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Start improving your brain right now with this amazing brain changing technology...


New Brain Science Discoveries You Can Use NOW 

The Brain Science Revolution

With the new brain science discoveries you can create personal changes once thought to be impossible.


New Science of Super Awareness Book

Download The New Science of Super Awareness by Bill Harris

How changing your brain can create astonishing levels of Awareness, Willpower, Happiness, Emotional Resilience, Creativity, Motivation, Flow, and Focused Achievement.


Mindpower Magazine - Chatter That Matters

Tasty Morsels of Information That Will Improve Your Life...

Every Monday you'll receive useful and actionable information about improving your brain, your mind, and your life, that you can read in just 5 minutes.


6 Self-Benefit Videos

Learn About the Tremendous Benefits of Holosync® Audio Technology

Six videos about six problem areas all of us want to improve – and how Holosync dramatically affects each of them.


Late Night Belief Video

Learn about the incredible role that what you
believe plays in what happens in your life

Your closely held beliefs powerfully shape your life. If unconscious, they run on autopilot. With awareness, however, they become a choice. After a comic beginning, this video has a powerful and practical message that will change your life.


Bill's Blog

"A treasure trove of fascinating and useful information..."

In these in fascinating blog posts, Bill shares new ideas, amazing people, and useful, fascinating, and entertaining information that will create many ah-ha's about your personal growth and your mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

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