

So begin to figure out what you believe by completing these sentences, I am, people are, the world is.

Once you’re aware of what you believe…

...you can take a look at what kinds of OUTCOMES each belief leads to.

Some people, as they compile their list of beliefs, find that many of them are negative, and then they become depressed about it.

Instead of doing that…

...celebrate that fact that you’ve finally noticed something you’ve been doing that doesn’t serve you!

Now that you know what you believe about yourself, other people and the world, you will want to practice another extremely powerful tool:

The Witness Posture.

Watch, with awareness, the process of how what you believe creates what happens in your life.

This watching process almost magically causes any belief that isn’t resourceful to fall away and whatever is resourceful to remain.

This works because watching with awareness creates choice.

It’s impossible to do something that doesn’t serve you, and do it with awareness.

Now, a lot of people misunderstand what I mean by “doing something with awareness.”

They think that because they know they’re doing something, they’re already doing it with awareness.

Sure, you might know that you’re picking the wrong partners, or repeatedly losing your temper, or feeling anxious whenever you speak to an authority figure, or consistently eating too much.

However, cognitively knowing something isn’t the same as doing it with awareness.

Watching with awareness means that you’re seeing what you’re doing, much of which is happening internally, including the consequences…

...which are happening internally and externally, as you’re doing it.

See the internal creative process, in real time, as you do it.

By watching how your beliefs create how you feel, how you behave, which people and situations they cause you to attract or become attracted to, and what meanings they cause you to attach to what happens around you…

...these beliefs–and the outcomes they generate–can become a choice.

And once that happens, the negative beliefs will fall away. This is a HUGE, positive step, and something for you to celebrate.

You’re taking the first step toward being happy and peaceful and getting your life together. In each moment of your life, something is happening.

All day, it’s one experience after another.

For every experience, you have a choice: to respond by focusing on what you want, or on what you don’t want.

If you discover something you’re doing that isn’t resourceful and you respond by focusing on what you don’t want…

...you feel bad, because all bad feelings are created by focusing on what you don’t want.

When you focus on what you don’t want you give your mind an instruction to create or attract more of it.

This is obviously a bad strategy.

Instead, focus on what you want and create resourceful beliefs…

...that lead to happiness, inner peace, and success in the world.

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