A Message of Thanks

Issue #140 – Monday, November 19, 2018

The holidays are an exciting time at my house––with family gatherings and the rush and tumble of cooking, decorating and cheering on our favorite sports teams.

It’s also an extraordinary time at Centerpointe, because we’re gearing up to release some incredible new resources for you (but more about those another time).

My wish for you this season, and the message of this very special issue of Mind Power, is one of many blessings and profound gratitude.

At Centerpointe, we are tremendously grateful for you

...because you carve out time to spend with us––either through our messages in Mind Power, on Facebook, or with our Holosync soundtracks and personal development courses.

So, if we haven’t said it enough, we most sincerely mean it: Thank you!

However you spend your holidays, please do it knowing you are important to all of us.


MaryEllen Tribby

Centerpointe CEO

P.S. We recently launched an amazing suite of soundtracks to help you transform your life by tapping into the power of your unconscious mind to create…

...profound experiences of love, compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness.

Find how you can develop these profoundly important fundamentals in the Check It Out section below.

A Message of Thanks

by Marc Gilson
Centerpointe Director of Client Services

As we approach Thanksgiving, I've been giving some thought to this unique holiday. Some mistakenly assume that the idea of a holiday or celebration based on being thankful is an American phenomenon, originating in the early 1600’s. Images of devout Pilgrims sharing a feast with the local Native Americans in New England come to mind when many think of Thanksgiving.

Such events are a part of the historical record. But the truth is that the idea of a holiday based on thankfulness is much older, with roots in many cultures worldwide. Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians had their own versions of Thanksgiving, as did cultures in South and Central America, Asia, and elsewhere. Many still observe a day annually based on the idea of gratitude and thanks. 

What compelled these early celebrants to dedicate a day (or in some cases a week) to the idea of gratitude and thanks? Most of the observances were centered on thanks for the previous years' harvest or yield of resources enjoyed by the tribe or group.

The Promises of a New Year

It makes sense when you think about it: A good harvest means sustenance, survival, and energy to forge on into the promises of a new year. It seems to me that showing gratitude for having sustenance to survive and thrive is one of the best reasons there is to celebrate. 

It's with this in mind that I reflected on our own journey here at Centerpointe. Our late founder, Bill Harris, always called his customers "Participants." He liked this term because it implied something more than people who give money in exchange for something else, although this is obviously a part of doing business. For Bill, the term "Participant," meant that a Centerpointe customer belongs to a group of others who, like them, are striving to be happier, healthier people.

A Participant does not sit on the sidelines to watch the game being played. They take part and  are engaged in the growth and development of the group they belong to. At Centerpointe, we don’t see our customers as passive bystanders. To us, Participants play important roles in what Bill sometimes called "the grand experiment."

The Grand Experiment

Those who knew Bill can attest that he was a brilliant businessman with a true entrepreneurial spirit. He could be hard-nosed, driven, and, well, (take it from me) stubborn! Such attributes have their place when you're trying to build a business, especially in the personal growth industry. 

But I can also tell you how he and I would sit down at the end of the day and read the testimonials from Centerpointe Participants who reported how Holosync and the concepts, products, and programs he developed, had changed their lives for the better––helped people kick their destructive habits, saved relationships, healed old unresolved traumas, the list is never-ending. 

Until Centerpointe, I never worked for a company that had more testimonials than it could publish. Some of them were so amazing that we didn't publish them at all, for fear that most people wouldn't believe them to be true. But every single one of them was read, and we often read them outloud to each other.  

As Bill read one story after another, tears would sometimes well up in his eyes. Bill was rarely a man at a loss for words, nor someone whose emotions would get the better of him. But in those moments, he would simply read one of those amazing testimonials, look at me, and shake his head and smile.

Once, after reading a particularly touching testimonial, his eyes became misty and he said to me, "Aren't you glad we're doing this?!" This kind of event would often bring my own emotions to the surface as well. Of course I was glad we were doing this! And while I miss Bill daily, I know he'd be so happy to know that we still are doing this, and will be, for many years to come.

For Bill, his Participants were not merely customers. They were kindred spirits. They were, whether they realized it or not, part of a community of people who Bill believed shared his own passion for personal development. Bill's Participants were part of his tribe and his family.

Bill Harris’s Legacy & Vision

So as I reflect on Bill's legacy, and especially on those moments we shared together in utter awe of the bountiful harvest of life-changing effects our Participants have experienced over the many years we've been in business, what strikes me is this:  

Much like those thankful people, both ancient and modern, who set aside time once a year to reflect and allow their hearts and minds to be filled with a sense of gratitude, those of us at Centerpointe are doing the same. We are deeply thankful for our success and our sustenance. And our sustenance, our survival, the stuff that keeps us going is you, our Participants. 

If you could spend a day at Centerpointe and meet Ryan or Michelle from our Support Team - Kyla, our astounding editor and Holosync Brain Club Concierge - Mary who works harder than you'd believe to make sure your products are produced to the highest standards and delivered on time - or our CEO MaryEllen Tribby, whose dedication to moving Bill's legacy and vision forward is second-to-none…

...If you could get to know any one of these folks, you would know without a doubt that you, as a Centerpointe Participant matter to us, and that we are truly, deeply, and sincerely grateful for the trust you've put in us to help you elevate, heal, and improve your life.

Remember that you are not merely a "customer," you're a Participant; a part of a large and ever-growing community of people who trust us to do what we've done for almost 30 years - provide you with the most powerful tools for personal development available anywhere and at any price.

Next year, 2019, is very likely to be the best year ever for Centerpointe, and therefore for you, our valued Participants. After twenty-two years with Centerpointe, I've never been more optimistic about our future - yours and ours at CRI. If I had another 3,000 words to write for this piece I'd spend them telling you all about some new products coming, and how Bill's most ambitious vision he shared with us before he passed is close to becoming a reality.

The Remarkable Journey 

But for now, the message is simple, sincere, and from the heart: This Thanksgiving, we at Centerpointe are thankful for you, our Participants. Thank you for being a part of this remarkable journey Bill Harris started by himself so many years ago. And thank you for your continued patronage and trust in us as we continue this vision and this journey. 

(And remember... We are here for you! There's a team of trained, friendly, and engaging Accelerated Results Coaches who are eager to hear from you. They can help you with any aspect of your personal development goals, Holosync usage, and much more. Give us a call sometime and let's get to know each other. Our phone lines are open from 9am to 4:30pm Pacific Time, Monday - Friday. Or drop us an email at support@centerpointe.com with any questions, testimonials, or feedback.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tap into the power of your unconscious mind to create deep experiences of love, compassion, gratitude, and forgiveness.

Centerpointe Research Institute announces its brand new Journey to Self Suite…

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Journey to Self Suite

  1. Journey to Love

  2. Journey to Forgiveness

  3. Journey to Gratitude

  4. Journey to Compassion

Note: Journey to Compassion is not for sale at any price. It only comes with the entire suite, as a FREE bonus track.

This Really Happened

I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone because I feel completely free of stifling belief systems and limiting mind programs.

Thanks for creating such an incredible tool that has helped me reach this state of acceptance, peace, fun, joy, pain, sorrow, and serenity.

What more could one ask for in life?


Holiday Wishes from Centerpointe

I would like to extend warmest holiday greetings to all of our Holosync participants this season. It's been such a pleasure spending another year with you. I count you as a blessing!

True to my coaching roots, I'd also like to leave you with a challenge to lean in on as the year draws to a close:

I encourage you to make time every day to gift another with a simple act of kindness. Then, notice kindness you see and feel as you go about your day, think about how it improves the world around you. ~Jen Kennedy


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What are you grateful for this holiday season?

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